Are the Arsenal players as frustrated as the fans?

Is the second great exodus of the Arsenal players set to begin? by ED
I don’t know about you all folks but I am dreading the summer transfer window this year, not because of the usual lack of activity from Arsenal in terms of incoming signings but that there is a genuine possibility that we could be set to lose many Arsenal players including two of our biggest stars in Alexis and Mesut Ozil, who would inevitably kick start the exodus and turn as back to a feeder club.

The days following Sunday 15th Of May (Last day of the season) will be crucial in terms of the defining the direction that the club will head in. It’s no secret that our top players are going to be on the radar of Premier League and other European clubs, the only question being are we going to be able to hold on to them? Well that will depend on what we will have to offer them next season; If the best we can do is a ‘mickey mouse competition’…. Yes it’s the oldest competition in the world, but for players of Mesut and Alexis’s calibre it’s an insult…. then no.

When RVP left the club to head to ‘Old Trafford’, I have to admit like many people here I was angry at the at time, I felt betrayed I even went to the extent of calling him the third ‘incarnation of Judas’ second of course is Ashley Cole and a plethora of other insults that insinuated he was a money grabbing wh*re and I am sure a lot of you felt exactly the same. Thing is folks (and this will piss you all off but it’s the truth so, sorry not sorry as they say) it had absolutely nothing to do with money more to do with ‘I’m not winning much with Arsenal I think it’s time to move’, and before you criticise me and start calling me nuts, ask yourselves the question was there any point; in the final 2 seasons of RVP career at the Emirates was there ever a realistic possibility of silverware…. I’m not talking FA cup, a competition that could be won by a side who had just been relegated, I’m talking about the kind of competition like the Champions League or Premier League that solidifies your stature amongst the most elite in the game, you know the ‘world class players’.

Yeah that left a rather sour taste in my mouth too, but the reality of the situation was that most of the players who left the club in the past did so because the constant failure to obtain any sort of silverware… As I have said many times before and will say again, Wenger is the ‘root of all of Arsenals problems’… yes silent Stan and the board are also contributory… but the fact that they have allowed him in excess of 16 million to spend on teenage boys debunks any myth that suggest his hands are tied… You give me 16 million and I’ll bring back a world class player and come back with change. The constant let down of being unable to sustain a title challenge will have these players questioning whether or not they want to do this all over again, much like we are questioning whether we want the same package all over again…

I think the best description for how significant the decision we take after May can only be described by the iconic ‘red and blue pill’ scene from the matrix and I am your Morpheus attempting to open your eyes to the bull·$%3#. We can either take the blue pill, essentially hit reset, wake up believing Arsenal are on the cusp of success repeating the same season of false hope all over again; you know premier league contenders in September, out of the running by march. Or we could take the red pill, begin a new adventure and see how far just how far or where we go. I don’t know about you but the prospect of new challenge is tantalising for me, I refuse to buy into the bull and as long as we keep him on its never going to change.

In all seriousness should Wenger stay… I don’t think Mesut and Sanchez will be signing up to another season of disappointment, I’d be pissed if they were to move to any of our premier league rivals, but wouldn’t blame them either….

Eddie D

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    1. Apart from the obvious that we all agree that this team is a bunch of fill ins that is an abarisment to us fans who pay top money to see a mix of players who apart from Ozil, Monreal Welbeck, Awobi, Campbell, players that week in week out don’t perform to the standard that used to be Arsenal. What we have now we have to make do with but do the obvious please Drop Sanches, Mertisaker Giroud Gibbs, as they do not contribute anything positive. For once just play Chambers at back Awobi up front Welbeck left,Cambell right instead of playing these when 20 minutes to go and it starts firing. This squad now is what we have so please change to a formation and stick with it. It’s no good Wenger saying we need to rotate, that’s ok if the players you bring in are quality. A squad is players that can come in and not weaken the rest, but this rabble are a shambles We don’t have a player that up front apart from Ozil can kick with left, how many times does Sanches get to the by line stop turns on to his right then farts about when the early cross if he could kick with his left would be the go, but he can’t so why play him on left. We have to wait now till August to see what the team wil be like, if it’s any thing like now we will be saying the same Ol thing and buying pricy tickets and having a miserable 2 hours then home to take it out on the wife kids. Oh for the days of Highbury a fort like no other that players gave passion and SKILL and loved Pat Rice. Wenger has not been the same since Pat left and that’s a fact. CB

      1. what if the players are MORE frustrated? if wenger sees he’s losing them, at press conferences, he’ll be saying SPIRIT SPIRIT SPIRIT in a vain attempt to manage them. sadly, now i begin to wonder how much of his achievement was due to great players and maybe little due to his own nous and management. by staying beyond his due date, now everything he’s done is getting questioned. what a greedy, deluded man.

  1. No bec like Bully said. ( that pirate guy). walcott could write a book in which he could explain how he could make millions without knowing how to play ball.

  2. I can understand our WC players like Ozil and Czech being frustrated.
    It shows how great Ozil is because he has the most assists in the league but our guys at the front score occasionally

  3. Oh well, their plan of placating the masses with token ‘big’ signings and not investing otherwise to make a real challenge would have buy them in the arse-nal.

  4. Spot on article, need I say though, frank brutal truth the like of which you just spouted might get you lynched by Arsenal fans, we like been lied to and been be careful what you say lolll

  5. How to put pressure on Stan, the Board and conversely Wengers position.

    A basic guide on grabbing both the Arsenal Board’s or perhaps more importantly the Medias attention. Remember the fuss 1 banner made!

    1. Stop buying Arsenal merchandise

    2. Stop attending matches (watch the box instead). Scrap the season ticket or if ad hoc visitor to Emirates go to less games, miss just home games…

    The more sacrifice made in greater numbers will have the most impact.

    3. If you can’t stay away from a match but want Stan and his ‘Moneyball’ winning isn’t important mentality  then make a banner or buy one:


    A 76cm X 366cm pvc plastic banner costs £29.99 (chip in with friends?) or a 52cm X 91cm banner costs just £5.99.

    What to put on it? Some suggestions:

    Football NOT Moneyball

    Be creative…

    4. Protest (peacefully) outside of stadium on or outside of match days. Get connected with other Fans who want to see the back of Stan and ORGANISE.

    (Thanks to redDb10) this could also be missing the first 5-10 minutes of a match by waiting outside the stadium in protest.

    5. Voice your concerns on social media and share your activities (Twitter/Facebook/blogs etc..)

    Doesn’t seem like we have the power to do much but it’s all about the numbers. If AFC fans make a stand together we can effect the running of our club by raising awareness of our plight. 

    You must ACT as talking alone will achieve nothing. So if you really love the Arsenal DO something that will either A. Hurt the pockets or B. Get some attention to the cause (in a peaceful and  controlled way).

    Stan Kroenke see us as nothing more than one of several sporting investments, none of which have had any real success since his involvement. Stan not only doesn’t put anything into the club but takes money out of the club under the pretence of ‘strategic consultancy services’ and is more interested in Moneyball than football.

    Like he said himself, he wouldn’t of got involved if it was about winning championships!


    1. Just take an example to the things the germans do, bec the germans are way better in being proper fans then the brits.

      Just delay the game for 15 minutes and dont go in. Then you keep quit during the match, with no chanting whatsoever. And then you start to make noice and chant the things you want to say.

      Like we did before. ”You dont know what you doing” when wenger benches the wrong players. And similiar chants we made about the ticket prices during the game.” Are you having a logh” of whatever chant i hard at that time.

      1. That’s the spirit!

        Not sure though if it was a big game say CL with the TV involved et if they would actually delay the game?

        But protesting by not being their for the first 5 mins and then bring quiet whilst showing banners about stuff that matters would work.

      2. @aot and ksgunner….

        Your call as to what you think fans should do. I don’t personally think any action is appropriate until the pl is certainly gone. It’s looking very tough, but still possible. Instead what we need at the Emirates until that time is full on vocal support.

        I get the lets protest thing and like the aot approach to targeting Stan, the board, the income, the brand, etc but I don’t and will never, subscribe to targeting Wenger. Who knows if his hands are tied, he can’t be criticised for being loyal to the club or trying to steer players to reach their potential (even if several simply have failed to deliver), he can’t be targeted for being honourable (it’s simply bs when fans says he’s a crook or happy just to take his 8.5m) and he can’t be targeted for managing AFC through 10 barren years where money was not there but we still outperformed everyone bar those with rich owners. The guy is a legend and deserves to be treated as such. If things are to change then perhaps we are reaching that point but not in a way that hounds the very man who has rebuilt AFC, out of the club.

        I hope any fans who want to go this way have more class and respect than the idiots on the train platform last year. They will bring shame to all Gooners.

        1. Listen, you are saying no to progress. Wenger might have turned arsenal into something new years ago, but this new has run out of time and has turned old. Wenger cant adapt with todays fotball and is damaging arsenal a lot.

          by sticking with him we miss out on managers who could transform this club a new, just like wenger did years ago. same thing is happening with some players we have. by sticking with walcott and ramsey for example, we miss on good players we cant find the place or the money to bring in. same problem.

          if we like it or not, he is a legend, but we need a new era at arsenal, and say enough is enough.

          20 years of football, wenger has made a fortune at arsenal, dont make him into a mother thereza who did things bec of love. its a money game, and wenger could never make the same money at any other team out there.

          even newcastle united do sack their manager if they dare to lose to 8 goals, and wenger has made to many mistakes to be forgiven. this years was the cumlination of failuare. where is your pride. you have pride in wengers behalf, but something like your own, not

          1. I have to agree all the initial effort I thought was to pressure the board and by association Wenger.

            The think to do is apply pressure at the right time, not when it suits the target/s because that is when it is most effective. If we want change an effort has to be made now or more transfer promises or perhaps even another token signing will be made to placate the gullible and trusting.

            For Stan to come out and say what he said (we all knew it anyway didn’t we?) just after Wenger had done a similar thing by saying he cared not what fans thought, makes my blood boil.

            They have and will continue to mince our club through the brand shredder and Stan will take but not give and we will be a peasant club in Kings clothing.

  6. I think the best chance we have to keep Ozil and Sanchez is (1) bring in a top player similar in caliber and name recognition as themselves, and do this within one week of the transfer window opening. (2) bring in a new manager (Simeone or Low).

    Make more empty promises, empty statements of ambitious intent, keep Wenger and you risk losing these guys.

    The only way you can show players and fans your ambition is to put your money where your mouth is and not where your bank account is.

  7. how will it be if you are playing with a player (like ramsey,giroud,etc) and it is obvious that he is the one that kill match every time and the manager still continue to use him.
    would`nt you get frustrated and find another club with ambitious and serious manager?

  8. The problem with loosing Wenger lays in who to replace him with?
    Im not for a moment suggesting that we should not push to get rid at the end of the season and my thoughts on this have become even stronger when I read today that He was going to be allowed to plan his exit strategy and his ideal replacement was Pep Guardiola, well he’s even messed that one up because if that WAS the case he should have plotted his departure for the end of this season, but it does raise the question as to who would fill his shoes? there have been several suggestions and amongst those Ive seen is Pelleigrini (a huge no from me) Steve Bould (an absolute and definitive no from me) and Frank De boa (a maybe) the real root problem with loosing Wenger is that there are just not the managers out there to take the reigns.
    Would Diego Simmione be interested ? maybe but the board would have to free up a lot more of the alleged 150 million in order to get the best out of him and I dont see silent stan doing that with a ready hand you all know that Wenger has run his course at the club but we are more than likely going to get a like for like person and thats specifically to suit the boards plan of not spending but constantly earning Wenger going would be a start and while I feel its a sad end to a once great manager I do worry that whoever takes his place will be just as prudent and less able (if thats a possibility) than Wenger.
    Its clear we are NOT gonna move forward with Wenger but will we move backwards without him
    the board have wrought this havoc and I dont see Kroneke going anywhere or any of those other silver spooned spoiled brats who are ONLY in it for the money

    1. We shouldn’t fear the unknown, or not act because of it. We do not select his successor so hopefully someone would do their homework (in advance). Or maybe we would get moyes!;)

  9. A miracle win against… against .. ( stutter * cough * stutter) Barcelona, would be a mighty bounce back from this deflated stage of the season…. ?
    Yeah, i know.. but that’s what it’s gonna take, to motivate the club, fan’s and the player’s to win their remaining league fixtures.

    The football world is expecting Arsenal to suffer a heavy defeat at the Nou Camp and to add further insult, Barcelona let 3 young fan’s (aged 10) train with them, as they prepared for the Arsenal game. ???

    If that can’t motivate our chicken’s to grow some eagle wings and claws, then nothing will.

  10. I am going to murder the next person who says wenger should not be sacked because ‘who can replace him?…. Anyone can replace wenger atm. It’s not as if we were managerless b4 he came from Japan or wherever

    1. Right I won’t ask who can we sign, Ill ask who do you want to replace him. Myself, when he steps down, I had one or two people in mind but I am now settled on one candidate.

      Koeman – I like the man, I like his manner and his answers sometimes. I think though, as a manager, it is much too early to give definitive – he will succeed – or not succeed. I haven’t seen enough of his buys to suggest a great deal. Southampton are probably at the same level now than when he first took over, so I can see why fans would ask, can he replace Wenger and build or produce success. It is a gamble, that should be clear for most.

      De Boer – I always liked the idea of him bringing along the former greats with him. I liked him as a player too. I also liked how he is Dutch and works within the Ajax setup, that bodes well for the type of football he intends on playing. Again a little early to say but he has been winning stuff. Something I didn’t like about this one is how tott had turned him down. Would we want someone who they deemed not fit enough, or would we take pleasure in trying to show them what they missed out on, like Kane for us. Still worth considering.

      Loew – Well a world cup winner is where we begin. The chances with him bringing along more Germans to work with Ozil is surely a great idea. He plays attractive football and is at a good age. The only downside is that International football is so different from club football. Still, this guy must be a front runner.

      My personal favorite is none other than L Blanc. Watching PSG and how they take apart Chelsea is a joy to behold. Again he too was a tremendous player, played in England for a short spell but I wouldn’t say he has any loyalties. He is French, will know Arsene well and will have watched with great interest in how we stayed so loyal to our beloved boss. I really really like some of the players he targets/acquires, in fact, I often find myself hoping Arsenal to pinch a few from them. He looks hungry, he was a hungry player and is a hungry manager. He was a great captain too which speaks allot, and must bode well for a manager. This man is my no1 choice, after Arsene steps down of course.

      1. An English manager would mean the end of any title aspiration we may have. When was the last time an English manager has won the league?

  11. Why shd a player like flamini who gave his best years and football to inter (traitor) feel frustrated when he earns good money for doing alot of nothing (dangerous tackles that yield penalties and free-kicks for our rivals).BLAME THE FOOL WHO BROUGHT HIM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!

  12. Something I find quite funny is – I know these two lads who are liverpool supporters, not really mates but I know them well enough. Well I to got talking on how they feel about Klopp, and they are ecstatic, over the moon. I asked but has he shown real signs of improval or do you have to wait and see who he signs. What they said is that they are happy because you get the sense that he is an Arsene Wenger type of manager. I spoke to both these dudes at different times and both said basically the same thing. They said they know he can spot young players like an Arsene Wenger and doesn’t rely on having to outbid all the top teams. They said his football too reminds them of Wenger and are delighted because they expect to be one of the beautiful playing football teams like with what Arsene Wenger done with you’s. I told them I am happy for you’s and let them know, how actually, our fans wanted him to replace Arsene when he steps down, and they said they knew that it thrilled them.

  13. Iniesta will be talking to HB again after the game tommorrow night. AI:So how do u fancy coming back to take Dani’s boots? HB: I already told u next season is not far.done deal.

  14. As much as many of you want Stan, the board and AW out of AFC. And you seem to have come up with some, in theory, fool proof solutions. But none of you are looking farther than your own noses. At the big picture.
    Protesting might get rid of AW. But Stan and the board are dug in. Stan, even more so. He just moved the Rams back to L.A. and into a newly built stadium(funded by the taxpayers) He also mentioned in the last press conference, where he talked about not buying the team to win trophies etc., that he plans on bringing AFC to L.A. for some preseason matches, to strengthen the brand in the U.S.
    Dude is planning on sticking around for as long as the money is flowing in. And regardless of who might , if ever, take his place. The main thing many of you are forgetting. Every team out there, is a multi million/billion £/$ business, whose primary goal at the moment is to make money. Yeah, a few of the owners want that silverware in their cabinets, but not one of them is taking his eyes off the “Bottom line”….

  15. all the players show the qualities when we left by 1 or 2 goal…it is always in last of 30 minutes.

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