Are Tottenham now above Arsenal? An honest Spurs fan responds – and you may agree with him!

I wrote an article earlier asking if readers thought that Tottenham had dislodged Arsenal as the top North London club, and surprisingly enough some people said yes and some said no (no change there then!). But we also received some sensible comments from Tottenham fans, and I thought this one was a very well-written insight into the view of Arsenal from the Whites point of view…

Thanks to Matt for kindly allowing me to publish this. Maybe we could get some interesting comments from both sides of the divide?

Right now last season’s league table, the current league table and recent form in the NLD would suggest that Spurs have the upper hand, however, as a Spurs fan, I don’t yet see a definitive paradigm shift that would negate years of Arsenal domination in terms of head to head encounters, trophies won or financial wherewithal.

What is undeniable is that Spurs are currently ‘punching above their weight’ while Arsenal are under-performing and right now Spurs are a better managed club, with more dynamic ownership and a vision for the future which is driving them forward as a united force.

Arsenal by comparison, from a management standpoint, are fragmented and factionalised, both on and off the field. A dismal reflection of the ‘laissez faire’ ownership of an American oligarch whose numerous sporting franchises in the US are a byword for mediocrity. A parasite, devoid of vision or ambition for the club, who is content merely to milk the profits that the club generates and run it like the average NFL franchise, where financial performance is only marginally affected by results on the field of play, or lack thereof.

Whilst the ‘status quo’ remains unchanged, i.e. with Wenger ‘in situ’ and Kroenke at the helm, Arsenal will continue to stagnate and underachieve, whilst Spurs, under the more dynamic management of Pochettino and with the more visionary and astute stewardship of Daniel Levy driving them forward, plus with the increased revenue to come from the new stadium, will continue to close the gap financially off the field and hopefully widen the gap on it!

The worry for Spurs is if Arsenal ever get their act together! Currently that might not appear likely, however it should be noted, between Usmanov and Kroenke, that Arsenal are the richest club in the country, with three times the net worth of Roman Abramovich and five times that of Joe Lewis. Fortunately for us they hate each others guts and have entirely divergent opinions on how the club (Arsenal) should be run.

The worry for Arsenal must be that Spurs might actually win something, God forbid the Champions League or the EPL! If Spurs were to actually win a major trophy or two, with the increased profile and advertising revenue that would bring to the club, plus increased gate receipts, the current small gap between the performance of the two clubs on the field might become wider. However, as it is right now, until we have finished above you at least for a season or two, plus won a couple of major trophies, it cannot be said that we have genuinely overtaken you.

Matt From Tottenham


  1. Twig says:

    Spurs 3 Arsenal 0

    I can feel it in my bones 🙁

    1. redmau5 says:

      …sounds like arthritis to me

  2. John Legend says:

    Matt is first and foremost a football fan before being a Spurs Fan. Quite objective from him.
    I fear for Arsenal though

  3. redmau5 says:

    matt your no spurs sound relatively human
    ive grown up with spurs fans as friends…

    all doing well now…on the wing at belmarsh

  4. Mitch Connor says:

    Lacazette just scored for France.
    A bit of Genius there not starting him against City. We should start Iwobi instead of lacazette again…. Not

  5. AndersS says:

    I don’t care, who wrote the article. It is quite sensible in the description of Arsenal’s situation.

  6. FrankN says:

    Says it all so beautifully

  7. Mobella says:

    He dressed it up nicely but i don’t think a couple of trophies will do it for Spurs. They will have to eclipse our 13 EPL and and 13 fa cups. Who knows, we might have got our act together before they do that and they will be forever in our shadow.

    1. Lolo says:

      Don’t be stucked in the pass… It will lead the club nowhere.,

  8. dan says:

    I hace to say that is a fair unbiased assessment.

  9. Mitch Connor says:

    2nd goal from Lacazette. Hope he gets a hattrick
    Probably will be on the bench against Spurs.

  10. Yossarian says:

    An accurate analysis of the situation from Tottenham Matt.

    If you’re talking about history, then Arsenal are clearly miles ahead of Tottenham. But historically Liverpool are miles ahead of Chelsea, and Man Utd are miles ahead of Man City, so what does it matter?

    At the moment Tottenham are the better than us in every respect, and we won’t get any better with our Kroenke/Wenger combo, so the door is wide open for Spurs to establish themselves as the dominant team in North London.

  11. tristan says:

    much as i’m enjoying this arsenal-spurs love-in i have to ask… what do we think of tottenham? c’mon …

  12. Ivan says:

    I hate Spuds and it burns me to say it but at the moment they are much better than us in every footballing aspect. And until either they or us change manager this will continue.
    However they are miles behind us in terms of history and hardly any of their fans have lived long enough to say they have seen their team be the best in the land. They would have to start winning titles now and continue for the next 15 years to catch up and that isn’t going to happen.

  13. ThirdManJW says:

    Lacazette brace against the world champions tonight, and away from home…he’s definitely getting benched against Spurs then!

    1. tristan says:

      yeah weird situation with lacazette. hope you’re wrong but would not be totally surprised

      1. GB says:

        Iwobi got a couple for Nigeria too against Argentina.

        1. Jef says:

          then, both will get benched..:)

  14. miker says:

    They are better than us at the moment, but that doesn’t mean they are above us. If Satan continues, then, be rest assured, we’ll have to look up at the spurs.

  15. Godswill says:

    Now against Sp*ds can we see Iwobi and Laca pair up and bring their confidence of scoring a double each against top teams to bear? No, instead some disinterested bunches will be strolling the pitch.

  16. TH14-TW14 says:

    The argument has been that Arsenal has been poor against the big 6 clubs away. Same is the case about Spurs.

    “Under Pochettino, Spurs have a miserable record against the fellow ‘big six’ when playing away from home, winning just one of his 16 matches in charge.”

    In the last 4 seasons, Arsenal have won 4 FA cups and finished higher than Spurs in the league except once and Spurs won nothing. Comparing them to Arsenal is ridiculous, saying that they have overtaken Arsenal is insane.

  17. GB says:

    Sensible comment and spurs fan in same sentence?!

  18. sal says:

    better management, a much better coach, and players that would work 110 percent week in week out to get them where they are today above us and they deserve it, all credit to poch one really good coach miles ahead of our dino, just think of the number of players that progressed under him, and what happened to our talent? people asking for iwobi to be benched and bellerin to be sold, trust me under any other manager these two are world beaters, but they’ve both declined under wenger, same goes for gnabry if you remember him he was dynamite in his debut season but again mismanagement made him the player he is today, it was sad when chelsea overtook us now we got out main rivals doing the same, hey it’s progress in gazidis and kronke’s book they had the best transfer window this club has ever had if i do recall correctly!!

    1. Incarnate says:

      Yeah Gnabry, where is he these days?

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