Are these Arsenal transfer rumours two sides of same story?

Whether the Arsenal transfer rumours about the possible sale at the end of the season of the England international midfield star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are true is anyone’s guess. It could all be just the football media putting two and two together to get five or simply conjecture after the latest injury picked up by the Ox has thrown into question the impact that the 22-year old has had for Arsenal since we signed him from Southampton in 2011.

The perceived lack of progress and improvement from the player is the reason The Independent claims that Arsene Wenger is willing to sell Chamberlain at the end of this season, as long as some club is willing to cough up around £15 million for him that is.

Just 14 goals from almost 150 games in the five seasons as a Gunner is not what Wenger and the Arsenal fans expected from this dynamic and exciting talent and there have not been too many signs that he is getting any better, but then again we did apparently refuse to sell him to Chelsea last summer when the talks over the transfer of Petr Cech was going on.

However, if Wenger was to sell the Ox who would replace him in the Arsenal squad? How about another injury prone attacking midfielder with promise and potential that he has yet to realise? Well according to a Metro report we are looking at a player who fits the description called Rolando Aarons. The 20/year old is currently on the books with Newcastle United and unless they can persuade him to sign a new contract he will be available on a free transfer in the summer. I can just imagine Wenger rubbing his hands together now.

Aarons has been compared to Raheem Sterling because of his playing style but in the two seasons since signing a professional contract he has played just 10 games and scored two goals. So is Wenger about to give up on the Ox and bring another similar young player to Arsenal?

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  1. Honestly I’d send the Ox on loan. There should be no shortage of takers in the premier league. Send him somewhere that he’ll play pretty much every game. He’s too good a prospect to sell and risk ending up at a rival.

    The one thing he really needs in his career is game time. At the moment there’s two hindrances to that.
    1: He isn’t first choice at Arsenal
    2: He keeps getting injured

    A loan move would address the first hindrance at least.

  2. You know why Chamberlain and some other players wont make it in the club? You can take an good example with Walcott and understand that even without performing, you can earn tons of money at Arsenal.

    I blame wenger for this. He is the one who makes it so that players are to comfortable of being mediocre. Instead of pushing them to their potential, he rewards failuare with money. And money driven are most of the players today. Arsenal are ibiza for mediocre players.

    Wenger should just leave the club, bec there is anything left anymore for him to strive for.

    1. @Ks-Gunner

      Completely agree with what you’ve said Sir, Arsenal have become a club which consistently rewards failure. We have so many average/poor players on our books, but what’s more surprising, is that since Wenger’s been on a financial level playing field, he’s carried on signing average/poor players.

      Wenger needs to do a Gervinho more often. Give a player a lot of game time over two seasons, if they don’t perform, move them on…simple! I would say two seasons of regular football is plenty to see if a player is going to be a success or not. But how many seasons now for the likes of Ramsey, Walcott, Ox, Arteta, Mertesacker, etc… Just ridiculous!! And who suffers…the fans, who get constantly taken for a ride by their once beloved club.

    2. ok. we all know that AW will not change; he believes in passing football. The problem with passing football is that u can achieve an acceptable eye comforting level of it with not so talented (not so expensive) players. This not so talented group of players can be polished further with time. Additionally, they can be enhanced if u add one or two special players. This is exactly what arsenal is now. In its day, this group of players can beat any team in the world. We proved it several times. However, the main issue is that this group of players can not perform consistantly (as i said, being not so talented. not like Barca players) . AW is giving them money because they are doing what he is telling them to do. They fit his phelosophy. As for the ox, i dont know what to say….i always remember when AW decided to bring in Arshavin against UTD…..and the crowd started booooing. Who knew that a couple of years later, ox will be in an article like this…..

    3. wenger would be great for U21 or U19. he likes developing players and protecting their mentality, ego and development to the detriment of single-minded pursuit of championships. thats why we have giroud. he runs a cushy academy where players can come and develop themselves and move onto MC, barca etc.

  3. More Transfer rumours ?.. Whats the point in even entertaining this ?? ? when’s there’s over 4 months for the Summer transfer window to open.

    Apparently Ozil missed training today!
    But he still may take part in tomorrow’s game,
    Wenger has been taking it easy with him during training,
    Because of his on going foot injury.
    Some good news. .. Gabriel took part in training today.

    1. yay gabriel. dont let us down. we need to stop calamity-mert. at fault versus chelsea. at fault versus barca.

  4. For the Love of wenger we are being fed bull every window

    if wenger were the type of manager who doesn’t joke with transfers…. The media, pundits and all these silly sources wouldn’t take us for granted by posting bulls on our behalf!

  5. Rewarding failure.. Sounds familiar.

    Aside from the two FA cups, the Arsenal board have been happy with a manager who has: In terms of winning the League or in Europe, been exactly that, a failure.

    Still, while the cash tills ring they are happy to be only ‘in the mix’ and not on top of it.

    1. from a return-on-investment perspective, 4th place is awesome.

      you get the CL money. you get to say your club is prestigious (so you can charge high ticket prices).

      but since ur real goal is not to win PL (good if it happens, but not a necessity), u dont need to shell out monstrous amounts of money. instead u can keep it in the bank until kroenke needs it.

  6. Why do we keep him?
    Bad management,
    sentimentality and
    because the club is awash
    with money we can afford to pay 10 non performers.
    Plus he’s one of our 8 compulsory English quota players.
    Wilshere 8 years, 20 mill salary paid
    Ox 5 years, 10 mill transfer fee, 15 mill salary paid
    Walcott 10 years, 7 mill transfer fee 30 mill salary paid.
    Wellbeck 2 years, 16 mill transfer fee, 9 mill salary paid.
    Things have to change and I think they are
    by the look of our recent focus on youth purchasing.
    The theory is why pay 4 English quota players mega millions
    for bug#er all production when we can just pay four English
    academy players like Iwobi Akpom Niles and Hayden 1k per week.
    They produce just as much as Theo Ox Jack and Danny
    but for a staggering 99% less salary.
    Same with the overseas players.
    Why pay Arteta 80k, Flamini 80k Rosicky 80k
    Debuchy 70k Sanogo 40k per week for next
    to zero production. Better to pay the two Nigerians
    Zelalem Bielik and Adelaide 1k per week again saving 97%.
    We will save so much money we can easily afford a couple
    of fan pleasing marquee buys every summer.
    And people tell us Wenger is wise
    with money… helloooooooooo 🙂

  7. wenger *IS* wise with money. the goal is just different than what we’ve been led to believe.

    if the goal is to take fans money and disburse it generously to wanna-be english players, then AFC is well on its way to achieving that goal.

    we’re happy with 4th. very good ROI. develop players with a kind fatherly manager who will pay you while you’re injured, play you when you dont deserve it and if u happen to become world-class, he’ll let you leave and pursue your dreams.

    wenger is wise.

  8. “Aarons (sic) has been compared to Raheem Sterling because of his playing style”

    They have very different styles of play.

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