Arsenal 1-1 Wolves – Another disappointing result for Arsenal

Defensive frailties once again cost Arsenal as they finish all square with Wolves

This game had a certain pattern about it, Wolves started each half off with the majority of possession before Arsenal then took over. However, it was in a spell where Arsenal was looking the more dangerous that they conceded the equalising goal.

It was the same old story, defensive frailties, aided and abetted by the midfield. Dani Ceballos lost his man who then did a simple cross into the area and both Sokratis and Chambers ended up flapping like birds in a magnetic vortex.

It has to be said that it was not such a bad performance from Arsenal, Ozil played well, Tierney just gets better, Saka was exciting when he came on and Pepe was not missed.

Aubameyang and Lacazette were on their game early on and Guendouzi and Torreira were alert in the centre of the park.

But while Arsenal only led by one goal you always felt Wolves would edge their way back into the game and they did.

It was a frustrating afternoon but not one that would make you too angry.

Yes, Arsenal should have won and there is still something missing but the performance had more energy and creativity than we have seen in a while.

But the bottom line is that dropping points at home to teams like Wolves is not good enough and questions will continue to be asked of Unai Emery.

Boos rang out at the end and that in itself spells trouble ahead. The after-match post mortem will not be kind on the manager I fear.


    1. No. Not even if we had lost today.

      Seriously why take Torreira off at 1-0? For Saka, against Traore? Ridiculous.

      1. Emery is not going to take us where we want to go. That must be obvious now. He’s not the man.

      2. I will continue say it here, Emery is a clueless arrogant for nothing coach. You team is under pressure, 21 shots against our 7, and you pull out a defensive midfielder for and upstart, pulled out Lacazette for Martinelli in a tough gave against wolves for his premiership debute!!

    2. “…but the performance had more energy and creativity than we have seen in a while.”

      What kind of mentality is this, for God sake ?

    3. why is d admin posting this kind of article… of course we re angry. I’m so pissed off, sad hurt. what do we need to do as arsenal fan to b happy. please I urge all we fans to first start serious prayers to God to remove anybody who disturbing the progress of the club. second start boyscotting games. we need to send a message to d board. I’m so fed up

    4. Am so unhappy. This manager isnt taking us anywhere. Shocking sub. Why the hell sub out torreira??? Ozil is the most creative player we have. He added some much needed tempo and controll we have been lacking in alot of games this season
      The manager is clueless. Am gutted. Think we have a higher chance of getting top four if we sack him now than wait for a miracle

    5. Even if he survives this week, another loss against Leicester next weekend will certainly seal his fate. He is a dead man walking right now.

    6. I said ages ago we’ve got to get did of this clueless clown. Who in their right mind would substitute at 1-0 up with 20 minutes to go a defensive midfielder for an inexperienced winger. How stupid can you get? Also, why start with no wideman and 2 playmakers, last week it was 2 widemen and no playmakers. The man’s a complete fool, get him out now.

    1. any person expecting Mesut to win you games needs to have a check up.Anyways we got the answer to what some fans think we have been missing.Replacing a CDM for an attacker means the coach too needs to have a check when we are defending a wafer thin lead and have a central lunatic on the pitch.Wake up Josh.

    2. Look how Saka is playing now. You can see that every player has their highs and lows. Some weeks back he was being hailed so much. We shpuld sack Emery and appoint Ljungberg

      1. A big change is highly required to change the players’ mood

        Chelsea and Man United did it by sacking Mourinho, so I hope we wouldn’t chase that man’s signature

        I also wanna see Arsenal gamble on Ljungberg. But I don’t think Arsenal would do sack Emery, as long as we’re still in EL

    3. Gotanidea i didn’t watch, I was on sky 409, and the pundits praised him a lot, said he was always playing the ball forward. Please just drop the hatred it’s not useful for anyone. The main problem is the coach and as i always say he doesn’t understand premier league. Officially our competition is with Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, man united. Emery is destroying the football gradually. Subtitling Lacazette when we needed a goal is criminal. Emery always does that, his substitutions are usually wrong.

      1. I just want to criticize his lack of contribution. He didn’t make any error, but he didn’t do anything special either

        I agree that Emery’s tactic didn’t work in this match though

        1. Gotanidea, you have a bias towards Ozil. Ozil is Top quality. It is clear. Emery is the problem with the squad

        2. Gotanidea you are not the only one who watched this game and people who know football more than you said he played well. Just leave it please!!!!!!

        3. @ gotanidea. Your bias for Ozil isn’t fair.i can be critical too but not in this case. The coach to be blamed.
          Ozil played better in Carabao cup bcos of the tactics and formation of the coach. Emery won’t lead Arsenal any where it’s not looking positive. This is Emery 2nd seaon in E premier league and he is yet to understand the league.
          The early the better for Arsenal board to let him go.

      1. He didn’t have any real attempt to steal the ball and most of his through balls were not successful either

          1. Emery is a small club manager…. We are way too big of a club for this guy I hope the board act fast I mean really fast!!!

        1. Got…
          if this is your understanding of football, please stop following arsenal in the all and just stay with your fifa 1999

    4. @got an idea
      That is great and creative posting name except you misspelled it
      It should be GOTNOIDEA
      For a player that has player only 3 and1/2 matches this season he played brilliantly. Do you HAVE ANY IDEA what it takes to get players on form or how long?
      I played in 2 European leagues and really getting annoyed with your lack of understanding of the game
      Post somewhere else.

  1. I hope that man does the decent thing and walk. He is pure shit. I am beginning to hate this game. I DO HATE THIS FN GAME!!!!!!

      1. I don’t care about CL anymore, I want to see some entertaining football not the rubbish we are being served up.

      2. We are never getting champions league with emery. You need balls to win and sadly he doesnt have them. He is so toothless. Sack him asap. Let ljunberg manage till end of season.

    1. I think this was the most depressing thing of all Sue. City and Pool just manage to win despite looking like losing. Arsenal on the other hand, somehow manage to snatch a draw from a winning position.

      How very typical!

      1. I’m afraid I’m all for City, Welbeck. We’re nowhere near challenging (😭) and I absolutely despise Liverpool!
        Nothing surprises me with our team anymore, unfortunately. At this rate, I’ll be amazed if we win another PL game this year. So depressing..

    2. And they bloody manage to win so many games in the last minute. It drives me mad. I just thought City might close the gap today and then Pool comes back. They are starting to make me nervous even this early in the season. Much prefer City.

      1. Unfortunately luck is on pools side this season, lat minute goals that keep saving them…against us, villa they now seem to the The refs manure extra time galore when they are down

        Back on topic, our manager is clueless but he won’t going to be sacked so I might just stop watching, 2am games for me here down under to watch poor tactics, the selection yet was good BUT playing Torreira as an attacking mid? His ut from the back and side to side up the field , his stupid diamond formation, he used to be ok with his subs but the Torreira sub ydy?

  2. Seriously, imagine the way you pronounce evening be the highlight of your managerial career at Arsenal 🤡🤡🤡

  3. That was absolutely dreadful. I lost count of how many of our corners go straight back to Leno. Emery brings on Kolasinac when we need a goal, why not a Pepé. Emery needs to go now. This is worse than anything I saw in Wengers reign.
    I watched on Hesgoal and the commentary was more entertaining than the football, it was in Japanese.

  4. Both Pool and manc completed comebacks. That’s what champions are made of.
    And here we are letting teams get back into the games.
    Emery is a clueless fool.

  5. I dont understand why emery is experimenting with torreira.We are nort creating enough oppurtunities neither are we defensively gud.Wtf does emery want?

  6. Emery is shit
    Why bring in saka, what for?
    Why replace Tierney.
    I hope losing against Leicester will confirm his exit

  7. 22 shots 8 on target compare to 4 shots on target and 10 shots really Emery is not a good manager am going to put Leicester to beat this team 4 0 next game relegation it’s mate

    1. @Skills 1000
      The person who hired him should be sacked… How did they think, a guy who just got fired from his last job, was good for this job?

      1. Brendan was fired from Liverpool, not that he did too shabby there in my opinion….. but now he’s won trophies at Celtic, and he’s doing great at Leicester. So, a coach getting sacked doesn’t really dent his chances of getting hired again. But then, with Emery, you just know from the start that he’s not right for us. I preferred him to Arteta (just for experience), when I learnt they were the forerunners to take over from Arsène….. but now, I doubt Arteta could do worse than this. Heck, maybe working with Guardiola might even have worked in his advantage at this point.
        Emery just seems clueless, he keeps refusing to field our best 11, and when he even comes close to doing that, he messes with some players’ positions. I’m just tired of having that guy around. If only I could wake up to news of him already fired tomorrow

  8. Blame the draw squarely on Unai…we r leading, the game is dying, he subs Torreira and brings Saka…a forward for a DM when we need to kill the game….that’s managerial Suicide. Unai is slowly killing us

    1. I have been saying Arsenal’s passing game gives defenders time to regroup. So don’t be surprised Emery will have to go.
      Why not play like the Blades. They are direct and easily dispose of Burnley.

  9. Again he puts a team out which has no balance, what was torreria doing..can anyone explain?? He was complete useless, why can’t he play him in his position or bench him. I liked the midfield of Ozil, Guendozi n ceballos. The way we play our football is manager’s fault. Build up is too slow, players hug the ball for too long. We don’t press in right areas as well. There is no urgency in the team…I missed the days when we had rosciky, hleb, flamini n fabrgas in our midfield we were fast, passionate, quick n played beautiful football.

    1. Just admit it now, you all MISS WENGER and hark back to the days when we played exciting football!?! For all his apparent faults, when will the lazy General public, also known as Arsenal fans, wake up to the fact that “The Arsenal Way” is Mr Wenger?!?

      Anyone else is just a poor imitation of the mighty originator.

      1. I agree bro, I was always in his favour n I wanted the team to handed over to some one who could continue his playing style…well now Arsenal fans are finding out grass is always green on the other side.

        1. I agree bro, I missed the good old days. At least we were stable. Emery isn’t a fool but he is clearly playing with a lot of fear these days. Clear evidence the fans/media have affected him.

  10. Although I am not suprised,I am very depressed with what is happening to us.
    You mean with Bellerin,Pepe and Kolasinac on the bench when you need stability and some finishing power you bring in an under age boy whose only work is to follow the ball around?
    I am so lost.Emery must be having a mental problem which needs urgent medical attention.

      1. @gotanidea.Initially I used to think that this guy was incompetent but I now believe he is a mental case.

    1. As some fans have said, the build up is too slow. The defence as usual goes awol. In fact Wolves could have won.There are no easy games in the epl
      A manager is judged on results.
      If Arsenal continue the winless run in the epl Emery will have tobe held

  11. Yo!! Confidently I can still tell you we have fans trusting him and saying give him till January so he can ruin whatever we have left of Arsenal.
    Even I will do a better job with this squad

      1. Yo Sue, that’s the spirit😄.
        I’ll take along with me Kev as the U23 coach.

        Sue you and Pat will be in charge of medics..

        Gotanidea can get the scout job so he has more time for himself to obssess and masturbate over the thoughts of getting us Inverted Wingers with strong foot,🙄🙄 Traore comes to mind..

    1. You are worng, I know fans who want board to give him whole season and at the end decide if yo extend his contract or not. I don’t know if they are arsenal fans or other club supports disguised as Arsenal fans. Lol!. Time for Raul to go as well n take his Pal UE with him…back to Spain amigos

      1. Even though results aren’t going our way at the moment, I’d say it’s not worth sacking the manager mid-season unless we’re facing relegation. It’s better to let this season play out and plan EFFECTIVELY for next season.

        1. Noooo!
          and then again new manager will
          need time to structure the team…
          we have no time,
          Auba and Ozil are not getting any younger,
          others will get nice offers from Spain
          and we will be frakked.
          Emery OUT! asap

  12. What’s the hell was saka done in both attack wise or defensive wise , nothing . I don’t know what is doing in the pitch, headless chicken. I don’t care about his age because all i care about arsenal fc, if you’re selected for the game you have to perform well thats it,

    1. I thought he was the next big thing from the Arsenal academy?? It is at a player’s lows that you will see their real fans. Saka is massively talented regardless of today.

      1. he don’t have any idea about his role on the pitch. he didn’t trying that hard as martinelli, he is also teenager.

    2. This is a boy we saw on Tuesday looking tired against Liverpool. Why the manager brought him in knowing how quick Traore is baffles me . Watching Watford vs Chelsea, you see premiership match tempo not the sideways football at the Emiirates.

      1. i think the ‘next big thing’ is in his mind. That substitution also rubbish i dont understand the substitution when we were leading in narrow margin.

  13. Wolves were pushing for the win even in the last minute of the game.We have become a joke a midtable team is trying to win against us at our home in the last minute of the game.

  14. Emery is clueless. OMG

    Look at his substitution (s)

    We can’t keep a lead… We can’t even talk about clean sheet as we always concede.

    If we lose to Leicester in our next game, expect us to fall from 5th to 8th or so and Leicester will be buzzing for that game knowing fully well that Liverpool play man city next.

  15. Get rid now or at this rate will be fighting United for 17th. 4 shots on target at home is disgusting. EMERY OUT

  16. Even if Emery ain’t good enough I will never allow myself into thinking this team is good enough. The front line isn’t well balanced at all. Last season people would have told you all Emery had to do was to play Ozil behind Auba and Laca for the win. Now the new excuse is play the same along with Pepe for the win like that would have definitely made a difference.
    The issue of Emery being good enough now is a ship that has sailed now. Arsenal shpuld just be smart and get him out because he’s lost control.

    1. Ozil had played behind Aubameyang and Lacazette all season long, but we couldn’t get into top four nor could we win EL

      Emery has definitely lost the dressing room, but the board might keep him till we get kicked out of EL

  17. Hes simply got to go.
    Its clear the players are not getting the message precisely and hes lost them.
    Let Freddie have a go and bring in Keown to coach the defence, he is always ready to give us a kicking as a pundit so lets see what hes got.

    Ot cant believe city turned it around liverpool too scoring on 87 and 94 never give up mentality incredible!

  18. The downward spiral, it begins to get worse

    Everyone in football knows, Arsenal’s bubble has burst

    But the stubborn old fool, still won’t change his style

    any half decent defense, sees it coming a mile

  19. The idiot Emery doesn’t know how to set his team. He must spend more time coaching than doing at the match . The lack of a proper defensive midfielder is where the problem lies. Put Chambers there. It’s so easy for teams to run at our back four. This guy thinks he is still coaching in La Liga.

  20. @sue
    Yes got to say with liverpool’s attitude this year I’m longing for that loss to come along as I fear our unbeaten record is at risk even though it’s only early season still.

    1. Yes… Their next game is against man city. That’s gonna be a cracker.

      Yet again we conceded from a simple throw in.. Oh men

    2. Kieron.. I will party hard, like when we won the league, when Liverpool finally (🙏) lose…. That smirk really does need to be wiped from their faces! Plus I’m still hurting from Wednesday.

    3. Truth be told they can’t do it. They are just continuing from last season with more spirit and belief. They might have the spirit but they are riding their luck on too many occasions for them to go unbeaten.The swagger of the Invincibles can never be matched. They will lose at least two times from what I’m seeing . Just remember this comment

  21. I think Emery should just do the honourable thing and hand in his resignation tonight.
    He is taking doing fck all for us.

    1. Arsenal drawing the game and searching for a win and all the coach could do with his last substitution was to bring on a left back for a left back… Emery is deluded… Arsenal can’t even win at home anymore… I will be surprised if Emery still remains the coach come the end of Monday

  22. The match was lost the moment Saka was bought in for Torreira , what was Emery thinking. Saka has not evolved either physically or technically to get and retain possession . I am not sure how many observed but seems the whole team rallied with Ozil as focal point and he had some very clever runs and passes which have not been utilized by others. He was not at his terrific but he did his job. Ceballos was poor going forward although he did some good work in recycling possession and he also is the main reason for loosing the marker on the way to Wolves goal

  23. What next for our Gunners, we really don’t know

    But one thing’s for sure Emery ,it’s passed time to go

    1. Emery hates every decent player. He is the mediocre manager who likes mediocre players who do his bidding without even a breath.

  24. I don’t care what ppl say Allegri is available so we should sign him. I don’t what is UE peoblem first he doesn’t not play the right ppl when he does he just has no clue about subs and balance of the team. We are slow and show no urgency at all to an extent that it drives fans crazy. I wanted to jump onto the field n carry that ball my self to wolves goal that’s how slow we are…so frustrating. We have no style neither we play possession football neither counter attack n neither proper defensive football what do we play???I would like to ask the money making board n UE the question?

  25. Your correct Charlie.Chambers will never be a right back but he could do a good job as a DM or a centre back.Without any top quality centre backs the need for a physically strong DM is imperative.

  26. I’d love to know what Raul and Edu are thinking re Emery.
    Give him until January? I think it’s too late then we are drifting away from the pack already and the way this xhaka thing has been handled has demonstrated he is not suited to life in the pl. He needs to know that the press are relentless over here and you deal with it and appease them or ypure doomed.
    I say again ‘La Remuntado’ on Emerys watch.
    The psg Neymar and thiago Silva situation really ruined this man hes no confidence, clarity or belief that he’s the manager anymore who after all allows the players to pick their captain, non sense and sends out s weak message.

  27. Said it before game. He picked wrong team once more. Same result, different opponent.

    Team picked made no sense at all, subs were wrong as well.

    We are shaky in defense, he should have subbed Ceballos for Bellerin, move Chambers as DM.

    Then sub Gendouzi for S Pepe to give crosses and add speed on wing and danger.

    Then he could have sub Laca, bring Martinelli for last quarter, on left wing.

    As long as Chambers is not played as DM, we won’t find balance, Ozil and forwards can’t have freedom and attack.

    If you have a weak shaky CBs, you need Chambers as DM to cover CBs. Then we can play forward and flanks.

    Emery is fully to blame, not players once again.

    What type of sense did he make by having Ceballos with Ozil there already? Crazy!

    He almost had it tho, he just needed to play Bellerin as RB and Chambers as DM in front of CBs and not Ceballos. And it should be either Torreira or Gendouzi, have a winger instead , like a Pepe who can also score. Then Ozil can get busy with Laca, Pepe, Auba, kill the game!

    Next games are Leicester and City! We will lose or win both upon team that lunatic puts on, which starts from Chambers infront of 2 CBs. He wont get it right as today and since start, but solution is there Chambers as DM, givea lots options in middle and forward.

  28. Saka is an exciting prospect and there is nothing wrong in bring him in but make sure you are leading by 3-0. Do anybody sees or knows what Chambers add to the team attacking wise. Emery should let him concentrate on defending. To be honest we did more than what I expect today

  29. Why did Emery go for that bullshit diamond? And if there was no intention in going forward and only defend, so why play ozil in such a shitty tactic? Emery just wanted to ruin it for Ozil that’s what this was all about. He just couldn’t let him shine. There is literally no other explanation for today’s team selection. He played Pepe before even if he wasn’t performing well and in the last few matches he was getting good, and Emery drops him today. Because Ozil played today, and he very well knew how good it could have been outstanding with Ozil and the front three PAL. That’s what this was all about. Emery wanted to validate his decision of not playing Ozil by playing him 90 minutes in today’s dysfunctional formation, and with tactics that doesn’t suit Ozil. Nice try Emery!

  30. Three things tormenting arsenal.

    1. Iwobi and the left attack position

    2. Weakest midfield in the league. Guendouzi, Torreira, Xhaka are all useless

    3. Short defenders that are not at all comfortable with the ball

  31. 3 things from this game
    Emery must go now
    Emery must go now
    Emery must go now
    Beyond that the idiots who waffle on about our young midfielders are ready to talk over from the lines of ozil need to find another club to support … another struggling north London club comes to mind
    Socrates Luiz is a championship level central defense … at best
    Not convinced that aube and lava work together … certainly not under the joker currently in charge

  32. Question : We will make to Europa league football?

    We are 5th and next week, we will drop further more at Leicester. Palace may beat Leicester on a good day and will be above us as they could for minute now.

    We will be 6th and Leicester eager to eat us up on next game. Even if Palace loses tomorrow, they still can be infront winning next game we will lose which can put us to 9th place if other teams win.

    The way things evolve, we will finish between 7th and 10th place.

    This is how Emery took us above Wenger who had no money!

    Not Emery fault, but Kroenke who hired him to have us forget our Prof who made Arsenal 20years what it became, this stadium and young players with an attracting football and great respect and spirit.

    Today’s complete opposite!

  33. The idea is for the opponents to come and be drawn to us and to be caught out and hit on the break then the previous approach of trying to keep the ball and attack in advance position and loss the ball and be counter attacked.

    Nothing wrong with this approach for periods of the game but a few issues;

    1. We have dropped points from a position of a lead. An approach thereafter of ‘security’ then to finish opponents off – caution comes to mind but we get found out.

    2. It’s a change in philosophy in what we are use to but the players need to take responsibly and learn how to win.
    Only they can do this, they cant be managed into how they fight for each other. Only on the pitch this can happen amongst them.

    Disappointed in the result, another none lost scoreline but clearly with all the drama around the club with Xhaka Ozil Unai.. we are in a tricky moment. We need to be together.

  34. Emery should just be sacked ASAP. No point in letting him stay till Jan, or end of season. What’s he gona do in that time that he’s not managed to do till now. We’ve made no progress whatsoever since last season, actually we have become worse with a better squad.

    1. I am so convinced that unai is not a good coach; how he got the job is still a valid question to be asked.

  35. Here’s your regular dose of match day positivity 😂

    -Leno made some nice saves and was better with his distribution.
    -Chambers played some nice bits of football and got himself out of trouble nicely a few times.
    -Sokratis and Luiz were far more composed today, dealt with some pressure playing out from the back towards the end far better than they have previously.
    -Tierney got skinned once in the opening minutes and then made that side his – did well keeping Traore shackled.
    -Torreira, Ceballos and Guendouzi worked the midfield well between them.
    -Ozil played well today but he was lucky Leno saved that Doherty shot. Ozil completely switched off in that moment and let him breeze past him 🤷‍♂️
    Other than that though he was looking good.
    -Laca was looking better tonight but it just wasn’t quite coming together for him, but some blinding work at times and the assist for Auba
    -Auba was looking sharper again.

    -Martinelli proved he can handle the PL just fine. No fear in that lad, he was everywhere and worked some bits of magic – he was also quite often the target of a lot of the intercepted passes.
    -Saka looked to get forward where he could, played a couple of nice passes and put in a couple of tackles but was a poor match up for him imo.
    -Kola didn’t do much – can only think Emery wanted his muscle against Traore for those last few mins 🤷‍♂️

    All in all I think that was another positive performance (not perfect but definitely improved) compared to what we’ve seen before. I think Wolves defended well to intercept a lot of dangerous crosses/through balls and we were unlucky to not get more goals.
    Defensively we were wobbly but still much more composed compared to previous performances. Ceballos switching off for a moment, Sokratis ball watching and Chambers getting out muscled led to the goal that equalised. Infuriating, avoidable but that’s football at times 🤷‍♂️

    Switching from the 4312 to the 4231 wasn’t necessarily a bad call by Emery, the game had opened up and he tried to exploit to take off some of the pressure, which it arguably did even if it did leave us more open to the counter.
    A stubborn defence that stood firm against us and player errors cost us the win imo not what Emery did. Maybe he would have done better bringing on Pepe instead of Saka and moving Martinelli out left but maybe Pepe picked up a bug/slight knock so wasn’t risked 🤷‍♂️

      1. OK my bad, perhaps you preferred seeing us sitting back and taking 30 odd shots against us, whilst struggling to get forward? 🤔
        Compare that to our performance against Watford when we were in the same setup and honestly tell me that we didn’t look much improved?

        1. No we didn’t, I think today is one of the worst performances I have seen from Arsenal and think Emery is dragging us back to 1983.
          Sokratis is a cheat, that’s two games in a row he’s feigned injury.
          Ceballos runs around in little circles providing nothing.
          The team are all over the place with opposing players left wide open.
          Dark days ahead!
          I think we should just agree to disagree about improvement.

          1. Agreed about Sokratis and I don’t like it either.

            Ceballos though – 4 tackles, 1 interception, 1 blocked shot, 1 key pass not to mention all his work moving the ball around (4th highest number of passes on the night with 92% success rate) and closing people down but sure provides nothing 🤦‍♂️

            Things may not be great but definitely looking better and we’ve still only lost twice haven’t in this time havent we?
            what will we be like if/when things do click properly?

  36. 7 points dropped in the last 3 games…. sheesh! 14 points behind the leaders… I think it’s safe to say, the FA Cup and EL it is then… Who’d have thought 11 games in & we’d be in this position….. Unbelievable

  37. Emery is looking like Wenger more and more… Guendouzi was not at his best but Emery took Torreira off. (and what position Toreirra played nobody knows). Then putting unexperienced Saka instead of Pepe??? and Laza is still coming to fitness but Emery waited too long to replace him. Where are those replacements after 1st 45 min?
    and Kolasinac for the end.
    I would like to see Chambers as DM, and Bellerin starts, Chambers is littlebit limited player on that right flank.
    I though Arsenal would win this with ease, but again strange decisions from Emery and overall we played too slow.
    I hope we got rid of Xhaka for good.

  38. Did you know when you compare wengers last 47 games and emery’s first Wenger has the better record and a huge percentage wanted him sacked
    What I find worse is Wenger at least tried play football Emery just wants to nullify the opposition

  39. Raul and Edu need to sort this shitfest out pretty darn quick.
    Someone on another blog just said they would be happy with Bruce Rioch back, I’d be happy with a Bruce Forsyth !

  40. When some people started calling Emery clueless I thought they were being unfair. Now I know why. Any sensible should have known that we needed Torreira to counter the opposition. Even if you had to remove him it would have been logical to bring a defensive mid fielder not a winger. How can a man with sense remove Tierney and bring Kolasinac? If Torreira and Tierney had remained on the pitch we might have won the game. player in similar position. Emery doesn’t have any clue what kind of substitutes he should make. He just changes for the sake of it! I am inclined to agree with those who think he has over stayed his welcome!

  41. Two points from a possible ninje against the “mighty” Sheff Utd away and those football giants Palace and Wolves at home. Aclub with an ounce of ambition would sack the man who cannot speak English and who confuses every Arsenal player he comes across, tonight let alone tomorrow, or as they actually will do, in May 2020. When we are 7th -9th and way out of touch, even with those other “giants” with a real proper manager who was not considered Arsenal quality, Brendan Rodgers at Leiceter. How far has the once mighty Arsenal fallen. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A CLUB LACKS OWNER AMBITION AND THEY EMPLOY SECOND CLASS MANAGERS AND PLAYERS , apart from a mere half dozen top players, some of whom do not even get picked by this stumbling clown masquerading as a manager. But he says “good evening”so understandably and constantly, that we must give him credit for politeness I suppose Eh? Nothing much else for credit though! Who among you would bite LEICESTERS arm off to have Rodgers here, as I would?

    1. my first choice was Anchelloti, second Brendon over Arteta.Unai was my last choice.After spending over 200M we are in this position does not surprise me. I have set a target for 10th place if Unai does a full season.
      out of the league cup, on the borders of the top 6, only the FA and EL are remaining to loose which surely Unai will not disappoint me.
      How we have fallen over the years, from EPL champs to contenders to top 4 , now top 6 and this year top 10.

  42. Emery has to go this can’t go on now!!! I’m getting really scared hope the board are doing some thing about the contracts auba and laca. Fast

  43. YES terrible result. No doubt
    I’m gutted

    But look on the bright side:
    1. We are still 5th place and can turn things around and still TOP of our Europa group. We are in good position
    2. Spurs are 13th
    3. United are 10th
    4. Spurs are 13th

    So relax and continue cheering our Gunners. 😀😘


    1. Are you forgetting something Innit, we have Emery has coach and he could turn things around he would have by now. We were outplayed buy every opponent in the last 3 epl games. Why should we concern ourselves with what manu and spurs do.

  44. They won’t sack him yet, this is a talented bunch of player and Emery doesn’t get the best out of them ,and more worrying l don’t think he knows how to, l feel sorry for Tierney having to Play alongside players like Luiz and Socratis they are truly awful. I hope they dont take too long though because we seem to be getting worse by the week,the fact that the layers are allegedly taking the pee out of him is not good either if it’s true,that would indicate that they do not respect him.

  45. Emery’s tactics are causing us problems, we have a squad that can shake the best teams in the world but our coach just keeps deploying tactics that are not helping us. We would have won this game with 5 goals if it were Arsene Wenger @ the helm but we keep struggling to beat even the lowest teams in the Premier League. We need a new & better manager or else! who knows…

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