Are Arsenal finally going to say goodbye to Kolasinac?

Kolasinac will soon be off our books!

It seems as though another one of our fringe player looks to be on his way out, for free!

Reports in The Sun state that Sead Kolasinac will be on his way out in the summer, or maybe on a loan deal first, potentially France bound to join Saliba and Guendouzi at Marseille.

Although let’s not get too happy Gooners because it doesn’t look like we will get a fee for him being sold, but I guess some Gooners will take no fee and having him off our books than keeping him and wasting a wage on him when he barely gets in the team.

I remember when he first joined us in 2017 he thrived on the left hand side, although not the best at defending he was great attacking wise, occasionally chipping in with a few goals here and there.

But his hulk like frame meant players struggled to get past him, either that or they were scared to try, in case they were bundled to the ground.

However his decline in performance over the last few years saw him sent out on loan in 2020 to Schalke 04, where he appeared 17 times and scored one goal but during his time there he was appointed team captain under the head coach Christian Gross.

He returned to North London in 2021 but due to injuries and underperforming he has barely kicked a ball for us this season, appearing just twice.

It seems as though he declined a little while after the carjacking incident alongside then teammate Mesut Ozil back in 2019, where he chased the thieves away with a baton while trying to protect Ozil and the passengers in the car.

But who can blame them for not being entirely the same after that. I know if that happened to me I wouldn’t be the same!

It wasn’t all bad for Kolasinac though, because if he does leave he walks away with the 2017 Community Shield and 2019 FA Cup to his name.

But if we can swap him for William Saliba I know I won’t be complaining.


Shenel Osman


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  1. “If we can swap him for William Saliba”, sorry Shenel I’m not sure what you mean by that, they are both Arsenal players aren’t they?

    1. Well we loaned Saliba there. So if we want Saliba back NOW, we would have to pay Marseille for the cancellation of the loan.

      I think what the author means is:

      1) We rip up Kolasinac’s contract so he’s free to move to Marseille on a bosman
      2) In exchange we get to recall Saliba back without paying for the loan termination

      1. OK, thanks DaJuhi, tenuous but you could be right about what Shenel meant

        But if we have a clause in the loan deal that says we can bring him back we can do that anyway can’t we?, nothing to do with Kola

        If we haven’t got that clause in the Saliba loan conditions again Kola has nothing to do with it

        1. I’m not sure Shenel knows what she is on about. Kolasinac is useless at defending and attacking and holds the record for the number of back passes in a game. Saliba is coming back at the end of the season and will be homegrown so what on earth the swap she is alluding too is, who knows?

  2. 31 million quid in salary over 5 years for what can be best described as a nondescript freeloader. And he leaves on a free as usual just like Willian Ozil Socritis Mustafi Sanchez Ramsey and Mkhitarian. And to think we have Elneny, Lacazette, Mari, Aubameyang, Nketiah, Cedric, Bellerin all to be let go for free also while Gendouzie and Torreira will leave for much less than what they should be worth. An all too familiar story with Arsenal.

    1. And who has been the manager that has overseen this?
      Before you start on again how they were all “deadwood”, let me remind you that MA actually won the fa cup with the players you mention (apart from Sanchez) and we have dived down to 8th in the table.
      Interesting that you mention Cedric and Mari, but forgot Willian…. all his signings, while he gave Aubameyang a new contract, wants Lacazette and Nketiah to sign new contracts and has decided what he wants for Guendouzi and Torreria.

      Quite a list of mess ups and, as for the “freeloader” who bought him on with less than five minutes to go against Forest?
      I assume that was to defend a 1-0 defeat?

      Taking all the above into consideration, I’m beginning to understand why you think it’s harder to win the PL today than it was three years ago!!!

      1. Good points Ken, and with any manager there is going to be some turn over in personnel. Arteta has had his share of both good and bad when it comes to player decisions.

        Willian was bad, but who would have seen that when we signed him? Mari and Cedric have not done well, and foolish to extend both with their performances.

        Nketiah is a head-scratcher, and Arteta needs to take off his rose-tinted glasses when it comes to Edie. So much for 2nd chances when it comes to Guendouzi, and I was surprised he sent Saliba on loan this year rather than develop and work with him at the club. Thought Arteta was some sort of savant when it came to young talent.

        I will give him credit for Odegaard who looks a good bargin at 30 million, and Tomi at 17 million is just plain stealing and genius. Ramsdale is worth every penny also. White however is a good player, but currently not worth the 50 million. Tough for any player to live up to that albatross around their neck, just ask Pepe.

        Lastly I admit a bit of disappointment how Arteta continues to try and sell Nketiah’s talent to anyone who will listen. Surely Pepe is deserving of some game time before calling on Nketiah? (I’m aware Pepe is off with Partey and Elneny).

        1. Durand, I agree that every manager wants to change and bring in his own players and MA has done that in bundles… 20 odd out and 16 in I believe.
          As you say, some excellent signings and some dodgy ones.
          While doing this, we have dropped down the league, knocked out of the cup (4th and 3rd rounds) and out of european football.
          All I’m asking for is that this is recognised by those who say we have improved and that MA is a magician.

          I don’t believe the club has changed one little bit with regards to it’s buying, selling and contract issuing from the mistakes AW made in his last two seasons.

        1. Missed him on your list of “deadwood”… my apologies.

          Of course, 12.30 to 2.40 might seem a “rush” to you, but just like MA, I make mistakes.

          So just over two hours and seventeen players you mentioned later…. I assume you agree with the rest of my reply then?

    2. Willian canceled his contract, so he didn’t leave on a free, he gave up a lot in wages and bonuses to leave, he wasn’t great for Arsenal, he didn’t remain to rip us off. Players leaving a free is becoming the norm now, look at Pogba and Mbappe, after January they will be free to talk to who they want

  3. I think you are right foreverinourshadows, Rudiger is another in that situation at Chelsea, these guys are regular first choice players unlike Kola

    Sorry Durand, back on Eddie, who we obviously disagree about, I don’t think he has started any League games this season and only has 3 League appearances so far whereas I believe Pepe has started within his 9 League appearances and as you say he is away at AFCON at the moment anyway

    By the way Arteta is literally not “trying to sell his talent to anyone who will listen”, just the opposite in that he has said he wants to keep him

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