Are we ready to target trophies in Emery’s first Arsenal season or does he need more time?

Unai Emery had to begin his Arsenal role with two daunting tasks with the last two Premier league champions in succession, and came away without a point, but are now headed in the right direction.

Our side have won our last two league meetings, bringing us straight back up to the top half of the table, and our players certainly appear to be adjusting to the new systems being put in place by the new boss.

Accommodating both Aubameyang and Lacazette has looked like it would be key in our success, and that combination saw us beat a resilient Cardiff side before last weekend, with the Frenchman picking up a Man of The Match award for his display.

With participation in the Europa League, Premier League and both domestic competitions there will be plenty of chances to lift a trophy come the end of the campaign, and while a top four finish appears to be our main priority at present, I wouldn’t rule out a trophy also.

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We will all be happy to be reminded that Premier League action returns to us this weekend, and it will be great to see our team continue our recent form after the international break, but we would be mad to expect Newcastle to roll over for us, having forced both Chelsea and Man City to scrape one goal victories over them already this term.

Should Arsenal be eyeing a trophy return or just concentrate on a return to the top four? Could we even challenge for the PL title?

Pat J

Updated: September 13, 2018 — 12:42 pm


  1. Theoretically we could challenge for titles and top four, but this should definitely not be the expectation. This is a year of change and people need to be patient. At the very least, they should refrain from the self-defeating activities that demoralized the team and prevented us from winning cups in prior seasons. Protesting the manager and attacking your own players in the media when your team is in 1st place does not help win cups, it sabotages the season. It appears few, if any, have taken responsibility for their actions or understand that being a “supporter” means supporting your team, not undermining it.

  2. PL title? No.
    The cups. Yes.

  3. I’m expecting Emery to live up to his title as the Europa league specialist. We have the players and the need/motivation to win. champions league participation money is vital to us becoming to a title contending side. We definitely have the firepower to beat Chelsea (the favourites) and possibly inter Milan justjustdering whether our defence can hold it together ??‍♂️. I wouldn’t mind winning the FA cup or caraboa cup but Top 4/ Europa league are definitely the priority atm. I believe the premier league title is just too far out of our reach ATM ?

    1. How nice would that be to beat Chelsea ?

      1. Definitely up there but nothing would make me happier than making ONE of Kane/Mourinho cry ???.

        1. I can’t argue with that ?

    2. If it’s just Chelsea and Inter Milan, I believe Emery would still be able to handle them

      I’m more worried of Atletico Madrid coming down to Europa League again

  4. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Yes, Arsenal can challenge for the PL Title win this season but after they’ve gotten into the front three big clubs position in the table by the end of December who will be in strong position challenging for the Title by then. So, not to slip back from the mid-table position they are in now, it has therefore become compulsory for Arsenal to keep going in their current 2 games winning run without suffering any glitch in the campaign up to the end of December and see the position they are in the table. Which If they keep winning, starting from their next match away to Newcastle on Saturday and to the end of December, their position in the table should be in-between 1st – 3rd. And from that position, Arsenal will know if their football has become strong enough to challenge for the PL Title win or not.

    As for the 3 Cups available for win, of course Arsenal will be among the top club sides contesting to win some of the Cups. And under normal circumstances, Arsenal should win the League Cupat least and possibly win the Premier League Title trophy and the Europa League Cup too but if they play strongly enough throughout the season to place themselves in the strong position to win them.

    1. Realistically I don’t think we are ready to challenge for the title but I love your optimism and I hope you are right. To achieve anything in life you have to aim high, look what Leicester did a couple of seasons ago!!! Maybe the Emirates will be our ‘field of dreams’ sooner than we think.

  5. Depends on his player selections

    If he is still starting the underperforming senior players instead of the hungry young players, I don’t think Arsenal would get the Europa League, let alone an EPL top four position

  6. We are so far off being atop team. Do u think Chelsea supporters are thinking like we are. They demanding Sarri to win the league and won’t be happy if he doesn’t do his all.! We okay with just being in and around. Times have changed at Arsenal! It’s sad!

  7. Whilst one’s expectations might be different, surely we should target winning every game we play, otherwise it’s pointless (no pun intended) sending out a team in any particular game? Hence if you try to win every game, ergo, you try to win every competition. I agree that the strength of any team may need adjustment or rotation, surely you go out to win. Any other scenario is waving a white flag and giving up before the whistle blows!

  8. If the best available players are selected and they play with defensive discipline, fight hard for the team and show commitment to the Arsenal badge and take the goal scoring opportunities created (unlike as against Chelsea) then anything is possible.

  9. HAHA….. I would like to see the faces of all our haters (Spurs ass kisses) if we win any trophy 🙂 – even if its the League Cup….. HAHA that will be more pleasing than anything….. I think it will bring so much energy and positivity to our club, great for the players confidence and manager for his first year in England….. Even Wenger was winning before he left….. We are a winning club….Unlike some media favorites LOL Haha

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