Are we running out of excuses for Arsenal’s terrible form?

I have literally run out of reasons as to why we are so rubbish right now! by Shenel

I wrote an article a while back saying that my theory of us losing was because we had all of our recent games on a Sunday that we had so far lost but really that article was to make myself feel better to try and make any excuse for Arsenal and all because of the awful form my beloved team is going through right now.

These are really some of the worst days of the clubs history in a long long time and if we are not careful we will get relegated. Something which I made myself believe I would never be alive to see happen but seeing as their form is deteriorating game by game that relegation zone is looking ever closer the more games go by.

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND – DECEMBER 19: Referee Andre Marriner speaks to Mason Holgate of Everton after a scuffle in the area before a corner during the Premier League match between Everton and Arsenal at Goodison Park on December 19, 2020 in Liverpool, England. A limited number of fans (2000) are welcomed back to stadiums to watch elite football across England. This was following easing of restrictions on spectators in tiers one and two areas only. (Photo by Jon Super – Pool/Getty Images)

Now this may be controversial but I never really wanted Arteta to come in, because I thought he wasn’t very experienced or qualified in that role as of yet, and especially when the likes of Allegri (and yes I will even go there, Pochettino were available) to come in, but we went for someone who used to play for the club and was assistant to Guardiola.

As always I gave him the benefit of the doubt as I do with our club, and an FA Cup and Community Shield win over Chelsea and Liverpool gave me a little bit of hope that he was the man for the job, especially with how he came in and the spirits and attitudes of the players changed massively.

But forward on a year and his achievements near the middle of his reign have been quickly wiped away for me, because to me once a manager loses a dressing room which is what I believe has happened, he will never get them back and we will keep spiralling further and further into a position we are not used to – until either some big miracle happens at the club or Arteta leaves!

No matter what happens I will always follow and support my childhood club because it is not in my DNA to turn my back on them, especially after they have given me so many amazing memories and friendships made from attending games and having things in common.

But if things do not change that relegation territory will soon become a reality, and that is not what we deserve as fans or as a club!

Shenel Osman

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  1. Shout-out for all those that said arteta out two months ago.
    Funny thing is now I believe he should stay but we need to clear half the team
    Luiz, Willian, elneny, nketiah, xhaka, cedric, mustafi, sokratis, ozil, Pepe.
    Get a tricky player podence maybe n two attacking midfielders
    PS runnason is too short

    1. Unfortunately we have a slew of players who are not good enough but are staying to run down their contracts so as to leave on a free. Sanchez and Ramsey set the precedent which others are now following. Ozil Mustafi Socritis Luiz Kolasinac Bellerin Torreira Elneny Aubameyang Lacazette Xhaka Willian. Mari and Cedric may yet fall into this category. Arteta is hamstrung by all this dead wood and won’t have his own team for at least 3 more transfer windows. Will he get the next 18 months to clear the deadwood and build his own squad? I hope so . I would say the next 3 games City , Chelsea and Brighton will be very significant for our Manager and indeed for Arsenal fans

      1. I hope not, cause then we would be playing in the championship. half those players are his or his coaching style is surely not up to par. arteta out.

      2. I love this site! It’s a revisionists’ dream!
        You claimed that Ozil Mustafi Socritis Luiz Kolasinac Bellerin Torreira Elneny Aubameyang Lacazette Xhaka Willian are not good enough?

        I can distinctly remember it was not that long ago that fans on this site and others were begging Auba to ‘sign the thing’. Funny that!

        Now, Sanchez. ‘Not good enough’? I had him as one of our most effective player when he was at the club, and there were many who had begged him to ‘sign the thing’.

        Ramsey had his contract offer withdrawn rather than forced a free transfer from the club. Serious question, if these players are ‘not good enough’, as you claim, then why should other big clubs offer them serious amount of money? Sanchez went to Man U and Ramsey to Inter.

        As for Arteta being hamstrung with ‘deadwood’, I seem to recall that Willian was signed in the summer for absurdly high wages, and on an unusually long contract for a player of his age. Now remind me, who was the Arsenal manager that had signed him? Also, if press reports were accurate, didn’t our present manager convinced Xhaka to stay when there was an offer of £35 Mil to the club for his services? Strangely, I seem to have forgotten the name of our manager. Is it by any chance Arteta?

    2. Arteta out , he needs to go now before he takes us down to relegation. Get us experience coach, it is clear MA lacks player management from transfer clear out to Ozil and to player selection and boring style of play.

    3. I never understood but now I understand the cunning plan. We have handed out stupid contracts to everyone, so Aretat and boards plan is to go down. All these players will either accept lower wage moves to other club or buy their contarct out in this way the club does not have to pay to get rid of them. Then we rebuild again from scratch with new structure with all the cheap players Edu will get from Brazil not to mention all those superstars of past next on shopping list Marcelo, Oscar and Hulk… onwards and upwards only next season.

  2. The problem with Arsenal ATM is that we are way to predictable ,I could see within the 10 minutes yesterday how the game was going to go .
    It’s very worrying at this moment in time and if we don’t pick up some points over Xmas then the pressure will start to build and build.
    It’s a good job that fans aren’t aloud in the Emirates yet because it would be toxic to say the least .
    I’m not sure what the answer is either ,do we replace Arteta and go through the whole process of a starting afresh again or wait it out to see if he can pull us through .
    What I do know is our football ATM is dire to say the least ,watching a midfield consisting of Ceballos,Xhaka and Elneny wouldn’t even frighten my sons under 15 team.

    1. All true, Dan! It is predictable. Play out from the back. Pass around for a while. Pass to the midfield who then pass it around for a while until Willian or Pepe get it and then.. the usual. They do nothing with it or lose it. We get countered and concede. More often than not. It’s been like this for months and nothing is changing. That is down to MA. I understand that now. It’s a problem that he just cannot fix. Add to that at least half the team are not good enough. Ex Chelsea players. Loanees. And a handful of avereageness that are the doing of a club run by pretenders! Goodbye my Arsenal. Here are the dark times..

    2. its dire because arteta is coaching garbage. believe me Emery had ideas,but arteta ideas are only in theory or in his head. his ideas just don’t translate in the pitch. even if arteta get us out this mess we will still be mediocre with him as manager in the long run. arteta out.

    3. Dan:
      Well for those who say he needs time, he had one year already and instead of progress we are heading the other way.

      For those who say he needs new players to implement his system you ask why did he implement his system knowing he doesn’t have the right players?

      If you let him replace 9 players then you ask why would the owner commit all that money to a rookie manager who did not prove anything. Spending money on hope is not good business. A good manager plays to the strength of his players and design a system that will make them perform even better.

      It is obvious the owners hired him to perform miracles on the cheap because they don’t want to spend money.

    4. Pls which process are we talking about, have we even started any process? Don’t let us deceive ourselves arsenal hasn’t started any process. I don’t see Arteta as the right man, his style of play is so slow, and boring. Above all, poor result just a win in ten matches, that is terrible. An ambitious club suppose to have sacked him by now

  3. Auba has been through it before. In Klopp’s final season at Dortmund, they were bottom of the bundesliga in February before pulling away to finish in a European spot.
    Does anyone know what happened in “that” February?

  4. Good calm post.

    I liked the appointment of Arteta and felt our future looked bright.

    I have to admit I am now unsure if Arteta is the man. The number of poor results are starting to question this. I expected a tough season because it takes a while to turn things around. But there is no sign of upward trend. One would expect a series of poor performances and a series of very good performances if the adaptation and rebuilding of Liverpool with Klopp and to an extend City with Pep where anything to go by.

    Whatever Arteta managed last year now seems as much down to luck possibly as to change.

    I am not totally convinced Arteta is not our man but I am also not convinced we will get a proven big name manager to come to our club. We are financially constraint on account of missing out on CL football and now we will miss out on EL football most likely.

    We have spend a lot of money as a club but our spending is beyond poor. Pepe at 70 mill is a disaster. The money spend on Ceballos (10 mill per season supposedly) is wasted as was the contract on Willian not to mention Saliba. Go further back and there is a host of big ticket disasters (Xhaka, Mustafi, Laca to name but a few).

    Our poor investments are at least some of the reason we are not doing better and this has to change. Edu? not much more experience than Arteta. He should go as well if Arteta goes.

    If we don’t manage to get a point before 2021 we should consider our options but most candidates will either not come to Arsenal (Alegri, Poch, Brendan R) or be equally inexperienced in the PL.

    I can’t wait for Partey to get back to playing every PL game.

    Finally, FFS give Nelson and ESR some game time.

    1. big manager will come. big egos love a great challenge and I don’t see allegri or Benitez passing it up to come and put there stamp on a team like arsenal. if they are afraid to come, then they are not good enough in my opinion.

  5. For some reason Arsenal fans seem to believe their players are better than they really are. So the manager must be the one at fault right ? You can keep changing managers but it won’t change anything. Its about getting a group of players together who are good enough and have the right attitude, until then the manager is on a hiding to nothing. You should be asking who is taking the decisions on transfers and contracts, they are the ones who should be fired.

    1. Arteta must go. He has nothing to offer. Poor team selection, poor tactics, poor substitution and timing, poor match reading

      Arrogant good for nothing coach

    2. it’s not talent alone that will do it but these players have talent. there are teams in the epl with far less talented players and they are points ahead of arsenal. it’s down with the coaching of these players.

  6. My expectation from Arsenal’s upcoming seven games:

    – League Cup – Man City (H) : Lose
    – EPL – Chelsea (H) : Draw
    – EPL – Brighton (A) : Win
    – EPL – West Brom (A) : Win
    – FA Cup – Newcastle (H) : Win
    – EPL – Crystal Palace (H) : Win
    – EPL – Newcastle (H) : Win

    If Arteta and his staffs could get those results, we’d likely be safe from relegation

    1. Interesting run of games after Chelsea. I can see the Board going one of two ways – give Arteta this run to right the ship or give a new manager a relatively easy intro (although the cliche that there are no easy games in the PL is certainly true right now).

      My bet us on the former.

          1. To be fair, a window that copies the last one – two quality signings in areas of need a la Gabriel and Partey – would be okay in my books.

  7. I criticised the appointment from the word go. He’s too inexperienced to handle a team of that magnitude. We are on the verge of relegation. Leeds United used to play champions league. It was relegated, and it took a long time for it to comeback. Don’t take things for granted because we gonna be relegated and it might take a long time for us to come back to EPL. Arteta should be fired straight away. We can’t sacrifice a team for one man

  8. We have already run out of excuses … if we stick to business as usual we will be in a relegation fight for rest of season … in a perfect world the owner would go … his asset is declining in value and future income streams look shaky and that is all we are to kroenke … but that won’t happen yet … or we could offload half the stock of players who are clearly only championship level at best while earning epl salaries and bring in 3 or 4 quality players … arteta failed to begin that process in the summer and it won’t happen on a meaningful scale in January and we are no longer a place for ambitious players to come too … that leaves one option to remove arteta … which should be a no brainer … the worst position and football in 4 decades … tinkering as his footballing strategy along with misplaced favouratism … and no learning curve … to halt the death spiral he needs to go now

    1. 👍…no my friend we have not. Our fan base is very creative I saw a comment other day for someone blaming COVID for our downfall while he forgot that other teams are facing same issue. Next I guess on the list is Christmas was banned so that brought down the moral of the team so it’s in Boris Johnson. These lot are really creative with excuses I some time think maybe most of our fan base work in advertising sector. Lol!.

  9. My excuses are long gone!! Week after week it’s the same story and we now find ourselves discussing relegation! The mighty Arsenal! Wow..
    Will it take an annihilation – which I fear may not be far away – to spark the team into action?? As I’m so fed up with the oh well we’ve lost now just accept it attitude…
    We can’t go down, we just can’t… now on a happier note, I’m off for some retail therapy… although that may be just as painful 😂

  10. Agree with Dan Kit Arsenal are too predictable. The attack is slow and taking too many touches.
    Watch how other teams score,Arteta.
    Btw ,Arsenal are not too good to be relegated?
    The foxes had a scare and got rid of the manager who had won the epl.
    No one is indispensable,especially if u aint winning.

  11. Arteta has been appointed as a so-called long term solution.
    Except a slightly more stable defence, I honestly can’t see anything being decided by Arteta that could prove we are progressing or that we are building on the future.
    He kicked out 3 midfielders (Ozil, Torreira, Guendouzi) – 1 was experienced, 2 were young and had improvement potential- and has no real options when Partey is injured and Xhaka red carded. Ceballos and Elneny are just average players. Willock is still too tender.
    He sticks with Nketiah who scores in EL, but is not good enough for Arsenal. Laca is strangely benched while he is a fighter and could be a real captain.
    He sold our best goalkeeper.
    He hired Willian to make him a starter, while Chelsea had clearly identified him as an aging player, only able to play half a season.
    Some say his advices changed Sterling to a world class player. What player could say the same in Arsenal: the whole team play with fear, with no creativity, no improvement. Players who lacked confidence (like Pepe) when he came in are exactly in the same state of mind.
    I really think we can’t expect Arteta to lead the team further.
    We know we can’t compete anymore financially with the big guns, so we need a coach able to pull results from average players, we need a Bielsa and we need him… or we will get relegated.

    1. The dearest seats in the EPL and they are playing like this if the crowds were back they would walk away

    2. What stable defence …how many goals have we conceded so far???? Do you guys even look at the stats before you start quoting things like better defence….he has exponentially made our attack disaster and we are not the best defensive team in the league forget about Europe. So ppl need to stop with this non sense. I would rather have a manager who wins us games 4-3 then loose 0-1.

      1. Dont twist his words bud he said “slightly” better defense which is true irrespective of results.

  12. I won’t blame Arteta that much. It seems some fans have forgotten of Edu. He is our problem in my opinion. All those who make Arsenal thick have been moved on.

    55 scouts were made redundant and we signed willian the following day.

    Kia and Edu are running Arsenal now.

    1. Do those 55 scouts make us win games? Don’t shift the blame. Arteta is the man making team selection and conducting practice sessions. He’s the man to blame PERIOD

    2. But this transfer window it was in hands of Edu and Arteta. They managed the signings. Arteta was also happy with signing and you forgot the press conferences he did to praise Willian. Both are useless and not fit for purpose get rid of them both Edu and Arteta.

  13. Look it is obvious. Arteta has lost the dressing room, the supporters, the press and most pundits. He came with big ‘talk the talk’….but even me and you can talk the the talk. He just doesn’t ‘walk the walk’. Words are easy.
    When it comes to human management and fairness he is a walking disaster zone. Treats people differently for the same thing. A great kid, Goundouzi, was shown the door whilst the thug Xhaka and the hothead Ceballos were pardoned. No human being will accept abject unfairness. Like him or not Ozil was treated inhumanely. Saliba showed the dark side of Arteta that cannot be forgiven. At Leicester Brendan Rogers put faith in Wesley Fofana, who was Saliba’s sidekick. Because Arteta never signed Saliba he has binned him. The most clear and obvious ‘stand out’ that Arteta is a ‘holder of grudges’. Arteta has broken this club not fixed it. That’s the truth and if we keep him on we will be lucky to avoid relegation. Arteta cannot ever ‘work’ for Arsenal. His football is micro-managed, over-controlled, uncreative, oxygen-free football that repeats week after week. He should leave now….we are not an experiment….we are a GREAT club.

        1. Who mentioned Xhaka??? And I have never heard Xhaka having violent confrontations with his own team mates… Unlike hat hothead arrogant guy called Goundouzi..Should never wear the shirt again

    1. It seems to me as the ship sinks people are saying give ‘Arteta’ more time. Trouble is when a ship sinks everybody perishes. If Artera does not go now it will be the greatest folly in Arsenal’s history. We will be travelling to Barnsley and Rotherham. How will you make your profit then Kroenke? Get off your ass man and do something for the club!

  14. Let us not delude ourselves, Arteta’s inexperience in football management is being ruthlessly exposed and we must accept that we shall be poor in the formative stages of Arteta’s Arsenal era as he is learning on the job.

  15. It breaks my heart to hear some supporters still backing Arteta to be given more time. The guy has never done it anywhere, but some still hope he’ll turn things around. Arteta is doing more harm than good. This is not a place to do experiments. He should go to lower leagues to try his luck there. In Arsenal, we want a finished product

  16. Arteta said we have been better that our opponents every single week despite the run of results. Pray please tell me what team is is watching certainly not Arsenal

  17. No matter what anyone says, I won’t agree that all the 14 teams above us have better players that ours.
    The only difference is that their managers sets out their teams according to their strengths.

    Arteta on the other hand, picks his team based on ”unknown factor”. What is Willian doing on the training ground that got him picked week-in-week-out ?

    This team will be relegated come May ending, except we are dumped out of both FA and Carrabao cups.

  18. It’s Arsenal v Everton again today, for the women this time.
    And this time the women are winning. The men could do with some wisdom from the women’s team coaches

    1. Arteta should be sack immediately to save Arsenal from relegation, there is no sign that things will improve

  19. I am completely lost for words concerning our beloved Arsenal! What exactly is happening? Where does the blame lie? I no longer have any faith in our team! Can it be that all players are useless? I don’t believe that at all. Couldn’t it be that the coach has reached his level of incompetence and has no experience to draw from? Most likely. There is completely no more team to talk off! The middle field is just like a public gateway where everybody passes without any check. The forward line cannot score any goals from direct play. The back line cannot defend anymore. The wings pass balls to no one in particular. This is the Arsenal of today. What can be done to revive our club? Dismiss all players? It can never happen as it is totally impossible. Get rid of the owner and board? The question is how would that improve the team’s performance? In all this the one person likely to go and who should indeed go if we lose the next two games is the coach. It is sad but it is the bitter truth. There must be a red line below which we must not go. The love for one individual cannot and must not blind us to reality. Just like Brutus in Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar”, we shall say that not that we loved Arteta less but Arsenal most”. The choice is absolutely clear.

  20. The usual Shenel hysterical over reaction. No real thought or mention given to the real reasons we are struggling; the OWNER!

    1. It’s not owners who pick the players, jon. Come on man, we all know that money has been spent badly and the players who have been bought were not worthy of the shirt or EPL football! We all know MA wasn’t responsible for most of them but he is obviously not connecting with what he has and is unable to change his ways to adapt!

      1. Ray, did you not read my post properly ? I said the REAL reason! And that is Kroenke, who has spent not a penny of his own money on his club in 13 years since he arrived. That IS the REAL reason, irrespective of all managers since the days of Dein being forced out in 2007 and Kroenkethen coming in, and despite all those managers making many mistakes.

        But the REAL reason is still Kroenke, which is what I said and which you ignore. You cannot simply say “we all know that money has been spent badly” and get away with that, as if that is nothing!

        That is on Kroenkes head, as he appointed and left alone those responsible for misspending. As owner he IS to blame. whatever you choose to think. Others have of course made many errors but HE is owner and the buck ALWAYS stops with the owner , in the REAL world!

        He does not care for our club nor even for the sport we play and you know that is true. SO WHY PRETEND IT DOES NOT MATTER? IT DOES!!!

  21. No one is doing their job currently. Not Edu, not Arteta, not board, not owners, and most players are not. If the club keeps Arteta then they MUST bring in an assistant manager who can help him. Our lack of playing style is very concerning; the players themselves seem confused.

    Arteta continuing to start Willian is criminal, and seemingly only Arteta is surprised Nketiah offered so little yesterday. Nketiah and Willock should be off on loan immediately in January.

    Arteta thinks Saliba, ESR, Balogun aren’t ready, but amazingly believes Nketiah, Willock, and Willian are? Stubborn & arrogant.

    AMN was great defending, yet will be benched for Bellerin this week. Martinelli will take time, but glad he came on; showed more in 20 minutes than Willian, Pepe, & Nketiah all game. Arteta should be fined if he selects Nketiah ahead of Martinelli from now on.

    1. Good post Durand. You’re right, there is plenty of blame to go around and a lot of folks who need to take their share

  22. Arteta took this team on and we couldn’t keep clean sheets but scoring wasn’t a proplem. He changed the way we play and now we look more solidish but cant score. That change and the reason we cant score has nothing to do with the players (because given the right service they have proved they can score) and all to do with Artetas philosophy. He isnt ready yet to be a prem manager and that isnt even up for debate, he is failing badly.

    1. You say it has nothing to do with players, so is it Arteta that tells the strikers not to put the ball in the net? Is it Arteta that tells the players to do foul throws? Or is Arteta that tells the players to be ill disciplined? Or tells them to do own goals? These players are not just poor, they are traitors! Players who can’t play for the badge are traitors! Haven’t you seen that these players don’t have the stamina to press! Explain how you pay huge sums of money to professionals who can’t run continuously for 90mins! These players cannot learn anything new! Unai tried it with them, he was even teaching them how to trap and pass! Shame on them! They got Unai out! Refused to adapt to Lungberg! Now they can’t take the next step in Arteta’s coaching because it is too demanding for them, and they return to their mediocre levels. Even if we employ ZEUS, these players are trash! No one can coach them! But for the sake of we fans, then let them sack Arteta, since it will please us! Whereas, I don’t care what happens, let the players know they must play for the badge first, and they won’t have their way in sacking the coach. They must know we fans are behind a good coach who won us something out of nothing and we will stick with him no matter how useless they want to make him look. These useless players are paid their fat salaries even if they lose… They know they can’t lose their jobs, they can’t be sacked… So they don’t play with their hearts because in the end, the coach will go… Shame on these players! Arteta has tinkered every position throughout this season and no one except Tierney and Saka has shown they can keep their spot, isn’t that evidence that the team is generally poor.

  23. The biggest problem we have is the lack of leadership on and off the pitch which goes back over a decade.
    When xhaka told the fans o f’off he should have been kicked out. This would have shown the rest of the primadonas in the squad that we don’t mess around.
    What the useless fools running the club did was bring an inexperienced manager to replace a weak one.
    Arteta looks like a very nice guy but we need someone who will give this lot a good bollocking and a kick up the arse.

  24. Even Klopp and Guardiola would struggle with this garbage. Face it! This season is a write off for Arsenal but they won’t go down. Arteta needs 18 months to get rid of the deadwood and get his team in.

    1. You are totally correct! Not even a Greek god can get anything out of this poor players. We think the coach is the solution but I feel we don’t know how bad these players are. For earth’s sake, they can’t control the ball under pressure, they don’t even win headers in the midfield for long balls, they are poor in one on one situations, their passing is weak because they fear they can misplace the pass, they can’t run forward because they know they will lose it and they are not athletic enough to get back, they cannot all flood the box because they know they will be caught.

      People blame Arteta for his style but fail to see the real problem. Arteta developed this style not because he loves it but because of the general weakness of the squad. The defenders are very slow, Elneny and Cebalos are not athletic enough to cover the distance, the strikers cannot press, these players can’t hold the ball or dribble… So it is clear that the whole team is always needed in order to set up a good defence.

      No coach can help us, the earlier we realize the better. If the board keeps him then they must back him up. Those players that care Tierney, Leno, Saka have all come out to say its their fault! And it is their fault! Play for the badge! These are professionals that are paid heavy salaries, they must give their hearts out from beginning to end.

      1. Indeed, I totally agree with your two posts both saying the players are not good enough, not care enough(with a relatively few exceptions). I was puzzled, on reading your first post, as you appeared to be saying that Arteta should go and then said he should not. It was only by reading your later post that I could then understand your true position and on that I totally agree.

        THE HYSTERIA AGAINST MA FROM FAIRWEATHER SO CALLED “FANS” ON HERE IS DEEPLY DEPRESSING. They all choose to ignore the long term problem going back to 2007; KROENKE! And the damaging ousting of David Dein, from which ALL later problems under all managers since then stem. WENGER LOST HIS RIGHT HAND MAN AND A VISIONARY AND DEVOTED FAN WHO CARES AND STILL CARES FOR OUR CLUB.
        We then had a man in charge who does not even like our sport, let alone the club he owns and which he has betrayed. He misappointed and then left alone other damaging monsters like GAZIDIS, and thus is to blame more than any other lot of people put together.

        We need that monster out! I pray that DANGOTE, WHOSE REFINERY IS ALMOST COMPLETE, BUYS US FROM KROENKE.

        1. jon, many fans are screaming “Arteta out” and if the results keep going down, they may build enough pressure to send him out. But I totally agree that the Kroenke has not committed enough. But jon, even if Dangote takes over and he cares and puts money down, he still has to trust the professionals to buy the right players and for the players to play with heart. He cannot be involved in micro managing every aspect of the club and team. So my point is, these players should have some pride for this great club. Arteta has made mistakes by sticking with some players and thats my only problem with him. But for the club’s sake, these players must play, they must lay their hearts out from start to finish. Apart from their extremely poor first touches, control and abilities, they should atleast run! How can Willian, Pepe, Eddie be jogging when they should be running hell-out to close down the opposition!! I can’t understand! How can Eddie, Pepe and Willian be tired within the 1st 15mins of the game. This is sad from these players! And I will launch my fury against them and not against the coach! These players must leave Arsenal! They are traitors!

  25. The malaise started the day staN the man got his hooks into the club.

    This group of players is on their 3rd manager.

    Can’t go down, blah blah blah.

    From another site
    “Arsenal have scored just three goals. Rank 20th.

    Arsenal have had 27 shots on target. Rank 19th.

    Shooting accuracy 35%. Rank 20th.

    Shot conversion rate 2.9%. 20th.”

    Our Xg is horrible too.

    Who knows how good Mikel is with this dross.

    If he gets time. if AFC has the time, and the club buys a creator, we unload come of the “unworkables”, and he integrates some of the youth, maybe, just maybe AFC stays up.

    Longs odds that…..

  26. Everything you say is down to Artetas management of this team. Little things and big things have all been dealt with badly. The chances aren’t being created, the football is dire and Arteta says we are unlucky, thats damning. We aren’t unlucky just badly managed.

  27. Arsenal have been buying the wrong players for the last 10 years. Lacazette was 26 when he joined from Lyon. All the big clubs took a look and passed on him. It was the same with Pepe. 70 mil for a one trick pony! Xhaka cost more than Kante. Arsenal could have signed Hummels, Howedes, or Boateng but they bought Mustafi. They need to get a proper recruitment strategy!

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