Are the Euros less interesting with so few Arsenal players involved?

Does the lack of Arsenal representation make tournaments less interesting?


Although we want our players to stay fit and healthy and ready for next season, you can’t help but feel, that without many of our boys competing in international tournaments that they are just a little bit boring to watch at times.


Don’t get me wrong I love nothing more than watching football and I don’t need an excuse to do so, especially if the games and results will mean something, but like I struggle to watch other Premier League games at times that do not include Arsenal, (not counting last season), I too struggle to watch certain international matches, especially if there isn’t any Arsenal representation among the squad.


I remember the times when there were a number of Arsenal players on international duty for the tournaments and I used to enjoy watching them because there was at least one Arsenal player in most of the teams taking part.


But this time around as we have seen there is a select number of our players on international duty: Bukayo Saka (England), Granit Xhaka (Switzerland), Kieran Tierney (Scotland) and Bernd Leno (Germany.


Now people will say, “well make up your mind, one minute your happy there isn’t a lot and the next you’re saying it is less interesting to watch at times.”


And yes, they are right but I can’t help but feel that if there is a tournament, there should be more than a few number of Premier League players from nearly every team representing their sides, and if a player is going to get injured, whatever will be will be and if it is going to happen it will happen.


Some players who are left behind might turn up for training and get injured and be out long term, in a sport where anything can happen, as we have so unfortunately seen with Christian Eriksen, literally anything can happen.


We forget footballers are just humans too.


But I guess if by the end of next season we are Premier League and FA Cup double winners, we can look back and say it was the best thing ever that we didn’t have many players representing their national sides at the Euros.


At least I can still find enjoyment in watching the sport that I love no matter who is playing for who, hey Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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  1. I can honestly say that it doesn’t concern me and I never ever thought about the lack of arsenal players in a tournament, I just like watching top teams and players in big tournaments

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