Are Tottenham now favourites to beat Leicester to the title?

It is totally unthinkable for Arsenal fans, but with our bitter rivals Tottenham Hotspur now above us in the League and on an excellent winning run, are they now set to overtake Leicester City at the top of the table?

The Foxes manager Claudio Ranieri seems to think so! He said: “Tottenham is strong in every situation; in defence, in attack. Everybody is speaking about Leicester, nobody is speaking about Tottenham. In my opinion, they are the favourites, then Arsenal, then City,” he said.

“I understand we are the surprise. This is a fantastic story and it is good energy but if we are realistic, you say, yes, Leicester have had a fantastic season but the real competitors are City, Arsenal and Tottenham.”

“I think Mauricio Pochettino would agree with me. Slowly, slowly, quiet, quiet he goes. You ask me a question and I tell the truth, what I think.”

Everyone has been predicting Leicester to fall away ever since they first reached the top, but somehow Ranieri has managed to keep all his new stars fit and firing. Now it has just been revealed that he will have to do without N’Golo Kante for the next two matches, and if anything should happen to Vardy or Mahrez in the next few games perhaps the Tinkerman may start to worry.

There are now only 11 games to go and Ranieri thinks that the four jupcoming games before the international break will be crucial in the race for the title, especially as Arsenal have to visit Spurs next weekend. He said: “These matches until the break are our real key,” he said. “I understand everyone asks will we win the title. I don’t know. Let me get past the next four matches, then I might say something more.”

So what do you think? Can Leicester keep up their brilliant form, or are Tottenham now the real favourites?

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  1. Yerr i think soo, the fact they could come from behind & win sundays match shows a lot , i dare say this tottenham & leceister if they keep up their momentum r de best chance of having an english club at next years Champions League final.. If they invest to take care of fatigue

    1. if there’s any truth to this story

      Then i pray it doesn’t happen and wenger is not given the £75mil in the next transfer window

      He should instead be given a stature and an exit!

      Sick and tired of his sanogo, chambers, debuchy kinda signings…..who aren’t even 1st team materials….. Think of how many he would bring in with that kinda money……..while the likes of Aubameyang and other proven players are thr to be poached by ambitious teams

      even if he buys Aubameyang, there’s the question of if his style of play won’t be brought to naught by wenger’s methods……. The players u see today erforming extraordinarily for their teams today may turn out to be shadows cuz of Wenger’s playing tactics and methods (slow ball possession football with no killer instinct and no excellent wing play)

      Wenger deserve an Exit

  2. While everyone else have been dropping games here and there either loosing or drawing Spurs last 10 have been pretty solid wins. Unless, they have a big slip up, I think they might be. I can also see Man City finish strong too. They may just pull it together now.

  3. So now wenger says that the fans have gotten too emotional following our loss to Man utd. I honestly think wenger lives in his own small world far away from reality, whereby he convinces himself that he is doing a perfect job and that no one can do a better job than him,and that’s he treats the club like his on play toy,to use however he wants to caress his huge ego.
    Somewhere should wake him to the reality that majority of the fans loyal to Arsenal want him as far away from the club as possible. When was the last time he had the sick chant from tourists around the Emirates “there’s only one Arsene wenger “??
    God help us.

      1. Ppl judging Gabriel and elneny on their performance at manu . But ppl tend to forget that, if they were played as much as mert and ramsey lets say, who knows they might be better than them . And ppl critisizing mert, ya understandable but he offers alot in defence alot more than many ppl see. Its the managers fault !!!

        P.s- Under wenger, some good players sometimes turns to bad performers, poor management at its best. Ppl saying sanchez is not good etc etc, well he just came back from injury give him time, its not like he has been here for 10,8,5 years like some crappy english players 😉

  4. Wenger answer to who his leaders are…
    “The team. In every position. The players lead and we try to develop that with our work. Our job is to have a leader in every position.”
    I know he cannot say otherwise infront of the media … But I wonder if he really believe in that ….

  5. the chicken atop the basket ball will choke and wenger will set his dogs of war on the foxes mark my words. lol

  6. I don’t think so I think we will win tomorrow and then at the weekend. Put FQ on to take the spuds best players out or get MF to do it call it taking one for the team. That is what Man U of old would have done. They are still in Europe remember so still have games. As for the foxes well good luck to them TBH but it’s simple don’t lose you win. Graham in sky sports at the weekend was kind of talking like they have no business being there? Well sorry they do and are BUT THEESE NEXT 5 weeks ore the hardest and I think man city will come on strong

  7. We have been waiting for the EPL twelve long years, only three years ago I started criticizing wenger after he admitted that we are over our debt …
    After all these years waiting for you to deliver, you came out to say we have been too emotional when you didn’t manage to stand against 11 kids in MTD and their puppet manager …
    “We don’t want TALKS, we don’t want PHILOSOPHY”

  8. Leicester will win it. Spurs will come 2nd. Man City 3rd and will get into 4th. The 3rd/4th placing will come out of our meeting with them in the 2nd last game. We lose.
    If there was any heart in this team- it would have been shown vs Man Utd. The sad fact is..there isn’t any left. Spurs have a heavier run and more difficult games vs the Foxes. Foxes have shown even when they aren’t firing, they find a way to win. There’s a hunger, desire and belief..there’s a financial pay off at the end of this journey..they’re going to claw, fight and bully and bloody make sure they get the job done. When you get this close, and you can smell it…you fight harder. Foxes for me. Just feels bloody stupid expressing this on a Gooners site…cest la vie

  9. Even the Mourinhos & Guardiolas dare not justify a decision against the fans of a club.. Unfortunately our manager did exactly that , justifying price hikes at the back-drop of failure.. What a inhumane $$$$$$$ he is .. I have only known & loved Arsene wenger all my football life , but dat dude doesn’t give a $$$$$$ abt hw we suffer to save money to come to the pitch …
    Afterall u ppl get all the money & all we ask for as fans are trophies ..
    Man u r very wicked & ungratefulll

    Leave OUR TEAM ALONE – $$$$ W$$$nka

  10. The loss to united was a major disappointment, I saw the performance against barca (though we lost) and the united team sheet n thought straight win for us…….i think at times our team has to many passengers. It hurts to see teams like Leicester and Tottenham looking more consistent than us.From now on every game is a must win. A defeat at the lane and its goodbye to the title and possibility of our waste nightmare becoming a reality. I know most of u here won’t like this, but thumb me down all u want, a Spurs win and they are going to win the title maybe that may evoke some change in management

  11. Spurs will forever be behind Arsenal no matter what is the situation, if they are number 2 Arsenal will be number 1 at the end of the season, don’t forget that everyone, should i remind you that season where they were 13 point ahead in January what happened Arsenal end the season above them!!!!!!!!!

    1. In football anything is possible. Nobody in their right state of mind could predict Leicester city leading the log for this long, past events are exactly that, Past events…..but I sooooo hope u are right

    2. Not this Tottenham bro, Arsenal hasn’t shown any improvement whatsoever, its obvious the Tottenham has really improved.
      7-8 matches without lost is fantastic.

  12. its just ranieri trying hard to shift the pressure from his team. tottenham will not win the title its leicesters to lose.

  13. Yes we have been waiting 12 years to win the Premier League again and yes spuds may be favourites for this one but of course they have never won it and they last won the old First Division 55 years ago!!
    There are what, 12 games left? Plenty of time as someone else said for the coks to choke and the Foxes (who I applaud along with their manager) to be hunted down by us Gunners!

  14. Telegraph to the rescue wenger has £75m t o spend heard that before from 2011 onwards

    what will happen in summer Players to leave.
    Ospina, Debuchy, Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky , Campbell.
    Players in
    16/17 year old kid “Next Messi”

  15. Spurs don’t have the weight of Wenger holding them down. That is why Arsenal will never win CL or PL with him again. Spurs have just been shit and run with inferior firepower than Arsenal, and thus they’ve been finishing below us for all these years. However, with the great manager pochettino having created his own team (a manager I really would like to take over for Wenger back in his Southampton-days), the only thing holding back spurs is their economy. I really hope i’m wrong, but with pochettino at the reins, Spurs are very likely to finish above us this year (and maybe every year for as long as Pochettino can hold on to his key players and Wenger is still in Arsenal). Downvotes are recieved with sympathy, because i really don’t like this probable situation either.

  16. Yes they are like mentioned in some comments they’ve been pretty solid…winning there last 7 EPL games (even those they looked like losing or drawing): something we’ve not been able to do Leicester being the exception!!
    It is also because they have a bigger & more complete squad than Leicester something we’re suppose to have even more & showcase it!
    All in all our fate is not in our control that being said we just have to win now…that is all our team can do!

  17. in to Reply ↓
    The reason to keep arsene wenger is over..if arsenal board is waiting to get another coach of the name arsene so as to sack wenger then we will always watch barca and bayern liftng the ucl several times with our arsenal being spectators/ watchers…..if we stick with wenger even city annd spurs will surpass our great history in the epl,.. among the bad nights i evr had was the night when chelsea lifted the ucl cup where as asenal hav nevr lifted it.but remembr chelsea hav emerged as a big team just undr abromavoch reign, very few years ago. It wl b very painful to see city liftng the ucl b4 arsenal . ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, WENGER LEAVE OUR CLUB….We better land pochetino or koeman as his successor.

  18. Spurs will play Chelsea, Leicester City, Arsenal, Man United, Westham, Liverpool. They will lose or draw at least 3 of those matches. If we can forget the United defeat, Cheer the team, win 10 and draw 1, we will win the Title. I don’t care what the pundits say at the moment. I care about getting the next 3 points against Swansea. FYI, the best Spurs will get against westham is a draw.

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