Arsenal 0-3 Man City – A convincing win for the visitors

Arsenal humbled on their own turf by a dominant Man City.

This really was men v boys stuff. Arsenal was handed a beating today and there are almost no excuses to explain away this defeat.

The game started frantically, Arsenal could have gone ahead through Gabriel Martinelli in the first minute but Ederson managed to turn the young Brazilians effort away and within 90 seconds it was City that was ahead.

Fernandinho ran out of the City defence, knocks a wonderful pass to Gabriel Jesus who turns it back from the edge of the Arsenal box to Kevin de Bruyne, who smacks the ball into the net with fantastic technique.

It never got any better from there on, there was the odd moment when Arsenal was a threat but rarely. City absolutely dominated and you just knew we were in for one of those afternoons where Arsenal was concerned.

City grabbed their second on the 15th minute with that man de Bruyne setting up Raheem Sterling. The defence was all over the place it has to be said.

The third City goal comes on the 40th minute and again, De Bruyne was involved grabbing his second of the afternoon.

This was a very poor first half for Arsenal. City was the better team but only because they were allowed to be. Arsenal showed zero passion, they were listless and the crowd understandably booed them off at half time.

To be honest, at this point I was fearing for the second half.

The second 45 minutes was not as frantic as the first 45 and to be honest it was lifeless. I got the feeling that City was doing just enough to keep a clean sheet.

Ozil did his usual slow walk off the pitch and was clearly not a happy man that he was subbed. I am not sure what he has to complain about, he deserved to be brought off. Though, he was not the only one to be fair.

At no stage did Arsenal look like getting back into the game, the crowd were subdued and so were the players.

I have to admit that I feared the worse at half time and so I suppose the second half was a bit of a relief but the bottom line is that we should never be suffering these sort of defeats at home.

It was obvious the gap in class between the two sides and the size of the job for whoever takes over is a daunting one. Arsenal was thoroughly outplayed and to some extent toyed with. It really is going to be a long hard season.


  1. When Fulham finally realized that Chambers was too inconsistent as a CB and reassigned him as a CDM, but it was too late for them. Torreira and Guendouzi had to battle Man City’s midfielders by themselves, without the help from Ozil the quitter:

    – Aubameyang: He couldn’t do much due to the lack of creativity and cojones behind him

    – Ozil: He let Torreira and Guendouzi fought Man City’s midfielders by themselves. Starting an impassionate no 10 like him only reduces the number of midfielders and he was unwilling to get past Man City’s last defender when the space was opened on the sides

    – Martinelli: The only one who could stand out in the first half. His close control and his guts to win the ball back was excellent, unfortunately he was accompanied by a washed-up no 10 who was all talk and no action

    – Pepe: Too one-legged and kept making backpasses in the first half. Too inconsistent for my liking and he only has several months left to justify his hefty price tag

    – Torreira: Our best and most hardworking central midfielder. Had he had two other central midfielders to help him out, we could have stopped Man City’s attackers

    – Guendouzi: Didn’t fight as he used to. Perhaps Ljungberg instructed him to stay back and play safer

    – Kolasinac: Our best fullback before he got injured

    – Maitland-Niles: Decent start, but couldn’t do much afterwards

    – Chambers: Jesus was too fast for him to create Man City’s first goal and their second goal happened after De Bruyne nutmegged him to cross to Sterling. Chambers has to play as a CDM in 4-3-3 formation, not as a CB

    – Sokratis: Just too slow to be an EPL CB

    – Leno: We would have conceded more goals if he wasn’t agile and reactive. Totally destroyed by our defense’s incompetency

      1. Shameful defending. Reminds of the the goal Chelsea conceded against Spurs when David Luiz turned his back on a shot

      2. Has someone ever noticed our midfielders and fullbacks never make tactical fouls especially during counter attacks against us.

        I counted 4-5 tactics fouls by mancity which would have resulted to our counter attack even when they had a 3 goal advantage..

        I watch Realmadrid,Liverpool and midfielders tackle, you miss a tackle the next guy shall foul you and gladly take a yellow instead of risking a counter attack.

        Our team just jog back & backoff until the attacker takes a shot on our goal!

    1. @Got no Idea-have a look back on the teams YOU selected before the last half dozen games or so.How many teams had YOU picked that included Ozil? So you were prepared to play a “quitter” in all those games were you?
      Look at the performances of almost every single player out there today and aside from Leno,Martinelli,and to a certain extent Pepe ( he tried to take his man on every time he could), and yet YOU single out Ozil.
      I wonder who YOU will be selecting in your team for Everton next week.
      As I’ve said time and time before – You are @ Got NO Idea

        1. Yeah do you predicted the team-so did everyone else.Because there were very few options other than what FL put out.What I’m saying to YOU GOT NO IDEA is why do you keep putting Ozil in your line-up? You don’t get prizes for guessing the team PAL.Or perhaps you tell mummy how clever you are.In that case try explaining why YOU would even play Ozil in a game against City in a midfield THREE,with no Bellerin and Tierney to pick, when everyone and anyone with a semblance of a football brain knows he cannot defend.?
          Try asking mummy -I bet she knows more about football than you PAL

  2. Arsenal were really undone by individual errors today. City weren’t even that good even with De Bruyne’s masterclass. Arsenal just lacked belief and the attack couldn’t break down City. We may as well have not played the 2nd half. We gifted them so many balls in midfield. The usual suspects were once again found out today. You could easily list the players who would play badly before the match even started. I hope after this match many would see that Chambers is always nothing special as are the other CB’s. Auba as usual would be poor in this kind of match and Ozil was his usual self. Pepe is good not great.Ljunberg’s pressing and defensive tactics were kind of good especially in the 1st half but it was undone by individual errors which meant the match as already lost. A performance once again exposing the team’s shortcomings.

    1. Arsenal should try 4-1-4-1 with Chambers in the CDM position

      Ozil is always useless in big, tough and away matches

      Pepe has to train more if he doesn’t want to end up like Walcott

      1. Pepe is supposed to be carrying the team for the price he was signed. I don’t know why many have reduced the standards for him. He’s supposed to be the “go to” guy. A good dribbler but if he doesn’t score or assist he’s found out.
        Same with Auba and Ozil.
        Martinelli shouldn’t just be playing at the wings too. Saka must compete with him for that spot

        1. Pepe always chose to pass backward, because he couldn’t even get past Mendy

          His right leg is just too inept to be an RW. I can’t believe Arsenal scouts and decision makers couldn’t see his deficiencies at AFCON

    2. Thanks for noticing how Chambers is crap so much of the time.

      I like the guy personally, but it pisses me off how every time Luiz, or Sokratis, or Mustafi, or Kola (basically any non-British defender) plays badly, it’s pointed out individually.

      But when it’s Chambers, and it does happen like 70 percent of the time, it’s always the manager’s fault or our defence in general. Double standards.
      Holding will get a free pass as well when he returns. His mistakes will also be attributed to the coach or ‘defence’ in general.

  3. So now we only need RB, CB, CB, LB and a DM.

    What are the chances of that happening in January or even next summer?

    1. add an AMF to that list now that the fraud has been exposed once again. KDB on a lesser wage ran the show while the fraud had no energy to jog off the field.

    1. I realized that long time ago so I stayed away from arsenal’s matches, I only check the scores after every match. I also read up post match comments!!!

  4. I don’t think anything will change except we get a manager who will tell this board the truth during the interview, that majority of the players aren’t good enough. The problem is when a manager needs a job, he’ll say whatever to get it like Emery did and most managers will do.

    1. Thank you Lupe.
      After the Wenger era we needed a serious surgery.
      We are in a bigger mess now and unless we act fast it may be catastrophic.

      1. @cliff u still think this Wenger’s fault? Kronk? managed average players during the last 10years of his reing to remained in top 4.during Emery’s interview he wowed the board about his knowledge of the team,(the board were happy, thinking they have found a low cost coach,demand less transfer budget,low wage,and overall will not challange them),after 18months the greazy haired tinkering vampire sunk us into the bottom of the table,got thrown out.I guess kronk just want a descent coach with bunch of average players that will keep hovering top4,CL outing with no serious intention for title.let’s say a basic and simple team .

  5. Chambers was dreadful, with his poor positioning and approach. He’s at fault for the first goal. How TF do you run from the ball and give rge opposition a chance to go for it.
    Only players I saw in this game are Martinelli, Torreira and Guendouzi.
    The rest were piss poor.
    We need to clear out of defense, get in new souls and get in new midfielders then our attack will fall into balance

    1. It’s funny how when one of our CB’s are bad the fans start calling for another name only for that player to be brought in play average again. Kept telling people that Chambers is no better than Sokratis or David Luiz. Not saying he shouldnt start but with the way some were calling for him you would’ve thought he was way out of their league.The same applies to Holding who I’m sure some would start calling for.

      1. We need to sell em all out completely.
        There’s not a single defender in this team good enough for this club.
        I know personally I’ve been saying this season is a write off already and we shouldn’t expect anything but still our defense could make someone sane end up suicidal

        1. I scratch my head asking myself how we got here. Do you remember Wenger’s 17/18 Arsenal’s defending?? One would’ve thought that was the lowest of the low but then Emery came in and set a new low with even worse defensive tactics and defenders. Why buy Sokratis and Luiz?? Then people say Kos was an average CB who was just the best of a bunch. I wonder how they’d describe these two😂. Do you know Ljungberg has implemented everything Emery said he would do and failed? Pressing, beautiful and exciting football etc. Unfortunately it’s just not good enough

          1. I remember when Sven came in, his first choice were Diallo and Soyuncu.
            Players we chased, then the club and Emery said they wanted experienced centerbacks and then we ended up with Sokratis and Litchsteiner, following season, we added David Luiz😂😂
            Next we are getting Silvestre from retirement?😂😂
            These defenders make Wenger’s 17/18 defense look world class

    2. He was at fault for the second goal as well. His marking is just too poor to be a CB, but he has other skills to be a good midfielder

      Kolasinac was good before he got injured

    3. Totally agree. Chambers is always slow to react. We won’t win any thing with such defense. Suddenly slow Mertesacker and Kos were way better at the back than what we have now… Back then, some of us even disliked mert and kos pairing.. That shows how bad we have become…

    4. Guendouzi was very poor. He should not be anywhere near the first team. We need to upgrade the midfield. Go for top quality midfielders like Thomas Partey and Rakitic.Go for both of them in January. You can’t win things with Guendouzi as a regular in midfield. That is the truth. He does not shoot. He does not close down opponent. Opponents just go past him like he does not exist. Can’t tackle. Can’t intercept. Caresses the ball for too long. I will say it again, Xhaka is better than Guendouzi. And I am not a Xhaka fan. We should invest heavily in the midfield in January. Thomas Partey, Rakitic, and a central Defender(lewis Dunk) in January.

  6. The safest thing to do is simply lower your expectations for this team.

    We are no longer a big team. We are currently a low table team.

    Our defense is ‘slide to open’. That’s how easy it is to open the defense

  7. We don’t have defenders. Hard for an Arsenal goalkeeper.
    Can we see that Emery was right about Ozil?
    We need six replacements from midfield to the back line.

    1. Good on the few remaining fans to keep singing until the end. Showed a lot more class than our senior players did.

    2. The board can’t give Freddie a complete coaching staff n you think they will go n get 6 players….lol!. We were doomed the day Arsenal share holders sold their soul to that American. We need to come up with a plan n make Kronke sell the club to some Arab dude or usmanov.

    3. Anybody reasonable knew Emery was right about Ozil. He just had loyal fans that slate you when you criticize him for obviously not being near good enough anymore. Why he continues to be a viable player to us is embarrasing. He’s been terrible for ages.

  8. 72 mil for Pepe. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Daylight robbery by Lille. Hahahahahahahaha. Might as well kept Iwobi😂

    1. Iwobi money was payed upfront …Pepe is over 5-6 years so you get what you paid for. If you wanted proven premier League quality then should have gone n paid for Zaha buy he was not available on installments. Again penny pinching by board n they made fool out if majority Arsenal fans. Our net spend was 40-50 million which was quoted by media.

    2. Buying players is not going to solve our problems. We need to get proper and I mean proper coaching for our players in how to defend as a unit how our defenders need to position themselves and can we please stop with this stupid zonal marking it doesn’t work for us. I at least though we would man mark a few players today like De bruyn sterling Jesus De bruyn especially was free to wreck havoc at will I am gona say it again since Wenger we have not paid the necessary attention to our defence. The decades of defensive neglect is biting us now.

  9. The last 3 games of the Wenger era we lost to city home and away.
    The last 2 games of UE era we lost to them and now FL has lost his first and most likely his last…The funniest thing the scores were identical ..This all goes to show the downfall spiral of our lovely arsenal since Wenger … Player for player ,they re better..our defence is non existent….
    The needs an overhaul especially the defence…
    Somehow I knew we will loose but o boy am very pained….
    The January transfer window would soon be here ,I hope we buy right whoever is the coach…

  10. Though not surprised, but am broken hearted. I need my Arsenal (Top Club) back. Our entire back four are below average place….Whoever the new Manager is going to be, what we need is a serious project to launch our pride and status back. I wonder if the Arsenal Management traumatically feel the same way we do.

  11. This is why Emery was forced to commit so many players to defensive duty.
    In fact Emery would have got a 0-0 draw today.
    But he would have only got a draw at WHam too with the same massive D line.
    Freddie by contrast attacks but concedes a lot.
    The lack of DM so unbalances this team.
    But we all know that Arsenal’s central D has been pants for 10 years.
    Yet the geniuses on the board believe we should spend 70m on another attacker.
    So we had 190m worth of attackers in today’s squad who scored exactly how many?
    If Freddie is “relieved of his interim position on Monday
    those who failed to bring quality at central D should also walk
    Sanllehi and Venkatsham clear out your lockers.

      1. Technicality only.
        Emery still got a LOT of draws by going heavy on D.
        He did not want to play that way but what choice did he have?
        A 70m attacker aint much use when your D is so porous

    1. Nope Emery would still have lost this
      match with worse football, negative tactics and no plan. Even though we lost this match Ljunberg’s plan was clear from the beginning and it worked well especially in the first half but his plan was limited by the quality of the players. In that, we conceded goals due to individual error rather than tactical ones. We pressed City in that half and win the ball off them so many times but pur attack was average and we couldn’t open them up. The team wanted to score at least a goal on the 2nd half so lots of gaps were open in the Arsenal defense. It’s a shame because when the team is losing like this objectivity won’t be considered in judging the coach

      1. Ljunberg is not the problem. Our problem is the below par personnel.
        Nothing will change unless we sort this glaring mess.

      2. @kev You just backed up what I said when you said
        “his plan was limited by the quality of the players”.
        Emery new he had average players so reigned them in to play
        simple basic safety first football and avoid mistakes.
        So he got a lot of draws but few wins.
        Freddie gave his players license to attack which
        worked -just- against Wham but Sheiky aint WHam.
        Fans screamed for a new manager but you can’t make a
        silk purse out of a sows ear as we all saw today.
        Be interesting to see if the new manager is given any reinforcements in January.

        1. Just because you have average players doesn’t mean you have to play safety football in all if not most matches. He faced a lot of average opposition where Arsenal had better players and still played negative football. No excuse can be made for Emery regardless of the quality of the players because unlike Ljungberg he’s had time to work with some of the players and even sanctioned the signing of some of the average players. Add to that Ljungberg has implemented within some few weeks what Emery said he’d implement such as pressing and good attacking football. You might say it hasn’t got us anywhere but I’m pretty sure if Ljungberg started this season with the team we’d be much better than we are now even if we’d be exposed in sone matches due to our players. Emery would still have lost this match but in probably worse fashion. Emery shouldn’t even be coming up at this point because he’s one of the main reasons we are like this

          1. @Kev. If Emery is as you (falsely) claim “he’s one of the main reasons we are like this” then Emery most certainly should be coming up at this point.
            My point is proven about Emery because the same team under
            a new manager has been made to look even worse defensively.
            Emery actually got 5th last season missing CL by just one point
            and made the EL final. He can’t have been all that bad.

          2. I’m saying Emery shouldn’t be coming up at this point in a sense that no-one should try to defend him and shift all the blame to the players because he’s one of the reasons we are bad. If you think we’ve looked any worse defensively under Ljungberg then you must be kidding. We’ve been slightly better though that doesn’t say much. Under Emery this team hardly pressed to win the ball back. Under Ljungberg we’ve seen some proper pressing and it was shown in the 1st half as we won the ball off City so many times. The goals we conceded were down to individual errors than tactical ones.Funny thing is Emery promised pressing and good football she he clearly failed even against smaller teams.
            Emery brought his own downfall last season in finishing outside the top 4 and the UEL final loss

      3. There is no doubt that the team lacks quality in several areas. However, it is possible to point out flaws in FL game plan and still be “objective”.
        Freddie’s approach was always going to be high risk given the players available to him. Man City did not even have to play brilliantly to beat Arsenal easily.
        I get that people want FL to succeed but so far I have seen little to suggest that he is any better than Emery.

        1. As I said the goals conceded today were due to individual errors than tactical ones. In the first half Ljunberg’s tactics were absolutely spot on. We won the ball off City several times with our pressing but couldn’t penetrate through their defence. The goals conceded in that half were due to individual errors. The team was badly exposed in the second half because they wanted to score at least one goal as they were playing at home thus leaving many spaces. Imo FL did his part today but it came down to the quality of the players. Emery left behind a squad that is mentally down. It’s a shame FL would have to take all these losses despite some good tactics. If Ljungberg begun with this squad from the start we would be seeing far better

    2. agu eman👍
      Kev, where was the good attacking football, the plan and tactics in this 0-3 loss?
      Let’s be honest, Emery took the fall for the lack of quality players in midfield and defense, the Board provided him with. Ljundberg is finding the same thing; only so many ways you can shuffle the deck with this squad.

      1. you shouldn’t be going 2 months without a win when you have Pepe, Lacazette, Auba at your disposal. At least have the guts to try and outscore an opponent. Emery needed to go and was only good for Arsenal for 2-3 months during his entire tenure.

  12. Unless Raul let’s the next manager choose his own players, don’t expect much.

    We blamed Emery (rightfully so), blame the players (rightfully so), the owner, at what point does Raul share in the blame.

    Anyone know what Arsenal’s”plan” is to be competitive again?

    Simply not good enough from the club, from the top to the bottom. Owner who puts profits before pride, and players who mostly care only for their wages.

    Anyone confident we’ll beat Everton on Saturday?

    1. Never Rated Raul from day one, I’ve let it known and it’ll always be that way.
      The man is a fraud. I really don’t know who’s worse between Gazidis and him, people really don’t see the truth about him yet, or probably they chose to stay blind to it just like they chose to stay blind to Emery’s flaws right from start

    2. Durand, Emery was given the position of head coach to select and coach the players provided to him. He asked for strengthening of midfield and defense and was denied. Mislantat identified Soyucci and was refused.
      It could be argued that Emery over achieved last season, until the players “downed tools”. There are simply too many deficiencies in midfield and defense.

  13. Arsenal needs a serious clear out of its Senior players. Most of them are just past it and the rest will never improve.
    With the injuries for K.T and H.B which may keep recurring we basically must sign 4 defenders.We need a D.M an A.M and 2proper wingers.
    This is the reality and its a difficult task but for us to continue existing in the EPL we must address this situation or else we can as well prepare for life in the championship
    Kroenke its up to you now.

  14. Now we know why Laurent was so desperate to leave us lol! , The dude when on strike for a reason he must have seen and assessed this sh*t in training so knew what was coming…if I was him I would do de same thing go on a hunger strike.hahaha

  15. Don’t forget, Sokratis and Auba have been here before at Dortmund (as in, this situation, in klopp’s final season). Bundesliga as crap as it was let them go from bottom to 7th after winning a few games

  16. Our transfers have been pants to be honest. I have no faith in Raul to get in the right players no matter how much money he is given.

    Until club gets serious about the defense, nothing will change regardless of who manages.

    If we can’t get Rodgers, then buy the scouts from Leicester FFS!

    1. If I’m not mistaken, Arsenal hired some Leicester’s scouts after Ranieri’s successful season

      Don’t know whether they’re still working for Arsenal or not

  17. The lack of talent is completely through this club. I am sorry this complete panel is useless. No direction, no talent, no aggression, no …….. ah fkuc just shite..

  18. For many years it has been clear that Arsenal having been lacking in central defence and defensive midfield. This has yet to be addressed properly. Interestingly, based on one match some people on this forum have insisted that Chambers/ Holding is Arsenal’s best CB pairing. To me that has always been a vastly overrated combo and not one good enough for a top premier league team.
    Unfortunately, Arsenal are also lacking in midfield which makes matters worse.

  19. Maybe Freddy should just play his own boys from start to finish and drop all these block heads ….
    Just listened to debryune now…Once the three strikers and ozil is bypassed by an opposing team …what is left is a 6 defensive players that re very poor defensively and with poor positional sense to defend against any good side…
    God will punish gazidis and all these Raul and co…

  20. I think we are really in deep trouble and we are going to be a mid table team at best from now on. The club, the owner and the players are letting this great club down. We are an utter shambles and it starts with kronk and ends with the players. The owner doesn’t understand what running a football club entails, he is running this club into the ground and the only people it will affect at the end of the day are the fans. The only players that actually put a shift in today were Torreira, Gouendouzi and Martinelli, the rest might as well have not been there. The team is a shambles, the management is a shambles and the owner is not wanted by any Arsenal fans at all but he will ignore that and carry on ruining this club with his lack of knowledge and will to help this club be the club it should. I didn’t think i could get any lower than the last two years of wenger but i was wrong. All those so called Arsenal people who allowed this non arsenal non football non passionate non visible owner to take us over by selling their stake to him, should be utterly ashamed because they are part of this also. The problem is non of them care that they let this shitehawk have full ownership of our club. We are an utter disgrace, Thanks for the memories, thats all we have now. KRONK OUT!

    1. Ozil is symptomatic of what this club stands for. He is robbing this club blind and it is rubbing off on a few of his team mates. He has no shame.

  21. This is th without Wenger effect some couldn’t see last year as we got so lucky everyone was so poor.

    Look at the team, club and fan spirit, the captain drama, this could not happen under Wenger!

    Pb we have is Kroenke! How can Freddie be in charge? We supposed to have a replacement p
    lan before firing Emery.

    It was not planned, Kroenke saw empty stadium and git scared. He sacked Emery to make sure we, his suckers are back at Emirates! We are, fine for him!

    1. Mogunna, please be honest it was happening under Wenger when Arsenal faced a gulf in class, character or attitude. Don’t you remember the results against Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Bayern Munchen etc over the last few seasons, when he was “manager” , not “head coach”?

  22. We easily blame defenders but we mostly forget that build up to most goal we conceed start from errors from our attackers and MF, what were pepe, ozil, Auba doing leavin so much space for city mf to cause damage, and AMN was he afraid of getting yellow card for the 2nd goal, oh , how many times did Guedozi need to touch/contro d ball before deciding, Torreira really tried and the overal defending of our team needs to be set as how we played in the first 15min of 2nd half, Pepe is running away from oponet,afraid of gettin dribled

  23. I loved Freddie as a player but I d not think he is ready to coach Arsenal. I am even wondering if he is good enough for the under 23’s. Time to get somebody in to teach the players how to tackle. I cannot believe the Arsenal I watched today.

    1. Teach Ozil how to tackle?.
      I thought he gets paid top pounds to do that…
      Mate if you don’t have anything to say read the comments and keep quiet..
      Our problem is player recruitment and this January we must address this rut or forget it .. .

  24. Mourhino was available!e and Spurs made the move! With a defensive issue, he was the man to sign.

    Today only Wenger can fix this mess, him leaving club got us here.

  25. Way too EZ for City!

    The team has no passion or desire in any department of the squad.

    It’s the worst team I have layed my eyes on and I have supported Arsenal for over 40 years!

    No manager would fix this defence. Stop blaming Freddie. And, the midfield is not working either. The club have completely missed the boat on the “right” signings to take the club forward. At least 8 of this team are just not at the right level!!!

    As a club, Arsenal will never recover into a “top 6” team until the board are sacked and the Kroke family fully understand where this club should be now and in the future. The club are in decline under a leadership that is clueless!

  26. Why’s everyone so mad how long have we been over rating our players. Abameyang, Torriera and Lacazette won’t be here much longer. That leaves us with Leno who’s good enough for a top 4 team. What we do have though is some exceptional young players. We should blood the kids from now till the end of the season. ESM takes Ozils position, move Martinelli upfront, Saka as Lw and Nelson/Pepe Rw. Sell Abameyang, Lacazette, Ozil and use every penny we have to get Upamecano and Ndidi. Get Luka Jovic from Madrid in the Abameyang deal and we are already in a much better place.

  27. Let’s blood the kids for the rest of the season….
    Promote some defenders from the U23 side …blood them too…

  28. Is anyone really shocked by the result? The gulf in class is huge!!
    I actually thought we’d score though 🙄

    Omg I’ll be having nightmares all week about Big Dunc and Iwobi popping up with the winner!! Gulp…….

  29. Wasn’t even close

    Any manager would have a difficult time with this lot

    Our defence is just terrible and no creativity in central midfield

  30. I said we`d get stuffed, now let`s go and get Arteta as this is the man who co coaches the team that played us off the park.

    Only problem is……….will he want to come afetr being stupily overlooked in favour of a greasy haired vampire!

    This will take years to sort out with noninvesting owners. like all the common sense thinking bloggers on here I know the true evil taking this club on the road to HELL is Satan Kroenke.

  31. Mourhino was available!e and Spurs made the move! With a defensive issue, he was the man to sign.

    Today only Wenger can fix this mess, him leaving club got us here. No vision nor identity!

    Can’t blame players for Eddie not putting right formation, nor him for not being a coach nor at all ready.

    We have a greedy owner who doesn’t care for football, just see us in stadium. Sacked Emery to see us back when saw empty stadium; means no money! No TV nor sponsor nor anyone would be in an empty stadium. No interest!

    That’s only way we can save Arsenal, force Kroenke out with empty stadium every game!!! He will sell to someone who cares and loves football!

    1. Mogunna, you keep stating the same falsehoods. Out of the available squad, who could Ljundberg select to perform better? It is the Arsenal players who have failed under Wenger, Emery and now Ljundberg.

  32. Seriously what is wrong with the board? It’s almost 3 weeks after sacking Unai and no replacement has been brought in yet. Was there even a plan in the first place? Y’all notice the trend that’s going on in the team? Players walking slowly off the pitch when substituted. The team seems to be playing like a bunch of no nobodies. Arsenal is becoming worse in EVERYTHING! No class, no defenders, team in disharmony and the worse of it all, the owner doesn’t give a phuck! Has the clown even showed up at the stadium this season? We really need people with football knowledge at the club. Raul needs to phuck off. The man is poisonous, he got rid of the only man at this club with football knowledge because he was not a yes man and brought in Yes men who will not oppose him. I mean what is edu and co doing during? How many times have we heard him speak since he has been here? He’s literally a yes man that’s why he got the job in the first place. The club has to make some tough decisions in the summer. Forget abt signing players and get in a top football man at the club first. We all knew what Sven wanted to do when he came in, we saw a clear path with the players he wanted but with Don Raul it’s different. He just keep shopping down the basement with his signings under whelming so far. We needed defenders in the summer but we got a winger instead. This team not lacking in attack last season and it’s been like that for the past decade! Sometimes I even ask my self are these even professionals? Are they watching the same team as we are? We need some phucking defenders! The only player I’ll keep from all our defenders is Tierney. I’ll ship all of em in th e summer and get new recruitments. Hopefully we Ship off some of the duds in January and sign some new defenders (highly unlikely). There’s no discipline in the team. Wengers final years was bad but damn! This is worse! (Mo with that tweet and hb slamming off Boris Johnson on Twitter).

  33. We have a quality defender in Holding..just that he needs to come back from injury and have a good partner. Issue is midfield too.we are always beaten to the first ball. We need to dominate the midfield to get our strikers in action. We need the viera permit, pires, Gilberto attitude in the middle.

    1. Im afraid Frank, we have been sold down the river by our own. I don’t know the answer but Kronk has to know we dont want him, he isn’t Arsenal and he isnt here. KRONK OUT

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