Are the fans protesting about Wenger or the Arsenal Board?

As Arsenal’s season has dwindled away to nothing except the Europa League, the Emirates has seen the smallest crowds for home games for many many years so it is obvious that the fans are voting with their feet, but who are they actually aiming their protests at.

In the last home game of last season, the fans that did turn up spent more time shouting insults at Stan Kroenke than Arsene Wenger as the owner is the man that has overseen the demise in the club lately, and also the one that decided to re-appoint Arsene Wenger as manager last season.

The ex-Arsenal striker believes that the empty seats are sending a message to the Arsenal Board and Wrighty hopes that it hurts them. “It should do and you hope that they will see that the fans have had enough.” he said.

“Arsenal fans get a lot of stick on social media and people laugh at them. They threaten to do stuff and it doesn’t quite happen but this is the first time I’ve seen a positive step from the fans.

“I’m quite pleased they’ve done it. I was there the other day and it’s not good to see but with the prices that they pay, they’ve had to listen to excuses, they’ve watched players leave, they’ve watched really incompetent performances and they’ve still gone in their droves.

“They should show that they are not happy. I’m pleased that they’ve done it and hopefully the board will be looking.”

“The Arsenal fans had success in the past and they want success back,”

“They’ve been very patient with what’s happened. They’ve seen great players leave, players that should be making a difference for the club and taking them to the level they want to be. A level they’ve been at and enjoyed being there.

“Now, they are looking at the club falling away and nothing being done.”

On this and many other Arsenal websites most of the blame seems to be aimed at Wenger, but surely the man that must ultimately carry the can is the one that is in total control of the club.

The buck stops at the top!


  1. John0711 says:

    I can see your point, however, what makes a lot of fans anti Wenger is he could easily come out and say they won’t give me the money to compete. Also the fact he’s on 8-10 a year suggests he’s happy with just sitting and collecting money

  2. Phil says:

    The protests are aimed at BOTH Kronke and Wenger.They are both to blame for our demise.How Wenger was given a TWO YEAR CONTRACT last year was the final straw for the majority of fans who were demanding change.It was obvious Wenger was not only unable to maintain the 4th Place Trophy he had for years stayed was a Trophy in all but name,but would also fail to prevent us becoming nothing other than also rans within the chasing pack.And where are we now?SIXTH PLACE.That is down on last years pathetic effort and we show no signs of being able to improve with Wenger still in charge.
    We told you so didn’t we? It was there to see.And yet Kronke STILL rewarded him with not only a new contract but with a reported increase in Salary up to £9m per year.How was that allowed to happen?So now Arsenal Football Club rewards failure do we?
    It is yet again a kick in the teeth to all fans that this club continues to be owned by someone whose only interest is his bottom line balance sheet and managed by an aging has been who has proved again this season he is unable to do the job he is vastly overpaid to do.

    1. John0711 says:

      Interserting point phil, wenger continues to fail in his role and gets a pay rise. Jack Fails in his role as a player and is expected to take a pay cut ?

      The empty seats at the ground show how the fans feel. I saw on here one fan put the empty seats down to it being easter lmfao

      1. adi says:

        ^it is fact that attendance has no relation to easter, christmas or even new years holiday.

      2. Phil says:

        Really John?If we were top 4 in the league and looking forward to a Champions League QF as opposed to a Europa Cup game I’m pretty sure the attendance would have been up to capacity.Its not as though we haven’t played games at home over Easter before.Fans are starting to vote with their feet and it’s becoming more and more apparent to the Board and Press.
        I just can’t take the Easter get out clause can you?
        But I would still wish for the Emirates to be full EVERY game.It makes us look a small club with so many empty seats.

        1. John0711 says:

          Totally agree Phil

      3. RSH says:

        Now we are comparing wilshere to Wenger? For all the flack I give AW, he actually has a proven record. Jack has absolutely nothing to bargain with. He doesnt score, he doesnt win trophies for us, he’s just injured. Wenger has underperformed and doesnt deserve his contracts, but he at least kept Arsenal top 4 for a while, and got FA Cups recently. This is coming from someone who is strongly Wenger Out. What Wenger has done for the club compared to Wilshere is a massive gap.

    2. jon fox says:

      Phil, The only word I disagree with is the heading and one stating MY name as Phil. Of course you don’t actually need to read my mind on the clubs troubles, as we think as one person. Congratulations on writing the plain truth for the umpteenth time!

  3. GB says:

    I’m not sure it’s a proper protest against Wenger or the board or both. I think it’s apathy for the team. Yeah they’ve already paid for their ticket but then there is travel on top and most fans live outside London, a few beers and something to eat, for what? To see a total rubbish performance and nothing to go for on the league, not even top four. So if correct, as mentioned in a previous thread that we have already qualified for next year’s Europa League, even aiming for sixth is pointless so finishing eighth doesn’t matter. I know people with season tickets who can’t even give some games away. I’ve no doubt that Thursday’s crowd for CSKA will be reasonable but if it’s not, I think it’s just fans are pissed off with watching dross. The bigger problem though is I have a nasty feeling Wenger will still be here next year! The only way I can see change is if Kroenke decides to cash in on his shares, which are rising in value daily, with the club now being valued at £2 billion.

    1. Phil says:

      GB If I had a spare £2b I would happily buy Kronke out just to get rid of both him and Wenger.The first appointment?David Dein who should NEVER have been allowed to leave this club

      1. Mad respect to you if you’d buy the club just to fire him ?

      2. Sue says:

        Totally agree about David Dein Phil ?

        1. GB says:

          Yes Dein has been sorely missed.

    2. jon fox says:

      GB, Why don’t you open your eyes to what is so clearly happening at our club? Those, like you, are believe Wenger will last into next season are just wilfully blind.

      1. GB says:

        Don’t get me wrong I can see what is happening and can see the changes with the back room staff and DOF etc but I said I have a nasty feeling he’ll still be there not that I believe he will be, there us a subtle difference. I’m afraid having been a supporter as long as I have, I’m used to having my dreams shattered!

        1. jon fox says:

          Well then , I owe you an apology and give it gladly! I now empathise with you, as surely do we all. But do take heart, as though I am someone who states my views forcefully and often,(which is tedious, even to me as well sometimes) it is not often that I find myself so certain of something Arsenal wise that though not yet publicly announced, will certainly happen . And happen very soon. My entire and shared sympathy and I urge you to listen to your head, NOT your perhaps pessimistic(with good previous reasons) fears. My many previous posts firmly forecasting his sacking have been made to cheer up our many rightfully depressed fellow Gooners. Always look on the bright side of life! (And no, Eric Idle, I will not pay you a penny in Royalties!)

  4. AndersS says:

    First of all, different polls show something like 75-80% of fans want Wenger out.
    That says a lot.
    But yes, you can blame both. Kroenke for not investing enough in the team and also for failing to address, that we are also loosing ground fast to teams like Liverpool and Spurs, who are not spending more than us. They have managers who get more out of the players, they have at their disposal. Both as individuals and as a team.
    so I suppose our frustration is aimed at both, but Kroenke can’t be blamed for all those lacklustre displays, we have seen over the last few years. We started by getting humiliated by some of the other top teams and this year it has been even worse, as we also loose several matches to teams, that aren’t even good enough to be in the Premiership.

  5. Chiza says:

    get Julian Nagelsmann,he is the solution to our coaching problems.the next better upgraded version of guardiola.

  6. jon fox says:

    On Arseblog today, a very similar article states clearly and in far more detail than this article on here, the REAL dangers to the club in continuing to upset the fanbase. I am just one of countless others who resolved (in October 1916) NEVER to attend again an Arsenal managed by Arsene Wenger. Of course i watch it all on TV(SKY, BT, etc) BUT I have got out of the habit of going(after 60 years ) and constantly watch our embarrassing debacles and say to my wife, “Thank God I didn’t waste my time and money attending THAT.” I am only a drop in the ocean but core, real, dyed in the wool fans like me – and many others on here too – are not fools and won’t be taken for a ride for ever. I have stopped; many others have season tickets holders choose to stay away. Others still will never renew while Wenger remains. As a man with a financial (and arts) background it has been clear to me for some months now that the empty seats are taken seriously by Kroenke. Billionaires are not financially ignorant and therefore I am certain Wenger is close to the sack now. Indeed, I believe the club already either know (or are privately still negotiating with) their next preferred manager and this will be announced in late May, at the time of Wengers sacking. Some fans disgree that this is already planned and that is up to them. Some people will always choose to remain blind to unfolding events despite all the evidence. Further I say this: IF I am wrong, the club will be in deep peril and what we have seen this season with fan apathy and resentment will be as nothing compared to next season. I repeat, billionaires are NOT financially ignorant. And so I am content that I WILL be proved right, very soon now!

    1. Ingleby says:

      You are making yourself a hostage to fortune, but I hope you are right. I can’t match 60 years – my first match attendance was October 1962, but certainly, the lack of guts in the team has been apparent for some years. It does at present remind me of the last days of Billy Wright as manager – very depressing!

      1. jon fox says:

        Ingleby, Interesting post! I too well remember Billy Wrights final days in summer 1966, when as a young teenager I walked up and down Avenell Rd. , outside Highbury holding a pathetic and tatty “Wright must STAY” banner. Fortunately my idealistic and wrong headed youthful loyalty to a lovely man , former great England and Wolves player BUT rank bad manager was thwarted by the board and he was rightly sacked. THEY HAD GREATER YEARS, GREATER EXPERIENCE, LESS IDEALISTIC NAIVETY AND TONS MORE WORLDLY WISDOM THAN I POSSESSED, THANKFULLY FOR OUR CLUB. I see parallels with some young , naive fans today who STILL wish Wenger to stay! Thankfully though, they are very few and will soon be thwarted too.

    2. Ozziegunner says:

      Jon, I don’t want to appear pedantic, but don’t you mean “October 2016”?

  7. Durand says:

    @john fox
    I agree with your statements about billionaires, and i submit to you the presence of Josh Kronke.
    I agree the Kronke’s have indeed taken notice and have been making changes. Spending over £100 million on 2 top strikers shows ambition to me.
    Secondly, the failed core of our team being sold off for scraps; walcott, Gibbs, Giroud, Le Coq, now maybe Wilshire this Summer, and hopefully sell Ramsey for an upgrade.

    Wheels turning slowly, but positive changes i believe. Wenger situation seems static, so I focus on areas of club where change is happening.

    I think when Wenger’s time is up, he’s out of club all together. That’s why strange comments about continuing to manage elsewhere.
    With Sven no need for Arsene, same with Raul as DOF and Huss chief contract negotiator. Where would Wenger go if he stayed at Arsenal? The board? They have no power and I don’t see Arsene taking a position with no power.

    Unfortunately he may stay and his final year may be year long celebratory send-off.
    Just my humble pessimistic opinion

    1. jon fox says:

      Durand, An interesting if somewhat self contradictory post of yours, I thought , yet still you believe he may stay. You rightly identify josh Kroenke as a catalyst for change but, seemingly, feel his old man will overrule the son who was recently over here on a club fact find/analysis. Since you have clearly read my post above and as I am not going to change my opinion , I have to say to you that we both hope I AM RIGHT BUT ONLY ONE OF US BELIEVES I WILL BE. If I thought as you do, I would be suicidal rather than merely pessimistic. But Arsenal wise I have rarely been happier in the last decade than right now. Much enjoyed the debate with you though and hope we will debate more often. Do you attend games by any chance? I did until October 2016, when I resolved never again to give a club run by Wenger another penny of mine.

      1. Durand says:

        John fox
        No i live in the States, and have not attended. I’m eternally jealous of season ticket holders, and have refrained from commenting on them attending, because I would be torn to go or stay myself. So I haven’t criticize them on their individual decisions. Much respect to you for your decision.
        I have known about Kronke years before he infected Arsenal. I have seen his clubs waffle, flop, stink and suck for years here. Pity the board didn’t or wouldn’t do their research on this con man, it could have avoided all of this.
        I only mentioned Josh in regards to his performances with their United States clubs. NBA team, Denver Nuggets, just missed playoffs and Rams went out early. Point being Daddy Kronke builds stadiums, and son Josh has turned 2 around to compete and win.
        I see similar process with Arsenal and that gives me hope. For example, staff changes, player changes, and owner actually showing up getting hands dirty.
        Ivan and Josh appear busy and about the business, so I’m eager to see.

        Lastly, i watch games on tv, but been quite a while since I’ve watched 90 minutes. Hoping your right about May, I’m all in with Wenger out. No one bigger than club, not sanchez, wilshire, even a manager.

        1. Phil says:

          Very interesting what you say about Josh Kronke in comparison to his Father.I too believe the Son actually DOES see beyond just a balance sheet and we can only hope he uses the 3 month work study he is compiling to prove beyond doubt to the owner that change is needed.If Josh Kronke is serious about Arsenal Football Club becoming a Global Power in World Football then he might just be the man to take us there.But won’t hold my breath at the moment.

          1. Durand says:

            I admit to nervous apprehension myself. Josh is indeed not his father; even wanting Wenger replaced if rumors are to be believed. I think Auba deal no coincidence with Josh being here on fact finding. I think there is more to it than “fact finding”, but nothing i can prove.
            Sure Josh noticed the FACT people aren’t turning out, and sure he knows why. Arsenal is their £2 billion dollar crown jewel, and I hope they will not risk boatloads of money for sentimentality with Wenger.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    The board are not gonna chuck themselves out of the club. This protest hurts Wenger, and maybe players too after a re-shuffle. He is the one change that can pacify fans, when he goes they will all come back and give the next guy big support. I think Wrighty knows well who they are angry with, they don’t like the board but he owns the club and we have spent more than most, it’s Wenger out is what the fans are saying. Also they are showing the owners that we do have the power if it comes to it, and look, its come.

    1. jon fox says:

      Good post! I agree that most fans CRAVE Wengers removal and WANT Kroenke out. But the real anger and resentment is mainly for Wenger. We all know Kroenke has nothing to do with team matters and team problems are all Wengers fault. Therefore, ipso facto, Wenger rightly gets the lions share of blame. Simple as that really!

      1. GB says:

        On a lighter note Jon, I’m impressed you foretold of the rise and fall of Wenger over 100 years ago?

        1. jon fox says:

          I sat next to Nostradamus at school and passed on all my wisdom to him. I spent my Saturdays watching Arsenal at Woolwich while he was wasting time forecasting the future. He never won the Pools though, which you might have expected!

          1. Ozziegunner says:

            Good one, Jon; we all need a sense of humour at the moment.

  9. RSH says:

    Kroenke has been providing funds. Where else did Aubamenyang, Laca, Xhaka, Ozil, Mustafi come from? What I blame Kroenke and the board for is their non-chalant attitude towards being competitive. They are way too concerned about money and tickets and not about on field success. They are the main reason Wenger has been allowed to stick around so long.

    1. jon fox says:

      RSH, Agreed! But I THROW INTO THE MIX ANOTHER OFTEN OVERLOOKED FACTOR TOO! In the Cup Final against Hull, you will remember we were 1-2 down after 72 minutes and were wrongly awarded a corner, which should have been a clear Hull goalkick. From this corner Koscielny equealised and we went on to win in extra time. No corner given and we would lose in 90 mins! That equals no Wenger now, I say! Agreed?

  10. Musdon says:

    Arsenal have world class players, but can only perform to the world class potentials once they leave arsenal.
    Chamberlain never knew what it feels like to play in the Quarterfinal of UCL, but just scored a nice goal today. had he remained at arsenal, he would be overwhelmed in mediocrity.
    in fact, mediocrity is a synonym for arsenal.

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