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Are you disappointed Arsenal didn’t beat Chelsea? Our defenders are…!

I think that yesterday’s game at Stamford Bridge was one of the most exciting 0-0 draws I have seen for some time, and although we had quite a few chances I believe that one point apiece was a fair result in the end, but the Arsenal wing-back Hector Bellerin is disappointed that we didn’t take all three points of Chelsea after he created a couple of good chances in the first half, and Skhodran Mustafi is unhappy he had his disallowed goal!

The German international said: “I saw someone behind me, so I thought I wasn’t offside. I knew I started a bit early, but I know as a defender it’s hard to stay in one line, so you get some going early, some a bit later. I thought if I start a split-second early, I might get this advantage. I got it but unfortunately the man behind me was Sead and no one from the Chelsea team. I was really unhappy with that but it was offside.”

Fair comment from Mustafi, but Bellerin was seriously not happy with just one point. He said after the whistle: “I’m disappointed because we had chances to win the game,”

“To be fair they had a few as well, but I think if we would have been efficient at the beginning of the game it would have been completely different with the chances we had.

“Obviously we know it’s a hard venue to come to and we can’t really be that disappointed with a point because it was well-fought by both teams, but the fact that we thought we could have come away with a win was disappointing.”

Our performance was alarmingly better than our two previous away games, but Hector thinks that the team is now back on track. “Sometimes there’s games that are not going your way and that doesn’t mean the team is not good enough. We’ve had a few good results in the past week, we’ve got the confidence back and were ready to beat Chelsea. It wasn’t to be, but I think we have to take a lot of positives from the game.”

I couldn’t see anything but positives! To go away to the home of the Champions and come away with a well-deserved point augurs very well for our season. As Bellerin said, the Gunners have got their confidence back and now there is only one way to go from here. Onwards and Upwards!


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  1. gotanidea

    Yes, if only Ramsey or Lacazette converted those chances into a goal, the fans would jubilant. It was a great movement by Ramsey though.

  2. Uzi Ozil

    Happy with the result but would have been happier with a win because we hit the woodwork and scored an offside goal. Anyhow, I m happy.

    Sooooo delighted with the performance. Show some grit and steel in games, even when we lose I bet you fans wouldn’t be so mad because of such performance.

    Most fans like me get pissed when we lose because of the poor performance and wrong tactics like playing players out of position. I know a team can’t play well in every game or get the maximum three points but a team can be consistent in let’s say 10games out of 13games for example.

    I think this is how to play against big teams or bigger teams away from the Emirates. Keep the shape intact.

    How long is Danny Welbeck out? Anyway, wishing Him a quick recovery.

  3. walle

    Happy with the performance. Even if we had lost 1-0 I would have still been happy because the players gave it a go and there was a bit of structure to the team- unlike the game at Anfield. Now for repeat perfromances going forward so that we close gap to the top. Each and every EPL game requires same intensity and focus to win.

  4. Remember Resource?

    OT :The fact that I spend time to voice my opinion proves that Iam a gunner. I keep saying get kroenke out it is in your power but no one wants to take the initiative. And they end up complaining at the end. Tell me one fan who thinks arsenal can win the league? Yes tottenham are ahead of us, and are moving forward at quick pace while we are going backwards. We never bothered to secure a proper replacement for RVP. We aren’t pro active in the window like they have been. They lost walker and brought in aurier while “moving stadiums”. Had arsenal been in a similar position we would not have bought llorente as a back up because we would have been happy with kane. And then an injury and we would be complaning. I guess in short, the other cubs are dead serious and arsenal are just like a beachball being slapped by everyone and flying around.

    1. gotanidea

      I agree with you. Arsenal are very profit-oriented.

      That was why Arsenal is the fifth richest club in the world. You can be rich if you save more, rather than investing more.

      The only way to turn this situation is by dethroning the current board. But only more powerful, more ambitious and financially stronger people could take the club over from them.

      Till then, just put up with the level of football show they are shoving to us.

  5. Josh

    Frankly, I wasn’t expecting arsenal to win the game before the match, buh seeing the way we outplayed chelsea for most of the match, I’m disappointed we didn’t win cos we deserved to… But it was really a great performance from the guys…
    Can arsen pls just give lacaz a full 90mins? Lukaku’s goals have bin comin in d 70th min plus…
    Forever a gunner!!!

    1. tas

      AW has to keep all his players happy and give them some play time otherwise they will want to leave as well specially its World Cup coming up next summer, but now that Welback is out for a few weeks through injury i’m sure Laca will get more play time

  6. Dan

    Let’s not get carried away and think Wenger has learned his lessons he has not overnight become a tactical genius he was forced to play that way when ozil was not fit to play had he been available he would definitely played and then would have same defensive problems as before with midfield over run and ozil not tracking back to help so probably would have been beaten!! Now welbeck is injured Sanchez and ozil will be restored to line up and when we play a top team normal service will resume!! Wenger out!!

    1. waal2waal

      of course we should be happy we performed as we did – although the truth remains that as things stand we’re as near to the top as we are to the bottom of the league – we’ve still a long way to go. i’m happy for lacazette and kolasinac who helped get a point in their first visit to stamford bridge.

    2. gotanidea

      Whether we like him or not, Ozil would keep starting until he announces he would not continue his journey with Arsenal anymore. Wenger is trying hard to convince both Sanchez and Ozil to extend, by guaranteeing their places in the first spots.

      Till then, do not scream any Wenger Out yet. Arsenal still have some consecutive positive results and we don’t want it to stop now.

      1. GunnerJack

        Maybe AW learnt his lesson when he shuffled others around to guarantee the Ox a place in the starting line-up against Liverpool.

  7. Invincibles49

    I like this type of talk. Players feeling disappointed with 1 point away to Stamford Bridge on the back of heave away defeat to Liverpool is a good sign of changing attitude.

    1. Godswill

      This is what I like also. Players not jubilating over a point at a top team. The disappointment over a point will give them a push as they have believe.

  8. arsenal4life

    Arsenal were lucky to
    strike Chelsea in transition.
    Chelsea was also tired after
    6 players backed up from mid week.
    A point at Chelsea will get harder because hazard will get fit
    Bakayoko, Rudiger and Morata will improve and become key.
    Everton is well gone. Liverpool are fading already.
    Spurs play all their games away from home.
    I can see Chelsea and Arsenal battling for 3rd place all season.

  9. Keagan Clayton

    Good Performance.

    Lacazette seems a bit nervous still, he tends to look for the pass when in a good position rather than take a strike on goal.
    just want to see more killer instinct from him,build up play has been brilliant anyways.
    Monreal was BRILLIANT,i would have gave him man of the match ahead of Ramsey.
    Sead has made a big difference,it actually baffles me he was FREE.

    On to a routine 3 points next Monday.

    Guys let’s just be proud today, lets use this game as a catalyst for support , i feel the boys deserve it now.

  10. arsenal4life

    The Cup side or the ” B” side must
    be very concerned with the prospect
    of facing 3rd tier Ploncaster FC.
    The Rovers have played 8 league games and
    have won all games except the 3 they drew and the 4 they lost.
    Rovers now sit in 19th place in the 3rd tier.
    The Rovers squad is valued at 2.4 million.
    about a million pound less than Debuchy’s salary.
    Surely Jack Wilshere will captain the side
    featuring mostly academy players.

  11. Sue

    All the chelsea fans I know are so big headed, just think that turning up for a game they’ve won it! Not so loud after yesterday or the community shield oh and the fa cup final!
    We could never beat them when Maureen was their manager, so all these points & trophies against them & Conte is great!! About time!! Up the gunners

  12. Chuks

    I want the talking from this players more on the football pitch not on the pages of newspapers.
    is still too early to get carried just one solid performance. over confidents is not good for this sports remember!

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