Are Sanchez and Ozil ready to extend their Arsenal contracts?

The transfer window has finally closed, and with all our strengthening having been a success this summer, we now look to doing our in-house dealings.

Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez were both believed to have held initial talks over new contracts toward the end of the previous season, but nothing was agreed before the campaign was over.

The pair were heavily speculated to want out of the club, whilst a number of potential suitors were also linked with strong interest in signing them, but as you are fully aware, neither left the club, nor pushed to leave at any instance.

The papers have now moved to speculate about their contracts, having enjoyed their summer of making up various stories surrounding their futures, and they now claim to know what they want included in their new contracts.

Sanchez is said to be willing to sign an extension should Arsenal include a minimum fee release clause, which could see him leave the club should another club offer a pre-agreed amount. This is regular practice in Spain, but is rarely featured in Premier League players contracts.

The German international is claimed to be have been persuaded to stay now (not that he had ever said otherwise) folllowing the arrival of international team-mate Mustafi. He is claimed to want a new wage of £200K a week in order to sign his future to the club however. Our club will no doubt play hardball as they aim to maintain their stringent wage budget, but that sort of wage should not pose too much of a problem for Arsenal.

Both players have less than two years remaining on their current deals, and will no doubt have a strong position when it comes to the talks, and as much as we don’t want to lose either at all, we especially don’t want to lose either for free!

Should we allow Alexis his release clause in order to tie him down to a new deal? Would a £60 Million clause be fair for us and Alexis? Does Ozil deserve a hike up to £200K per week?

Pat J

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  1. think both will demand!! I curious to know, Does Serge Gnabry has a buy back clause? does anyone know anything

  2. If we are to have one we should put a record breaking price on it, some players get a buzz by having the largest price on his head, as an outlaw did. Id put a minimum of 200m to buy him out. And Id give both of them ten extra grand a week on top of what they ask for, if they ask 200 grand, then Id give them 210 grand a week.

  3. The papers claim to know what both players are wanting in their new contracts, perhaps the papers should come to the emirates and draw the contracts up and guarantee both players sign their new contracts. I think we should give both players exactly what they deserve and more, they’re worth it and much more difficult to replace which doesn’t warrant thinking about. Alexis is said to want a get out clause, fine, give him a get out clause and make it double what he is worth and add a sell on fee should he move on later, that way clubs will be less likely to want to buy him. Offer him wages he cannot refuse and the same with Ozil, if we want to keep our best players on board and happy to stay at the club then this is the way to do it, only the richest clubs will be tempted to part with the cash and time wasters will be reduced giving us less to worry about and the media less to report.

  4. If you’re going to put a release clause in, it has to be acceptable to both player and club. This talk of double what he’s worth or £200 million will not be accepted by the player, it’s supposed to be an escape route for him, should he want to move, not an unbreakable wall for other teams!

    Taking into account future values, ageing, inflation etc, I would think it would be hard to get him to agree anything more than £60 – £70 million as a release clause, let’s not forget, players of this quality hold the whip handle, not the club.

    As for salary, in the current market, I think the £200k per week is probably about right.

  5. Ozil and Alexis should not renew till we are sorted in the striking role (Perez delivers or we get a reliable striker)

  6. I think the deciding factors will be how well we do this season and who the manager will be next season. You can be sure that top clubs all over europe will be contacting the agents for both Ozil and Sanchez. In uk the clubs who can easily afford Ozil are manu, manc and chelsea, and which of these would want him? I would think all three.

  7. By all means, yes. If they want £200,000 per week then give it to them

    Selling Walcott who makes £140,000per week will help if necessary

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