Are the Arsenal players now turning on Mikel Arteta?

I know that the tabloids always seem to have an anti-Arsenal agenda, but as we found out during the find-the-mole saga at the end of last year, it would seem that the leaks in the press are usually based on true events.

So it is a bit worrying to read today in “an exlusive” report in the Sun, saying they “understand” that the players are becoming increasingly frustrated with their coach.

The report starts by saying: “MIKEL ARTETA is facing growing resentment from players upset they are being blamed for Arsenal’s problems instead of him.

Senior stars are increasingly frustrated at the way boss Arteta has been able to paint a picture that the fault for the side’s poor season is all down to them.”

They go on to mention Arteta’s propensity to blame certain players for defeats, and talk about Aubameyang being dropped last week, when the players themselves believe that it is Arteta’s confusing tactics that are causing the problems.

They go on to say: “It is believed the treatment of striker Aubameyang has not gone unnoticed among the players, with other top names suffering similar problems.

All accept they have not been consistently playing well enough but at times have found it hard to know exactly what their coach wants from them.

There is a feeling midfielder Thomas Partey is not being allowed to flourish because of the manager’s ideas.

Lack of team identity, management techniques and tactics in matches have all started to be questioned by some.

And they think the club have allowed the public perception to become one where they are letting their boss down.”

Well, that all sounds very worrying, and has a ring of truth about it as well.

So what do you think? More anti-Arsenal propaganda by the gutter press? Or maybe another leakage coming from disgruntled players?


  1. If the manager and the players aren’t in the same page, you have serious problems and we have serious problems.

    1. In my view, this happened to Emery.

      So that leaves you with the conclusion we’ve had two poor managers on the spin, or player power is still alive and kicking.

      Interesting point (or not).

      Both Arteta and Emery before him manage in “micro management “ style.

      Wenger was more of a “go out and express yourself” man.

      Can our lot not take being subjected to “micro management” ?

      1. I think that’s the thing, Papa Wenger is the go and enjoy yourself type. He was like that all his years, the likes of Bellerin, Holding, Xhaka, Chambers, Laca and even Auba surely did enjoy the freedom that comes with Papa Wenger being the coach.

        Emery and Arteta prefers instructions to be followed, and maybe that’s the culture the club’s been trying to change or players are finding hard to switch to… Whichever it is, I just wanna see my club grow and be winners again

      2. AJ, the fact that we cant play two games the same, always tinker and are way too inconsistent says there is a massive problem. Are Tierney, Partey, Saka, ESR, Odrrgaard, Willian, Luiz, Holding, Chambers and others part of the Emery so called player power problem, i dont think so. So it cant be just said its player problem, its a problem full stop.

        1. Hi Reggie.

          Disagree with the point you make.

          Would it not have been better to list the players who COULD be the problem (some now weeded out) rather than those it may not be ?

          The players you list are not the common denominators over the past three managers, so me that’s a mute point.

          One bad apple and all that .

          1. My point AJ is there isnt a player problem because the ones i listed weren’t involved really under Emery. The ones i didn’t list could be but there is no evidence that the ones left or the ones stoll there do have. And if they do, why does Arteta make Auba captain and in his absence, xhaka, bellerin and Laca have all worn tje captains armband. Surely you dont make players who are disruptive captains, if you do you need to look at yourself.

    2. arteta should be sacked immediately. there is a list of players who are not satisfied. all aren’t wrong. manager is too tough and manager doesn’t know anything about can’t make someone manager of a big club just because he spent some time with a spanish tactician(guardiola). it’s ridiculous.

  2. This from Ornstein to Sky;

    The Kroenkes remain fully behind their current boss and they are hoping to have him in charge over the years ahead.

    The Gunners’ owners want Arteta to turn things around in North London, and believe that giving him more transfers windows to build his squad is their best option.

    He is at the centre of a new era for Arsenal that they hope will come to fruition and improve over time,” the journalist said.

    They are building the project around him. The technical Edu and the owners, the Kroenkes, they hope that with time and with transfer markets – plural – that Arteta will prove to be the right man for them.

    He clearly needs different players and rejuvenated players. He needs to keep building that squad in a way that is moulded to his desire, otherwise it’s not going to work.

    He appears to be a really good coach, from people we speak to he is really highly rated, but I think Arsenal have a lot of work to do in the transfer market.

    “In terms of Arteta he is at the centre of what they are doing and their faith is follow behind him.”

    Our problems definitely at ownership level.

  3. I have said all along Arteta’s tactics at times are confusing just tell them to go out and enjoy themselves and win the game it is not rocket science it’s football

  4. His biggest plus was his relationship with the players, forming a strong bond with them and having them back him up publicly.
    If the bond between manager and players get broken then he’ll end up like Emery.

    P. S I don’t believe that PEA’s treatment talk.. only weeks ago, the full fanbase, legends and pundits were all supporting him for disciplining Auba.
    Athletic and other tabloids reported the players had no issue with him disciplining Auba didn’t they?

  5. Between this article based on garbage from the gutter press, and the previous one citing quotes from a pundit who is intellectually challenged, we are really scraping the barrel on a Sunday morning.Despite our current problems which now embrace the tenure of three Managers,Arsenal is still a great Club because of its huge fan base and it’s past glories.Because of these factors there will never be a shortage of applicants for the job of team Manager, when such a vacancy arises despite the current dearth of top quality players and the fact that any new incumbent would have to operate with a very limited budget at least until a good number of our mediocre performers are somehow moved on.

  6. Getting ahead of ourselves aren’t we?
    Arsenal are just four games away from the Champions league.
    Surely we should wait a while before posting Arteta epitaphs?

  7. I thought we had got rid of the “mole” when those players who have left / gone out on loan were discarded?

    If you watch the pupil and the teacher (MA and PG) you will see a different way of approaching the game during the 90 minutes, in general terms.

    MA is forever barking out orders, gesticulating and very rarely sits down – PG, apart from certain situations, watches the game and discusses things with his staff, singling out players at half and full time.

    Perhaps this is where the players are getting frustrated, as I know I would if my boss was continually in my ear, rather than letting me play to my strengths.

    1. Precisely Ken, i know it is easier to do that with no croud but the coaching at pro level should be done prior to games.

  8. to me arteta should bench lazy players like aubameyang and give chance for those willing players to come in first team like pepe and maitland nile and he should get his starting 11 for things to work out for arsenal

  9. y do they think that they are b/on dropping i think they r having a memory lose did he not take the rap for the lose v l/pool i did not see any of the so called senior players stand to be counted. if they go out and do silly things its not the manager fault . as for standing by the players did he not stand by auba pepy do i need say anymore its all up when too kids have to pull you lot of senior players out

  10. It the beginning of the end for the fraud that is Arteta, he is a combination of all the bad points of Wenger Emery and Mourinho. Picks his favourites regardless of form(Willian) confusing team selection and tactics and lastly blaming players for defeats. Sadly I think we’re in for another half season of this mess, until the owners realise he’s a busted flush and sack him by Christmas.

  11. Be prepared for years of the same. The Kroenke’s don’t care, Arteta cannot bond with players, and hasn’t got the faintest tactically, he is more confused than Emery. Our Chief Exec, Vinai, is purely an ornament. If things don’t change they stay as they are. We are doomed for more of the same. Protest, make a noise.
    Arteta is not up to the job. It’s time to admit it. He needs to go. Offer Brendan Rogers a massive project. He will bring the good days back to Arsenal. Arteta is, TALK THE TALK, not WALK THE WALK. He must go before we bottom out.

    1. Sure, Arteta is not good enough. The Liverpool game just showed how confused he is. I hope we lose to Slavia and he gets sacked in the summer.

  12. Is this the end of arsenal as a top team? Forget about the owners for a while, forget about wenger and emery. Look at the players on our roaster this season and compare them pound for pound with westham, leicester, aston villa, everton, leeds, Spurs, man u even chelsea, then you realize coaching and playing style has been diabolical. Arteta is never arsenal material, there is no way we can be 11th on the table with this team. The twist of the knife is that we are still losing more matches before the season ends.

  13. “Its the Sun so it can’t be true”, you think they can never report any truth about Arsenal? When I look at the misses, red cards, body language and lack of fight, when I look at the EPL table and how we have also been struggling, the mole issue, Arteta and Saliba, Arteta and Geundouzi, Arteta and Ozil, even Arteta and Luiz, etc I see that there is a serious problem with Arteta & players relationship. Any critical thinker can sit back, watch arsenal, even follow the players on social media and will realize that there is very serious problems between Arteta and the players. You don’t need the Sun to tell you anything, if you critically think and analyze from every angle you will see that things are actually worse than portrayed and that the club has desperately been trying to keep this issue in-house.

    Arteta is currently not having the smoothest of relationships with his squad, his saving grace for now is that he has been able to talk the board and owners into believing and supporting him. But that itself will not last for too long. Even if Arteta changes the whole squad, within the space of a season he will still encounter same problem again. The biggest mistake was making him manager rather than leaving him as head coach. Arteta is a dictator type of leader and wants to control everything. After announcing him as “first team manager”, Vinai said it was just a change in name but Arteta had already taken on the role since day one.

    No matter how much trust the board and owners have in Arteta, sooner rather than later they will be forced to sack him if this continues. The board and owners want to give him more transfer windows to shape the squad as they believe in him. But am sorry to disappoint the Arteta fans that he won’t have that luxury if:

    1) The players continue turning against him,
    2) If we don’t qualify for Europe, which means less revenue and less money for transfers.
    3) Media turns against Arteta
    4) Fans turn against Arteta

    So far all of these are already happening. The once Arteta friendly media are already turning against him; more headlines are now against Arteta than for Arteta, unlock when he came in new and could talk his way out. We do not have the funds to change majority of this squad at once hence the luxury of waiting for a number of transfer windows to change this squad will not be feasible. Believe me if Arteta doesn’t pull out a miracle he could loose his job come December, no matter the trust of the board and owners in him, if the FOUR things I mentioned above keep happening by latest December then even the board and owners will be forced to sack him. Hopefully it doesn’t have to get to the point where #Arteraout banners and harshtags begins to trend.

    A word of advice to Arteta if he even gets to read this somewhere or somehow: “being an articulate planner and talker can only buy you time in a job, what actually keeps you in a job is delivering the goods”.

  14. In response to your question Reggie, could it be due to the fact that very few of them are too quality players?

    1. Or maybe the coach ? Grandad. I dont think for a minute we should be this low in the league ever.

  15. Reggie.

    Moved on under Arteta. (Including loans)












    ( may have forgotten one or two)

    A “mixed bag” of Wenger Emery / Arteta era players .

    It was soon made obvious that most of the above did not / will not feature under Arteta.

    By the end of their tenure at the club, most (now gone) where simply “hanging around the place” in simple terms.

    Dissatisfied – yes of course, human nature you think you should be playing as you’re convinced you’re better than the guy out there and the manager is a prat.

    Not a “healthy “ dressing room in any shape or form.

    So again, it’s not who’s come in- but who could have introduced the poison over time.

    And I firmly believe part of Arteta’s remit was to get this type of scenario under control.

    As for the “ captains” armband.

    First point- given out like confetti nowadays.


    Every player responds differently to responsibility.

    Sometimes giving them the armband may just bring a player onside with what you are trying to do.

    For example ,Auba wasn’t exactly an angel at Dortmund – and his captaincy is being questioned on a regular basis.

    Xhaka “bust up” with the crowd .

    Laca in and out of the side.

    Strange choices perhaps.

    I have a feeling if you ask a good number of ex player pundits who know the environment, I would suspect them to say our dressing room is a very suspect place.

    In fact, I think this has been muted on more than on occasion.

    We agree to disagree..


    1. But the bad apples were supposedly moved on, most that are left have been captains at some point. If it is the players is the judgment wrong on them.

  16. Martineeli is also not playing and arteta does this type of stuff before. I think arteta is too young and players don’t like young managers specially if your manager doesn’t allow you to play just because of some bust up with the manager. results are terrible. we are still on 10th spot. it’s time to sack arteta. he knows nothing about football. there are managers like allegri and valverde who can guide this team to glory.

  17. If we do not acheive this season, they would have to put an end to him.
    EL and coming 8 games shoukd decide.
    If they are supporting him regardlessly, it would be disappointing, because we do not seem to improve after breaks or with new players.

  18. I anticipated a fallout between Mikel and the players after the manner in which he treated Matteo. I mean Guanduzi was reacting angrily after losing a match (out of passion), but Mikel isolated him and sent him on loan for thereafter. So I think Mikel brings fear to the players in many ways.

  19. Dropping Auba is questioned by the same people that asked for Martinelli to be given gametime! War mongers!

  20. I think the report in the Sun is true. But I have a simple solution for Arteta. Buy each of these moaning players a mirror, so they can take a long look at themselves, and maybe they will recognize just how badly they have been playing!!! I would drop Willian and Auba for the rest of the season, then sell them. He can play Lacazette, because he needs to try hard for his next contract, but I would offload him too. They all seem to have become mini Ozil’s, which you do not want around the youngsters

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