Are Arsenal fans happy that Giroud will stay as a supersub?

With Arsenal being linked with moves for the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Alexandre Lacazette, there has been a lot of speculation in regards to the future of Olivier Giroud. With the player not enjoying much playing time last season and rumoured to have been frustrated over the issue, a potential return to Ligue 1 looked to be a possibility for the striker, but the Frenchman has now dismissed talks of a move and insisted that his future lies with Arsenal.

During an appearance on the French television show Telefoot, the striker said: “I am not insensitive to the approaches of the French clubs and especially that of Marseille, but my future is in the Premier League. I still have titles to win. After the FA Cup, we will go for the league title. That’s my goal.”

Personally, I’m glad that the handsome Frenchman is staying on at the Emirates. I have always believed that the problem is not Giroud, but the fact that Arsenal have only Giroud. With Danny Welbeck being consistently plagued by injuries and being absent for large spells since joining the club, Giroud has been the only out-and-out striker at the club, leaving him the most susceptible to criticism if the team have a dry spell in front of goal.

While I certainly do not believe that the 30-year-old is a hitman that can carry the team to the title, there can be no denying that the player is a valuable asset to the team, as we have seen from his cameo appearances off the bench in recent times. Moreover, you would have to respect a player who is willing to stay and fight for his place despite knowing he is not first-choice. With that being said, I really hope to see Wenger go out and get a proven striker to compliment the Gunners’ resilient target-man.

So are Arsenal fans happy to keep Giroud? Surely he can be effective in the Europa League?



  1. OZ11 says:

    I am. He is a good squad player and has saved us on many occasions. Even though we need a striker to lead our line next season, Giroud is a great player to have with us

    1. bran99 says:

      it’s true, but read the title again, the author meant those Arse Arsenal fans will agree.. hahaha!!

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    You don’t win titles with Giroud…….

    1. Jah says:

      The article clearly stated this already… so please write something constructive if you must

    2. bran99 says:

      it’s true, except the mighty FA cup, that’s why you have a lot of thumbs down

  3. citrenoogeht says:

    Giroud is not the man that can carry Arsenal through a season. At best, he is a impact sub for a “plan b” situation. It would be ideal for both parties i.e. Giroud and Arsenal, if Giroud used his recent upsurge in form to promote himself to generate interest and get a transfer away from Arsenal where he would be more appreciated and could possibly start every game.

  4. Harshit Bihani says:

    Giroud is a good striker but we need an upgrade to win the title.

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Like it or not, during the last 5 years Giroud’s goals helped us stay in the Top 4 for 4 seasons and helped us win 3 FA Cups. He has scored 98 goals for us total in his 5 seasons with us. I am thankful for every one of those goals.

    BTW he was fantastic up front with Greizmann the other day. He scored a hat trick. Either he plays better for France or he excels up front as part of a duo with a WC player.

    1. funkyrith says:

      He needs assists, a speedy number 10 and areal balls. Arsenal from time to tile lack these. Giroud excels in hold-up play, and with Ramsey/Xhaka sitting out in many games we lacked runners from the middle with an eye for the goal

  6. beaveraldinho says:

    Anyone who isn’t happy with Giroud as a back up striker for Arsenal is obviously Tottenham in disguise. The guy is the number one striker for arguably the best international team in the world right now. He scored 17 goals and made 6 assists for Arsenal this season making more appearances from the bench than starting. He earned us vital points last season. He’s just come out and said he’s staying to win the title next season. What a loyal legend. Na na na na… na na na na… hey hey hey… Giroud!

  7. Quantic Dream says:

    Giroud is a perfect bench player. If he doesn’t mind sitting on the bench then I will happily keep him around.

  8. Tun Ad says:

    Olivier giroud stays…get onyekuru/Kylie to drive ball forward.retain Sanchez at all cost!!!

  9. McLovin says:

    Great bench player. But offer of, say, + £20 millions for him would be just good business. Bringing a younger, more promising target man, say Dolberg, would be even better.

    No offence to Giroud, about to turn 31, but we should be ruthless and bring in 2 new forwards, one who could actually bang in +30 goals a season.

  10. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    BREAKING NEWS!!! ?? Arsenal full-back Hector Bellerin sparks exit rumours as removal van arrives at his London home.

    1. Arsenal FC says:

      I hope it’s not via Sanchez house and then unloads at 2 different houses in Manchester.

  11. I am happy that now Giroud has upped his ambitions by saying that he has trophies to win with Arsenal. When he had just joined us, he set 15 goals as his target for the season. For a lead striker by then, that did not sound melodious into my ears. You have to aim higher to reach reasonable heights. I have no problem for him to stay at the club but I am not excited either. My fear is that useful as he is to the squad, Arsene sees him as a world class striker. Therefore, he may be the reason why Arsene does not go for a better striker.

  12. Yossarian says:

    Let’s face it… Despite Kroenke and Gazidis telling everyone that there is loads of money to spend, Arsene simply won’t spend it. We’re not getting a first-class centre-forward, or any other superstar players.

    We’ll get a couple of relatively obscure signings, who may turn out to be good, or may turn out to be awful. Then possibly someone like Mahrez on deadline day if they can be got for a bargain price.

    Giroud is a perfectly good striker, but we’re not challenging for major trophies if he’s the best we have. And he probably will be for the next 2 seasons. It’s just going to be more of the same next season, and the season after. Delusions and lies, lame transfer window, followed by mid-season collapse and more disappointment.

  13. ArseOverTit says:

    Arse Arsenal fans?

    G-Rude scores important goals and should remain. Can’t see us getting another striker so his goals will be needed.

  14. Nebsy says:

    If he keeps the super-sub role, than definitely yes. That’s the only way he made an impact in the season behind us, I see no reason why he should start a single game in the future, unless it’s an EL game in Kyrgizstan.

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