Are we worried that Arsenal are not being linked with any top midfielders?

A slight worry in midfield? by Jonbo

When it comes to the transfer window, especially the summer one, always take rumours with a huge pinch of salt! With so many news outlets these days, we get fed a lot of nonsense. E.g. Benzema or Draxler anyone?

However, in most cases when a player is actually signed, we will get some noise from sports news media beforehand, and usually in unison. The opposite can happen, with the Vieira signing is a great example of when the vast majority of the media can miss it, but these cases are usually rare when big money is involved.

Given the noise of rumours, or how close a deal is to competition, I am a little worried that I am hearing next to nothing about central midfield for us. It’s great that we’re addressing other key others, but a quality DM/CM is badly needed, and there seems barely any rumours, even from the fake outlets!

I have only really seen strong links to Tielemans, which have died down of late. Bissouma was mentioned a lot, but I feel that was more from the fans perspective than Arsenal’s. So again, it’s a worry that there’s a lack of noise around central midfield players.

What’s more worrying is that our preseason starts in around 10 days, and ideally you want signings in before that point so that they can properly acclimatise throughout the preseason. With the transfer window shutting almost a month after our first league fixture, we have to allow for late transfers, but we do not want to start this season like the last one with such a weak team.

We all saw how badly our season ended when Partey was injured, and odds of him staying fit for an entire campaign are miniscule. We cannot go into this season relying on the likes of: Xhaka, Elneny and Lokonga.

There is still plenty of time to get a new DM/CM, but a lack of rumours for this position is a concern, and I really think we need someone in place before our opening league fixture because Palace away is an obvious banana skin.

Maybe Arsenal will pull off another Vieira like move and surprise us all?



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  1. My money is on either Zinchenko or Lisandro Martinez or a relatively unknown player that fits their profile (i.e. can cover for Tierney and challenge Xhaka)

    1. Bang goes raphinha Chelsea out bid us .arsenal ir so slow getting deals done absolutely rubbish

  2. “The beauty of planning, and why we should love the process by Jonbo“

    40 mins later

    “Are we worried Arsenal are not being linked to with any top midfielders jonbo”

    1. Trusting the process doesn’t mean we dnt worry sometimes or that we cant be a critic sometimes. What it means is…… we trust the employees of the club to do what’s in the interest of the club and do their best for the club. We also know that they are nt perfect. Arsenal will seeze to exist if given to u lots that never sees any positive in what professional employed at d club do.

      OK take this…… So that u get some little headache: Mikel Arteta is an architect, a visionary, he is building a masterpiece, an ambitious structure like no other. It will be beautiful, it will be functional, it will reflect his ideologies and it will stand the test of time. This is a huge moment for Arsenal Football Club.

      1. Ok mate point taken ,bloody hell ,I for one cannot wait for this process to take off now after that speech .
        You forgot the “he’s a phoenix rising from the ashes it would have gave it that little extra .

        1. TRVL
          Excuse me! “Logic gets railroaded by Admin”
          In case you can’t read. I simply and politely explained why his crystal ball approach to the facts does not make them real. I will always call out RIDICULOUS assertions with no basis in fact written by ANYBODY, and I always will.

          And I see that anything I say will be construed as ‘bias’ by you…..

          So, I am not allowed to have MY OWN opinion on my own website because you disagree? In case you hadn’t noticed I am an Arsenal fan too.

    2. Worry,is understated, we can only compete if we have Party quality by his side.a fact that cannot be overemphasized

  3. The transfer window has ages to go
    Why are we all fretting
    Lets see what business we have done when it closes
    So far so good

  4. Yes but I’m not surprised…..Xhaka is there and almost never injured so in MAs mind that spot is sorted (even though he’s consistently average). I’m pretty sure he likes Xhaka because he was a very similar player to him. Played CM, wasn’t very athletic, good range of passing when not under pressure etc.

    Our other spot is occupied by Partey and when injured(often) is filled in by various players that are already in the squad.

    What MA doesn’t seem to understand is that a deep lying midfielder is NOT a defensive midfielder! We need a proper DM in the Fernandihno/Fabinho mould. To this day we still have never replaced Gilberto.

    If you were a potential target looking at Arsenal you know that Partey and Xhaka are nailed on starters regardless of form, so why would you join? Not that we seem to be looking anyway.

  5. We’ve got too many central midfielders, such as Smith-Rowe, Xhaka, Maitland-Niles, Torreira, Patino, Azeez, Akinola, Henry-Francis and Cottrell. So we need to ship some of those guys out first, before signing a new one

    Aside from that, White has got to play somewhere if Saliba and Holding occupy the right CB position. Unless we play with a three-CB formation

    Based on the rumors, we’re also chasing Lisandro Martinez who can play in various defensive positions. I don’t think he’ll compete with Magalhaes for the left CB spot, as he is too small and slow to play against towering CFs in EPL

    1. I watched some videos of Martinez and he didn’t look slow.

      He looked quite zippy, well-balanced and seemed to read the game well.

      1. He looks like a left-footed version of Torreira to me, because of his stature and pace. I wonder whether Arsenal ever think about signing Nathan Ake instead

        1. I don’t see Torreira as slow either. I think we’re seeing these players very differently.

    2. GAI, so many midfielders, but too many who act as revolving doors when Arsenals midfield is bullied and overrun.

      1. Yeah, but we haven’t given some of them chances to play in EPL. I’d prefer Arsenal try them out in pre-season first, before signing a new one

  6. The Tielemans deal could still go ahead but considering we play Leicester early in the season while the window is still open we may have to wait until after that. The clearly don’t want him coming to us beforehand and then scoring against them.

  7. Also depending on sales we currently have, Partey, Xhaka, Lokonga, Elneny and Torriera plus looking at Martinez (who can play CDM) all play as a CDM / CM so until we clear a few of these I don’t see u signing anyone for this position.

    1. I don’t get it,MA spent 3 years at City under Pep and with players like Rodri, Fernandinho…. surely he knows the importance of having a proper DM no?

  8. We still lack a true DM, until we sort that issue our midfield will remain porous. A true DM can allow Partey to play more B2B and strengthen our team.

    Xhaka needs to be sold so a DM can be brought in; wool needs to be taken from the eyes and see the problem in midfield.

    Vieria might turn out good, but we didn’t need another CAM. We have 4 now, Odegaard, ESR, Vieria, and Patino.

    Not a single quality DM in sight in the squad, Partey is a makeshift.

  9. Does anyone know why there’s no talk of Ruben Neves? Or why he’s not a good fit? Thanks

    1. I’d say the Wolves have priced him out of any serious consideration. Their manager mentioned him being “like a 100 million pound player” and the club has put a valuation on him far above his actual worth, as evidence by lack of interest by other clubs.

      It’s merely my opinion as I have no inside knowledge, but similar situation to 70 million for Isak, and their performances not matching asking price.

      1. Reggie, Torreira said Arsenal told him he wasn’t needed. If that’s true, they can’t go back and say he has a future at the club.

    1. @Twig. Agree. Torreira more times Player of the Month in Italy. I think Torreira needs to be convinced by Arteta, that he has an important role at Arsenal.

  10. OT:Chelsea are very close to agreeing a fee with Leeds for Raphina(55M).I guess it’s game over for us.

    1. According to the Athletic,Chelsea have told Leeds that they are ready to bid North of 55M which Leeds would agree to.

  11. Raphinha race over, going to Chelsea. 60mill+ addons. Either you have the money or you don’t. The cheeky bids that we knew would be rejected is called wasting time and it has never been effective. Onto other targets then. At least this was settled early in the transfer window.

    1. Also hopefully some of that money can go towards going for a very good CM, which I think is a bigger hole to fill anyways.

      1. Agree, totally, RSH. What is this fixation with shiny new wingers at Arsenal and why cant get the best out of the ones he has?
        Jordan Larsson is available on a free after being released by Spartak Moscow.
        All forward players will be ineffective, if Arsenal is being overrun in midfield. Yet Arsenal “doesn’t do DM’s”.

  12. Yes. Reasons why I like that
    1. Arsenal are an option for Raphinha
    2. We need a CM/DM first
    3. We can buy Saka’s understudy later.
    4. Gnabry still in the market

  13. Glad Chelsea got Raphinha, he’s half decent but never £50M+… NEVER! Plus he’s inflated price tag’s gotten to the mugs head waiting on Barca when they were only interested in him at the low “relegation fee” price and only if Dembele left, making him wait on them lol… What a FOOOOOL!!!!
    Michael Olasie from Crystal Palace all day everyday for me. The kids got something about him and I hope MA8 can put in a cheeky bid so that he can give Saka a bit of compo down the right wing.
    We’d definitely need to sign a DM or another box to box beast in our midfield as we need cover for Partey as I feel we missed a trick on Bossuma nd might come back to haunt us!!!

    1. That’s very shrewd analysis. Whilst Raphinha is good, he certainly isn’t worth 50-60m especially when we have Saka who is nailed to start on the right. This might actually be a blessing in disguise! I’m convinced we will buy another midfielder. Another couple of months so a long way to go for the window to close and anything might happen.

      As for Olise, I’m a huge fan too but I don’t think he is ever going to leave Palace. I like what Vieira is building there – Eze, Olise, Guehi, Edouard, Mitchell, Ebiowei and now Doucoure – some really good young and exciting talent!

      1. I agree but at the same time we are willing to overpay for Lisandro. i’d rather overpay for Raphinha. Who would push us towards a UCL spot more? My money would be on Raphinha.

  14. I have to say that the pursuit of Raphina didn’t make much sense to me.people could be forgiven for thinking that this was just some PR stunt.

  15. The one player I wanted this window was Frankie de jong .. he was available but obviously with the quality of lokonga elneny and xhaka to compete with he was probably worried about getting game time … much will depend on den hag’s ability to instill some kind of team consciousness in them but don’t expect United to be as easy an opponent this year … still see us fighting for 6th without some quality additions in middle and up front

  16. Not sure I’d be worried about a lack of rumours. I read a few articles today that said “Arsenal to lose out on X”.

    The various Player X were all people I had never heard we were in for – not in this window anyway. Danilo and Doucoure are two that spring to mind.

    Vieira came out of nowhere, Rahpinha was all press talk and suddenly it disappears and the supposed “transfer expert” Romano annouces out of the blue that Chelsea are about to sign him.

    The best signings are the ones no-one knows about until they’re done. No-one hijacks them to make a nuisance of themselves, no expectations are raised. it just gets done.

    There’s 2 months to go, 4 signings in the bag already, it’s not as if there’s any reason to panic. Let them do their job.

  17. What really amazes me reading the above comments by the likes of fairfan,gai etc is how easy it is for them to compromise in their trust. “Ok,so we can’t get first picks because we can’t afford them or they are unwilling to come to Arsenal, well that’s no problem Arteta knows what he’s doing and we have Xhaka, Elneny even Torriera who are just as good.”. Where is the perspective? It’s just fan boy wishful thinking. Speechless. It’s the same old same old. While other clubs move forward, Arsenal stand still. And Savage, what a fantasista!!!

    1. Lest we forget:

      We had Xhaka, Elneny and Torriera last year, but we still missed out on a UCL spot!!!!

      I suggest Torriera was not considered good enough to play a single game for us last season.

      This window is our chance to get the players that will help us improve next season.

      One of them, in my estimation, needs to be a really good DM.

      Any one notice that City, having lost Fernandinho, when straight out and bought Philips from Leeds. They still have two top DM’s on their roster!!!

  18. This is exactly what I have been talking about. Thomas Partey is injury prone, that leaves us with MO, GX, SAMBI & PV. None of these names are proper DMs. A midfielder should really be considered.

  19. A simple premise. Chelsea lacked an attacking edge last season, so they prioritise and bring in Raphinio. Manchester City needed a real striker and midfield cover, guess who arrives? Meanwhile Arsenal twiddle around waiting for whatever is left. Weird that 50 million was spent last year on Mr Average, but are now cautiously weighing their options. Like all Arsenal fans I’m hoping the Brazilian kid, Viera and Jesus will turn out to be the buys of the season but judging from last season’s stockpiling of average players not exactly overly optimistic.

  20. I’m worried about a proper backup to Partey. I think Elneny & Lokonga are are there for the EUROPA League. I would like to see Kessie from AC Milan competing with Partey. AMN & Lucas Torrera would have been good options, but Arteta doesn’t rate them.

  21. Arteta will play Fabio Vieira in the middle. Otherwise they wouldn’t be heavily linked with another wide player.

    They like Lokonga/Xhaxa/Elneny as backups.
    The key player It looks like is Lisandro Martinez, could play DM and Backline. If they don’t sign him they will come back to midfield.

  22. AFC midfield is currently looking to be congested With 8 senior team player in it of: Elneny,Xhaka, Partey AMN, Ode, Torieria, Lokonga and Vieira.
    I take ESR as a Leftwinger to partner with Martinelli competing with him at the leftwing position. But it’s being thought that Arsenal will sell AMN and Torieria this summer window, Thus, leaving 6 senior team midfield players in the team. Yes, true, Arsenal may do another new midfielder probably an out and out holding midfielder signing this summer if they find one who is a top quality grade kind. And can afford his signing cost price.
    So rightnow into the window, I think Arsenal have put into the back burner their signing of a new top quality grade defensive holding midfielder. Which is not that a pressing need for them to sign now.
    But I believe they might revisit the issue with a view to sign one this summer. Or promote one from their U23 team squad who is top quality if any there and he’s home grown to their senior team.
    But Arsenal signing of a new holding midfielder this summer I think will only happen after they have signed Lisandro Martinez, Gianluca Samacca whom they’re submitted buddings for to sign them this summer.
    And also after they have signed a new top quality grade rightwinger who could be Siege Gnabry or Muoussa Dembele in my own humble opinion. And use the signing of one of the duo RWs as a replaced option to Raphinha. Who Chelsea have just very recently gazumped Arsenal to his signing.
    And what about the home grown issue? For, bar AMN, I can only name 7 senior Arsenal team players of: Ramsdale, Okonkwo, White, Holding, Saka, Nkethia and ESR from the 8 required as home growns.
    But I believe Arsenal will fix the issue appropriately when the time for that comes.

  23. I am not too worried.
    We will only go for players of max 25 years, as we are building a team to peak in 2-3 years.
    Not that many midfielders available that can clearly improve our team short term and still be a player, who will peak in 2-3 years.
    We may already have some young talent, which need to be nursed into the team.

  24. I really like the way Porto and ourselves worked on that Fabio Vieira deal. Was the complete opposite of dealing with most teams. Edu was praised for the Marquinhos deal “selling club appreciated the fee’ and that could be a bonus for future dealings

  25. Yes ,Arsenal have been chasing two players. Chelsea has gazumped them ,and Utd is going for second. Tielemans was perfect for Arsenal. Now West ha is going to buy him. Arsenal show interested In Ruiz, Melo, and Fofana. Are they window shopping. They need cover for Jesus,Tierney, and a quality defensive midfielder. They need a winger of quality for both sides of the field. Spurs are on the fifth buy , where are Arsenal
    on second , with one youth and a back up goalkeeper. They need to get a better policy between, Edu, and the Board on same page, and have the funds to buy. Three or four players each year are gone elsewhere, because of indecision.

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