Are Wolves favourites to beat Arsenal to the Europa League trophy?

Is Wolves going to be our problem in Europa? by Lagos Gooner

Hi, after our game against Olympiacos ended on Thursday, I have been reading different reactions to our victory and to how other British teams fared on Thursday. Some pundits and analysts believe Arsenal are on course to reach the final of the competition once again, while others believe we will be lucky to even get to the quarter finals. However, one interesting pundit believe Wolves, rather than Arsenal, are favourites to win the Europa this season.

According to, Jamie Ohara, a former Wolves player, thinks his old team are poised to win the Europa because they thrashed Espanyol with as many as 4 unreplied goals.

“I genuinely think Wolves are the favourites of all the British teams to go and win it..I think they’re the best British team left – Wolves are better than Manchester United and Arsenal.

“The changes I’ve seen there since the new owners and new manager have come in and the regime they’ve brought into the club is nothing short of incredible.

“The philosophy they’ve got now as a club is absolutely amazing, the way they play, the players they’ve brought in.

“When I played for Wolves we were in the Premier League but we were nowhere near where they are now.

“We were a good side, we hustled and bustled, we tied to stay up and we had some good players, but the squad they’ve got there now and the depth they’ve got it’s amazing.” Jamie Ohara said.

Now, let us talk. Things have been so bad for Arsenal, that people don’t even consider them favourites to win any competition again. Virtually everybody believes the club is done for, at least for this season. With the way Arsenal started the season and how long it took Arteta to get the team playing well again, it is almost impossible for people to see them as genuine title contenders again. It is a good thing that we are starting to win games and keep clean sheets again. It is a good thing the players are staring to play as a unit again. It is a good thing the goals are starting to flow once again and it is also a good thing we starting to shut out defences as it should be.

Wolves may have beaten Espanyol by 4 unreplied goals, but that surely doesn’t make them favourites to lift this trophy. There is one thing going well for us, which is the fact that we happen to be the team who has been to the semi-finals of the last two editions of this competition and we got to the final last year. This year, we are gunning for the trophy and looking to say goodbye to the Europa once and for all. Kudos to Wolves for the victory though.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua.


  1. Arsenal can do better if they dont include Ozil and Xhaka in the game. Goundouzi for Xhaka and Martinelli for Ozil, then we can start talking. But as it stands Wolves will be favourites

    1. This is funny. Guendouzi on current form has no place in the squad. I’ll rather have AMN in the middle. He doesn’t have a plan when he receives the ball so all does is try to buy a foul.

    2. You could be true, cause Ozil disappears in big matches when they count.Let us not get carried away by one performance against the toons, he should be performing week in / week out. Xhaka is just one moment away from a red so cannot count on him too. Bring Torrera for Xhaka, Cabellos next to him, Laca above them with Martinelli, Auba and Pepe upfront and we can thrash anyone any day. Laca may lack goals but makes up on commitment. This is my opinion, hope Ozil proves me wrong every week.

  2. IF we get through, I certainly hope we don’t get drawn against Wolves. They ARE a very good team and on current have to be one of the favourites to win the competition.

  3. I cannot remember all the big teams left in the competition, but I would definitely make Wolves, and Inter favourites ahead of Arsenal.

    I don’t know what it is, but Arsenal and Europe just don’t go together, and never have throughout our entire history. For a big club, our European record is so poor.

    We’ll go far again this year as the majority of the opposition are poor, but cannot see us winning it in a million years.

    1. You’re right there. The Fairs Cup and the European Cup winners cup isn’t great for a club with such a great history

      Wolves and Inter are easily in contention- and no one thought Leicester would win the PL. Cup games have a different dynamic so The Mighty Arsenal stand a decent chance

  4. Speaking as a Wolves fan, Arteta is doing a good job at Arsenal, given time it will come good, and I believe they will give Wolves a run for their money, it will be close, even I wont put money on it.

  5. Wolves are never favorites over Arsenal becouse Arsenal have the experince to play and win considering our current form.

  6. I would place Arsenal above Wolves when it comes to European games because of our experience. Does anybody believe that Wolves would have beaten Olympiakos in Athens? We did not play well but ground out an important win.

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