Arsenal 1-2 Eintracht Frankfurt – Another sorry night at the Emirates

The Arsenal board have no choice now, they have to make a change and Unai Emery has to go.

This is a game that Arsenal should have put to bed in the first half but alas, the same old frailties rose to the surface.

Looking at the team sheet it was assumed that Emery went with a back five, which would have been ludicrous.

However, he actually played David Luiz as a defensive midfielder and it worked. Well, until the Brazilian came off injured that is.

The Gunners deserved to go in at half time one up, they were the better team and Frankfurt was poor.

The second half was a completely different game.

Frankfurt went for the jugular and the two goals were hardly a surprise. For some reason the team lost belief and it showed.

One can only imagine what the scoreline would have been if the Germans had started the first half how they started the second.

Emery will get the blame for sure but the set up was just fine in the first half and the players must shoulder a lot of the responsibility tonight.

I doubt Emery sent them out to fall back in the second half and it is bewildering why they did.

It has to be the end now, there is simply no point keeping the Spaniard in position for the Norwich game, the players are clearly not responding to him any more.

There is nothing to lose putting a caretaker manager in for a short time while a permanent replacement is hired.

The thing is this, I am not sure a new manager will make that much of a difference.

The brutal truth is that the team is not good enough, there are too many mediocre players, very little balance in the squad and almost no incentive for the big names to play for the shirt.

If Emery is still in charge in 24 hours time then I do not know what to say anymore. It is no good for his health, no good for the club and certainly no good for the fans.

This was a poor performance overall and it could have been so much better.


    1. When we have Laca and Pepe on the bench, and this manger can not think of using at least one of them??? Shambles

          1. I agree
            Martinelli isn’t pure class,miles above all other
            Arsenal youngsters, such a shame we don’t have a coach to
            Improve him….

        1. Ozil’s substitution?( I am a massive fan of him) should have been for another striker not a striker to a midfielder then another midfielder. We were losing and he could have changed Mustafi for a striker and move guendouzi a little more to the back, or say to chambers to stay at the back instead of coming forward.

          1. Not that it really matters but Ozil came on when it was 1-1, not when we were losing.

            First time I’ve ever turned down the offer of tickets at the Emirates. Clearly wasn’t the only one. Dark days.

  1. Surely now Emery cannot be retained. He can’t get anything right poor starting formation and that was the start of the disaster

  2. As usual I didn’t see the game, I’m relieved. I’ve actually saved myself the ache for the past one month.
    You know the funniest part? You’ll see one or two folks on here talking about giving him chance till January.
    Oh he’s master of the Europa league.
    Beeech this man better leave my beloved Arsenal😒😒
    Sue, I bet you saw the game as usual, sorry baby😂😂😂

      1. Sue why should you do that? What happened?
        BTW good news
        Emery’s leaving, the club’s worry and thing delaying em is the fact that they’re lost in between bringing in a new coach when we’ve gotten to the month of three games a week.
        But they plan on giveing Freddie the job till end of season.
        Allegri is out of the race,
        Arteta won’t be an option now until the season’s end. He already told City he wants to end the season with em.
        The job at the end of the season is between Arteta and Pochettino.
        I think Emery would be announced tomorrow

        1. Ian Wright doing a bush tucker trial – top notch 👌😜
          I actually can’t wait until it’s announced, Eddie. Be such a relief! We’ve been terrible for so long.
          I don’t even want to go anymore, which isn’t like me! Can’t sit there and watch that cr*p.. bad enough at home!!

  3. Dave Payn: The way Arsenal are playing, particularly defensively, never mind the Europa League they’ll be facing a relegation battle in the PL before long

    Scott Taylor: Emery needs the boot tonight. He has no clue at all. We are going backwards game after game

    Arsenal have now gone seven games without a win – the first time they have had such a run since 1992

    The only time Emery needs now is some time at home. #SackHimNow

  4. For me the last straw was against Southampton. Eintract is better than Southampton but we still should have won

    Enough is enough

    Put him out of his misery, or rather our misery

  5. If this doesn’t get Emery out of my club then nothing will. It’s a pity we had to let it get this bad. Shame on Edu and Co

  6. How in the earth you sub Martinelli who was the best player in the pitch he made the assist and was endlessly running by the flank and leave Saka on .
    You are disgrace Unai

    1. If he had brought in Laca for Martinelli I would have understand but you sub our best player on the night and brought in a player who is finished. If Emery is not sacked am done with Arsenal.

    2. Yeah and the wait a long time with your last sub. Seemed to be Torreira but it takes a while so you think hmm maybe he gonna put on Lacazette but noooo

  7. I keep reading that Emery must go, I don’t read who his replacement will be. Sacking someone is easy, replacing them with someone better is much harder. So who is it going to be ?

    1. He should leave first…

      If we can’t find anyone, let lunberg manages the team until ENd of the season. Emery should go first

  8. The expression ‘losing the battle to win the war’ comes to mind. No true fan wants to see their team lose BUT if our board have to be humiliated before they act then this is an indication of how humiliating things have become. Losing against this lot doesn’t change things in terms of whether we progress in the comp. UE goes, the team are happier and Standard Liege get a battering OR UE stays and things get worse.
    If you wanted Emery out, as do I, then this result is the battle that we lost but a war that we will win

  9. Man, every home game we end up begging for a draw! Away game is a guaranteed L. Raul you snake, do your job! Head of Football, aren’t you the one who should solve this coaching issue? No better than Gazidis

  10. I am gonna say this here, Aubameyang minus his goal is bang average. He dies absolutely nothing all game just walks around waiting for tap-ins. The earlier bukayo Sako buckles up the better because the next coach won’t be this patient with him. He is so average. You would think Martinelli and willock are the only players who should held their heads up after this game.for 3 matches now tierny has been bang average. I won’t even comment about Ozil because we were playing with 10men he was shockingly horrible.guendouzi should not near the starting 11 until he snaps out of this form he’s he is so terrible and to think David Luiz was player better in the md than he has played in the cb.
    There is no leader in that team, at loosing you would think that they will show urgency but they were lackadaisical,Chambers each time he touches the ball I just count it that we have list possession. What is appailing to me is how is the whole team out of form? Except they are trying to loose Emery his job. That’s the only meaningful explanation that comes up on my head otherwise I say sack the whole players.

    1. That’s what he’s in the team for. He’s a finisher, not a play maker, not a link up player, an actual finisher. He’s the only one that did his job today

    2. It’s like you read my mind Lucia, we are the only club who will be losing and still will be playing sideways or backwards, Luiz was doing good before his injury we all know Martinelli is class, mustafi will always be mustafi, but what I don’t understand is why would a coach substitute our best player and bring in a Ozil a player that has been finished for the last 3 years when we have Laca and Pepe on the bench.

  11. There is no spirit in the team and the stadium is becoming a ghost town..

    It’s a horror show and Emery is the devil!!

  12. Not only must he be sacked, he should be arrested as well… This is a new low for a club like Arsenal…

    My God, half of this squad is championship quality and must join him in leaving… I don’t see a lot of hope even if we replace him tonight, these players have lost the winning mentality,spirit,vigour and drive…

    I’d steer clear of Arsenal if I was a Jobless Top coach right now, some unwanted stain on a resume…

  13. This squad is good, amazingly good. We just need someone who knows how to manage a club. On paper arsenal should be a force to be reckoned with.

    1. Lol we are not even close to amazingly good, mustafi socratis chambers Wilock holding Torrera Xhaka Ozil are average at best so please use another English we are not even that good not to talk of amazingly good.

      1. 👍 Arsenal needs a coach prepared to give these players a bollocking. Their individual performances, with few exceptions, are a disgrace to the shirt.

      2. Our last transfer was not well managed, we lost better players than their replacement, meanwhile, our manager has lost it, he should just go now, fans are not coming to watch ball. Emeryout

    2. The spirit has died. Oh for Martin Keown and Tony Adams. We need someone familiar with the Premier League. Kick Daniel Levy in his ‘short and talls’, get Pochettino.

  14. As much as I share the disappointment over tonights performance and hope that the board are set to sack Emery, the problem is that Freddie cant take over until the end of the season.

    Freddie doesn’t have a Uefa pro license apparently, which means that he can only manage Arsenal for 12 weeks maximum and he cant manage the team in Europe at all. So unless Freddie is very close to completing the pro license it would have to be someone else taking over, possibly Steve Bould, with Freddie as his assistant I would assume. Maybe Arsenal can find some way around this, but don’t count on it.

    As for Pochettino, I suspect that whatever he feels about the Tottenham board, he has too much regard for the Tottenham fans to take over at Arsenal, although stranger things have happened. And Im sure that the first hint of trouble would see the Arsenal fans turn on him too. He would be better off somewhere else.

    Allegri seems to have problems or doesnt want the job, as for Arteta, ‘fan favourite’ or not, the next Arsenal manager should at least be someone who has actually managed a team, even a youth team, for a little while first. I would be disappointed if it was Arteta. Similarly I would say that Viera probably needs a year or two more before stepping up.

    Then there are the English managers, Howe, Dyche, Wilder. I think all three would be a long shot, but at the moment I would take any of them and their experiece over Arteta. And I would take Santo over any of them, based on the performances of the relevant clubs over the last couple of seasons. Santo may have had problems before, but seems to have overcome them at Wolves. Someone who can learn from their mistakes and improve has something going for them.

    To be honest though, Im not sure who is likely to be the next manager. Anyone whose current team is doing well at the moment, particularly if they are still in the European competitions is unlikely to want to leave at this point in the season, if at all. Established names are likely to want too much money in order to rebuild the team. Younger managers with a reputation for improving their players and building a team seem the most likely prospect, but are unlikely to deliver the instant success that some of the fanbase seem to expect.

    As such I wouldnt be surprised to see Bould take over for now, while the Board look for someone long term. in the meantime I assume that Ljungberg will stay as an assistant but work hard on getting his Pro license.

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