Are Man City softening Arsenal up ahead of future bid for Bukayo Saka?

Mikel Arteta identified Man City’s Gabriel Jesus as his top target well ahead of the summer transfer window, and once the player agreed to Arsenal’s terms it didn’t take too long for Pep Guardiola to agree a reasonable transfer fee and Arteta has made an excellent start to his summer dealings.

Now, we are fully expecting Arsenal to persuade Zinchecko to follow his team-mate to the Emirates, as yet again Guardiola has made it easy for Arteta to get his man by quickly agreeing the sale fee in just a few days, leaving Arteta to sort out personal terms with the Ukranian.

Now today the Daily Mail has surmised that Man City are hoping to strike a deal for Bukayo Saka in the future, if the young Arsenal superstar continues to decline putting his signature on a new contract. Saka still has two years left on his present deal, but the report is also saying that the 20 year-old may put any further talks off until next summer once we know if the Gunners have finally made it back into the Champions League, either by winning the Europa League or finishing in the Top Four.

Obviously with Saka’s talent he will want his skills to be seen in Europe’s elite competition, and that is one thing that Pep Guardiola can virtually guarantee, whereas Arsenal fans are still to be convinced that Mikel Arteta is the man to take us back to the top table.

But surely this must be the make-or-break season for Arteta. The amount of funds that has been invested must surely pay dividends in the coming season, so that Arteta can persuade all his young stars that he is taking Arsenal on the right trajectory to one day in the near future to challenge Man City and Liverpool for the League title.

We keep hearing that Saka loves Arsenal and will surely sign a new contract extension, but will he first want proof that Arsenal’s ambitions match his own?

Darren N


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  1. If he was 24/25 years old I’d understand but for the next 2-3 years there’s probably no better place for him than playing as many games as he likes in his favourite position. Arsenal and Saka are a good match.
    If we buy a midfielder who can defend well, one that brings goals (Paqueta/Tielemans/Savic), a forward that offers something a bit different (Scamacca/Gakpo/Isak), and possibly get Foster on a free if Leno leaves, we can hopefully have a great season and convince Saka to stay long term.

    Hope you’re all having a nice weekend 🙂

    1. Awesome weekend, with Man city agreement.

      Saka is one of the young players with smart people around him, they too would have known Arsenal is the best place to be, especially at this tender age.

  2. I don’t think so
    2 players who were or are not wanted at Man City and we have dropped them a nice 80 odd million if we do sign zinchenko
    Win win for man city as they have now signed probably the best CF in world football with the money .
    Unfortunately we have to feed off their scraps and I can not see that changing anytime soon.

    1. Dan, Manchester City certainly didnt do Arsenal any favours regardkng thd prices charged for the two players. I personally wo ld have gone without both to sign Haarland.

  3. Fair question to raise Darren regarding Saka’s thinking and ambitions. Who really knows except Saka, who may himself be undecided and waiting to see how we finish the season.

    That’s why this year top 4 IS A MUST, not only for Arteta but for the players as well. Growth from players and managers needs to be seen.

    Otherwise it’s time to consider other managers, an honest assessment and accountability.

  4. If Saka is ambitious, he wont wait to see if we qualify for the CL. If City want him he will go, why would he wait to see something that we are not going to win, when he could actually play for a team that could.

    1. Some of the players have eyes to see and brains to think. Not all that glitters are gold. Take a look at Grealish. A £100m player who rarely get a start.

      1. Grealish is playing for a team that won the league and could win the CL. He went from Villa for the challenge, i dont get your point. He will/would win zip all at Villa. Its called ambition.

        1. The point IS that players want to PLAY! Grealish does not play now he is at City, even half as much as when at Villa.

          I’d have thought that was not too difficult to understand, but seems it is at least for you!

        2. if an athletle has any integrity, they’d want more than just a medal for turning up. Although all footballers, and the majority of the population, are in their field for the money the ones who are worth watching are those who want glory and want to. contribute to it.

      2. Grealish played had 26 appearances last season in the premiership 4 a sub ,I wouldn’t call that rarely gets a start .
        39 appearances in all comps .
        @ Reggie ignore his comment below something I should have done the other night ,he’s just looking for a reaction .

        1. Didn’t u say Gabriel jesus rearly start with the same stat as grealish. Now its OK for grealish bcos it’s satisfys ur ego

          1. Savage by name, savage not by nature by the looks of it .
            If I knew what you were actually on about I could reply ,but I can not so I won’t .
            As for the ego but once again not sure what you are talking about .

            1. @ Dan Kit
              Yes mate, I don’t even think he’s talking to you! There is becoming a lot of confusion as to whom is replying to whom as nests of comments all go under one comment.
              The only solution is for readers to start there comments with @xxx to make it obvious who you are replying to.

              How can I get everyone to start doing that?

              1. The reply button is fine Pat it’s just sometimes it goes way down the pecking order and gets lost and like you said it looks like it’s aimed at a different person ,the only way is that it’s the @ but 80%of posters won’t use it .

          1. How childish. Why do you feel the need to run to daddy over this benign nonsense?
            And who threw the first barb anyway?
            Sick of people with agendas

            1. It’s a bit concerning that certain users might be trying to start altercations to get a rise out of someone they don’t like to get them censored and ultimately banned. It’s exposing some rather nasty character traits if you ask me. If course it comes from the people championing the idea of “being positive”. What a joke.

  5. Yeah, Saka seems to be holding out for the next summer

    If we get a decent offer for him, we’d better take it. Liverpool strengthened their squad by selling Suarez, Coutinho and Sterling, so we must be decisive as well

  6. Jesus isn’t scrap, man city does a lot of rotation, would you say Grealish / Sterling is scrap,

    Pep rotates well compared to Chelsea,

    I really hope Saka signs a new deal, we can’t afford to sell cheap,
    If not we could sell and get Sane.

  7. I’m confident that Saka will stay if we make CL. So if City are really after him, selling is two players who greatly improve our chances of making CL seems an odd strategy.

  8. Depends on the transfer windows….If Arsenal can build a team to challenge for trophies then Saka will stay

  9. Saka has 2 years left on contract not sure about everyone else but if he doesn’t except the new contract then Arsenal need to cash in got to be worth on todays market at least 80 million can’t afford to let the contract run down otherwise get half that if allowed to enter final year!

  10. I fear not only are City interested in Saka, but he is planning to meet them half way.

    I read that the Saka camp want to include a “Buyout Clause” in any new contract he signs.

    If the clause does not take effect for two or three years, then I think that might be acceptable to Arsenal.

    If it goes into effect at the start of next season, then I think that would be a real problem.

    I also read that Saka does not want to negotiate a new contract until after the World cup. If he plays really well for England, that may make the size of any new contract that much more expensive for Arsenal.

    I believe Saka’s agent(s) is the same as Eddie N’s.


    As an aside, I read that we are after:

    Zinchenko (Left Back/ Midfielder) from City ($30m)

    Edmond Tapsoba (Center Back) from Bayer Leverkusen ($42m)

    Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (midfielder) from Lazio ($???m)

    Lucas Paqueta (midfielder) from Lyon ($40m)

    Alex Grimaldo (Left Back) from Benfica ($7m)

    So who do you think we might bring in out of this lot?

    My suspicion is none of them, but let’s wait and see!!!

  11. Very niggly game last night with Everton putting in some very unfriendly challenges on our players, with the possibility of Jesus have a minor injury (he was limping in the last few minutes) after being taken out earlier.

  12. The lad is 20 years old, brilliant but far from the finished article. We want to be next ‘invincibles’ and to do that you don’t sell your best players to Man City. “ARSENAL” is the name and that great name is synonymous with HARD to beat, stylish football. Concentrate on that before sensationalising the future loss of Saka…..WE, WE, WE, are trying to be the new INVINCIBLES.

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