Are Tottenham now Arsenal’s main rival for the Top Four?

Are Tottenham our only concern in the race to top four?

After Tottenham were eliminated from the FA Cup thanks to a 1-0 win for Middlesbrough, it can be said, or more so hoped, that they will now be our closest rivals for the top four spot.

West Ham and Manchester United are both still in other competitions with the Hammers competing in the Europa League, and for now they are still in the FA Cup, where they will remain if of course they get past Southampton. And United are still in the Champions League

But for now, if both of these teams are still in their respective competitions for a long while, this could benefit us the longer they both remain in these competitions, as we will get a good break in between matches and so should, and I say that with great emphasis, SHOULD be fit and firing ready to claim a minimum of one point from each of the matches we have left.

Let’s not get too happy though, as if teams want to be at the top of their game they have to beat anyone and everyone in front of them and Champions are made when they win everything they go forward for, but we can at least hope that with two of our top four rivals competing on at least two fronts, that maybe the pressure will be on them more than on us.

Our only worry will be Spurs, who now, like us, will only have the top four spot to fight for. But then again given the inconsistent nature of Antonio Conte’s side, we will be hoping for more inconsistencies and points dropped for them.

Rather them than us.

All in all it will be a fight until the last game of the season no doubt, but for once, we seem to be in the driving seat, and with all of the positives around us right now with how other teams are faring and with our results, we really would be stupid to let the best situation slip out of our hands!


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    1. yeah that exactly what i was thinking. ManU very likely to drop a lot of points in march due to their tough opposition in the league while Spurs have a easier fixtures. So Spurs should be arsenal main concern

  1. Definitely, because they have one of the best CFs in the world and have signed Kulusevski

    Man United have a lot of internal problems and West Ham have a thin squad

    1. Gai, just wait and see. Man. U is more of a threat than Tottenham in my opinion. When Man U pick up they know how to win their way into top4. Tottenham are just too inconsistent even with their top CF why should they lose to Middleborough? I think Arsenal with no recognized forwards makes us unpredictable. If our boys continue to play with their heart and fight in every game and they are injury free, top4 is a possibility. I am hopeful.

      1. I think Kane didn’t give his full effort in the FA Cup game. As for Man United, the old Cavani is injured and Ronaldo doesn’t do high press

        I also hope we can get a CL ticket, but we still have many tough games and we don’t have someone like Giroud to save us from the bench

        1. Man Utd have a manager with one style, and a squad that doesn’t fit his style.
          Spurs have the players for one style, and a manager trying to figure out if they can work in any other way!
          We have a manager, and squad, that is far more adaptable. This gives me hope.

          1. Conte always uses attacking wing backs and a strong CF, so hopefully his rivals get familiar with his patterns

          2. Great and they are stuck with their squad till the end of the season.hahaha long may their blunder continue.

  2. Bad luck with our key opponents having less games to play. Westham are out of the FA Cup and have a bye through to the round of 16 in the EL due to topping their pool. Spurs out of the Conference league due to covid means they miss out on another 6-8 games and losing to Borough as well is bad for us. But Westham have played more games than us. Spurs are so up and down. United is our biggest threat and I reckon AM will knock them out in the 2nd leg. Our biggest rival is ourselves. We just have to win games like Watford Brighton Leeds Leicester Everton and get something at Villa Newcastle Palace and Southampton. Not losing to United Spurs and Westham. Liverpool and Chelsea are bonus games.

  3. Arsenal’s main rivals for top four currently remains Arsenal itself.
    We will crumble? Can we stay consistent and not drop points we are meant to pick?

    Also talking about our games in hand, they’re very important, but I don’t think in the real sense those three games are our games in hand.
    Our games in hand are the remaining smaller teams, because United, and Spurs both still have to play our games in hand teams.
    Us three still have to play Liverpool, Chelsea, and Each other. Now those are different games entirely, our real games in hand will be the smaller teams they’ve dropped points against and we have to pick the points from.
    I know it doesn’t work that way, bit I prefer to see it that way.
    All three of us could lose to Liverpool, and Chelsea, and if we do. Will you still say the Liverpool Chelsea games are the games in hand we should’ve picked points from?
    All in all, we should always try to pick the points each week.
    The game in hand is only the next game, We need to beat Watford this weekend. Now United are playing City, City whom Us and Spurs already played, so basically United are fúcked if they lose to City

  4. For me Watford game will be crucial for our champions league chance, because I believe both Westham and Man United will drop points this weekend against Liverpool and Man city respectively. So if that happens we will sitting In the 4th after the game week, then it is all about not losing more points than our rivals even without considering any game at hand. From there on any points we got from the remaining fixtures will be a bonus. #COYG do you think it is high time to trust the process??

    1. If we are able to manage our away games well starting from Watford, top4 is achievable. The boys should pick courage for Watford game after beating wolves away.

  5. Arsenal are the ONLY threat to our top 4 chances. WE wont get a better chance ever than this season, spent more money, out of cups, out of Europe and less games than all our rivals!!!!!!!

    1. That assumes that in future seasons we will have both the same inexperienced, thin squad and that we won’t add a high quality midfielder or striker, Reggie.
      Even if we play in Europa next season we will add players to improve us, and the kids we have now will have improved.
      Whilst I agree that this is an ideal opportunity, I don’t think it’s either our only or best one for the foreseeable future, as this team will improve.

      1. I dont see it like that, i dont buy this thin squad, its been planned and i dont go with inexperienced either. Young doesn’t mean they have less chance.

    2. The whole more money things is such a red herring. United for instance technically spent less on transfers overall but will have spent significantly more this season when you factor in the wages of the players they bought compared to the wages of ours so it’s objectively false that we outspent them this season. Then there is the fact it was spent on 5 players, our big signing was 50 mil. City bought Grealish for 100 mil, Lukaku cost chelsea 100 mil and Sancho cost united 76 mil.

      Overall our squad is still the 5th most expensive and our wage budget is still the 5th largest. If your basing your prediction on squad economics we should finish 5th.

      Totally agree that being out of Europe has been a bonus especially with a young side that hasn’t played with each other much. Also allowed us to trim the fat effectively too which should open up a good window for us in the summer.

      1. Its no red herring, we are the third highest spenders in the prem in the last 5 years. We spent more than anyone in Europe last summer. NO RED HERRING JUST FACTS.

  6. Spurs and Man Utd are on paper our main competition, but both are in turmoil and won’t recover quickly. The only real threat to us is us. Keep beating the lesser teams that we should beat and 4th is ours regardless of the games against top teams, who will continue to beat each other. We are very capable of only losing one more game (Liverpool), injuries permitting.

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