Are pundits mocking Arsenal? Welbeck more important than Sanchez?

Alexis Sanchez has been Arsenal’s most valuable player since joining the club back in 2014, but pundits are claiming that Danny Welbeck is more important to our side at present.

The Chilean was left out of the starting line-up against Chelsea last weekend, and our side earned a hard-fought 0-0 draw away to the champions, and were in fact unlucky not to have come away with more than one point.

Welbeck is known to have caused the Blues problems before, and is now being said to be ahead of Alexis Sanchez in the pecking order.

“Playing against Chelsea last weekend, you knew Welbeck had to start in front of Sanchez,” Nicholas said.

“At the moment Alexis Sanchez doesn’t fit in. Sanchez is the best player on his day but at the moment if Welbeck was fit, he starts.”

When asked if Welbeck was an automatic starter, Nicholas said: “Yes he is because of his pace and his movement.

“He’s not the most natural finisher, and he will frustrate the life out of a lot of people but he stretches defences with his pace and movement every day of the week.

“That’s why he played him at Chelsea. There was a reason behind it.

“He scored two goals the previous weekend and his pace and movement helped Alexandre Lacazette, who is a proven No 9. We just don’t know how committed Sanchez is since his move to Manchester City collapsed.

“The options Arsenal require up front are pace and movement and Welbeck gives you that.

“If it’s Welbeck up closer to Lacazette and then Welbeck on the left then so be it.”

Is Welbeck really more important to our side than Alexis? Could Alexis not play on the opposite wing to Welbz?

Pat J

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  1. Pablo Picasso says:

    Until Alexis gets his head out of his arse, I would pick Welbeck a head of him without hesitation.

    Alexis is still our best player skill wise but that in itself cannot beat the heart, desire, passion, hard work and now goals Welbeck brings to our team.

    One thing they have in common though at the moment is poor ball control, but at least Welbz chases back to correct his mistake and doesn’t try silly flicks and lash at everyone.

    1. Shortboygooner says:

      Correct 100% sanchez needs to tske his head oyt his arse. Agains doncaster it was his fault it was only 1-0. The guy meeds to go tbh we derve better. We are the club that revived his career.

    2. Jules says:

      I assume by your comments on Alexis that you are an AKB. Alexis is far and away our best and most committed player. If only Ozil showed a fraction of his class or effort…

      1. Tidan2 says:

        haha, maybe you have been watching a different Sanchez this season or even parts of last season.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Currently Welbeck is injures, so this will be Sanchez’s chance to regain his position. Cannpt wait to see him play with Iwobi and Lacazette.

    When playing behind a striker, Sanchez, if he is fit physically and mentally, is way more effective than other Arsenal players. He can control the tempo from the front and he can create unpredictable chances that the others can easily convert into goals.

  3. Vijay says:

    Welbeck wants fight for the shirt and he’s building confidence each and every game. Sanchez doesn’t play for Arsenal anymore.

  4. Ken says:

    The media and pundits is just that, they have know responsibility for any which out come which is why they become pundits

  5. Sue says:

    I don’t care who plays, just score the goals & win us the 3 points.
    The media hate us & most of the pundits do (apart from Wright, Keown, Dixon, Nicholas) up yours to the rest of them!!

  6. Jim A says:

    OG is the one that causes problems because of his aerial abilities. I want to to see him form a partnership with Laca. Sanchez should have been sold to Man City the moment he put in his request.

    1. stubill says:

      He never did put in a request.

      1. Bwetty sollocks says:

        No he never did put in a request but he didn’t have to as he refused to sign a new contract so basically that is requesting to leave in my eyes

  7. Grandad says:

    While Welbeck does not possess the natural footballing ability of Sanches he is superior in terms of working for the cause which in the Premier League means defending from the front.Lets focus on the facts! How long since Sanches played really well for Arsenal? 2 months? 3 months longer? In my view he may well be past his best and like Ian Wright, l cannot believe Wenger turned aside a bid of £50 million for someone whose contribution to the team has been no better than average for some time.He has become a disruptive influence on and off the park and should have been sold during the last transfer window.

  8. Coldzero says:

    Alexi needs to go- and now!

  9. Jim wall says:

    Sell the little foreign snake in the grass and bring his girlfriend oil with him foreign gits

  10. Jim wall says:

    When Leicester won the league 2years ago, they had not got the best 11 but they did have players who gave there all for the team, players like wellbeck, kos, Moneral.. Per.. Ramsey.. Willshire.. Cheq…giroud…they are proper men who love the club and not their salary not like.. Ox.. Ozil.. Wallcot.. Sanchez…….

    1. Chen says:

      Ox left, get over it haha btw really love the flop show of ox at Liverpool

      1. Bwetty sollocks says:

        Haha me too, and to think I was actually a bit annoyed by him leaving, couldn’t care less now good riddance and good luck to Liverpool getting anything back on him

  11. The barrel says:

    Sanchez is better than Welbeck, but he want to sabotage Arsenal for not allowing him to leave. By so doing, his value goes down. If he does not pick himself up, he will be like Ozil who is valued based on history not current performance

  12. sanmi.marvellous says:

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