Are the Arsenal players simply too knackered to play twice a week?

Much has been made of Arsenal’s awful record this season, but we have to remember that this is an extraordinary season for everyone, and we are seeing very strange results just about every week.

The gunners not only have to play twice every week, but they have to do it in empty stadiums, which is strange enough in itself. To me it looks like every game is like a training match.

Now with the Europa League knockouts back up and running, the squad have had to travel long distances to play games and we are forced to play our “home” game in Athens on Thursday, which means another 4-hour flight each way, and then 3 days later they have to go up to Leicester.

As Mikel Arteta said on Sunday after the defeat to Man City: “At the moment we have players that are struggling recovering from game to game. They’ve played a lot of minutes, you could see the fatigue in both teams at the end. The boys are trying and are working extremely hard, so I cannot demand too much of them.”

Luckily for Arteta, he has nearly a full squad to choose from, after seeing Pablo Mari and Kieran Tierney play for the first time for a long while, and Tierney was asked how he felt after managing the whole 90 minutes: “I was just knackered!” he told

“Yeah, it was a tough game and I wasn’t sure if I was going to get the full game, but I did. It’s 90 minutes under my belt and I’m happy for that and happy that the manager gave me the chance again.”

It would appear that fatigue is inevitable during this gruelling schedule, and it is obviously the same for all teams that are playing European games as well.

Maybe this is why we are seeing so many crazy results in this campaign?

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  1. Oh geez. How unlucky that we are the only team in the Premier League who has to play 50 games a season and twice a week. Geez. Definitely a conspiracy against us. Geez.

  2. Every team is in same position
    We even have a fitter squad than most teams when you look at the injury table
    I wouldn’t put this as the sole reason for this woeful performances and results we have had this season
    Some even believe that fans absence is the only reason some players and managers escape some vocal criticisms which should buy under performaning players and managers time.
    It’s a global challenge ours shouldn’t be the worst

  3. If those millionaires can’t play twice a week, they won’t be able to cope with UCL. The crazy results in EPL this season are caused by the absence of the supporters at the stadiums, which has badly affected the ones who relied on them like Liverpool

    The players’ lack of concentration, motivation and bad temper have to be addressed by the club as soon as possible, otherwise we’d concede more unnecessary defeats

  4. I find it equally knackering watching them!!

    Wow, professionals finding it hard doing what they’re paid to do… I’ve heard it all now!!

    1. I’ll gladly run around and produce little just like them for half the salary.

      I’ll even pick up the cones after training!

      1. Haha I’ll play 3 games a week for a fraction of their wages and I’m almost 39 😂 I mean how hard is it passing the ball backward and sideways 😄

    2. To be fair Sue KT is bsck from injury, he is probably not full fit.
      But yes I agree, he had some time in Benfica and they are professionals who are underperforming and complaining!

  5. What an excuse for poor performance. Top6 teams are doing it. The problem is not about playing twice a week, but about how the Manager can change the fortunes of the team. And the poor guy is failing

  6. Yes fatigue is a problem. City has the best squad in the world and Utd has a massive squad too so can rotate at will. Chelsea also has a large squad. Spurs and Liverpool are knackered after 4 years of high pressing. Leicester Westham and Everton have hardly been in Europe so are much fresher. Arsenal had a large squad but half are not good enough. Last year at this time covid stepped in and gave Arsenal 3 months break. When the season resumed in empty stadiums the sting went out of the season. Liverpool and City fell asleep. Chelsea scaped 4th place and cruised the FA cup final. Arsenal benefited hugely from the break. New coach Arteta received 3 bonus months to tune his team. Not this season though. Arsenal must prioritize the EL at all costs.

    1. All the teams you’ve just mentioned top the table for playing the same XI the most so your argument is not a valid one!

  7. I still think Diego Simeone is the right man for the Arsenal job!

    We really need someone like him to get rid of this soft underbelly we’ve had for over 15 years now. I couldn’t be bothered if we don’t win a trophy for the next 5 years but I can’t watch these spineless whips much longer.

    1. He is great but was never in PL or any team but Atletico for a long time.

      I cannot understand how we passed on Anchelotti to get Arteta.

  8. 3 Hours a week I work 35 hours a week. Am I too knackered too right I am, I get less money than them and work Feckin harder than them. My poor heart bleeds for them the performance they put in they should be 100% fit if not there is something wrong

    1. No it’s not being to tired the simple answer is that along with the manager the players are not good enough to challenge for anything the club is in rapid decline and will continue to do so while we have the current regime in charge it’s a complete shambles!!

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