Arsenal 1-0 Bournemouth – David Luiz grabs the winner

Lethargic is the best word to describe the game between Arsenal and Bournemouth this afternoon.

Arsenal was the better team on the day but not by much, neither team really stretched the other. The winner came from the head of David Luiz early in the first-half and that was probably the highlight of the day.

The first-half for Arsenal was fairly decent, the defence did well, the midfield worked hard and the forwards were always a threat.

Arsenal took the lead on the ninth minute with a beautifully taken header courtesy of David Luiz. Nicolas Pepe provided the assist with a nicely whipped in corner.

Bournemouth never really threatened and the first-half closed with Arsenal leading.

The second-half was hardly an engrossing affair. Arsenal more or less backed off without actually inviting pressure. A unique occurrence I must admit.

Bournemouth did come into it a little bit the more the game went on but in all fairness, Arsenal looked comfortable.

The problem for Arsenal though, was the lead was slender and while ever it remained at 1-0 Bournemouth was a threat.

Bournemouth had the odd moment but overall the Arsenal backline and midfield looked at ease. The Cherries attacks were basically smothered throughout.

It may not have been the most exciting game but on balance, Arsenal deserved to win the match. That is now eight games unbeaten.


  1. The front four had nothing to write home about, but Pepe’s was awful again. Pepe produced lousy first touches, bad passes and uncreative one-legged movements

    The win is crucial and Emery’s Arsenal are always strong at home. However, I hope Emery would start Nelson on the right wing next time, to show Pepe how he should have worked as a team player

    Most of the defenders did well though, but Sokratis is simply out of his depth. Before he makes another mistake when facing a top opposition, it is better to replace him with Holding for the future EPL games

    1. Wenger was delusional, but Emery seems to be even more so. He thinks he can bring any player n win the game. There is no coherence in the team. No team work, everybody playing by themselves. We cannot blame any player when team is scattered, n no team work. Even if messi comes he will be scoreless in this team.

        1. Positives from today

          1. Clean sheet
          2. Hoofing it up the pitch when required rather than always playing from the back
          3. Martinelli is really good
          4. 3 points

          Is it possible to win AND show some style and substance?

          Interesting to see selections after international break. Personally I’d go with this

          Bellerin Holding Luiz Tierney

          Chambers Willock/Guendouzi

          Pepe Auba Laca

          Hopefully competition and form decide selections, and we force opponents to adapt to our strengths in attack.

          Be nice playing to win rather than Emery setting up not to lose.

  2. Nothing to write home about, but we’re in third. Boring game but it is what it is. Onto the break I suppose… Defenders didn’t blow it which is progress for us. Clean sheet is always nice.

  3. We are 3RD place!!!
    We are in all competitions
    Our last 6 matches are WWWDWW
    We are improving since our loss to Liverpool

    Liverpool made a big mistake playing Xhaka and taking off Ceballos. But at least we WON.

    And for those complaining about just scraping by. Even the best scrapes by

    Sheffield United 0-1 Liverpool
    Liverpool 2-1 Leicester
    Liverpool 4-3 Red Bull


    Again we are 3rd place
    But yes Arsenal are a DISASTER and EMERY the worst manager in history

    1. Yes, and our goalscore in the last 6 games is only 17-3.
      Emery out now, seems like a really clever idea…

      1. 12-0 for lesser opponent and 5-3 for premier league opponent. We are only good at battering lesser, naive team but we fear even average premier league club and we talk about being one of the best club in the world…..

    2. Emery the worst in history? Some of you here are pathetically funny. You forget easily how we got here: Wenger!!! Arsenewas great, but he later lost it and his pride was eating us up badly. How long has Unai been at Arsenal? This is the second year for him. Emery may not be the best in the world, but he is definitely hungry, and with a bit more time, he’d only get better.There’s just something lucky about Arsenal,plz take a look at United.

      1. @KAF
        Get over yourself dude. Emery hungry, lol… What are you his cook or something. If he was really hungry, then he’d bench Xhaka, Luis and Sokratis and better utilise the players he has…

    3. We should give Emery credit.

      Anyone know how difficult it is to have Β£180 million in attacking players and struggle for goals?

      It’s not easy having the talent we do and STILL play boring ass footbll.
      Give Emery credit for his methods.

    4. Luck will not always support us boy. Remember last Yr we were having decent result despite not playing well but the 2nd half of the season we just collapsed n got what we deserved. To be consistent we gotta be strong, go strength to strength with any team, not just ride on luck. Otherwise same thing will happen again. Regarding Emery he just doesn’t seem to ve any coaching sense or game plan. Worse than wenger.

      1. Same season as last year.

        We do well against Championship and Europa league opponents, but depend on our opponents not taking chances to win in the EPL. When that luck again runs out (and it ALWAYS does), the same morons who are happy with these shit performances will shut their mouths again. Remember fools – the run is as it is because we’re playing in the Europa not the CL. Imagine this Arsenal playing against Bayern.

        Our only chances of making the top 4 is relying on at least 2 of our competitors to have ANOTHER shit season. ANOTHER one, as last year even that wasn’t enough.

        And when does that mumbling, lying idiot plan to start using Ozil?

        1. There were 2 diamond in the sea in Klopp n Guardiola. Arsenal cud ve got any of them given their stability in managerial role. But they let them slip by their nose n got Emery who PSG use and throw. Arsenal good at collecting use and throw things:Ozil from Real, Sanchez from Barca, Mikhi from Manu, now Luiz from Chelsea. Now don’t ever be vulture. There is one gold in the sea so common get Allegri without delay.

          1. I suggested Allegri 2 years ago but maybe he saw the mediocrity he would inherit and said no (in Italian).

            We need a manager who believes in starting with a good defence. AW didn’t have that worry when he took over, we had the best defence in the PL thanks to George Graham.

    1. Isn’t a win a win anymore? If our games can be this disappointing while we secure all three points, that would be great.

  4. Glad we won, was tense at times! Happy with a clean sheet too.
    Now I’m just going to cry my eyes out over Liverpool being clear by 8 points πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

    1. now we gotta hope for a classic Liverpool capitulation… I don’t know if lightning will strike twice, Sue.

        1. Early days Sue another 30 games to go. Their luck can’t hold out can it? I couldn’t bear it if they won the EPL, we would never hear the end of it.

          1. Everything is going their way, Andrew.. I wouldn’t bet against it, for sure!
            I’m just imagining what I’ll have to face at work tomorrow, and believe me it won’t be pretty.. and this is just 8 points clear.. if they do end up winning it (& going unbeaten 😩) I’m moving to Greenland!

    2. Happy for the 3 points but we look awful.. slow, no creativity and just plain boring! I think Emery just has his favourites in Kolasinac, Sokratis and Xhaka those 3 will almost guarantee to start every game πŸ™„ Chelsea under Lampard look much better than us and a lot more exciting, would be beat Southampton 4 and wolves 5 on the road? Haha probably get beat that πŸ˜‚ league is Liverpool’s then Sue city don’t look that good this season, now only a point ahead of us πŸ˜‚

        1. Man city will have to beat Liverpool twice and hope they lose somewhere down the line and pretty much win every game teams are terrified of Liverpool they never really look like getting beat

          1. On a better note we are 1 point off 2nd having played man utd and Liverpool away and our home game against spurs while city have only played spurs at home πŸ˜„ move out of the way city we’ll challenge pool instead πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†

          2. Hahaha you’d go red in his presence πŸ˜‚ utd getting beat again longstaffs kid brother LOL banter fc πŸ˜„

  5. We WON and we are in 3rd place!!!
    We are improving

    But Arsenal are a disaster and Emery Out!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΅πŸ˜œ

    1. Oh and just 1 point behind City on 2nd place who lost 2-0 at home. Liverpool only won by 1 goal at home too.

        1. With the quality of our strike force and a lacklustre Bournemouth team, it took David Louis a defender’s 9th minutes goal for us to scrape a win at home. A more willing team would have drawn or won the game against us today. I’m glad we won but I’m not celebrating. If we keep playing this way, we’ll keep drawing games we should have won. Emery is stubbornly negative, always playing not to loose rather than playing to win.

        2. @gotanidea
          I’m not too worried about them winning the league this season. As long as they don’t go unbeaten…

    2. Good point @Innit. I wonder why Arsenal fans are so weak at heart. Most of the bashing we see here against our club, coach and players are mainly opinions picked up in the media, which as you know never has anything good to say about us.
      They make our win look like a loss and make excuses for others who actually loose in a terrible fashion. Man.City got whooped in their very own backyard,Spuds lost woefully to Brighton, and yet it’s our win that they, and even some fans on here have something negative to speak about!
      We are absolutely not yet where we would like to be in our playing, but we a definitely not where we were as at this time last season. It’s okay to talk about areas we are not doing so great, but why is it louder than the things we are actually doing right?
      I hate the negativity, it’s sickening.
      We won and our direct rivals either lost or struggled to scrape a win, bar Chelsea. I’ll take that 3points anyday and thank the boys and the coach for it.
      Even the best clubs in the world struggle sometimes. It would be totally arrogant of us and utterly disrespectful to the other teams for us to think we are supposed flawlessly win all our matches. I personally would like to see that happen, especially after the Invincibles showed us that it’s possible, but not now, let’s give the boys and the coach some time.
      It took Klopp 3 seasons to finally get his team to play like he wants. Emery and the team are still a work in progress. Give them a break, please.

  6. How long shall this continue, terrible terrible match to be forgotten quickly, we played at home against B’mouth like we are playing Man City away, awful performance, something is definitely not right

    1. Yep. 3Rd place and 1 point behind City

      Arsenal, Liverpool both only won by 1 goal at home
      City lost by 2 goals at home

      We definitely have lots of room for improvement but Emery is doing a good enough job and we are FAR from a disaster

      1. Just think if Emery could had tactics and got 3 points from Watford rather than scrap out a draw?

        We’d be 2nd now, you forgot to add that.

        Oh, thank goodness spuds collapsing and utd pathetic or where would we be?

        We’re FAR from doing well. At least Emery’s selections run about well without style or substance.

    1. If Emery chose Holding, Tierney and Bellerin prematurely before fully fit after returning from injury and they got injured he would be slated. It is a long season, competing on 4 fronts; how about we wait to see selections on return from international break?
      Why can’t people on here celebrate a win against decent opposition?

  7. That second half was boring as hell.. PEA was frozen up front all throughout.
    Pepe really needs to sit some games out.
    I found second half poor but solid defensive work from Luiz.
    City lost, it means I don’t care about pur performance today, just glad it’s a win

  8. So boring I almost slept off, it is always nice to win but a little entertainment would be welcomed.

  9. A difficult win but we got the result! The premier league is hard I think we should be aware of this by now! Liverpool huffed and puffed and needed luck to beat Leicester and Manchester city today got pounded in their own backyard. Hopefully after the international break with our injured boys back we shall see far more convincing displays.

    1. Kolasinac had a good first half but still unable to make a cross and in the second half he was annoying.

  10. Horrible boring football .
    Pepe really needs to start showing why we spent all that cash on him .
    Saka not convinced about him and not sure he should be starting every week .
    Luis MOTM for me .
    3 points is 3 points but bloody hell this dude bores the shite out of me with this depressing football .
    No Ozil again so I would imagine he will be off in Jan like the rumours that are going round ,so looks like we will be watching this boring football for the foreseeable future ,no creativity in the midfield and it shows .

      1. Perfect what? Dude Ceballos to me has been over hyped so far. Everyone seems to think that he has been playing on the same level as his first game. I’d like to see his chances created stats, clear cut chances, assists, heat map, pass ratio, number of through balls. Average pass length etc and compare them to Ozil’s. Ozil’s is surely past his best but if we are gonna replace him then to me Ceballos is definitely not the answer until he shows more. So far I’ll say Ozil’s would have had better stats if he has been given the amount of game time Ceballos has.

        1. I don’t think so dude, coz Ozil only produced two assists last season and he was also awful in the season before that

        2. Can people stop living in a delusional alternative world.
          The Shirt Selling Genius has been here for more than 6 years and to this day we are still getting the same old tired catchphrases about how amazing he is.
          The guy has had more than enough chances and opportunities at Arsenal but it’s always the same old frustrating story season upon season.

          He is turning 31 years old soon and we still have his guarantors telling us how he will come good. β€œNeeds this and that. Needs the stars to align. Needs the grass a certain height (not an a millimetre short or longer etc).

          The quicker or sooner his fan crowd accept that he has been done for years the better for them.

          Sometimes you have to be honest with yourself in life.

          Move the flip on and find other hobbies other fanboyism.

          1. Or we need you again to say shirt seller which wasn’t funny the 1st time mate are you 15 years old ?

          2. Other than his age being 31, which is another few days away, you give no other details but call him names. It’s getting a bit tedious now. Just saying.

    1. At least be thankful we got the result mate! It wasn’t a given we would collect all 3 points as Mancity have found out. Top 3 going into the international break, a point from 2nd, it could be worse. Let us get backc in the champions league first then we can worry about our uninspiring football.

      1. Even if Arsenal are 10pts in the first position, I wouldn’t be so happy because we are so damb good at throwing away points.we are 3rd, Chelsea is chasing real close and they didn’t sign a single player yet still play lively football.Truth be told we need a new manager.

        1. If Chelsea is able to compete without signing any players how is that Emery’s fault? It is probably Ole Gunnar’s fault for pounding them and forcing them to go back to the drawing table and fix things early.Emery has us 3rd..will a new manager after the international break keep us there?

          1. Why have a manager who doesn’t have any plans and tactics? Leicester dug it out with Liverpool, Chelsea,and I’m sure will do same against us. Which teams are we digging it out with? Tell me we don’t have a good squad yet we dig it out with Watford, Newcastle, Aston Villa etc. Tell me who is responsible.

            We need a better manager fam

        2. Yeah, bring back Arsene and Arteta as captain, I remember that’s how we won the league the last time.

    2. @Dan Kit CR7 was signed for about double the fee we spent on Pepe, yet it took him a while to score his first goal for Juventus, in a league that is less difficult than the EPL! Calm down mate. Pepe will come good.

  11. Why does this game feels like a loss to me..i mean this is the emirate so we should be playing better…xhaka is slowing down that midfield and sokratic and kola is killing the defense

  12. OT: When Guardiola was still managing Barcelona, he once said that the players will get bored of their coach at some point. Hence he had to leave Spain despite all his achievements in three glorious years

    Maybe this season is when Man City players are fed up with Guardiola’s strict and ruthless methods. Finger crossed he would get fired by the end of this season, then replace Emery to prove a point in England

    Nonetheless, the highly talented Adama Traore crushed Man City when playing as an RWB. I always wanted Arsenal to purchase him, instead of spending a lot of money on Pepe

    1. Oh please come off it! He had a solid game today against City but how many times does he show up in games?
      Pepe will come by, he just needs sit out a few games.
      Right now I’d rather have trickery in this team over one way paced.
      Too early to write off Pepe even though he’s been terribly poor.

      1. Adama Traore never got a chance to play regularly as a starter in EPL, just like Gnabry

        However, he was one of the brightest talents at La Masia and would be a huge weapon for us on the right wing, had he come to Arsenal

      1. Never doubted the talent of that boy, but I don’t think Arsenal can wait for two seasons till he improves his performances

    2. Are you for real? You simply can’t use Adama and Pepe in the same sentence. Always wanted us to get him? Jeez…🀐

  13. Unconvincing from Arsenal ..They said…. Emery with his players selection is creating chaos in the back and center lines almost a tie game we were lucky

  14. Looking how Man city lost 2-0, Tottenham lost 3-0, a 1-0 result for us is satisfying to me. 3 points is all that matters. Top 4 looks very likely.

  15. LDDWWWDWW!!!!

    Bloody good form.
    Win ugly, win beautiful that’s all..

    3rd right now.

    Lacazette, Tierney, Bellerin, Holding soon to return.

    Better things ahead.

    1. I thought Pepe had the most contribution ,

      1) one assist that won the game
      2) one close shot slightly off target (mind you we only have one shot on goal for the entire team), and
      3) created one penalty that would have been awarded in a million parallel universe…

      Yes he lost the ball a few times but offense is only created when you take risk in attacking

  16. The progression of our team to one that is consistent is still a long season long road to travel. In the mean time we need to learn about how it is getting there.

    Although we haven’t got a full squad and got the full flow of how we want to play, winning is winning.

    And the win today when City lost, Spurs lost and United drew with Newcastle (yes I am from the future) just makes picking up points like today as another key ingredient towards being able to dig in and get a result when it’s most needed.

    Well done. Our lil period between the international has been wins and small growth – the biggest drama has come from fans who are still more happy because they want it all now!

  17. Mature performance is how I’d describe it. Defending was better, Bou had one really good opening when Leno was beat but player played it across goal, every other chance just about had players vying for the ball so they never had space and time.

    No real mistakes other than some cheap breaks that Kol gave away at bad moments when we had bodies forward. Guendouzi saved the defenders bacon on a couple of occasions with some good reading and intercepting of the game, Chambers too, they’re supposed to do that.

    We had most of the best play in the first half when we controlled the game entirely, back to front we bossed it but the forwards didn’t make it count.

    We know Bou can be dangerous and they showed it a little in the second half, we brought on players that people wanted to see but our forward play didn’t improve, but we still defended well and claimed a valuable three points, and Emery again wins points after a midweek game versus a team who had more preparation time. Onwards and upwards as they say.

  18. Emery isn’t the fit for arsenal. We win and place 3rd and everyone says we are on the up. We’re not, we labour to wins due to the array of talent in our squad but we should be 6 points better off but we are not and the football should be more entertaining but it’s not. Spurs are poor, Man U are poor and Chelsea are in transition with a signing handicap. The situation is deceptive and I can’t help worry the wheels will come off again this season as it did last. The way we either win, lose or draw worries me because the plan on the pitch and our identity of football isn’t resonating

    1. Listen man, having a few scares at the back is normal. This is the premier league! You can’t expect the team to plough through opponents like it’s the championship. The games will always be tough, once you accept this reality you will become far more grateful of our victories no matter how shaddy they look. I for one never take it for granted whenever we win a premier league game. This league truly is the most competitive.

      1. We have only played one team this season who were on it from the start and that was Liverpool. My point isn’t to expect steamrollering every time we step on the pitch, it is the identity of our football, tempo and attitude of the team as a unit. This is what for me is lacking and that comes from the manager. In 8 games this season and about the same on the back end of last season we are the same. We as the fans expect top four this season and given what our rivals are doing it should be nailed on top 4 but it’s anything but that. Of course I’ll take a win regardless but that is mid table team mentality not what arsenal is all about.

  19. Please let’s not be too harsh on the team, we have to consider the number of games they have played in short space of time.A win is a win , let’s be happy

  20. some fans will be like (after all we are in third position just one point behind mancity ) but the question is must we be bad when other top six teams are playing badly ? we just can’t have one outstanding season since 2005 am actually sick and tired of watching this Emery’s arsenal imagine with all the money spent we are struggling to beat teams

  21. With the EPL Arsenal I always expected this type of game so I won’t go on nagging about the performance cos like most of all we already saw it coming. But am glad we won when 2pur7 lost, Man City lost. Though I want Emery out I still place Arsenal above my selfish desires so I won’t wish we loose to prove my point. Glad we won plus s rare Clean Sheet(may we not wait 10 more matches to get another EPL clean sheet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

  22. Γ–zil ended Arsenal’s trophy drought and started a new run of success. Emery had 5 chances to restore Arsenal to the Champions League, and blew them all.

    And Emery’s talking about who deserves things?

    Emery deserves to be fired. Today. Good ebening.

  23. Scary CD til last second of the game!

    Thanks to Gendouzi for last save while Sokra was watching from miles away, standing as a Greek statue! Captain Xhaka nowhere around!

    We up for a scary season with that retarded coach & board!

    The lunatic may bench Bellerin for MOM Chambers. He won’t ever play this defense

    Bellerin Chambers Holding/Mav Tierney.

    He will play Luiz or sokratis before Mav/Chambers…

    Nor he will play these players and Chambers as DM Wich is the biggest mistake so far. Mustafi is just his blaksheep!

    Emery is board’s slave and puppet, treating players as board says and treat him first!

    Xhaka, sokratis, Luiz have no place when we have Chambers as DM and Holding available.

    Not wait Sokra or Luiz injury to see Holding come in!

    He has to play bellerin Mav holding Tierney all available after break. Chambers in front of CD. Mustafi if Mav not ready yet.

    He just does it all wrong even to replace players, keeping Xhaka instead to get him out, he gets Saka out. Then again keeps Xhaka and subs Ceballos for Willock!

    No sense and lucky us indeed, 3 points on a set piece…

    Instead to provide excitement, Emery brings stress til last second of EPL games when we should be enjoying a game…

        1. Yes, I am sorry for you Viju, As much as you hope for Emery and thereby Arsenal, to fail. 17-3 is the goaldiffernce in our last 6 games.
          But keep the negativity going…

          1. Don’t mix up cup games and EPL to suit your narrative…we are 13-11 with a GD of 2, so live with that fact.

  24. Positives:
    3 points
    Third place
    Clean sheet
    Calum Chambers

    One couldn’t help but wonder why we didn’t press more after the goal and when Bournemouth was shaky at the start. For ten minutes after the goal the game was lively but it slowly petered out to be an aimless game. I wasn’t surprised with our second half display and I was praying it won’t end up as the Watford game.
    Auba almost had no service and he looked alone upfront. The link up play and the 1-2-1 needs a lot of improvement and probably Willock being on the pitch could have helped. Ceballos isn’t the creative player that we need as he is a #8 and seems to slot in there during the game.
    The harsh reality is that we have lost our identity and will be grinding out unattractive narrow wins like this and many will be happy – a win is a win you see!!
    This unbeaten run is strangely reminiscent of the 22 game unbeaten run last year, which will hide many deficiencies, until some teams will lay them bare. Pepe will not flourish in this system as he needs someone to play off which at the moment can be Willock. But it is clear that Pepe needs to play Europa and Cup games to play himself into form. It’s not fair on him to be shown up like this. Same with Xhaka who seems to have just lost it.
    The formation and substitutions were as bad as it happened earlier and instead of having players like Guendozi, Torreira and Ceballos looking busy on the pitch they need to be playing more assured football, for their own good.
    We got away with pairing Luiz & Sokratis once again, but it is clear they shouldn’t be playing together, so Holding coming back should solve that problem. Knowing Emery, he will bench Chambers, who was very good today.
    Instead of feeling happy about other teams losing and struggling, we should worry about the 6 points thrown away and thank God it didn’t become 8 today as we got saved by the rub of the green. It was as boring a game as one can ever watch and let’s hope GD doesn’t become a factor in case of a tight finish at the end of the season.

  25. We are in 3rd place. Im gonna give Emery the benefit of the doubt and keep my trap shut. After the next round we could be 2nd.

      1. Yes, that 2nd half left a lot to be desired, Viju! A win’s a win though, kind of hoped we’d have scored more though, what with being at home!

  26. This coach is a pretender. He is not a fan of Arsenal’s philosophy. He dislikes flair players and favour mechanical .

  27. I think Emery is trying change the football as we know it by winning games with only 10 players on the field. Any way, Was an utterly boring game. Happy for the 3 points.

      1. Shame if OGS gets sacked because then they will get a good manager in and that’s one less for us to pick from when Emery leaves ,hopefully in January.

        1. I hope they keep OGS for a while longer. Then there is every chance, they will continue downhill.
          But unlike you, I don’t hope for an Arsenal manager to fail, and at the moment, I really don’t think Emery is on the way out.

          1. So your happy watching this football week in week out are you ?
            As a fan all we want is to be entertained and Emery can’t do that ,he’s boring and his football is boring .
            Why did we get rid of Wenger if getting 4th place all that’s required to be seen as a good season ,least with Arsene we were guaranteed pretty football now again .

          2. πŸ‘ The owner/management will make the decision, not Dan kit, Viju Jacob or others on this site.

          3. Stop beating the same drum Ozzie it’s boring .
            And I did see your β€œI can apply for the managers job at the end of the season β€œ
            You’ve said that like 10 times now .

        2. What’s with all the personal jibes? I’m no wallflower but I thought the rules are to not do it.

  28. And what’s with all that time wasting and Torreira drama towards the end?! Is that how you play at home against a team like Bournemouth?!?
    Pretty sad to see all this.

    1. Viju
      You really need to get a grip
      Your posts are so negative
      Its about clean sheets getting 3 points and building confidence by winning ugly or lucky
      3rd place going in to the break. I will take that all day long
      If you dont like it then dont watch it

      1. Viju
        I am sorry you have had to resort to lowering the tone
        Please accept my apologies if you have taken offence to my reply as none wasm eant but I Think I understand the basic rules of football and that is scoring more goals then your opponent which means you win the game…would that be correct?
        Still new to this sport as I have only be watching it for close on to approaching 5 decades..
        Onwards and upwards

  29. Frankly it was the most boring Arsenal’s game I’ve watched this season! No fluent passing despite Bournemouth poor display..
    Never seen so many long balls in a single Arsenal match ever.. and I’ve watched Arsenal’s game since the 90s!
    Wait, with all d long balls especially from Luiz & Xhaka, is this Arsenal’s playing?!
    The only relieved is we got 3 points..

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