Are Real Madrid aiming to hijack Arsenal’s move for Aouar?

I know that there are not very many Arsenal rumours around at the moment other than Partey and Aouar, and we would love to get those two in before the deadline, but today L’Equipe are saying that Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane is trying to hijack Arsenal’s move for Aouar.

Is this likely or is this just the Mail sensationalising the French report on an unlikely deal?

The L’Equipe story actually says that Zidane likes Aouar, but can’t do any deal this summer because of Covid-induced cash restraints, and not to mention that Los Blancos already have Luka Modric, Federico Valverde, Isco and Toni Kroos avaliable for their midfield, so why bring in another one?

They do also mention that possible Madrid could ask for Aouar on a year loan with an option to buy, but again, why bring in such a talented young player now so he can just sit on the bench?

The other factor of course is that Lyon are desperate for cash themselves, but Jean-Michel Aulas has also said this week that he won’t make any sale at the last minute under any circumstances, so he is hardly going to start a dialogue with Madrid when they have been in discussions with Arsenal for ages already?

I think we can safely discount any hijacking of this deal by Madrid, don’t you think?


  1. I’d like to think so AdminPat
    The press are desperately trying to whip up interest and I know some deals get hi jacked at the last minute but apart from a couple of clubs, there is precious little money floating about at the moment

  2. Leonardo has confirmed PSG won’t move for Houssem Aouar in this transfer window.
    Arsenal’s only worry was a potential bid from PSG. So let me just be the first to welcome Houssem Aouar to Arsenal football club. We will sign him. 100%. #AFC [Goonertalk]

    If we don’t sign him now… I will never believe another ITK again!!! 😄
    Let’s put this to bed, I can’t take much more haha!!

    1. Sue its been reported now that Chelsea are willing to meet Partey release clause and that they see him as a better option to Declan rice, if they pull this off, I will be a sad gunner. I want the Lyon man but I want Partey more.

    2. what if Jean-Michel Aulas is behind these rumors to force Arsenal’s hand? Of course I am starting a rumor myself but football club owners do crazy things for money.

      1. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit, Icw.. Aouar is their asset, they’re not just going to let him leave without any fuss!!

  3. It is for Arsenal to lose this transfer with their idiotic miserly negotiating tactics. So if we do not make it by Monday, he will stay there. How it plays next summer is anybody’s guess. But to be frank I do not see anybody paying that kind of money so easily

    1. Arsenal over the past 12 weeks have maintained their normal level of incompetence in transfer windows.
      Everton got the deal of the window in buying Doucoure for £20 million, who would walk into Arsenal’s midfield.

  4. I’m waiting to see who Aulas will link Aouar with today when the deal is already done😂😂😂😂
    Aye man would pick up the phone, go through his list of Media contacts.

    Aulas: “Bouhafsi? Nah I’ve made use of that bald headed egg man..
    GFFN? Those Arsenal fans see through their bias..
    L’Equipe? Nein ces pas tu evu la Madrid bien (I don’t what the phuck that means, I just made it up as I’m typing)
    RMC? Oui oui! Ce tus confiarme le Englais dem blooooody Gunners CE le pas Barcelona.”

    Is Aouar getting linked with Barcelona today?
    I’m loving Aulas more now😂😂

  5. French clubs have been notoriously good at making us overpay. Rather we play hardball with a take-it-or-leave-it offer. Losing out on a player who may or may not live up to his potential is a risk worth taking.

    Aulas should be mindful that if he drags it out, it may turn out like Nabil Fekir. Remember how 50m from Liverpool turned into 20m from Betis a year later?

  6. Madrid don’t want him, they are already spoiled for option in that area plus we already have a very big squad and want to get rid of people to trim the squad a bit and take some more weight off from the wage bill. I think media is just pulling Madrid’s name to stir up things …he has always been Arsenal number 1 target this season according to reliable media sources so it’s just matter of if Arsenal can pay the money.

    1. According to Sky Sports Real Madrid are serious! If Chelsea sign Partey and we lose out on Aouar, and we then have a terrible season? I’m going to go crazy!

  7. If we lose out on any of our targets, so be it.
    I will be frustrated for sure, I wont be angry as i can see that past poor recruitment has cost us in moving players on.

    I really do believe the team can be coached into the top 4, thats how much i believe in MA and his coaching staff, they are exceptional people.

    If worst comes to worst and we don’t make anymore signings in the next 3 days of the window, we look towards next summer.

    Next summer Ozil goes, Mustafi goes, Sokratis goes, Luiz goes
    Thats £600,000+ pw in wages off the wage bill and probably around £31m per year that can be reinvested into the team.

    Yes there’s 3 days left, we do need to be a little more patient.
    It’s not all doom and gloom, frustration yes but there is alot about what we currently have to be optimistic about this season.

    1. Val, we were told explicitly by Vinai and Edu that Arsenal didn’t need to sell in order to buy. They have had 12 weeks to sign their targets. Arsenal has known Thomas Partey’s buy out clause of €50 million for over 12 months. Lyon has told them what Arsenal have to offer to get Aouar. As well the Club’s specialist DM, Lucas Torreira is to be sold or loaned.
      If the finances didn’t allow buying these players, Arsenal could have gone for Doucoure (£20 million), Soumare, or Diawara or Marc Roca, the last two priced around €20 million.
      If Arsenal doesn’t upgrade the midfield, Arsenal will be battling to finish 6th.
      Josh Kroenke told me to “be very excited” ; however relying on the current midfield, I am anything but!
      How long will Arteta keep making excuses for the lack of support from the Board and senior executives?

      1. I’m not sure where or when that was said but when you have a squad of 33/34 players, with so many non homegrown players we have to sell to buy.
        we laid out close to 30M for Gabriel, 15m for Pepe and the 27m for Saliba, around 8m for Mari and whatever signing on fee we paid for Willian and Soares, thats close to 90m we have spent this window during a time when cash is tight due to Corona.
        It all adds up mate and many fans forget all that.

  8. Zidane had a talon with him ans if course Real is a dream for Lost players. But he wont play much with Isco Modric assensio & co.

    Real gas him on target for 2021, they will Lost likely buy him, leave him in Lyon on Loan or go us if hé demandes it. Leaving him go Lyon allons Real go not pay all upfront….

    Thats what happens when toi Knox asking price is 60M and make a ridiculous offre if 30M, few days left in transfer Windows.

    All over sudden Real Comes 3 days before Windows closes and has thé edge!

    WE dont have thé money. People talk about Wenger but without players hé bought and bought to first team, WE wouldnt have no Auba or Laca joining us…

    I cqnt believe reading we sending Salina on Loan. But hey we did sign Luiz to lead our défense!

    Thére is a great attacking midfield at bendford, were link to him at some point; Saïd. 20M will get him signée and i put money on seing him bé thé best new player in EPL.

    Check his skills online, he is si good and who we precisly need. Hé has double digits in goals and assisté!

    Can see him play and do well at Barça…..

    1. Mogunna
      Something has gone wrong with your keyboard- it’s either French or…’ve been on the cidre

  9. Now that we have failed in Arteta’s transfer fantasy……Aouar, Boubakary Soumaré is still available. He is a stunner. ARTETA get him. Wake up, too much obsession with one player is unhealthy. Boubakary Soumaré is available he may well be a better buy than Aouar.

  10. It pains me as arsenal finds it difficult to make their deals go through! We remain in the news about our targets, we are always reluctant, dragging, and delaying!!
    This approach over years has relegated the club!

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