Arsenal 2-0 Man Utd, a terrific performance from a revitalised Arsenal

It was a long time coming and one could not have wished for a better start to the new year.

Right from the kick-off Arsenal was in charge, they were organised, disciplined and controlled in possession. The attitude and aggression was spot on and the win was, without doubt, fully deserved.

It took just eight minutes before Arsenal went in front through Nicolas Pepe and it remains a little baffling why he has not started more often recently.

Arsenal did not sit back and continued to dominate the game and when the second goal came, via the unlikely source of Sokratis, it was an accurate reflection of what was happening on the pitch.

The lads fully deserved to be leading at half time and if anything, should have been further ahead.

The second half was always going to be a different affair, United was expected to up their game and to some extent they did.

United had more possession and gradually upped the tempo, however, Arsenal dug in and for the first time in a long time, I was not overly concerned. I actually had confidence the lads would stay strong and manage the game in a far more efficient manner.

The defence has to be commended, they are much-maligned but today they were very professional, their discipline never dropped and that tells me that they are listening to Arteta.

The midfielders were immense, they helped out the defence like warriors and they were far more creative than what we have become accustomed to.

Were there some negatives? Yeah, sure but I cannot really recall them simply because every team makes the odd little inconsequential boo boo and that is all they really were today, you do not remember that stuff.

Make no mistake, this was a huge improvement, Arsenal made United look poor and this is the third game in a row that they have improved from the previous game.

It is only one game and there are still some tough times ahead but there is now light were there was just darkness before. Tonight we saw what Arsenal really can be under the right guidance.

Maybe, just maybe, they now have that guidance.


  1. All usual suspects have amazingly stepped up, including Lacazette, Sokratis, Luiz, Xhaka and Pepe. Thanks to the effect of the prestigious big game at home and their experience at the Chelsea match:

    – Lacazette: Still can’t score from open play, but worked hard throughout the match and one of his efforts created an assist for Sokratis. He is a team player, but too slow for EPL and his first touch often disappoints

    – Ozil: Was creative in the first half and ran out of gas in the second half as usual. Benefited a lot from Arteta’s system

    – Aubameyang: Got two good chances to score himself, but chose to give one of them to Lacazette. His unselfishness is commendable and maybe it was because of Arteta’s system, but sometimes he must finish the chances himself

    – Pepe: Apart from his two accurate shots and one goal, he offered nothing special. Needs to try to go to the byline more often, instead of cutting inside all the time

    – Xhaka and Torreira: Our best pair in midfield that have obviously improved a lot under Arteta’s guidance

    – Maitland-Niles: Defended well

    – Kolasinac: Was good in one-on-one as usual, everytime he plays as an attacking LB

    – Luiz and Sokratis: Defended well

    – Leno: Did not have too much to do, because he was protected well by the outfield players

    1. I feel so bad for Lacazette. He definitely deserved a goal today. He won the ball off Utd players on several occasions and was immense on the counter with his hold up play. He also won us a lot of fouls. He did everything right today but put the ball in the back of the net. He is definitely not an average striker. But he needs to be benched for his and the team’s own good

        1. Great result with a vitsl 3 points. Benching Lacazette would be a big mistake, because Arsenal would lose his energy and drive, winning the ball and holding it up to bring others into play. The goals will come.

    2. was going to say the same thing regarding auba, passed up chances for laca, selfless guy

      i think you’re a bit harsh on pepe. aside from the goal and the shot that hit the post, he created 2 scoring chances (leading to shots by auba and torreira), and the corner was a good cross with a wicked swing that led to laca’s header eventually causing the 2nd goal


    3. Men,u are right about Pepe not going to the lรญne, but he was our most dangerous attaker today…he creates at least 3 very good chances un the first half, plus a goal…he was great today…he needs yo work a Lot, but he was good, far better than Nelson and auba

      1. Good question!Pepe has strength and accuracy in the left foot.So if he was to go the byline,he would have to turn his body first to get the ball to the left and by then the defence would be in position.

    4. Pepe nothing special? He tormented shaw…scored 1st goal, attempted 26 passes and completed 26 passes and won as many headers as any arsenal defender… just saying

    5. Wow! I am so happy with the team, this is called team work, we defended together and we flow together, arteta has really tried, I can see that in our two games. Pls Xhaka should not be sold because the combination of him and Torriera will be better. My only concern is Lacasette, I believe Martineli will perform better. Anyway, good win, good way to start the new year.

    6. Lacazette, play similar to Liverpool Firminho because of his work rate. But he needs to start scoring goals again. He is a good player. Ozil also played 90 minute that shows he is improving on his energy level.

    7. Sorry but have to disagree on Pepe. I thought he did well and the United defenders were very nervous every time he got on the ball. This is the game that should unlock him as an automatic starter in the PL.

  2. Alas a performance which gives me hope in what has been a pointless and hopeless season so far. Everybody was fully committed to the cause today. If the improvements were slight before they are now clear for everyone to see. Even though I believe we would be losing a lot of away games at least now I know we can deliver a dominant performance at home and finish at least at a respectable position in the league table. I would like to single out the defense today who had almost no brain farts but for one or two giveaways. I will also like to applaud Pepe for asserting himself on the game more and for not rather letting his drop upon severally being dropped to the bench. Kudos to Torreira and Xhaka too. The best display from midfield of the season. Difficult to pick a MOTM so I’ll give it to Arteta for spearheading a matured and assured display against Utd. For once as Arsenal fan I didn’t press the panic button

    1. The passing has improved a lot after Arteta joined, as compared to the passes in Wenger’s and Emery’s last seasons. Better first touches, more accurate and more forward passes

      I’m confident of the Crystal Palace game now

      1. Emery?? Yes light years better but even in Wenger’s final season we were still better at passing than this.

        1. Yes, Wenger’s worst season was still better than this.Whether won or lost I enjoyed those games. Sometimes frustrating.

    2. Everyone was shouting get Ancelloti but I never wanted him cos we would have been relegated more. I know Arteta can do it. This is our best performance this season. Give him the money to get two to three players and I assure you we going to Champions league. All the players offered their best including the substitutes. Ozil is back, Torreira is a beast. I give all player 8

  3. Ive got nothing to complain about. Everybody put in all their effort and put in the work. Thank goodness for that! Well done, and long may this transformation continue. Keep going Mikel!

  4. David Luiz collosal tonight ๐Ÿ‘Š Torreira outstanding! Everyone worked as a team tonight, Kudos to Arteta โ™ฅ๏ธ Ole at the wheel again hahaha COYG ๐Ÿ‘Š

      1. He definitely is mate and that’s how it should be! The team needs to work and fight for each other and that’s exactly what they did.

  5. Torreira gives me joy now.. This is the Torreira I knew we needed. Absolutely Amazing performance from everyone, the defense pairing did well today.
    Ozil has looked like the Ozil I know for three straight games now. Hopefully we pick up from here.
    This is exactly what we were crying for under Emery.
    Play to our players strengths!!

    Lacazette might be wasteful but I believe Arteta us sticking with him because of his work rate and pressing abilities.
    The team stood tall today.
    The Negativity sprayers would soon come on and tell you Arteta is a project who doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    Terrific performance, but we need to learn to score goals to kill games, we had multiple chances to make it three and kill the game.
    Solid Job Arteta

    1. I think what Arteta has done in 3-4 games is beyond even my own expectation (being his strong supporter when UE was favoured over him). I think ppl need to realise what he has brought to this team in such short space of time. We are playing wenger ball again, players look more confident n know what their tasks, there is more effort n aggression. The right duties are given to ppl with right abilities. The over all atmosphere has just changed, u could see that end of the match. Didn’t I we say he learnt from the two best in the business n I think with right backing in buying market he can bring success to this club like pep n klopp are…he is special like Wenger was when he came, u could just feel it. Big shout out to defence today, absolutely brillant from them…

      1. Mohsan, unfortunately people don’t see the truth about Mikel. Everyone ignored his strengths and the fact that this a young coach full of vitality. Someone the very best managers the EPL has seen kept praising even before he got the job.
        People were saying players would disrespect him, but it’s the opposite, they’re willing to die on the pitch because they understand and believe him.
        Even Ozil looks like he’s a new player, which he is under Arteta.
        Arteta brought a lot just under three games

  6. Am crying man!

    Wish we had more efficient wingers, the board should support Arteta…am so happy, no better way to start the year…coyg!

    1. Adama Traore may offer more penetration and more crosses from the right wing

      Arsenal should get him before Wolves extend his contract

  7. Happy New Years to all Gunners. Sorry I am late coz am in a different GMT. What a New Year gift! I can tell a ripe fruit just by its look. The lineup was nice. Therefore, we won without conceding a goal. Now what we need is consistency.Thank u Arteta.

    1. In Arteta we trust wow what a performance the guys were outstanding tonight. Torreira you are a little gem

      1. #Mike yep in Areta we trust. Look at the improvements within short period of time.Now it is all up to the board to extend their hands.SUPPORT ARTETA PLS!!!

    2. Omg!!! Arteta is a freaking genius… No wonder Pep kisses him whenever a goal is scored at Mancity then, from this I believe the tactics to exploit the opponent are down to him…
      I was so worried about the pace of Daniel James b4 the game, well we both know what happened… He was shut down in such a spectacular fashion infact both thier wingers were. Xhaka slotting in at LB for Kolasinac to advance and Niles partnering Torreira instantly… No, that was awesome๐Ÿ™Œ…
      TORREIRA meanwhile is starting to become a real problem for the opposition, whereby each coach would be wondering how to get past him๐Ÿ˜„. What was he given that second half…? Looks like a sachet of dry gin…๐Ÿ˜‚ Lol

  8. Surely the sweetest way to start the new year!! Lacazette still disappointing, but kudos to the rest, including Xhaka and ร–zil.

  9. Now that we have a proper coach after all those long years and one who can make even our clown defence look like a proper defence(at least for today anyway), what might we achieve if only we also had an owner who cares and who would back us with REAL funds. But thank you Mikel ASrtta for making this old git and pedant of the decade a happy bunny tonight. IF ONLY MA had come instead of Emery 18 months ago. Where might we be now!

    1. Hello Jon
      Is it slightly possible that the defence were not the best, but better than we have previously seen? I’m absolutely no tactician just a life long Arsenal fan but was it possible that the huge sums paid out for our defenders, that they weren’t that bad after all? Don’t give me a hard time as I am just a fan not a tactician.

      1. Sue P, No hard time from me and perish the thought. Arteta has surprised me in getting those clowns to look like real defenders tonight. He has made the whole team shape more compact and tighter, so no team can now just walk through our midfield and defence. I am thrilled, as we surely all are, at how enormously he has changed things in a mere fortnight. Think what we could do if only Scrooge Kroenke cared enoughto back him with real funds. I also think a man who can get three shifts in a row from Ozil, as he has now done, must be a real miracle worker. If Ozil continues playing like that I will become a fan of his again as I was four years ago but not since then. Til now!

    2. Jon, I remember calling for Arteta when Wenger left.
      I and a few others kept calling for him to get the job, the statements were he’s inexperienced and all sorts of stuffs, he’s not even fit to manage us and a few others.
      Anyway we got Emery, so I had to support him, but after 2 months, maaan I saw what Emery was gon do to us.
      That’s why I’ve always called Arteta’s name as my preferred choice even before Emery got the boot. After he got the boot, I still wanted Arteta but said I’d support Freddie if he gets it.
      Now really I hope the board help him achieve things easier by helping him with transfers.
      I still see him as the guy we should’ve gotten instead of Emery.
      Better days ahead

      1. Well Eddie, you were so right then. I was tempted by Arteta when Wenger went and when it looked as it he would be the choice at that time. I DID THOUGH, AT THAT TIME, HAVE RESERVATIONS BUT DO NOT NOW. Shame we appointed the wrong man in UE. I said we had a good man in UE BUT WAS PROVED SO WRONG. I DOUBT ANYONE THOUGHT THAT HE WOULD BE AWFUL AT OUR LANGUAGE AFTER ALL THAT TIME THOUGH. His lack of English meant he could not communicate and the difference now that MA is here, is stark!

        And I guess MOST of us NOW wish we had appointed MA in May 2018. I certainly do, anyway. He was ready THEN, as is now obvious to us and we have wasted 18 months and made his task harder with some of the players we have since bought and losing such as Ramsey too.

    3. I think it’s good Arteta didn’t come 18months ago, another 18 months of learning beside Arteta is something…..

  10. I have apologized to Arteta.
    I never gave a chance and was happy when Emery was appointed instead of him at the first call when Wenger left.
    He has improved on a bad team.

    1. Wow, this is the pinnacle of maturity. Admitting when you’re wrong publicly when you don’t need to is almost impossible tgese days

  11. This is the Arsenal we’ve all been waiting for. A clean sheet for Leno. He deserves it for all the efforts he has put in. Thank u Arsenal for the NEW YEAR GIFT

  12. Brilliant performance and yeah Laca keeps missing the shot but he does so many thing well for the team that right now I would still keep him in the team even if he misses the chance, they will start going in but he isn’t useless he is an asset right now
    but Leno has to do better with the goal kicks
    OT: I hope Arteta picks Laca or somebody else as the Penalty taker and please not auba as brilliant as he is his PK aren’t good and I hope if we get a penalty in a game auba doesn’t take it

  13. Now let Arteta choose the players he needs, tell Raul to stay the hell away! Just shut up and sign the transfer checks.

    1. Exactly what I’m scared of Durand, and I’ve been pointing that out since. I hope Raul stays the Fvck away from transfers and let Arteta bring in his own players.
      I don’t want Raul butting in with his silly black book of contacts

    2. Hahaha… completely agree bro. I have always favoured the idea of manager picking his team and buying the players he wants to execute his plans not the ppl sitting high up their who have no clue. Manager knows best about the team where he needs to strength n what sort of players are required. I hope board can give that freedom to Arteta, let him identify the type of players he wants n work with scouting team. Raul n Vank should just try n sign those players for him.

      1. I just can’t wait for Arteta to work closely with Martinelli, he should forget about Nelson as he is not Arsenal quality, let him focus on Martinelli.
        Martinelli on that LW would have scored today!

    3. Agree, Durand. Raul clearly doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does. I’d trust Arteta way more. And bless Wenger for all he’s done, but I’m very confident Arteta realizes the defense is not good enough and need a rehaul and will focus on changing the personnel there. CBs have not been good enough for ages…

    4. So rarely will you see a single man Donald the signings. Arteta Edu will have big says in what we need. Martinelli was Edu signing.. remember Edu was with the brazilian national team. Follow the facts and support a good win today. Huge performance from a squad who’s fitness is below the requirement. Cant wait to see it all in full flow

  14. Hooray blooming awesome cant remember the Emirates rocking like that for years. Have we ever worked that hard as a team first half at least.
    I saw so much of Guardiolas coaching in that 1st half.
    Barca and city when out of possession get the ball back as quickly as possible and to see xhaka and torreira calmly slotting into the back line when our defence is out of position was magic.
    You could see them enjoying themseleves. Work hard and the rewards are wins and a happy life onwards and upwards thanks Mikel!!
    Ps what was kolasimac on?? Monster!!

    1. yeah right! he won every duel and attacked brilliantly just the push on James in the end of first half wasn’t necessary but that would be over the top to pick on that, superb performance of Kola

    1. Nelson n wilock ain’t gona cut it, so as AMN as well. Only Academy players I see part of future are nekitiah, smith row n Saka later two need to work hard to make it though. You can not teach talent/ability…you can only polish it further n I am afraid Nelson n wilock don’t have it in them. I am excited about what Arteta can make Guendozi n Martenlli n Nkeitiah into…happy days ahead

      1. But I thought Niles was solid today, could Bellerin have performed better..

        That said let the board back Arteta with funds and let’s have this team:


        Doherty..Umtiti…Koulibaly…. Tierney


        Pepe…….Ozil……. Martinelli

        ……. Aubameyang……

        Xhaka wants to leave, sell him, sell Elneny, Mustafi, at the very least they should generate 60m.

        Lure Umtiti, Doherty would be easy and then go all out for Koulibaly
        Bring on any team

        1. I think we should really try n get Varane this summer, apparently he is boored of winning trophies n wants a new challenge n nothing can be more challenging then our defence lol!, I agree AMN did ok job today but he is not RB n has positional issues. I don’t like bellerin either. We need two CBs, one RB n a proper talented two footed CM like Carzola. My list of players I want to see be sold in summer would be Xhaka, auba, bellerin, luiz, sokaritus, elneney, wilock, Nelson, Mustafi and Holding.

      2. @Moshan
        AMN has been played out of position ever since he got into the first team and besides a few off matches, he’s held it down doing what was asked of him. Don’t start dumping on our young guns, but they just need the right guidance and match time, to they’ll come good.

        1. AMN has been awesome since hes been back in the team (i dont consider him a young gun anymore tho) . saka as well filling in at LB hasnt looked too out of place.

    2. yeah the subs all looked sloppy coming on, but that’s what happens when you don’t have the quality on the bench. Guendouzi I want more from :/

  15. Well well well the little Uruguayan is back.these is world cup torreira ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ amazing football fantastic atmosphere.onwards and upwards Gunners I sense we’re in for a good run๐Ÿ˜œ

  16. @goodwill.
    I’m surprised anyone wanted enery iber arteta but maybe 18 months ago may have come too early but for sure his hunger is obviously running off on the players hes proven already what hes learnt from pep and that hes no push over. Loving our support staff line up too. Welcome saliba and Upemacano and he futures bright.

    1. Lol.. that clown.. he best stay away.. and can this lot shut up about AMN already man is a baller.. I will take him ahead of Bellerin any day any time!!!

  17. If this is how MA intend to deal with Pepe laziness, I think he learned something from that which is a reflection of a much improved performance today, sitting on d beach seems to give him the right attitude

  18. Brilliant performance!!!! WORK rate up, tackling up, forward passing up, clearances up! Tactics good, Torriera was a breath of fresh air and has been in his last few games. Good 3 points but still a lot to do lads, still a lot to do.

    1. It’s the Arsenal; Mike Riley allows open season for the opposition to kick the sh*t out of Arsenal.

  19. Wow just wow, we attacked in numbers and defended in numbers, good job mikel. Torrera is something else, auba defended very well, even Xhaka has been surprising me this days, he played well against Everton he played well against Bournemouth now today again he had a great game. Pepe, what can I say about that boy, have always known he is talented and tonight he proved it to me, that curling effort that hit the post was just pure technique and the way he scored his goal with a one time shot was brilliant. Seeing Luiz telling the fans to make some noise made my day.Thank you Arsenal.

  20. This site should be called
    The guys are all over the place. Lol and they believe in the fact that they know better…lol
    Good win and Top class Arteta

    1. Agree with you on Got-No-Idea but Kev knows his football.And letโ€™s not forget this is now his time.The transfer window is open.
      Anything happening yet Kev?

      1. Thanks Phil. Yes we are looking at a CB, particularly one of Merih Demiral and Upamecano. Koulibaly talks are lazy media links. Adrian Rabiot has also been linked to us.
        Xhaka will also be leaving Arsenal as things currently stand. Whether Arteta has convinced him to stay this January will be unravelled as time goes on

  21. Leno is sharp. Niles has taken Rashford to School, Kolasinac has made James to be a boy, Socratis and Luiz are having fun in the defence, Torreira and Xhaka are the bosses in the midfield, they made Matic and Lingard to be small boys, Pepe made both Maquire and Shaw breathe like tankers, Aubameyang is making Bissaka feel like he doesn’t know what he is doing, Ozil and Auba are making Man Utd defence confused, Laca made Maguire look an old lady, De Gea is going through Hell, COYG, we can take these 3points, As I said on 26th, with Arteta, Arsenal is back to its lost glory, since he came in, I’ve seen teamwork.

  22. What a game! 3 points and a clean sheet – sweet!!
    Everyone was superb! A proper team performance. Absolutely brilliant! I’m in love with football all over again… and can’t wait to be there on Monday!
    Thank you, Arteta ๐Ÿ‘

        1. You can go into work buzzing tomorrow Sue ๐Ÿ˜€ let’s keep our intensity up and we’ll shoot up that League happy new year to us ๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

          1. Too right, Kev… and when I get home I’ll probably watch it again ๐Ÿ˜
            What a day in the premier league! I love beating them… and seeing RVP in the studio ๐Ÿคฌ
            A very happy new year, Kevin! Woohoo!!

          2. Did you attend the game Sue ๐Ÿ˜ฎ haha RVP was having cups of tea in Ronaldos I mean rashfords house the other day ๐Ÿ˜‚ and totts beaten too ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ‘Š I’m definitely watching it again and I don’t say that too often love how Arteta embraces his players after a game Wenger and Emery went straight down the tunnel ๐Ÿ˜‚

          3. No I didn’t. I meant after work tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‚ I’m going on Monday ๐Ÿ˜‰
            I love how he is too, Kev. There was a picture of him on twitter – with Pep’s head but Arteta’s face!!
            We’ve found a gem and I’m sorry I had my doubts.
            Loved how we played, Kev.. not sure who I’d pick for motm… all brilliant!

          4. Well it’s David Luiz for me Sue he was absolutely collosal.. critics love to slag him off when he’s bad and are too proud to praise him when he’s good and he wasn’t good he was immense ๐Ÿ‘Š oh haha I thought you went ๐Ÿ˜‚ yeah well you’ll be looking forward to that my old man’s team ๐Ÿ˜Š I myself doubted him Sue but he looks to be a very able coach Emery just looked lost but he’s a nice man and doesn’t deserve some of the comments he got on twitter! Do you think Arteta will field the youngsters on Monday? Because Leeds are good ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

          5. He was brilliant, just like against Chelsea. I do really like him…
            Yes I reckon a few will play.. but of a mixture. Holding and Mustafi will I reckon. Should be a good game!
            Sitting by the not forget my Kolasinac can I have your shirt sign ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

          6. And your foam finger ? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Please no more of mustafi ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‚ I was actually surprised Kolasinac was playing and holding plus Ceballos were available too ๐Ÿ˜ฎ so do I Sue I just think he needs to play under the right coach ๐Ÿ˜€

          7. Not a bad nights work half a mil banked ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜€ maybe price will go back to rugby after getting beat by mohawk Sue ๐Ÿ˜€ did you see the guy from Brighton can’t spell his name the goal ๐Ÿ˜ฎ and James Madison ๐Ÿ™„

          8. Yes I watched Leicester.. was a great goal.
            No didn’t see that one, Kev. He scored last week too? And that name hell of a mouthful ๐Ÿ˜‚

          9. Yeah I think that was his first goal Sue now hes scoring overhead kicks ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I hope Arteta is watching.. sign him up ๐Ÿ˜‚ Leicester looking really good but were dissected alarmingly against Liverpool! If pool beat spurs and we win our next game we go level on points?

    1. If this is what is to come in 2020 then I think we are all in for a treat. I hope you have same joy of watching us play in the stands on Monday Sue. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  23. Well the players have now raised the bar from a really low level they had themselves slipped too. There is a pattern emerging and a style of play, the problem will come away from home because we won’t play like that but thats for Arteta to work out. I have to say, Luiz, Torreira, Pepe and Kolasinac were instrumental in that win, they provided the base for a good solid performance of the team. Its a start, now we have to see a consistent run of games where we actually play with the same enthusiasm. Its funny because, people had been calling Zaha over Pepe, im sorry, you don’t know what you are talking about, pepe has a finished product and real quality. Given time he will be special. Great result and really really really really needed.

    1. Totally agree about Pepe Reggie. The boy is a natural and with Arteta guiding him will become a special player. His price tag will soon be forgotten.

  24. A hugely honest and revealing inteview post match by David Luiz with Sokratis there too. Both admitted the team were not fit enough and both hugely praised the new set up with Arteta. LUIZ ACTUALLY SPOKE LIKE A CAPTAIN WITH IMPRESSIVE WORDS OF WISDOM and deservedly won MOTM. If, and it is obviously a HUGE IF, he could play like THAT more regularly and encourage and drive the team onwards as he did so superbly today, he could be a real captain and what is more, a REAL CB.

    1. On his day Luiz can be amazing but then he can be disastrous as well. If he can some how get us over the line this season with out making too many errors then we can get a more consistent performer next year. I loved the passion he showed as well not only in his play but the way he was talking to everyone during the match n marshalling the team.

    2. Jon, if a professional footballer isnt fit, i think they have to look at themselves and say, that is their faults, they have everything they need and more at hand, its a really bad thing to admit.

      1. Hello Reggie
        I absolutely understand your point, but wouldn’t you think that the backroom people should be keeping their fitness levels in peak condition? They were fit enough, I guess, for Emery but not for what is really required to be a top athlete at least under Arteta. The proof was in the pudding tonight. A really fab result.

        1. Sue, I have to say you were right about Mikel Arteta I did have my doubts based purely on his inexperience considering the enormity of the task before him. He has achieved something in 3 matches that Emery couldn’t in 18 months
          i.e teamwork and energy. With support from above I am sure he will succeed in getting us back into the Champion’s League again. A happy New Year to you. I’m smiling again!!

          1. Andrew, there was no “teamwork and energy” under Emery, yet Arsenal came 5th by a point and lost the Europa League final? The teams which finished behind Arsenal must have been a rabble.

      2. REGGIE Yes for basic lack of fitness when not injured. I could not agree more! The mind also needs to be fit. By that I mean players need to have a certain confidence, bordering on arrogance, though not stupidly arrogant per se, that they are unbeatable. So many games are won or lost in the mind and we all know how true that is. The mind controls the body and pretty much everything you do, so overlook mental health at your peril! It was clear that against United, the players believed for the first time in ages that they would win; not that it might be possible BUT that they WOULD. And so they did!

    3. Don’t know if you could see this on tv but highlight if game for me was Luiz’s reaction to Aubamayang tracking back and winning the ball in the first half. He needs to do alot more to win me over but he had a great game. As did Socrates and Ozil, two other veterans I had given up on…

    1. Not good to slag young players off, not cool and not helpful. Young players need to grow not be destroyed by people who dont understand. Arteta obviously sees something and i would probably say he is a little more qualified. He was brought on for a tiring pepe. Who do you think should have replaced pepe off the bench.

      1. Well said Reggie. Why some Arsenal fans feel the need to slag off our youngsters I’ll never understand

    1. I believe Nkeitiah n Martenlli are the future front guns of Arsenal. Nkeitiah reminds me so much if inzagi he is fox in a box type player n Martenlli reminds me of Ronaldo (Brazilian) he is not afraid to run at the defenders with ball in his feet. Still long way to go if they both want to be any where near these great players but the talent is there.

      1. Calm down, i dont think “these great players” is apt, far from it. You obviously are easily pleaded. Lol

        1. Come on Reggie Baby, lets celebrate tonight, have some beers on me and learn to unwind! Its been a long day but its been a great first day!

  25. I saw that Arteta had put a band around our players’ legs which meant they moved up & down together!
    Impressed with the young man’s impact and the fact that he doesn’t give any excuses..

    1. Viju, George Graham apparently used to rope the back four together to practice playing the off side trap.

  26. Good game but am still scared of our second half performances is too poor…is obvious arteta need players who could play his pressing game for goood 90 minutes…. Up gunners

    1. David Luiz and Arteta both said we need to work to get up to that level after the game. You can clearly see straight after half time we are tired. I don’t know why we couldn’t play good start of 2nd half for atleast 10-15 minutes but atleast this time we didn’t concede. I want to see a good run now.

      1. I cannot believe the unjustifiable comments concerning our young players , particularly AMN and Nelson.I sometimes wonder if I watched the same match as some of our so called fans who use this site.Thankfully we now have a highly intelligent Manager who is better placed to recognise talent than any of us and will hopefully go on to prove their misplaced comments completely wrong.

  27. All the nay-sayers, where are you lot? Arteta should not have been given the job, he’s not coached anything before, where is his experience, bla, bla, bla.

    Now you know. The man learnt from the best. Imagine people saying that his ONLY credential is sitting beside Guardiola. Saying such nonsense and looking smug to themselves as if they’ve just uttered the wisdom of the ages.

    Now they should know that he was not just warming the bench beside Pep and he actually knows what to do to fix this Arsenal team.

    I have always thought people underestimate this team too much. Now we can see how true that is.

    1. Gunnerphilic – i think fans were concerned that the lack of experience may not be able to win over the more senior players and get them working again. But based on the last 2 performances, we are excellent first 45 mins but we still need to up the fitness game to continue the momentum in the 2nd half.
      I still think Arteta needs to bring in more backroom Staff and look into physio/treatment room staff as well!
      If he carries the momentum for next 3-4 games and we win games then all fans will be backing him regardless! COYG

  28. Good win and a performance to be very proud of.

    Arteta is the new genius professor.

    Ozil is the nucleus.

    Torreira is the beast.

    Kolasiniac is the monster.

    Leno is the glue.

    Pepe is the new mozart.

    Niles is the panicking confidence.

    Xakha is the architect, but he can leave if he wants.

    Guendouzi likes to run about a lot. He needs constructive running.

    Lacazette is the hardworking squanderer.

    Abameyang is the gentle goal poacher, but he squanders too…

    Emery made my team look so bad. Well they say ‘when you want to kill a dog, give it a bad name first.

    The pl referees are incorrigibly embarrassing to say the least.

  29. Like i said after the Chelsea game, Arteta has already improved Arsenal in less than two weeks, in a way that Emery couldn’t for nearly 2years.
    We’re definitely far from uhuru, & the team is still bleeding in so many areas, but there are visible signs of change from what obtained in the past.

    -Ozil seems reborn..

    -The players are finally showing the passion, desire & intensity we’ve being crying out for, for aeons..

    -There’s an evident sense of togetherness & pulling in one direction in the squad, & that itself is a positive..

    -Lucas Torreira has switched back to the beast mode he was in his favourite position, before Emery had a brain fart & decided to turn him into a No 10, effectively rendering him useless..

    -And the players all seem to want to play for the coach, unlike what obtained in the not too distant past..

    It is still early days & i’m not in any way getting ahead of myself, but these evident baby steps we are taking are actually very important steps on the road to recovery.
    Isn’t it queer that everyone who seemed useless & used up under the previous regime(Ozil, AMN, Xhaka, Torreira, Sokratis & Kolasinac)are beginning to shine again?

    If given time and if properly backed in the transfer market to clearout the deadwood & bring in players who fit his football philosophy, then Arteta has got a surprise or two for us gooners.

    Still early days, but the signs are positive & the hitherto persistent anger & resignation is being gradually replaced with an air of belief & optimism.
    Hey, we’re even playing delicious attacking football again(something that had somehow become alien to us over the past two years).

    Something delicious is brewing & i’m loving every bit of it.
    Arteta’s got my support to steady this ship, & ultimately lead us back to greatness..

    Better days ahead!

    1. I was one of those who had decided there was a pile of deadwood from what we had previously had to tolerate.
      Today the deadwood seemed to be revitalised. Here we were desperate to get rid of the dead wood pile but maybe some of these guys can resurrect their careers at Arsenal. Just a thought

  30. Wow what a performance! If they play like this for the next 17 games we can Become a formidable team! We still have a lot of issues to resolve, need a CB, RB, LB and a CM in the Jan window! If Arteta can bring in quality (doesn’t need to be expensive) and then i seriously think we can go get that 6/7th place and back into Europa contention again!
    I will eat my own words if he can get us back into top 7 place!
    COYG ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

    1. Just a wee question, Jim will fix it.

      If Arteta, on tonight’s display has showed, can get a tune out of all the defensive players – and pretty much all the rest – that have been slagged off on here, does he have to rush into making signings?

      1. Sue, yes because Chambers is out for rest of season, Holding coming back from ACL injury so still dodgy and Mavropanos is still recovering from his set backs. We still need a reliable CB, and RB coz Bellerin hasnt recovered well from his ACL, at LB, Tierney out for rest of season and Kolas went off injured tonight. Yes i believe Arteta can improve some of these guys but he cant stop them being injury prone!

          1. With all due respect Sue, it was one game, we have players who are talented but we still have players that are limited. They have proved they can put a performance on but one swallow and all that. Its good and its a start, lets see how the attitude over a longer period before we start reprieving them. Playing eyeballs out is hard to do if your attitude is suspect and some of ours are suspect. I will need more convincing for some.

      1. Reggie, is just being realistic. Arteta will need support in the transfer market to bring in the players he wants. So far so good, but there is a long way to go. Many of us have seen “false dawns”, particularly under Kroenke ownership.

      2. You were absolutely right on your response to me earlier. I didn’t explain myself at all well. I should have said that whilst he is getting performances and commitment then perhaps the ‘no rush’ I referred to should have continued as… going for new faces in a measured way – getting the priority ones in only.(Not a wholesale change) With time and a fair wind the players Arteta wants will come here as a result of what they have seen in his coaching. They will see him as the future and Arsenal as a club worth coming to. I have got my optimistic hat on and I hope I am right.

  31. Can i just say Jim, a bloody great win but utd were dross. We did contribute to utds performance with a good one of our own but too many teams like utd, chelsea, spurds and us are not stringing any games together and are very very inconsistent. We have to prove that we can be.

  32. I must admit, I originally thought Arteta might not be the right man for the Arsenal Job.

    I rather thought Jeremy Corbyn might be a better candidate. He is an Arsenal fan of many years, so knows the club.
    He has managed teams at the highest level.
    He talks a good game.
    He is up-to-date on modern football practice, in that he has much experience with the press.
    He might have kerb appeal since he is readily available, and might come cheap.

    However, then I thought about his negatives. He has never won anything at the highest level. In fact in his last major event, he even lost to the Scots.
    His biggest negative though is his propensity to want to spend vast amounts of other peoples money. This is a trait I am sure the Kroenke’s would not cotton to. (I heard they were still haggling over money with the tailor who sewed up their pockets).

    Maybe Mikel Arteta is the right candidate after all.

      1. Corbin would be spending your money on your services… that would a good type of coach to get, no? Or, even better, the correct owner to get!

        Or, you can get the type that leaves the money you put into the game in their pockets! Sadly, that is what we have now, not a Corbyn type of owner or manager or a coach… rather quite the opposite.

  33. Arteta is doing a great job he is improving the players.
    Amn.. Sok.. Luiz.. Kolas..
    Torreer.. Xakai.. Ozil.. Pepe.., they have inproved so much, almost lost interest watching them under emery but were back, imagine us next season with a better squad…

  34. I used to get a bit of stick in here for calling out Emery not being the right man for us. After 8 games we were in the 3rd spot behind Liv & MC, and everyone was happy with that as we went into the international break. I maintained that it will just take a few games for us to slide into the bottom half and it did happen. Most of us knew what the board didn’t, even after 12 games and in their brain-fade they sacked Emery and left Freddie with just a couple of days to take charge of the first game. After the second game it was clear that Freddie wasn’t the man (personal disappointment here) and the board brings in Mikel bang in the middle of a congested season. Thankfully he seems to be right man to take us forward and I do hope the board backs him up with some key reinforcements.

    I’m not a fan of the “deadwood” references of our lads, because they are our lads and to insult them is a tad unfortunate. Some people in here use shirt-seller, fraud etc and won’t even spare Wenger with their insults. This negativity has to stop and I believe Mikel spoke about positive energy which has to come from us fans for starters. Hopefully we will all smile along with our lads all through 2020.

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