Arsenal 1-2 Lyon typical friendly and despite loss was not a disaster

Well, one thing I can say about this game was that it was a classic pre-season friendly and that not too much can be taken from the game.

There were a few talking points to be sure but nothing extraordinary, we lost Lacazette early on and hopefully, that is nothing serious, Willock looks very useful, Nketiah was his usual exciting busy self and none of the under-fire players, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan etc did anything exceptional but neither did they do anything really wrong.

Nelson had a decent game but I just get the feeling that there is always something missing from his game, I am not sure he will have a breakthrough season.

Martinelli does look like he could be something special but far too early to know that.

Despite coming on for the last 20 minutes did not really get to see anything from Ceballos but that is no biggie, it was his very first piece of action for us. It was a shame his goal did not count, that would have been a great debut for him.

The defence did ok, cannot really have a go at them despite the conceded goals, could they have done better? probably, but I was not expecting anything much more than what we got from them.

Truth is, that no matter how well the defence does I will always be nervous until things are completely turned around.

Overall it was a friendly that was played like a friendly and I cannot be too critical despite the loss but at the same time, I cannot say that I saw anything that inspired me either.

In the end, it was a typical friendly game.


  1. Okay overall. We’ll keep pointing out how bad the defense is because it never seems to be addressed. Guendouzi looked good, Willock looked fine, and I think Martinelli has good potential. Nobody in defense gives me confidence though :/

  2. I really liked the look of Nelson today. Him and Willock I rate very highly and think this is their season to make their mark. Finishing not quite there but great technique, pace and work rate.

    AMN had another very solid game in all areas. Don’t think we need a backup RB with him fit.

    Not impressed with Nketiah and Martinelli. The former especially has never shown himself to be clinical enough yet. Most of his first team goals have been tap-ins and his decision-making is a little predictable.

    Ceballos is a game changer. What a talent he is. If we can play three in midfield and give him the space to be creative, he will be a fearsome asset.

    Need a goddamn CB (although Chambers looked solid).

    1. Should Nketiah be able to get his act together he will be a very dangerous striker.In the first team there is a lot of pressure that is why though clinical in the academy he seems to be less clinical in the first team.Tgis applies to lots of academy players even at dufferent clubs.Finishing in itself is part of a player’s talent which I believe Nketiah has and can probably be a world class finisher if he develops as expected.
      This is the reason why I want him to go on loan but the fact the fact that we use two strikers on the pitch with one out of position complicates matters for him.We should be grooming him for the position

      1. Agree, Kev. I’m also in the camp of sending him on loan if possible. He has talent, but is missing the key ingredient, which is deadly finishing. And that really comes down to handling the pressure. I’ve noticed this about him in every first team appearance he makes. Luckily he is young, but needs game time to get better. Emery needs to make sure he isn’t riding bench all season if he does stay.

        1. Yes, but the world class finishing talent which can’t be taught is definitely in him.He scores lots of goals in the academy and from how he scores some of them you can see he has that ability which can’t be taught.All he needs is to get his act together which by playing more games will help him do

          1. You’re right kev, but as one of the commentators rightly said: it’s not just about talent, but mentality. He needs to have the strength of will to step up when called upon. Shadowing Laca and Auba in the first team is probably the best thing for his development at this stage.

    2. Chambers cost us the first goal with his typically atrocious marking – just watch the replay. Although AMN just kind of let their winger put a cross without even trying to stop it. AMN is not a fullback – not good enough, and as for Chambers the sooner he leaves the better. It’s clear now (at least it seems so) Emery seems content with either Elneny or Guendouzi being the sub for Torreira at DM. As a CB Chambers is championship material.

      The ref cost us the second goal – a clear offside if you watch the replay.

      1. ? Diogenes, AMN is not a RB and “got skinned” again. Arsenal need a RB and I have heard that Arsenal are in talks with Juventus for Daniele Rugani on a two year loan with option to buy. Suits Arsenal’s staggered payments.
        The defense would be helped with a commanding midfielder like Decoure. Torreira was missed.
        Two many missed opportunities again by Nketiah and Nelson in particular; should have been at least 4-0 at half time.

    3. AMN was not very good, and it was his poor defending that was the main problem when they scored the equalizer. And the right side of our defense, was where nearly all their chances came from.
      He is not the solution at RB.

    1. This club loves an error prone CB.Now we are targetting Rugani on a loan + option to buy deal.Sigh

          1. We tend to always be linked with him though. Is there really anything concrete this time around? Juve seems to have wanted him sold for several seasons, so if he’s deemed not good enough for Juve, I don’t see why we would want him. We need a top CB, not just somebody okay. I’d rather work with what we have than waste money on somebody who is also not good enough.

          2. Rugani has talent and is highly regarded. He is back in the pecking order because Juventus keep buying older, more experienced CB’s, because they want instant success.

  3. Silly headline. Arsenal’s defence was how it always is…poor concentration. Let’s down the good work of all the other players. CB please…we need one. Xhaka is rubbish too….you are not good enough mate. Fact. Mustafi as per usual. Emery wake up to the truth.

      1. Sorry Martin but 80 minutes of good concentration were let down by the usual mindlessness (as opposed to mindfulness). It was too typical of last season. If he doesn’t fix the ‘hole in the leaking bucket’, we will get the same result as last year.

  4. How guendozi who just played his first pre season game was way miles better than xhaka I would never know.. who signed xhaka? I mean who scouted this joke of a player? And AMN is so overrated in my opinion,did you see amount of space depay had to cross the ball to dembele to score. And Chambers positioning was bad.from the little cameo I saw from ceballos what a good player, very mobile and technical..
    We seriously need a right back as jenkinson and AMN is a joke. Hoping lacazette is just a precaution.Nelson was good,so was Miki our defence is a total mess, what has happened to socratis? He is getting bad all the time and why is toreira not back yet? I can’t wait for xhaka to be anywhere but far away from arsenal…no talent or what’s over…

    1. That’s what you get for continually sticking a player out of position.
      I fear when we bring back AMN and put him in his original position he won’t be that good.AMN is able to play RB because of his physical qualities rather than proper understanding of the position.That is why he is so inconsistent even in matches where he does well.His positioning is constantly poor.
      How I wish after that Utd game where he dominated their midfield we would’ve continued to develop him in that position and use other alternatives for the other positions where he was required to fill in.Arsenal and him might have reaped massive rewards

  5. Is there one good thing Xhaka can do another than kick the ball into the stance ? Can’t run, can’t dribble, can’t score. I rather we keep mustafi and sell xhaka.

    1. Xhaka is as bad as Mustafi.In fact I believe if Mustafi was getting the same number of games as Xhaka he’d be worse.I rate Mustafi as just as bad and more times even worse despite relatively led game time

      1. I know mustafi is just as bad but lately at least his time on the field has been getting less but Xhaka is rumoured to be our captain which worries me. Plus no one here defends mustafi unlike Xhaka. If I had to choose between the two I would rather sell xhaka. I don’t think we had midfield player as bad as him in a long time.

  6. Did u watch same game?

    We have no CD and scary defense. Look so easy to score , each time ball get to center, we are scared, feel lucky when bot conceed.

    Can buy pepe and all attack , it is no football game without defense.

  7. Arsenal always play well when there is no hard tackle and intimidation from the opposition at home

    Xhaka still could not release himself from tight spaces and he could only create forward passes when he was not surrounded. I hope Arsenal sell this dude ASAP

  8. Two sloppy moments of defending swung the game, but it was our attack that cost us. We missed so many opportunities, including 2 sitters from Eddie and Willock. Cannot believe we only scored one.

    I like the look of Ceballos, lots of energy, and determination. Willock got into some great positions, but his final ball was poor. Nelson really impressed me. I hope we keep him this season.

  9. You are dead right Sean.The second goal was the perfect example of how Socratis and Mustafi conspire to lose a goal to a simple through ball by trying to play offside when one of them should have matched the run by Dembele who is not particularly quick.When will Emery concede the sheer folly of playing these two poor CBs? They must be replaced or we face another season of utter frustration.

    1. Which is why I would rather we spent 72MM on a world class CB than Pepe. If we fix our defense we can be a top 4 club easily. We have enough talent up front to score goals.

  10. I think there are positives from this match, let’s focus on them while we hope for the signing of a CB.

    1. Thank you Marvin. Way too many glass half empty posters today.

      I was at the game and Nelson was electric. He had the crowd oohing and aahhing with every second touch. If Pepe keeps him on the bench then he is one helluva player.

      Willock started slow but grew into the game – he has definitely made Elneny redundant at the very least.

      AMN put in another good shift although everyone knows he’s not a full-time RB – solid plan b though.

      Chambers looked composed. He must be given a chance ahead of one of the Chuckle Brothers at CB.

      Mhykitarian had a good game which hopefully puts him in the shop front window.

      I get folks frustration with Xhaka but he does keep things ticking along, just doesn’t do anything that makes you go wow. At his best he’s a solid 6.5 out of 10.

      Cellabos is a player that will be fun to watch this year. Just a shame we don’t have an option to buy.

  11. Same old for me with a sprinkling of youthful stardust … at least one defender is imperative … can’t believe with 2 weeks to go it’s the same sh$t at the back … and if xhaka is a regular we can guarantee being out of top 4 … oh and still don’t know what style emery wants to play

  12. The only result that matters is the first game of the season away to Newcastle………………pre-season wins you f##k all !

  13. Does 3 back to back friendly match defeats suffered by Arsenal ahead of their Premier League opening match away to Newcastle call for concern? Yes, to me I think it does call for sober a reflection.

    Today’s 1-2 home lose to Lyon at the Ems by Arsenal could be indicative of what us will see Arsenal lose-games play in the PL in their opening season matches to struggle early next season if Emery and the Gunners don’t watch it to take care properly before they go to Newcastle to honour a PL match date.

    Thank God! But I don’t know if Arsenal will play a 2nd Emirates Cup friendly match as they often do. But I think they have a friendly away match against Astena to play to bring to conclusion their preparations for the Premier League opening season matches when they’ll have to kick starts their season’s campaign in the PL on the front foot with wins.

    I think with the way I saw Nkethia played for Arsenal against Lyon not taking his chances to bury them for Arsenal which was a repeat of what he did for Arsenal against Real Madrid in the ICC match in USA when he was one on one to Courtious the RM goalkeeper after he was played through, and when Saka put a dangerous cross through to the box for him to head in, but he failed to connect with a simple cross to head the ball in to the back of the net. Which he shouldn’t have missed to score the 2 chances for Arsenal. With all these goal bounds misses accounted to him apart of the easy tap-in goals he scored in the ICC, I think it’ll not be wrong to say Nkethia is largely a profigator striker in front of goal for Arsenal. Therefore, I think Arsenal should send him out on loan to a top club side where he’ll be having a regular game time to improved on his profligancy in front of goal.

    AMN looked undependable for Arsenal at right back in the Real Madrid game in USA and against Lyon at the Ems today when he looked to be a right full back that can cost Arsenal goals in the PL next season. His right back defending marking failings against RM led to Gareth Bale’s goal for RM against Arsenal in the ICC. And today against Lyon, his woeful right back defending led to Dembele’s equalising goal for Lyon.

    I think Emery should use the next 2 Arsenal friendly matches to sort out his team properly before the start of Arsenal Premier League matches. These 2 friendly match loses on the trot bv Arsenal to RM and Lyon is the more reason for Arsenal to complete the signings of Pepe and Tierney. And seriously go after the signing of Everton Soares and complete all the 3 signings for Arsenal this summer to bolster Arsenal first team squad properly this summer before the new season in the PL kicks off. Relying on youths to do the job successful for Arsenal can help but it may not meet Arsenal objectives as us Gooners have seen in the last Arsenal 2 friendly matches.

  14. Our problem is Emry,we can buy the best players on earth and still remain where we are. If we want to be honest with ourselves, what did Emry achieve at PSG despite having the best talents around? Did we watch his champions league matches? To be honest Emry is not even better than Wenger,I said it before and am still repeating it,with Emery we are going nowhere.

    1. @Ali Zaba You ask “what did Emry achieve at PSG despite having the best talents around?”

      Seven trophies were won in his two seasons at the Parc des Princes: one Ligue 1 title (2017/18), two Coupe de France trophies (2016/17, 2017/18), two Coupe de la Ligue trophies (2016/17, 2017/18) and both Trophee des Champions that he entered.

      Add to that his 3 Europa League trophies with a lesser club. You may dislike the man, and his coaching style, but he HAS achieved something in his past.

      1. Unai Emery is a well respected coach by anyone who knows anything about football.
        Ali zaba, Thomas Tuchel has not achieved as much as Emery yet, with the “star studded” PSG team.

  15. I still think this PEPE deal is a scam brought about by the club. At the end we will hear the usual ” we tried to get quality players” blah blah blah.

  16. It’s funny reading comments by people who didn’t even watch highlights.

    Chambers cost us the first goal, but he ‘looked decent’.

    The second goal was an offside by almost a yard, but it’s Mustafi’s fault, even though the offside trap was executed well. Watch the replay if you don’t believe me.

    I don’t like Mustafi as our CB, but reading comments sections I realize again and again that most football fans are simpletons.

  17. Highlights of my day :-
    Jon Moss on his arse in the 1st half ? absolutely loved it!!
    The youngsters impressed again, especially Nelson
    Auba looked good & if only that attempt had gone in
    Liked the look of Ceballos & Martinelli
    Diaby there at half time, nice to see him back at the Emirates
    Gunnersaurus having a penalty shoot out with Bayern’s mascot ??
    Liverpool losing

    I’m worried about Laca, especially after seeing him hobbling over to the bench in a brace.. that is all we need…
    The minutes applause for JAR at the beginning and seeing his picture on the screen, made me a lil emosh.. RIP Jose ?
    Any news on Zaha/Pepe??

    1. Sue, that was soooo funny when moss fell over…but he paid us back by not awarding a penalty later!!!

      I watched Chambers a lot during the game and thought he had a very decent game. He was pointing and shouting at others to do their jobs and I’m really hopeful for him.

      Someone else who had a very decent game was monreal, he put in a really decent shift.

      Auba also looked good, his reaction with the crowd is becoming increasingly like the one Ian Wright had.

      As you say, the applause for Jose was perfectly given and seeing Diaby, the next Vieria, talking about THAT tackle and his thoughts about the club was really interesting to hear.

      Don’t know what the official crowd was, but there were plenty of seats available, just wonder how many of those giving UE advice on here, were actually there?
      Some of the comments being made make it obvious a fair few watched it from their armchairs…such a shame when the prices were so good.
      Club level is something else Sue, wonderful views, lots of bars and eating areas…a medium sized glass of pinot cost me £7.64!!

      Millions of Ozil shirts on display!!!! Slight exaggeration, but if you can’t beat them, join them♥♡♥

      Staying down south tonight, journeying back to Scotland tomorrow with my ears glued to the radio for any more signings.

      1. Oh he (Moss) just loved waving that away, Ken! ?
        I wonder if Chambers will cement his place in the team or will Unai stick with Mustafi/Sokratis??
        I must admit, Ken… I did have a glance at club level & hoped you were enjoying it.. wow that’s pricey (I thought my £5.20 for a slice of pizza was steep ?) we were in the upper tier, clock end & had a great view.. maybe next year we’ll try club level (give me enough time to save up to eat/drink there ?)
        I saw a fair few shirts with Ozil on and even a couple with Wright on ?
        Well have a safe journey back home, Ken… it wasn’t the result we wanted, but hey there were some decent displays from certain individuals ?

        1. Sue, and Lyon’s second goal was offside.
          Ken, I too was impressed with Monreal’s game, particularly going forward, pressing and crossing. If Arsenal get Tierney as LB, I would like to see Monreal replace AMN at RB, until Bellerin returns.

          1. ozziegunner, I was right in line when the ball was played and he was definitely offside.

            Glad you observed Monreals game, some on here always want to write our players off it seems.
            I would humbly suggest that he still has a lot to offer and would be an able teacher/cover/option for Tierney …if we sign him of course.

            My observations regarding Chambers lead me to think that UE will not buy a centre back, instead develop a back line of Bellerin-Chambers-Holding-Tierney for the coming season and if this doesn’t work, he will then use whatever transfer money he has, on buying an estabilished CB.

            I agree entirely with kev regardding AMN, we need to get him back into his preferred position, although I can only admire him for the100% he gives in a situation where he is obviously not comfortable with.

            One major concern, is the number of players we now have on the “instalment plan”.
            I think that’s four now and, although it seems to be a much more used alternative, I worry about the effect of transferring said players and contract issues.

  18. Above all else and by a country mile , what stands out is how hopeless the two clowns at CB are and always will be. Neither are remotely Arsenal class and should not have been bought, esp Mustafi, who must be the very worst of all Wengers many dud CB’s going right back to the appalling Senderos and dreadful Schillachi. I never overlook the fact that our rubbish outfield defence is, Sokratis apart, entirely Wengers fault and not helped in the slightest by Scrooge Kroenke. IT IS VITAL AT THE VERY LEAST, that Mustafi does not start this season and if he does then God help our chances of any success at all. He is a total clown and must be replaced. Holding apart and possibly Mavropanos, we need a whole new outfield defence right NOW!

    1. yeah agreed JF and Grandad,there is not a class defender among them although i do have high hopes of Holding,the only player that looks like a defender, Mav not sure yet,Mustafi is very poor or mistake prone at best, Monreal i like but we have seen the best of him Socratis is only mediocre and is not class Kolasinac is a trier but not a defender AMN is not a defender Bellerin is a good wing back on his day but can be a headless chicken at times, all in all we are in a pickle defensively.

      1. MORE LIKE A LARGE JAR OF PICKLES I’D SAY! Way way back in the 70/s when Terry Mancini wore our shirt at CB, I consoled myself by thinking we can never again have a CB as poor as him. I was right; we have had several much worse since then, mostly under Wenger, and Mustafi is about the worst of all regular choices(with the possible exception of Schillachi).

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