Arsenal 2-1 Burnley – Ceballos exhilarating but same old problems

Arsenal go top of the Premier League on a temporary basis and at the end of the day, two wins from two games and maximum points is a good start to the season but the team definitely remains a work in progress.

First, the positives, Dani Ceballos was brilliant, what a breath of fresh air he is, Aubameyang was as clinical as ever and Pepe showed some excellent touches when he came on for the second half, his nutmeg on Ben Mee was an absolute beauty

Burnley was fairly predictable throughout but they caused problems and at times looked dangerous but in all honesty, Arsenal really should have handled them with ease but they did not.

The defence continues to be a huge issue, Burnley’s equaliser was a joke and David Luiz has to take responsibility for his part in the goal. The Brazilian was far from assured today.

The midfield, Ceballos apart, were poor, they are just too static and need to offer more, especially when it comes to helping out the defence.

To some degree, Arsenal was lucky their opponents were Burnley today because this was not a convincing performance and against one of their top-six rivals they would have struggled based on this display.

The team is clearly unbalanced, brilliant upfront, mediocre in midfield and poor in defence.

That said, Arenal won, they sit at the top of the Premier League and a win is a win, even if it was a bit laborious and in Ceballos and Pepe they have at least two new signings that are top quality.


  1. – Lacazette: Great effort from the hardworking striker

    – Ceballos: Highly confident and technically gifted like Cazorla. We have been missing a high risk playmaker like him and he is willing to fight hard like Sanchez

    – Aubameyang: World class striker. Played well as an RW, but what a waste

    – Nelson: Simply doesn’t have enough skills to play as an LW yet. Prefer to try Martinelli over him now

    – Willock: Got less pressure when playing in the deeper position. Nothing special, but he would surely grow in that position if given more chances to start

    – Guendouzi: Played well as a DM

    – Sokratis and Luiz: Decent defending, but none of them guarded Barnes when Barnes scored

    – Monreal and Maitland-Niles: Solid defending

    – Leno: Looked troubled by Burnley’s long balls

    1. Nelson will not make it as a winger.He is better used centrally.He has flair but that doesn’t mean he’ll be a good winger.I still believe if he develops as expected he will be one of our best player ever to come out of the academy.
      How he was analysed by Arsenal I don’t know but fro his stint at Hoffenheim he was never ready.A complete waste at the wings

      1. Dream on Kev, Nelson is just avg as they get. Willock is a talent which will remain in first team. Nelson on the other hand I dont see making it at Arsenal. In midfield we have a lot of players infront of him n they r all young as well as better technically …way better players.

        1. Joe Willock is nowhere Nelson’s level talent wise.Even Joe Willock isn’t on his brother,Chris Willock’s level talent wise.Youre just jumping on the bandwagon.You don’t know what you’re saying at all

          1. you are wrong mate. If there is any player from our Academy fully ready for the first team, Willock is definitely the one.

          2. I don’t think we can get too wrapped up in talent. In the academy, yes, Reiss was highly rated, and Chris Willock was also a big deal, but Joe is the one starting games for Arsenal and putting in great performances. There are tons of youngsters that can do it in academies but it doesn’t translate to the big stage. That said, all these players are so young, so wouldn’t rule anybody out of progressing.

          3. Interesting debate but we should note that Nelson got subbed in both Newcastle and Burnley matches.
            I also feel that Nelson has competition from Ozil, Aubemayang, Martinelli so may not see as much time as you think he might. Meanwhile, Willock is the most athletic of the midfield (not counting Maitland Niles). Think he will have more opportunity because Arsenal also need his skill set (closest we have to Ramsey)

          4. @Jon Fox the fact that you don’t agree doesn’t make it nonsense.Every academy’s players’ hype stems from their impact at youth level
            Basing it on that alone Joe Willock is nowhere near Nelson and his brother level based on talent.Of course a player may not reach his potential even if more talented but the truth is Nelson and Chris Willock were more highly rated because they had more talent and had more impact.If you don’t agree don’t spout nonsense

        2. I agree with that you. Anyone watching Arsenal should know that Willock has a better stock… For me, I rate willock over the Nelson.

      2. He was good as an RW in the previous pre-season and this pre-season

        That boy lacks the tricks and his left foot is too inept to play as an LW

        Emery had better use a left-footed LW like Bukayo Saka next time, because we don’t have a good right-footed LW like Zaha

        1. I disagree.Infact he relies on tricks a lot when trying to dribble.He can beat his man but is very unselfish unlike ypur typical dribbling winger who would want to take on his man always for e.g Gervinho or Sanchez.He is best played as an AM.We will see him at his best there.

      3. Nothing special about Nelson performance today, let’s give Martinelli a chance in our next match. Nelson had zero penetration, couldn’t beat his marker even once in 45mins…

      4. We said same about a kid who Lyon just bought recently for 25m+- Jeff Reine-Adelaide. Why not build our youngsters with some game time, say 1500-2000 minutes in cup games, and some appearance across EPL. If they look promising, good for us, else we sell them on!

    2. We need a strong defensive midfielder with other midfielders to press high. It was obvious Lucas Toreria isn’t feet enough we know what he can do on his day.Nicolas Pep and Cebalos showed the quality though the former still need to adapt to the physicality of English Premier.We need players that can fight for ball against Liverpool next week. Aubameyang also need to be more clinical bcos he won’t have much chances.

  2. As I said in the previous article a win here will only paper over the cracks that are going to be opened later in the season.Hopeless defense.
    I also maintain that Reiss Nelson is not your typical winger.An absolute waste at the wings.He is better as an AM.Even the Hoffenheim coach tried to use him at CM and it didn’t work.Should have gone on loan to a team that would develop him at AM.He was our best player at youth level but he needs a span of time to sharpen his skills.Willock will also be better in his actual position.The only thing that has changed from last season is that we’ve added some good players that’s it.Emery has still not been able to instil his philosophy especially off the ball onto the team.

    1. I don’t think any of our right-footed attackers can play well as an LW, but I want to see how Martinelli plays on the left side

        1. Eventually Emery has to play PAL together, because they are the most expensive attackers in the squad

          Unfortunately Aubameyang has to shifted to the left, but maybe Martinelli could give us different option

          1. That is the problem with the team.We won’t get away with especially in the big games where the teams have better defenses.Pepe is going to be the go to guy when it comes to dribbling and stuff.I hope he can hold his own because we need wingers who can open up defenses.

    2. Cmon mate, you do realise that this is the first time Luiz and Sok have played together, AMN is not a defender and Montreal is aging. Let’s judge the defence when we get Bellerin and Tierney fit and Sok and Luiz have played a few more games together

    3. Still think Emery should consider keeping Chambers in XI. Better at winning headers than Sokratis too, which is a HUGE weakness in our defense.

  3. were still missing our two first choice full backs and it is the first time Luiz and Sokratis have played together so of course the defence was going to be shakey. Cabellos, Guendozi and Willock are all very young so an inexperienced shield compounding this. There’s no doubt that this will improve as the season goes on, youngsters gain experience and we establish a stable first choice back line.

    Very positive performances from Cabellos and thought Pepe did well in patches when he came on. Torreira got minutes, Auba and Laca both on the score sheet. 2 wins from 2 games, I’ll take it ?

  4. Good performance overall. Still things to work on,but a lot of positives today. Our strikers are scoring, another solid performance from Willock, Guendouzi looks like he’s settling down more. MOTM is easily Ceballos. He’s everything we’ve ever needed in midfield and very close to a Santi clone. And I know this is going to blow certain people’s mind, but he can create chances AND defend! I know, revolutionary!! Pepe, I think he made our front line look much more fluid. Shame he messed up the last counter attack. His passes need a little bit more weight on them in general. Schedule picks up from here, and very happy we’ve gotten 6/6 thus far.

    1. I think Arsenal have found Ozil’s and Mkhitaryan’s replacement in the no 10 position, but I wanna see how Ceballos plays against Liverpool’s midfielders

      1. His style is very suited for the EPL. He’s aggressive, can create space for him, eye for a pass, really the midfielder we’ve needed for ages. Drops Ozil to the bench. Some may say play them together, but that makes Ceballos have to do twice the defensive workload when he is the better player going forward out of the two. Yes, let’s hope he puts in a similar performance against Liverpool. And Pepe has to be ready to start as well. Nelson does not offer enough up front. He doesn’t know how to get into games.

        1. I think he is been careful with his passes, he is not playing with a free mind. That is understandable considering his price tag.

      2. Gotanidea did you notice that Pepe is an inverted left footed right winger who has a dead right leg?

          1. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiii crack me up everytime I remember it even at work ? ? ? thanks Gotanidea for cracking me up with your dead right leg and adept left leg joke ? ? ?

  5. The new Santi Cazorla…Dani Ceballos. Tough game but both Cebbalos and Pepe look good. Don’t know why we invited Burnley onto us. We played almost in our own box playing out poorly. AMN is not up to it…sadly. Also just one of Willock or Nelson not both at the same time.

  6. On our new signings

    1. Ceballos – my man of the match. He has a bit of santi and Ramsey in Him. 2 assists under his belt today

    2. Luiz – decent game too. Good aerial awareness with some decent long range pass… The defense still cause problems for themselves at times but Hopefully it will get better. Burnley are a decent side with aerial presence

    3. Pepe – he came on in the second half. Quick foot and trickery. He has pace and keeps it clean. Once he is fully fit, he will be even better.

    Good goals from the Amazing duo in laca and Pierre…

    Wilock is really maturing in his play. Encouraging to see.

    Special shout out to other players that made the win possible.

    Glad we won…. 2 out of 2. Been long we achieve this. First time since 2009. Now let’s improve and get ready for the big showdown (Liverpool then Spurs)


    1. We should sign ceballos permanent next season, guy is a talent n is the missing piece since we lost cazorla. Gaundozi, ceballos, torreria n willock what a midfield we have on our hand if we can keep them together for next few seasons. All young n talented. Pepe looks good as well you can see from his touches n awareness. He is decisive as well. Next big thing I am excited about is to see Tierney n Hector bombing down our wings. Exciting time to be arsenal supporter with the strike force of aubameyang, lacazette n pepe backed by talented midfield n pacy wing backs.

  7. Even though am happy with the win we cannot play like this against Liverpool. I don’t want another 5-1 please.

    Im sorry but some of our youths are over hyped.

  8. Awesome game from ceballos…and im not agree with u about luiz and guendouzi…i think both have good games (but its true about luiz responsability in the goal)
    Willlock, i think he needs to play more easy…he trys the hardest one too often
    Alexander the great was a little rought, but he allways makes his mark witj his fighting spirit
    Pepes entry was noticiable, but still he needs to integrate to the team and get used to the league and team mates…i would like to see him running and fighting more
    Auba “only tap ins”…yep, sure

  9. suffering suffering and frustrating whats wrong with Arsenal forwards last pass……
    starting from the back line every time I dont advise it against Liverpool we won 3 more points
    but more practicing is need it against Liverpool next Saturday or they will run over us

  10. Well done boys !!!
    Great win !!!
    One question, why Emery wants to play from the back????
    We just create problem for ourselves by playing that way. Against teams like City we will be in trouble.

    1. If our defenders have the technical abilities, it’s better to build the attack from the back

      All top European teams play like that, since they have to take control of the game

  11. While I rate Willock, I was disappointed today. Torreira should take his spot for Liverpool. Willock needs to be introduced more gradually. A lot of negativity on luiz. Thought he was actually really solid minus the goal which was an unfortunate deflection.

    1. And we don’t give opposition the credit they deserve. That was excellent movement from Barnes to get away from Luiz. Arsenal being caught in transition in general is a huge problem. Monreal was AWOL and Guendouzi had to cover and was a bit late to keeping up with Barnes. Also a bit unlucky with the deflection, but that’s what happens when you are always scrambling back like this. Arsenal need a sturdier defender in their back line.

  12. Leno – 6
    AMN – 6
    Sok – 5
    Luiz – 5
    Mon – 7
    Guen – 6
    Will – 8
    Ceb – 9
    Nel – 5
    Auba – 8
    Laca – 7

    Subs: Pepe – 7, Kola – 6, Torr – 6

    Better offensive performance from what we saw against Newcastle, and could have scored more. Emery dropped our best CB (Chambers) from last week, and it showed. To be fair, we were up against a much better team in Burnley, that constantly bombarded our box with crosses, but our central defenders were struggling to deal with it. Lucky to only concede one. Nelson was disappointing again. Willock is really grabbing his opportunity, whilst it’s the opposite with Nelson. Really liked what I saw from Pepe as well. Two games gone, and we haven’t missed Ozil in the slightest. No Xhaka today, and we looked much better in midfield. More dynamic, work-rate, and pace.

    Best – Ceballos. Brilliant performance! He looks a quality box-to-box midfielder in the making. Excellent in tight spots, carries the ball, tackles, creates, and amazing work-rate.

    Worst – Nelson. I feel harsh, as he’s still very young and inexperienced, and only two games gone, but he just isn’t grabbing his chance. A lot has been talked about him, but we’re yet to see anything. Lovely finish, which was offside, but not much else from him.

    1. Yeah, it stinks that our academy player is was the least effective player on the pitch. He’s 19 and is starting EPL matches. He really has no reason to be playing so conservatively. If I were him, I would be looking at my friend Willock’s performance and watch how he plays with no fear. Sometimes it’s like Reiss is just waiting for something to happen, instead of making it happen. He should be brimming with confidence and taking his shot. You’d think he was not even a winger and was filling in if we knew nothing about him.

      1. Yeah I agree. He doesn’t seem to have the confidence at the moment. I thought he’s be dribbling a lot, trying to beat players, but he seems to shy away from it. Newcastle, and Burnley are not exactly the greatest teams around, so I am surprised he hasn’t done more. Hopefully we’ll see more from him with more games under his belt.

        1. Hope so as well. Still have faith he can be a big player for us. Just needs to be more confident and not fear losing the ball. Shouldn’t even be on your mind if you believe in your abilities.

        1. Great rebuttal. Explain to me how Ceballos played in Xhaka’s role today though, Dan. I have never in my life seen Xhaka played in that advance of a position. It’s hard to believe you even watched the game based on such a comment.

          1. And my post was in general
            You do know he can play anywhere in midfield .
            Maybe check what I was getting Accross before you open your mouth next time .

          2. You were getting across nothing. You see Ceballos put up two assists & MOTM performance in an attacking midfield role, and your first thought is to drop him deeper, and get rid of Xhaka, just so Ozil can still have a spot. Get out of here with such nonsense.

          3. Again, more deflection because I call you out on your ridiculous comments. You still have yet to properly defend your viewpoint. That’s because it’s based on your emotions for Ozil, and not what is best for the team.

          4. Fck me mate what is your problem with what I said ,kind of a joke statement after a good win and you fcking go and on and on .
            There’s no deflection ,you asked me why I said it and I answered you ,my answer incase you missed was Ceballos can play anywhere in midfield that’s why I said Xhaka because he’s shit .now if I had said Ozil you wouldn’t have moaned because it suits you ,but I’m not going to say that because when he’s fit I would imagine he will come into the team .
            Just because he played more advanced today doesn’t mean he will when all players are back .
            Now I hope that’s cleared that up for you .
            Maybe celebrate the win rather than drone on about a sentence I said .

          5. Xhaka suits you because it keeps Ozil in the lineup. Only somebody with extreme bias would throw Xhaka into the conversation after seeing Ceballos do well. Ozil SHOULD be in the conversation because he plays in that position. And I am more than happy after the performance. I’m just calling B.S. when I see it. If you don’t like it, think things over a second longer perhaps.

          6. @RSH, you know Dan was right. Santi used to play at no 10. After ozil came, he was used as deep lying playmaker. Xhaka was brought to take cazorla’s role not ozil’s. Ceballos is a player in Cazorla’s mold. You cannot play willok week in week out and cant play Lucas and Matteo together. If Ozil stays, Ceballos is going to play Cazorla’s role, and last time Ozil had a DM in Le Coq, a b2b Carzola, pacy wingers like Walcott and sanchez, even with Giroud up front, he managed 19 assists. Now he has better people around him and if he replicates same form, tell me who are you going to bench???

    1. Hope we can buy him permanently, give Madrid a 1st refusal clause or £80m buyback clause if we ever went to sell him in the future. Maybe when he hears the fans sing his name today he will maybe start thinking that he could see himself here for a few seasons before going back to Real Madrid?

      What a mixture of Ramsey & Santi.

      1. Yes Gotanidea I did watch the whole 94 mins
        So you would rather have Xhaka in the team rather than Ozil
        You know celballos could play alongside Torreira with Ozil
        In front .

        1. Yes. I’d prefer someone like Xhaka that can defend and is willing to do dirty works in the field, rather than having an ineffective no 10 like Ozil

          Playing both Ceballos and Ozil together would be a suicide currently

          Because Ceballos is still new and hasn’t clicked well with his new teammates, whereas Ozil always does half-a$$ed defending

          1. was playing Cazorla and Ozil together is suicide??? No, I guess. But playing Xhaka and Ozil is suicidal.

        2. You are right Dan, Xhaka would have been detrimental to todays team. We’ve ousted Mustafi, next is to oust Xhaka.

    2. Surely you mean Ozil s at Arsenal at least? Xhaka should NEVER be picked anyway. How UE can ever again pick OZIL when Ceballos is fit is impossible to see. It won’t happen, save in injuries emergency. My real worry , already and after what we all saw today, is HOW can we afford to buy CABALLOS PERMANTENTLY next summer? He is now the clear club star in midfield, a mile clear of any other midfielder we have.In fact, different class.

  13. The passion in Dani Cabellos when Auba scored is what we miss. He has that flair with alot of fight… he could be perfect for the League & Arsenal.

    Auba & Laca Scoring is brilliant. Pepe will take time but flashes we can see already in 2 sub cameos, Nelson will also take time but we have to get behind the young guns.

    Leno looked abit Shaky & Luiz is at fault for the goal but he played well other than that. When we have Bellerin, Holding & Tierney back that’s 3 of our back 4 made up. I’d rather have Luiz in there with Rob for his passing & vision to make the switch from defence to attack quicker.

    Only 1st game in Arsenal shirt too so will take time but 6 points for the 1st time in decade in the opening 2 league games is a perfect start. Now onto the big 2 in Pool & Spuds. Cabellos starts in these games no doubt along side Torreira & Guendouzi.

    Our team when fit is maybe something like this;
    Bellerin Holding Luiz Tierney
    Torreira Guendouzi
    Pepe Laca Auba

    The front 3 can interchange also which would make us a handful to defend against. Maybe October time we will see where this team is going.

    Happy gooner today, now i can enjoy the rest fo the football today

  14. We are still a work in progress but i see good potential in this team with what we have now and the players that will return from injury. our right side was weak defensively especially when burnley switched play but we have a midfielder as stop gap there so cannot blame him.

    our front 3 will be ridiculously op when pepe has adapted to epl because they are really compatible. lacazette works hard, likes to link up play, pepe likes to take on players and cut in to shoot or cross and aubameyang like to run behind and either shoot or cut back.

    our midfield will be better when torreira and ceballos are both fit and playing together and we just lack that 3rd midfielder to complete them.

    our defence is shaky though they work hard to protect each other but remember we have both 1st choice fullbacks and good cb still out with injury.

    1. Well said! like you I can’t wait to see our full squad fit and used to the PL,it,s going to be great to watch no doubt,COYG!!

  15. As keeps saying we have a lot of fans who haven’t a clue,this was Luiz first game with his new teammates Pepe on top of trying to settle down with the team but has also his family to think of,he also played in the AFCON,give him a break! Ceballos was very good,I bet the people complaining were the same asking for Laba/Auba to get sold,these are games we,d lost last season! also think of the players still to come back and the team still has to get,I only see positives with few bumps on the roads only normal but excited for what’s to come!!

      1. @Dan Kit you’re just upset because I had to explain it to you before the game why Pepe and OZIL couldn’t play,it must have hurt your ego since you seem to believe that you know everything about the arsenal team, get over it man!

          1. All you’ve done mate is tell people they are clueless while proclaiming that your right
            “As I keep saying we have a lot of fans who haven’t a clue “ is what you said and you said same thing on another article .
            I said it was a shame Pepe didn’t start and you said I didn’t know what I was talking about .
            That’s why I called you unai Emery because you seem to know everything .
            Someone else who can’t celebrate a win.
            Maybe you and RSH could meet and talk about your football knowledge seeing as you both seem to know what your talking about .

          2. What You said was i guess we will have to wait game 20 to see Pepe play and “what’s going on with OZIL?) which I explained to you, this is not the first time bi caught you in s lie,I am sorry may be I should have earned that I changed my username from TISSIAM to my real name so I know what type of person you really are!just scroll back up and you will see your comment which is exactly what I just wrote,have you youu got anything to say to defend yourself?sadly for you you cannot delete what you wrote @Dan Kit:(

          3. Wow I can’t even be bothered replying to you ,it’s exhausting ,you win you was right everyone else is clueless ,bow down to Fredric well done ?
            Now I’m going to celebrate our win with a beer maybe I could suggest you could also (if your old enough )to take the edge of that ego of yours .

          4. No Dan I don’t,t know everything and surely you don’t have to bow to me I assure you:)by the way I often use the word clueless and by that I didn’t mean everyone it is just that sometimes I am baffled by people comments that’s it,also you might not have noticed but I agreed with you many times before,see I’m not after you!to show you I’m not perfect I admit that I have gone overboard in my comments and if I offended you in the process I apologise to you,I believe we all want the same for our club don’t you?the best!

  16. Ceballos just showed what a midfielder should be doing,the way he defends and attack at the same time you will think he’s on 350k salary.

  17. leno has to start wiping the floor with those cheating scumbags who repeatedly block him from intercepting balls from corners and free-kick. in any part of the pitch intentionally blocking an opponent from playing the ball while not having the ball is an anti-play foul so why allow gk to be blocked is legal is stupid. if rugby players like barnes can elbow and knee players all match so can leno.

  18. This team can only get better. Proud of the job Emery is doing. It’s a work in process and in the next two seasons, we can expect great things from this great club

  19. Willock and guendouzi should not start against liverpool they are far too weak and light and they will get completely and utterly bullied by the liverpool Midfield

    1. guendouzi will start as he has the stamina and work rate to keep up with liverpool midfield. willock is a little too green though i think with 1 full season under his belt he will be a really good player.

      The problem is that ozil, xhaka will be mauled by liverpool midfield, mkhi tries harder but he is ridiculously inconsistent and his bad is really really bad e.g newcastle. guendouzi, torreira and ceballos is the best combo to fight liverpool.

    2. Guendouzi has been amazing since season started you want to drop him? Thank God ur not UE lol!. I think we should start with guendouzi n torreria in middle n ceballos infront of them behind laca. More protection for back 4.

  20. I must say, i enjoyed the game, we were shaky at time but the passing is better than last season. We have to improve on our ‘play from back’ system, Leno will have a huge part to play going forward, there should be dynamism, either pas to nearest defender or an unmarked midfieder not too close to the backline

  21. Ceballos just ended ozil’s career. He played with flair, confidence and passion. He has equaled ozil’s assist for last season. You would think he was on 350k. Please let’s start negotiating with Madrid for a permanent deal. Luiz was awesome, he gives us something different in the attack. I don’t think he was to blame for the goal it was quite an unfortunate deflection I don’t think you can prepare for that. As for our strikers (no comment) they are just beautiful. Overall it was an awesome game. We can get better and will get better. Can’t wait for bellerin and Tierney. Special shout out to willock and guendouzi.

    1. That was brilliant! Apart from Mike Dean being a tool..Ceballos was superb… Luiz was really good too.. good old Laca & dontcha just lurve Auba ???
      3 more points… and to finish it off, was lush walking back to the tube singing we are top of the league & what do you think of Tottenham ?? well done boys!!

      1. Aubameyang makes all his goals look like a walk in the park, but really, they are so skillful. What a winner! Laca & Auba keep me smiling.

  22. Ceballos’ game is what the Ozil-lovers hallucinate they’re seeing when they watch him
    But at least our fans dying to see fancy play can shift from Ozil-Love to Ceballos-Love (Beautiful Football With Passion And Determination)

  23. Newcomers were a big positive today but there is simply no way we can start with Willock and Nelson and expect to compete with top teams … The big problem is as much in full backs as central defenders …not sure we can do much for the moment but AMN is a woeful defender ..might try chambers there against lpool though he is slow … Monreal does a job but can be caught out with lack of pace … Need to get through next month and hope players return fit … Torreira should start with cabellos … And Pepe will be a threat to any defence so has to start … Try lacazette as a false 9 behind aub maybe … If he reverts back to xhaka next weekend will know that Emery doesn’t have modicum of football acumen needed to get us back to where we belong

  24. All in all we have a good squad, with time they will blend n they will make litany of team will start feeling our wrath slowly. Give them times n let’s see where we will be by December.

  25. Good game and Burnley played very well so I don’t understand the laboured performance comment. Burnley were well organised and pressed the entire game. We worked for that win so it was a good test to hopefully prepare us for the upcoming games. Cellabos looks special indeed and once Pepe gets a few more games the attack options will be next level. Defensively yes always a little worry but Luiz did well for us on the whole and we have players coming back in the coming weeks so should help to shore up the vulnerable moments. Leno for me needs to be more commanding and cut out the punches when a catch is possible

  26. Emery should be careful with the introduction of youth into the squad. Nelson used to be compared to Jordan Sancho ,he really needs to improve .if i am being honest similar happened to him at 2 half of the season at hoffenheim and he couldn’t make the first eleven . he is our own and i wouldnt bash him .
    Saka , Marteneli and Smith Rowe need a look in.
    As for Willock we also need to be careful not to over-hype him . He put in another above average performance in my eyes.I would like to know what position he plays though .
    Would prefer a midfield trio of Torreira, Cebellos,Goundouzi/willock. Xhaka and Elneny should think of playing somewhere else . I think we missed out on getting Sidibe .
    Check out the Lyon Midfieldier Thiago Mendez for the definition of a B2B.

    All that said,it was a good win .

  27. Thank you Ceballos for making my day,he played alongside wilock and gueondouzi and still managed to score two assist, am sure if ozil played in this game some will say he played poorly because of wilock.They always find an excuse for him.

  28. Admin:Are you the same guy who wrote yesterday or the day before that Luiz was a bad buy for us because it sounds like it!!

  29. One dowdside I see from Ceballos performance. He is quality, and I assume that we will unfortunately only see him in the red and white for a season. I would be throwing the kitchen sink at him at the end of the season to get him on permanent basis. But don’t like our chances.

  30. I watched Ceballos at the junior Euros, & he was the reason Spain won that tournament. Man was head & shoulders above everyone else..
    That was why, of all Arsenal’s signings, his was the one i was most excited about(albeit only on loan)..
    Not since the exit of Alexander Hleb & prime Cazorla have i watched an Arsenal player so skillful,always willing for a forward run & pass, with an uncanny ability in tight spaces, & able to completely dictate the pace of the game.
    His potential is frightening & if properly managed, will mature into an absolute gem of a player in a few years.
    The only downside for me is that we’re most likely going to lose him at the expiration of his loan spell unless something happens..

    On the game itself, it was a great attacking display from Arsenal, & some of our combinations were just orgasmic to watch at times. Better options to choose from now & better team overall, but we still appear quite frail defensively.
    Surprise! Surprise!!
    At the end of the day, the 3points are the most important, & i’m glad we’ve bagged them.
    Six points from our two opening league games is a welcome change narratively..

    Massive home debut Dani!
    Exciting times ahead!!

  31. Good game from the boys. Every team in this league is strong and can beat anybody so a god hard fought win.

    Please I beg of you Emery, don’t return Xhaka to the first 11.

    Now onto the next one.

    My team for Liverpool will be

    Aubameyang… Lacazette… Pépé

    Ceballos… Torreira… Guendouzi

    Monreal… Luiz… Sokratis… A. M. Niles


    1. Mine too, completely agree midfield upwards should be the team for the season to be honest. Just replace the full backs with Hector n Tierney n put holding in there at CB. That is my ideal team for season to win a trophy.

  32. I don’t agree that Willock looked lightweight and average. I thought he held his own physically and read the game really well, stepping in to break up the play with those long legs. Going forward he didn’t do much wrong.For a second PL start against a tough side I was really impressed.

    1. Agree, Gworm. He holds his own and doesn’t look out of place and put in a decent shift. I can’t really ask much more. Probably won’t start against Liverpool, but he’s more than ready to play a role this season.

    2. Thank you Gworm. I also think Willock played well today, I don’t understand why other fans say he didnt do well today.

  33. What a game…… Don’t get all the negativity on here ?‍♂️
    No one played a bad game, yes Luiz could have done better marking his man but it was some nice movement by Barnes so fair play to them.
    Burnley pressed us and we held well, they tried long balls over the top that normally would see us concede and we dealt with it, 2 games and 2 wins for first time in a decade.
    Things should only improve as the team get to know each other (and for some, the league) better….. Time to actually be happy for a change guys and gals ?

  34. The analysis in this article does not make sense. Firstly, Luiz was our best defender. He made the defence more organised, calm and reassured. At last, we have what may pass as a leader in the defence. Yes, he’s responsible for the goal but aside that, he was solid. The midfield was mobile. We need to improve in this area but we weren’t as bad as Mr poster was painting us to be. Also, Guendouzi moved the ball upwards a lot of times, made decent tackles and did well in shielding the defence and that limited Burnley’s attack to mainly crosses from the wide areas. How willock worked hard and bumped up and down several times. Dani Ceballos, I don’t have to say anything about him. You all saw for yourselves how impressive he was today. In all, this was Luiz’s first game and we can expect better performances as the partnership with Papa develops more understanding. I think we have made progress in every area. Mind you, Tierney, Bellerin are yet to feature. There are better days ahead.

    1. I disagree he was responsible for the goal, it was a deflection that could have fallen to anyone and Barnes was fortunate. Take away the deflection and Luis had it covered, Reiss had the space to square the ball but opted for a tame shot that gave Burnley the counter attack.Our players should learn not to give away the ball in attacking positions.

  35. Exhilarating .. and the only same old problem that I see here is a traffic of moaners that even after 6points in 2 games, cannot stop moaning bcos they just can’t cease moaning.

    1. Liverpool get nothing but lucky I swear. Ings with the simplest of tap-ins scuffs the shot. Only against Liverpool would this happen.

  36. I disagree he was responsible for the goal, it was a deflection that could have fallen to anyone and Barnes was fortunate. Take away the deflection and Luis had it covered, Reiss had the space to square the ball but opted for a tame shot that gave Burnley the counter attack.Our players should learn not to give away the ball in attacking positions.

  37. Today the boys put in a much better performance against a better team than Newcastle, and Burnley are a physical team, so to come away with a win, albeit a needless goal against, is something for us gooners to be happy about.

    While I also said earlier that Chambers should play, it was a sensible move by the gaffer to play Luiz with Sokratis today. Hopefully he will try rotating the three for the two CD positions till Holding comes in & then the best two out of four plays. For the fullback positions Bellerin & Tierney will come in and ensure that 5 guys fight for the two positions.

    Against Liverpool & Spurs, we are looking at a much bigger challenge, so the midfielders on the pitch must be the strongest of the lot. Hopefully Ozil comes back stronger and better, so the creative engine is between Ceballos and him. Willock, Torreira, Guendozi & Xhaka fight for the other two spots.

    The forward line is more or less pencilled in with Auba, Laca & Pepe, with Reiss and Martinelli getting in some game time whenever possible, to build them up, while not forgetting Sako.

    Hope the gaffer allows the team to settle down and stop his tinkering like last season. The players need to have a settled formation to ease into and play with freedom and without confusion. I’m sure he will watch how Chelsea and Southampton played against the much vaunted Reds defence, and will plan accordingly. I worry about our defence against their front three, but this year we have better personnel, so it should be good game.

    Lots to look forward to a d time for us to get behind the boys and not boo any of our own, even if they have an off day.

  38. Congratulations! An excellent result from the boys! However, like many above have said, this nonsense of playing out from the back will be our undoing. Mane and Firmino are animals. Give them half a chance they will score!

  39. A lot positives in today’s game but some of us choose to focus on the negatives. Luiz, Ceballos, Pepe, Nelson, Willock and just coming into the team, they need few run of games to settle, we really need to be patient with them. I love how they are playing from the back but it started to look tricky when Pepe and Kolasinac came on, I think they are not well adapt to playing that way but they can only get better and stronger as they play more together. I believe this season will be better than the last, the signs are encouraging already.

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