Are we worried about Martinez’s return to the Emirates?

Will Martinez be a thorn in our side?

Emi Martinez will return to the Emirates tomorrow night, but he will be donning a different football kit.

After joining Aston Villa in the summer transfer window in a rather shocking and upsetting move in some fan’s eyes, Martinez will return to face his former club for the first time this season, when Villa come to the Emirates for the Sunday evening clash in the Premier League.

His move to Villa so far has been a successful one, they won their first four games, where Emi managed to keep a few clean sheets, and even was on the winning side against Liverpool when they thrashed them 7-2, but their last two games have not brought about the best results where they have lost the last two.

So of course Villa will be wanting to get back to winning ways and despite the love and respect Emi has for the club I am sure he will want to play a big part in helping keep Arsenal out because his loyalties now lie with Villa and I am sure he will also want to prove an even bigger point that Arsenal should not have let him go.

No matter what happens, I believe it will be a very tough yet exciting game, that really could go either way as Aston Villa need a win to bounce back, and Arsenal would want to continue their winning run and pick up where they left off from the win at Old Trafford last week.

But one thing is for sure, if Arsenal want to get more than two goals, first they will have to create more than a few chances, something that has so far been a bit lost from the team and secondly they will have to get past a player that pretty much knows his old team very very well and I am sure will do his best to keep them out. Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Why should we be worried about Martinez’s return with Villa, he’ll either play well or he won’t play well and I’m sure every other teams keepers try their best against us. It’s up to us to convert the chances that we make regardless of who is in goal.

  2. Having forehand has known all the technical and tactical abilities of the Gunners ways of playing game in the PL, and Mikel Arteta the Gunners gaffer game playing plan strategies for his Arsenal team when Emiliano Martinez the former Arsenal goal tender was at Arsenal.

    But which I believe he Martinez has already leaked them all to his Aston Villa’s gaffer to enhance the Villains performance in their game playing against the Gunners in the match later today.

    But nevertheless, us Gooners will hope the Gunners will turn up in the match with a big game playing performance against the Villains in the match to supremely suppressed them in the game.

    Which if they do will certainly see Arsenal beat Aston Villa to the collection of all the points at stake in the match and move up on Premier League ladder with the points in their bag to the position the points they have collected from the match allow them to climb up the ladder to temporarily remains there before the next international games playing break abate for the time being in it’s interruption to PL games.

    In this PL match playing encounter at the Ems between Arsenal and Aston Villa, the Gunners MUST have to commit themselves totally to achieving victory in the match over the Villains.

    As a matter of fact of talking, the Gunners could first need to cast-out the demonic spirit that is residing in the Aston Villa players that makes them become the Villains before they can be beaten in the match by Arsenal.

    For, the demonic spirit in the players of Aston Villa FC that makes them the Villains will make the match difficult for the Gunners to play in it and get the win they want in the match for Arsenal.

    Therefore, the Gunners and their gaffer Mikel Arteta should prepare themselves fully to face the Villains squarely in whatever they have on offer in the game to throw at them in the match if need be at their guns point and shoot to neutralized the Villains in the players of Aston Villa totally. Thus, paving the way for Arsenal in the match to beat Aston Villa.

    1. It’s not leaked information, he is an Aston Villa player and has every right to share any information with HIS team that may benefit them.

    2. I doubt if Emi could inform Villa of Arsenal tactics that they’re not already aware of.
      Have you deserted Untold at last Samuel? If so well done.😊.

  3. I’m a big Martinez fan but in the last 2 games I’ve seen some improvements from Leno I complained about some while back and I pray he keeps getting better and better that way. So to answer the article, I’m not worried, yes he’ll save some of our balls but he can concede too just like goalies who are better than him, I’m more concerned about our forwards being very clinical in front of goal, if the recent league results are anything to go by, that is one area we are seriously lacking and I hope the boys have fixed their lack of confidence. I see Auba getting at least a goal and we beating Villa.

    1. Nice one, Kstix. A little pressure will be on them both to perform well…
      Let’s hope the OT win has given them all a much needed boost… Auba really needs to start scoring – he’s a little behind in the golden boot 😬 I’m backing Willian to get his first goal πŸ‘
      This could be the last ppv game??

      1. Spot on Sue. The team shows how heavily we rely on Auba for goals. I hope Willian does get his first goal for us as well. Maybe a free kick

      1. Aubameyang and Martinez seem to be good buddies…. Martinez thinks we will get a PK in the game huh. Lol. Oh well, I guess that message was a friendly one…

        1. πŸ‘ Auba said “Ok, be ready for the chip” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yes, prematch banter at it’s finest, Uzi!!

      2. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Love it, unfortunately Auba’s not going to get a penalty. He’ll get a brace or hattrick

  4. The most needed for the Gunners to succeed is only on attacking. The attackers need to put more pressure!

    1. Exactly Sue. What was he thinking?

      He didn’t even do the panteka properly. He just messed up. Players do miss penalty but the manner at which he missed that was absurd. Just hit the ball hard and try and get a point. This one point missed could be the reason why they get relegated

      1. Not the best time to screw a penalty up, with the last kick of the match to salvage a point!! Points are precious and as you rightly say, this could come back to haunt them!!
        Amazes me when people try stuff like that… let’s face it, he ain’t no Messi or Ronaldo…. just hammer it!!!!

  5. Aston villa started the league on a fine note. Their recent results showed that they can concede goals even with emi as their goalie. Arsenal are hard to beat and have conceded the least number of goals in the league. Let me tell you that if arsenal do get a spot kick, emi won’t near it bcos auba knows what is at stake. If arteta does not fool himself in rotating the team that defeated man u may be one or two changes, villa will be dispatched.
    Holding gabriel tierney
    Bellerin partey Mo saka
    Willian laca auba

    Scores : 3 – 1

  6. I’m trying my best to hype this one up, but Emi (hardly an Arsenal legend) v Leno (a bit of a fan favourite) in a personal confrontation being interviewed post match by Alex Scott (what on earth was she wearing yesterday?) with Emi breaking down saying that he was ashamed of letting in six is as good as it gets for me.😈

  7. A little yes bec I don’t know why but most of the times when we face our ex players they have amazing out if the world sort of game. I hope Martinez doesn’t have that sort of a day where he has answer to all the questions we ask if him.

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