Are Liverpool aimimg for Arsenal’s Invincible record again this season?

Liverpool’s form is rather worrying!

Many seasons have passed where we have come out with nothing to our name. Sometimes nothing and sometimes the odd FA Cup and Community Shield.

And for now at least, the only thing us Arsenal fans have to go on is our amazing historical Invincibles season.

Yes they say ‘do not live in the past’ but that season for me will always be the best for Arsenal, unless replicated or we win the treble.

The Invincibles title and going 49 games unbeaten under our belt is something that will forever live with us fans and the players, something that is just amazing to achieve.

Yet looking at this season after every team bar one has lost, should we be worried or relaxed that we have it again for another season at least or are the days of losing it drawing closer?

The last time our title was under threat was two years ago. The season Liverpool won the title and came so close, 44 games close in fact. But it took a shock 3-0 defeat to Watford in February 2019-2020 to keep the unbeaten title at the Emirates.

That season all us fans breathed a sigh of relief but this season, something seems different with Jurgen Klopp’s side, despite drawing three games, they have not lost yet and look strong and dominant. They have averaged 3 goals a game and look very unlikely to be beaten any time soon.

So should we be worried with the form that they are in that they will get closer and even surpass us to the Invincibles title or will they finally be beaten when their schedule becomes even tougher?

At the moment they are in all competitions but as the intensity of the games and the scheduling of the games gets tougher, heres hoping they will slip up and have an off night so that we can still have hold of that title.

Yes, we haven’t won the Champions League and we haven’t won the League in a long time but the Invincibles season, was and is a feat in itself and if that too is taken away from us then we really will have nothing left! Gooners?

Shenel Osman


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  1. Yes, that’s why we must win at Anfield. Their passes are excellent, but Man City have shown that they can do better than that

      1. Some of our first team players can’t pass like Liverpool. But we might be able to win the ball possession, if Lacazette, Smith-Rowe, Partey and our second DM can besiege their midfielders as they did to Aston Villa

      2. As we approach November our lease productive month for points gained over the last 20 years i will be ok with 7points from our next 4 games

  2. They won’t do it in my opinion but I’m not going to cry about it if they do. It wouldn’t take away our achievements and I cannot disagree that Liverpool this season are a force to be reckoned with.

    1. Agree Delcan
      If they do achieve it then fair play ,but a very long way to go and it will never take away from the fact that we also managed to do it and managed to do it first unless Preston’s 1888-1889 season counts but not sure on that one TBH as it was only 22 games and Not the modern era .

  3. The top teams in the league are much stronger this season. To play City and Chelsea with the likes of West Ham also very difficult to beat mean that someone will make sure Pool don’t go undefeated. Perhaps it will be an unfashionable team that ends the run though, like Watford did.

  4. Whether or not they achieve it, one thing is clear – they have ambition. At the moment, we don’t. History doesn’t play football. Two things Liverpool and Chelsea(despite their deep pockets) have done right which we haven’t are:

    1. They ensured that they had the best manager they could get. We went cheap and as far as I’m concerned, we have reached our ceiling with our current manager. I do hope I’m proven wrong. Man Utd is beginning to experience this
    although in their case, Solksjaer has been steadily improving them for three years

    2. They manage their assets superbly. This is perhaps our greatest atrocity. Despite Klopp’s Godlike standing at Liverpool, he doesn’t pull all the strings as regarding asset management. This is evident as he continually pleaded with the board to give Wijnaldum a new contract but they refused. At Arsenal, a novice is pulling the strings and selling off players like Guendouzi for peanuts, casting out Saliba despite his obvious quality and price tag and has drastically reduced Torreira’s value to just a fraction of what it was. Where in God’s name is our technical director? Where is Edu? What is his job. Even Lampard had issues with consistently benching Kepa cos the board argued they he has a value which they should protect. Chelsea has also sold well. We haven’t. People say that Liverpool have spent money, but do your homework and you will see that they have sold very well. Our asset management is extremely poor and repeating such a deal as the one which saw Iwobi go to Everton have become wishful thinking. Edu is atrocious. He doesn’t know his job. Arsenal isn’t even mentioned in conversations concerning big club’s anymore. If you have friends who are fans of other clubs, you’ll understand what I’m saying

    We should be thinking of repeating the invincible feat and not praying that other teams do not achieve it. If Liverpool can do it, fine

    1. 1) Not quite right.
      They got Klopp at a starting salary, which was quite a bit lower, than what we were pying Wenger. We could have made the bold choice back then, if we had seen Wenger no longer had the modern ideas.

      2) Mostly right. But it started many year’s ago. We have not been able to develop and improve our players into assets, that could be sold to raise money for new investments. Nor have we been able mange their contracts well enough. Allowing players like Sanches, Ôzil and Ramsey run down their contracts and hold the club to ransom, were terrible decisions.

      1. AndersS, you hit the bulls eye! My grief with “the greatest AFC manager” was that he stayed too long with his senile ideas and wasted the club’s resources hiring useless wannabes. The only constant in life is change and you have to change to the situation or perish. The grand old fella stayed and thereby we lost Klop to Liverpool. How can I forgive this? Some day the fella had to go, he should have walked out gracefully rather than being greedy for the 8M wage. I would have even take Jose Mourinho for a year and a half, for us to win the EL as he did with ManU.He set the blue print for our downfall and it takes a bold man like Mikel to take the bull by his horns. The matador has banished most wannabes and will suitably take care of the rest.
        Liverpool can sing and dance until they meet us at Anfield with the much improved squad.

        1. Loose Cannon, please direct me to ANY official article that says we were interested in klopp – I guess just like my question to you, asking how we still won cups and finished in the top four with the “shambles” you describe as Wenger’s last ten years, this question will also be ignored!!!
          We all hope MA will become THE most successful manager ever but he hasn’t won anything yet…. unless you agree that winning the FA cup and CS with AW/UE’s players counts?

    2. If you have fans of other clubs that don’t consider Arsenal a big club, it just exposes them for the plastics they are. Arsenal always has and will be a big club. They may be a sleeping giant right now, but you cannot take away what we have achieved in the past without spending billions.

      The invincibles is a once in a century feat, Pool had their chance two seasons ago and blew it.

  5. The question itself is daft… every team every season should be trying, at least, to go unbeaten.
    Pool have an excellent squad, as they did two seasons ago, but couldn’t emulate The Invincibles.

    I really don’t think some people realise just what it takes to achieve immortality and IF they don’t lose to city, chelsea, whu, spuds and ourselves home and away they deserve to be the SECOND squad to have achieved it.

    1. You are of course absolutely right. No team starts a game aiming to lose. So as long as a team is unbeaten in a season, they are in reality aiming to go unbeaten.

  6. I am not bordering myself nor becoming worry at this early stage into this season’s EPL campaign of the possibility of seeing Arsenal lose their invincibles to the season campaign of 2003-2004 season to Liverpool at the end of this season.

    Despite Liverpool early strong showing of form this season in the EPL that has seen them currently placed 2nd behind Chelsea1st on the table has not make me to start panicking. For, Arsenal could even beat them in their Anfield Stadium backyard when next the Gunners play against the Reds soon to diffuse Liverpool hopes of finishing unbeaten in the EPL this season.

  7. unlikely to happen. Will probably lose when some of their players go off to AFCON. we’re talking about this prematurely again. happens every other season and they and city cannot do it.

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