Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace – Two goal lead blown by Arsenal

Arsenal throws away a two-goal lead over Crystal Palace.

Arsenal blew a two-goal lead and finished the game with far more problems than when they started.

There are a bunch of excuses to be had starting with the referee having a stinker but there are no excuses for blowing a two-goal lead at home to a non top-six team.

The game started off great, two goals up within the first ten minutes, courtesy of both the central defenders. But you just knew it would not last.

The game changed for Arsenal on the 35th minute when VAR overturned the referee’s decision to book Wilfrid Zaha for diving in the penalty area. I have to admit that it was a penalty but so very curious VAR overturns this one. So many that have gone before have remained unchanged, a strange one.

But regardless, 2-1 it was, Arsenal still had the lead and was not playing that badly.

The second half started with Palace in a confident mood and truth be told, the equaliser from Ayew in the 52nd minute was not a surprise.

The game flowed and Arsenal had the better of the possession, more shots, more shots on target but never dominated.

Granit Xhaka an unhappy man.

Then there was the Granit Xhaka incident.

The Arsenal captain reacted poorly to the fans cheering his substitution in the 61st minute. He slow-walked off, cupped his hand to his ear and gesticulated to the crowd raising his arms into the air in some form of mock cheerleading.

That is a matter that will not go away too quietly in the hours and days to come.

Arsenal thought they scored at the end but VAR again worked against them. Chambers was supposed to have made a foul in the area but it looked really soft to me.

The bottom line, VAR and the ref have a lot to answer for but as I said at the beginning, you do not throw away a two-goal lead. Not at home and not to a non top-six team.


  1. Arsenal have an embarrassing fragility. And that’s all on the coach. They should sack this clueless crying man if they want to save the season. Enough is enough.

    A Sunday league team can score against Arsenal without any problem!

    Yes, var ain’t an arsenal fan as the third goal was a clear goal for me but we should be doing better.

    You can’t score two goals and concede two soft goals afterwards. This same thing happened against Watford.

    I m totally gutted and sad to see arsenal suffer like this.. I m not a fan of fans booing players but today they did well booing xhaka and look at his reaction. Arghhh!

    1. Uzi Ozil you said you ain’t a fan of booing players but today you are, for what reason if I may ask?

      1. The fans were not booing him based on his on-field performance. They were cheering Emery’s epiphany that he offers very little. Xhaka then proceeded to throw the armband to Auba while leisurely strolling off the pitch when his team is drawing at home. The fans then started to boo his clear indifference to the scoreline. Well-deserved imo

        1. @kam don’t play that strolling off the pitch card buddy, a player who wasn’t playing bad is about to be substituted and you expect him to happy about it? Infact who is ever happy being substituted?
          Arsenal fans have been targeting him since he the season started more so since he was made captain. Every defeat, draw and poor performance is on him and him alone as if there are 11 Xhaka playing for Arsenal. Minutes before being substituted he left his deeper role and ventured more forward if that is not enough for you to see he cares then I just wonder buddy.

      2. The fans have had enough. More like they threw the towel… So yea, I also join them in throwing the towel today. Xhaka have been piss poor. He was even jogging instead of raising off knowing fully well that we need the win badly. The players need a kick in the butt. They have been far too comfortable.

        1. @uzi ozil “he was even jogging instead of running off” how many minutes did it take for the substitution board to show his name /him taking off the captain band/fans booing him?
          If you honestly rewatch that moment you will know fans didn’t boo him for supposedly strolling off the pitch.

        1. @gogo I did reply you but I can still copy and paste it here.
          @Gogo I will answer your questions

          1.) When has any player been happy when being substituted? Even Ayew the Palace 2nd goal scorer was visibly annoyed on seeing his number up. No player who knows his worth will be happy when substituted and also knowing he clearly wasn’t playing bad(he got an assist today didn’t he?)

          2.) Players are paid because football is the profession they choose to take, if you feel you can do better than them leave what you are doing and be a professional player.

          3.) Like I have said and will always say this players are first ‘humans’ before anything else, Xhaka has got death threat from Arsenal fans, Arsenal fans attacked Xhaka while he was driving out with his wife. There are so many things Arsenal fans have done to this man and for what reason, for being an Arsenal player? Come on man these things are bound to get to him, being a clubs captain doesn’t take away that.
          I do hope I answered your questions

  2. I thank God that Ozil is not part of this mess. Am not going to comment about this nonsense Emery anymore. I think I’ve said more than enough already and even more has been said by everyone else. It’s now upon the Arsenal’s board. We are clearly heading the AC Milan way while we watching with our two eyes. It’s not too late. Too much headache simply because of my loyalty. All because of one guy. Too painful.
    Subbing a defender for a defender when all we need is a goal is ridiculous.
    More disturbing is that it’s now clear that Emery knows that Xhaka is not worth starting any game(evidenced by how he subs him) but keeps starting him.Worse, subbing him for saka while we got Torreira and Martinelli who can score on the bench
    Am sick and tired.
    Man utd that was far behind is now breathing on our neck . One more game and they are ahead of us. We are a laughing stock. Even our rivals say that something is very wrong at Arsenal.

      1. true and can someone from the MO10 fan club remind me of one game he turned around or won for us? I do have a bad memory of his past 5 seasons

        1. Leicester City. The truth is that while the team struggles we need Ozil playing. Remember the second goal at watford ? That’s what Ozil brings to the team. Again I am not saying we will all matches with Ozil in the team but we certainly won’t be losing as many points to lesser teams with him in the team

        2. Oh please you can’t have a player of ozils class and not use him. He costs us 350k a week for crying out loud. It was so sad watching how this team clearly lacks creativity and can’t find the right pass, with the right weight in the final third, and yet Emery will not find a way to fit in his most creative player. Ozil is not a kante, he wldnt chase down every loose ball and probably wldnt win the most tackles, but at home against weaker opposition ( I hope there is still any such team in epl right now) we can afford the luxury. Emery shld grow up and find a way to blend his team.

      2. Are you sure about that? Is this current midfield good enough? Ozil is quality. Sack Emery now. And see improvement. We should be going for LUIS ENRIQUE. Ozil still has a lot to offer. You cannot win the EPL with Guendouzi in your starting line up week in week out. Arsenal should have signed Thomas Partey in the summer.that is the steel we lack in midfield. Emery has taken us to mediocrity. Drew away to Watford. Can’t beat Palace at home. A loss at Sheffield. This is unacceptable. Emery is the problem with the squad

    1. I tell u what’s wrong at Arsenal. We are corporate not a football club. As long as we are making profit de board done care. As I said before I am afraid this will continue for long bec we are based in London our club value will never go really down hill n profits won’t dry up. So if I have my investment in Arsenal I will be laughing all de time I look at my share price who cares about football.

      1. You are correct. But…

        We have a great team. We should be just behind LFC and MC.

        In a year that Chelski, United and Spuds are imploding, being top three should be easy.

    2. Did we do anything different today order than scored early 2 goals. I was watching 3 games simultaneously and I saw first hand how 4-3-3 should be played. Did anyone saw what else Chambers did at the attacking third order than pass back and hit the first defender with his cross. Let the poor boy concentrate on defending. That is why he was caught out of position several times. We are wasting Pepe’s talent the way Emery is using him. He didn’t win 9 penalties in Lille by being played as an inside forward. He played from the wing and get into one on one with defenders.

      1. Wenger’s formation:

        —-Auba——Laca——Pepe— [aggressive wingers, taking long shot too]
        ————-Ozil————– [FREE to roam and create, intercept]
        ——-Torr———Guen——- [Defend first, cover the Central Defenders]
        Tierny-Chambo–Mustafi–Hector [Play the wing back role one at time.]
        ————–Leno————- [Clear the ball to the wings, into open space.]

        Free Ozil to do whatever he wants. Have Auba and Pape help press, along with Laca.
        Have Torriea and Guendozi protect the back two. Have the winger enabled to make a run, but one at a time. Have the C defender work to clear ball rather than piss-pass around on our half–reduce shots on goal.

  3. VAR is only good when the ppl who are using it know wot they doing.. to have that 3rd goal chalked off is laughable I’ve watched the reply 10 times and there is nothing in it.. its embarrassing from the refs point of view and they should be sacked!!

    1. Agree. Bad decision. And Zaha situation this week was the same as the Saka situation last week yet VAR only reviews one. Inconsistent and biased people operating the technology. I feel like every week this is a discussion in the league. Needs changes.

  4. We’ve got Mesut Ozil en masse. He he he 😂🤣😂🤣 Spanish it is for us now. Just give Emery until the end of the season. Innit,lenohappy,and ozziegunner the loyal trio.🤣😂🤣😂🤣 now lets hear the positives.

      1. 🤣 🤣 – You know I never even wanted him to begin with, thought we were getting Arteta, I just like to give people a fair chance is all 🤷‍♂️

  5. FFS…Emery Out..Ozil in. I don’t buy into the fact that Ceballos brings creativity.. he’s just a good passer.. he’s not a creative player..we have one and his name is Mesut Ozil..!!

    1. You are absolute correct Harish!!! We have one creative midfielder and that is Øzil!! Emery OUT. Øzil IN.

  6. My biggest problem with our team is that I don’t see them being angry when they drop silly points. Then after the useless and forgettable game, they give us another of such next.
    What on earth is wrong with the manager? He is getting it all wrong.
    We need to save our season somehow.

    1. They are not angry, as they know the system being player is Capitulation.

      They know when they get to the field they will concede more shots than any EPL team, nay, any team in the first division in Europe.

  7. Does anybody seriously expect us to go to Anfield on Wednesday and win?? With everything going their way.. including penalties!
    Oh and their smug fans – on Soccer AM yesterday, DJ Spoony laughed when Wretch 32 said he was a gooner! 🤬
    5 points dropped in our last 2 games… smh….

    1. And giving up two goal leads makes it worse. Strangely, the scorelines don’t even upset me anymore Sue. It’s the same way I felt during end of Wenger era. Nothing we do surprises me anymore and it’s almost expected we drop points now. I hope the higherups are getting ready for the sack. Wolves, Leicester are our next two EPL matches and it’s hard to see how we win those. Time for a change.

      1. Never rains but it pours hey, RSH?! More points dropped against those 2.. dumped out of the carabao cup (more than likely).
        All this Ozil hoo-ha… now all this with Xhaka (he was so arsey!) Really not looking good right now ☹

        1. Doesn’t matter..even if we tried to win they’d chalk off any and all of our goals. Ken1945 is always complaining about those referees and I think he is right! Very corrupt all of them.

  8. Please let’s be talking about the new coach we could get soon. I said it yesterday that it will be an upset if arsenal won against crystal palace you guys didn’t believe me. Anyone supporting Unai Emery on this platform is just deceiving him/herself

    1. That’s why I support russian n Arab take over to americans. Atleast they take interest in football n are involved not like these Americans who are only bothered about NFL or NBA. We need club to be bought by someone who is Arsenal Fan n takes interest in what is happening at club.

    2. Yep….. you did say you don’t see us winning….. and I even thought we would win by one goal difference after playing crap, but as it turns out, we didn’t win….. but hey, we played crap as expected right 😀…. and at least Emery has made some more progress……….. towards the exit!!

  9. Arsenal are rubbish. The manager is garbage. So do as I do always make money on betting on against arsenal. I used love them but not anymore everytime they played I win money by betting against them.

  10. Surely the board must act soon before he takes this club down into the gutter .
    The results and performances get worse every week ,maybe the VAR decisions could have gone either way but we can all see something is not working with Emery .1 point for what should have been 6points on paper ,it’s not good enough for a club our size .
    Maybe when Emery goes he can take his best buddy XHaka with him ,don’t think the fans will be to happy with him in the future after today’s showing off .
    I’m sure we will get a few with their usual excuses ,but the majority can see Emery’s limitations.

  11. I really can’t question the ref.
    He only did what they told him to do from the VAR room.
    They practically made the decisions, the ref only was the one to LST it known.

    This aint the first time fans will boo Xhaka, Emery once said he’ll improve and he needs our support.
    With two middle fingers in the air I’m saying FVCK YOU EMERY.
    RSH mentioned how Xhaka wasn’t as bad as this under Wenger. I thought about it, and yea it’s true, while Xhaka is a clown, he wasn’t this bad under Wenger.
    It doesn’t mean I want him anywhere near the team though.
    You know why Liverpool fans were patient with Klopp and WS are not with Emery?
    Even when Liverpool were losing in Klopp’s first season, the fans could see what he was trying to do.
    None of us can say what Emery is trying to do.
    Still after every game for the past 18 months you still see Nonny and Innit calling for Emery to be given more time or time till January.
    I don’t regret turning my back against the mam early last season.
    I can’t wait to listen to his own excuse now and see how he’ll defend Xhaka. Truth is he’s responw for everything happening to Xhaka.
    Xhaka clearly was out of form and needed to be benched, even a blind man could see it but Emery insisted on playing the man every goddamned weekend. Look where its gotten Xhaka.
    They should both leave the club

      1. He was bad no doubt, but he wasnt this useless and that’s why even pundits ate questioning his contributions to us

  12. Think it’s about that time Emery goes.
    He just seems to have run out of ideas.
    The team seems to be so fragile like it was under wenger in his 8 or so later year..
    We are stagnant, no clear plan, style or progress. I think it’s the right time for Emery to go because there does not to be anything new he can bring to the table.

  13. Sokratis and Luiz scored. But we can’t rely on them to defend, because they lose their concentration easily

    Ceballos was ineffective as an LW and he should have played as no 10 or a deep-lying playmaker instead. But Emery chose to counter Palace’s tactic by using 4-4-2 and Pepe didn’t play well on the right wing again

    And the officials’ quality in this game is horrible. How could they cancel Arsenal’s third goal?

    Nonetheless, I believe Emery’s contract could be terminated if we get another loss at an EPL match. He is simply too pragmatic for his own good

  14. It’s time for unia Emery to go. But knowing the board it will not happen they came out this week saying the man is got full backing. So am sorry arsenal fans ur in for long journey

  15. The guy in charge of sacking the guy in charge of sacking Emery, needs to be sacked. Emery is a joke. Emery out Enrique in.

  16. I’m going to say this loud and clear, the way you lot here and those going to the saduim treat Xhaka is despicable and gullible at the same.
    I sat down today wondering what he did today to deserve what he got today, as usual the dumb Jon Fox had to run and type rubbish on here just to satisfy his rubbish ego. We all are “humans” and we should remember this players are first of all “humans” too, today’s booing so got to Xhaka that he had to leave the pitch entirely. Which leads me to ask what the hell is going on? Can’t we support our players must a player be always singled out to be ridiculed?
    Xhaka wasn’t great today so was everyone on the pitch but why should he be singled out all the time? It was annoying seeing him so angry today, I just wish those despicable fans get that kind of treatment at their work place or at home so they will understand how he felt.
    We should do better as fans, gingering our players should be the focus not ridiculing them for absolutely no reason.
    Also can anyone help me understand why our late goal was ruled out, I watched the INCIDENT again but couldn’t see how Chambers fouled the Palace player in question, the VAR decision was shocking

    1. Xhaka lawyer, and the way your coach has been treating and humiliating Ozil is not despicable?

      1. Hahaha… Dont mind him he want us to know he knows how to speak grama…. Xhakar shouldn’t be playing that’s the problem we fans have with him, because he is slow, dull, rough, not creative, give the ball away unnecessarily, cannot pass, cant create chance, not good with the ball, always get book and above all accepted to be a captain knowing he isnt good enough to be a captain…

      2. @adega I don’t claim to be Xhaka’s lawyer and am not indifferent to the club’s treatment of Ozil, if you know me well you would have noticed I have spoken against the club’s/Emery treatment of Ozil but what I wrote up there is clearly about what happened today on the pitch.

    2. Regarding Xhaka, I just said it up there, Emery should be blamed. When a player is out of form, you drop him but Emery kept on playing him, even gave him the captain band.
      It’s as if Emery keeps sending Xhaka into the Lions den knowing the Lions(us fans) are looking for who to devour for our woeful performance.
      At least right now the heat isn’t all on Emery, Xhaka is taking the heat alongside him.
      I believe Emery is to be blamed

        1. Lmao.I don’t feel a pity for him. My point is, this all has Emery over it.
          I know my imagination is very wide.
          But have you thought of it? What if Emery insists on Xhaka only so that fans won’t face him and Xhaka will always take most of the heat for him?

          1. Haha. You are absolutely right about Emery sending him to the lions den! But we are all at breaking point now. No chills to give anymore. Captain tells us to f*#k off? What a disgrace that t&*t is!

    3. Really man lol? Mans getting paid like 200k a week and hes strolling off the pitch like were three nil up… he then bites back at the crowd (still strolling) curses at the crowd (hes supposed to be a role model to millions of kids across the globe) and then refuses to even shake his managers hand, doing all that while knowing hes a polarising figure at arsenal yet he did it anyway knowing he would get backlash from it, no one to blame but himself absolute dick.

  17. Well, now that xhaka told us to f*@k off I hope the decision is easier for Emery. Drop him or just take him with you to wherever you will go next. What a joke the officiating in the premier league is! Were they that desperate to make sure we don’t win the game?

  18. Ozil is not in the team, Emery has been fielding his best player with very high work rate as compared to lazy Ozil. Now my question is why are the results not coming? Why are we not performing?

    1. Because running around the field like a chicken is not clever…

      Ozil has to be allowed to be the player he is, and lead the attack.
      The defense needs better players and a better system.

  19. Xhaka actually mocked us the fans? Unai should man up and strip him of his captaincy tell him to concentrate on improving his own mediocre performances

    If at this stage you are still for giving Unai more time than you want us to be the next AC Milan

  20. Apart from the two goals, the link-up was poor(Ceballos unable to link with forwards).I was expecting Ceballos substituted by Torriera…Unai got it wrong again….and Xhaka’s drama started and I can say the supporters were a bit harsh on him and he was completely wrong to react like that.Who was the game changer from the sub.? Why Tiereny substituted when the game was crying for a creative midfielder?
    The referee was wrong for the penalty decision against Zaha but VAR was right…. and the referee was right for Arsenal’s third goal but VAR review was wrong…..INJUSTICE AT BEST.

  21. I am here to read the lamentations of arsenal fans.

    As long as emery is the head coach, the lamentation will continue. He is a mid tabke manager and that is where we will find ourselves before he leaves.

    I dont care any more, my love for the club has gone south. I now go to watch afc with the expectation that they will drop points. This way, i dont feel disappointed about their performance anymore.

    Call me a plastic fan, i dont bloody care.

    1. I have been a Norwegian supporter since 71 and I feel the same way.
      The threatment of Ozil is a scandal!!
      I think Emery is the worst Arsenal manager ever!! Get rid of that man tonight – por favor!!
      Let Freddie take the job for the rest of the season!

  22. Something has got to give. Either Unai Emery styles up or he gets sacked. Our team has truly become a laughing stock! Emery has become a total liability! He doesn’t even have a clue why he substitutes his players. Why would anyone in his right mind substitute Xhaka with Saka or remove Tierney to bring on Kolasinac? Were those the priorities? I believe Emery needs to be relieved and temporarily replaced by Fred Ljunberg until the end of the season. If Fred performs well we confirm him or else we recruit a manager of proven experience like Maximiliano Allegri. We had had enough of Unai Emery.

  23. UE “we played well n deserved to win, We were unlucky with some decisions. Some times things go against you sometime not. It’s football. We will look at the next match n bounce back to produce good result. I can not blame the team and the plan. We had good clean plan it’s just we were unlucky. Season is long and we are aiming to come 4th. Adiós amigos”

    1. He said something similar after Sheffield defeat. I hope he gets the performance he is looking for in another club Raul willing.

  24. I’m beginning to think that Emery’s a double agent whose sole purpose is to destroy Arsenal.
    We’ve lost everything that made Arsenal tick under this mistake of a manager, & the earlier we retrace our steps & let him out of his misery, the better it would be for all of us, lest he destroys our very fabric beyond redemption..
    Time is of essence!
    Tick Tock!

    I’m fuming right now.
    Absolutely fuming!

  25. Ummm. I wish everyone a nice evening despite everything. The football is what the board wants. They are in charge!!!!

    1. Hahaha…same to you Pat. I guess best way to enjoy weekends now is not to watch Arsenal play. I never mind loosing as it’s part of sports but de way we play n what we are doing with de talent we have is just unbearable. 🥺😢…where has our beautiful football gone 🙈

      1. Monsanto Ali Raja, am just simply short of words, honestly I thought two goals, at home and we should be in cruse control, I am exhausted, I don’t know what to say and trust me it will only get worse. Do you know players are friends with each other, and if they notice what is going on with Ozil, each player might start thinking it could be any of them? Arsenal Football Club don’t freeze out players. But that is what is happening now. Morales might be low among the players.

        1. Lol..Pat, right from the first second, I was tuned in to the Liverpool game.
          After I saw 2 goals up in ten minutes, I told Sue that the Arsenal game was tempting me but hell naw!!😂😂😂
          I stood by the Liverpool game.
          Right now I can’t even feel all the rage you guys are feeling.
          I warned Sue to stay away from certain games that’ll get to her, I guess she gave in to the temptations to watch that game.

          1. Eddie, Arsenal is in deeper trouble. Emery’s square peg round is not fitting. There is a reason why certain systems work, to reinvent the wheel can be very costly. I read an article where he said other players like Toriola and Guendouzi can play creative midfielders because he doesn’t want Ozil in the team. Emery doesn’t naturally have the right tactics even with the right players, now he is trying to fit players to do what they can not naturally do. He blamed the VAR though

      2. That’s true. First time in 10 years I didn’t drop everything to watch Arsenal on tv; (I’m in the States).

        Drove to my parents and spent time with them and my sister. Felt confident they wouldn’t get 3 points regardless of opponent.

        Enjoying the day, can’t be bothered with Emery “coaching” and his shambles. Only question is whether Emery lasts the year or gone in January.

        Shocking club spent massively for this guy, and no one in management has given him the hairdryer treatment.

        1. I used to really look forward to the weekend and watching us play I just can’t get excited ,we all seem to know how the games will turn out but the one man who can’t is the one who’s in charge .

          1. Dan I see Bleacher Report’s contract termination picture is now your DP😂😂😂😂.
            It’s on my WhatsApp status right now

        2. Welcome to the team Durand😂😂😂 I’ll rather watch Chelsea play beautiful football than watch our depressing performance under Emery.
          I dreaded this palace game, so I steered off

          1. Yeah Eddie it’s sad but true. I’m setting up a tee time next week and playing golf with best mate; he’s utd fan.

            Gutted for my club, but my mood turns sour on gamedays, no confidence in a result, and it’s some of the worst football in the league, honestly.

            I’ve had it after 18 months and this absolute turd we have running this circus.

            I’d be shocked if he’s back for a 3rd year. Fans ripping Xhaka, singing for Ozil in Emery’s face at home AND away, and Spanish Pulis has no answers.

            Holding, Bellerin healthy for almost a month, yet persists with his CB’s despite fans, pundits, and now former players turning on him.

            His ego out of control, denies reality with recent results, and tells fans to be lemmings and blindly support.

  26. All this xhaka nonsense is another deflection from the main issue, which is Emery is a poor coach ..

  27. What be fell the arsenal?crying about today’s officiating doesn’t vindicate our previous performances in the EPL.
    I am a worried man already and looking at the body language of players like Lacazate and his perfomance lately makes me believe all is not well in this team.
    Our Senior players,save of a few sacred ones(which you all know)may not be in support of the manager any more.I support the incorporation of young players but if we have to depend on this toddler’s to win us the EPL is foolhardy.
    Believe me when I say that playing players like Saka,Willock,Guenduzi,and Martinelli at the same time in the EPL however talented they are which emery has attempted severally won’t even get us in the top Five.
    The board needs to have a candid discussion with Emery on his relationship with our senior players, without which we are soon replacing man utd in the relegation battle. So sad.

  28. Was the performance terrible again? Because it sounds like a better one than we have been seeing of late. I cannot really comment too much, as I didn’t see the game, and haven’t even seen the highlights yet, but it sounds like VAR has screwed us again.

    I said the other day that VAR is a joke. It’s actually doing the exact opposite of what it was brought in for, as it creates more controversy.

    What I cannot understand, is that we’re drawing at home, after throwing a two goal lead away, and Emery doesn’t use all his subs, and the only sub he makes in the last half hour is a LB for a LB! Martinelli has been on fire, and isn’t used, even though we had one sub left!

    I am very close to be Emery out now. I also imagine the booing for Xhaka, was not just aimed at him. The fans were also letting Emery know what they think of his decision to constantly start Xhaka. If I was Torreira, I would now ask to leave, because what is the point? Doesn’t matter how bad Xhaka is, Torreira cannot get ahead of him in the pecking order.

  29. Livershite will pull us apart on Wednesday. We are just a mid table team and a mid table club we as Arsenal fans have to realise this and to be honest don’t expect this lot of differs to do any better than mid table. Sorry for pointing out the obvious but we are shit and just not good enough. A good FA cup run is all we can expect. ☹

  30. Var knew that if they gave us that goal and we won,Emery will have excuse. Var is an arsenal who wants arsenal to lose so that Emery can b sacked

  31. When y see atkinson just standing on the field, checking his ear for 5 mnt, without goes to VAR TV, just waiting the result from VAR.

  32. “we are a bit unlucky and we played good football and think that we deserved winning the game,now we look forward to bounce back against wolves who are good and will cause many problems for us” predicted words from Mr good ebening

    1. when managers say we play well when we clearly didn’t that usually means they are under pressure by the board. I think Emery is running out of chances. If the results aren’t good against Wolves and Leicester I’d be surprised if he sticks around. It’s really just our position on the table that keeps him his job right now and even that will not be favorable soon. Lampard has stepped into Chelsea without Eden Hazard and they are just as good. Meanwhile, we invest in Emery and he makes the team even more boring and worse.





  34. OK so that was a disappointing result but actually that was a much more aggressive game from us than we have seen recently and I don’t think it was that bad a performance.

    – Laca is still a bit rusty after his injury so his link up play was poor today.
    – Auba was quiet but picked up a bit with the formation tweak but still not his best today – no biggie all players have off days 🤷‍♂️
    -Pepe was playing nicely, beautiful corners, lots of dribbling and missed by a whisker.
    -Xhaka didn’t do much wrong (until he was subbed) but should have done better closing down on that cross.
    -Guendouzi and Ceballos are working nicely and proved that my 442/4411 hopes for this team aren’t dead yet. I thought they did well as the pivot once Xhaka was subbed off. Absolutely loved Guendouzi flying rugby tackle, what a boy 😂
    -Sokratis and Luiz looked quite solid today except for the second goal where the whole squad switched off for a moment.
    – Chambers did well tonight except for that one stupid moment where he put a leg out for Zaha to run into – what a fekking doughnut 🤦‍♂️
    – Tierney was looking sweet bombing up and down the flank (still a bit rusty but he’s getting there) – no major problems and unlucky not to get an assist.
    – Leno was fine although would be nice if he could maybe save just one penalty at some point – he saved some at Leverkusen, not much he could do about second goal.

    -Saka struggled to impose himself into the game and Martinelli may have been a better choice, but I did like the way we were playing with him on, was almost my lineup I wanted and it was fairly dominating so I want to see more 😂

    – Kola was quiet and didn’t do much but nor did he do anything wrong 🤷‍♂️

    Overall much better from Emery and the squad imo. The stupid mistake by Chambers was very stupid indeed but I think he will learn from it. The officiating was absolutely terrible after that first VAR turnover and if our players hadn’t been too busy calling the ref out they may well have been in better positions for the play that conceded the second. As for Sokratis 2nd getting ruled out that is just… I don’t know, words fail me, that was a clear cut foul on Chambers and the goal should have stood.
    Could have been better, still sloppy play that needs cutting out, but certainly improvements to be seen in my eyes and look forward to seeing it progress

    1. Luiz, apart from his goal, was by FAR the weakest player in this team today.

      But generalky, a more attacking display and with a bit more composire we could have scored 2 or 3 more

    2. If you mean by aggressive to run towards ur opponents n then when u get the ball pass it back then yeah I agree. Where u watching a different match. All out goals n most of the threat came from set piece that says a lot. We can’t put 5 passes together n are slow as hell…so slow that all the opponent players jog back to get behind the ball. I don’t know what Pepe thinks that he is Messi or something he just hugs de ball too long same with guendozi(although my favourite player) but they need to be developed n given right advise by manager but does not look like UE has even noticed that. We don’t have anyone to play those defence splitting paces n provide for strikers…u can see how today’s system did not suit the team at all. Laca is not bergkamp sort of striker he can not play behind auba. There is no link between defence n attack. Ceballos n Xhaka are useless. He needs to play torreria as DM Guendozi as CM and Ozil or buy Christian Eriksson as AM. I think by playing Guendozi as CM he can do much more for the team he has that engine, ability n desire to contribute in both attacking n defensive side. Last but not the least by making that substitution UE just showed how clueless he is when it comes to team balance.

      1. Yes passing was too slow still which needs to improve, but apart from that I disagree with most of what you said. Guendouzi and Ceballos both played some passes that if the delivery had been a lil better or they hadnt been intercepted then they would have been killer so at least intent is there. Laca is very much a Bergkamp type striker(not the same but similar enough), he has been dropping deep since he got here, its a key part of his game, just because he was rusty today doesn’t mean he can’t do it 🤷‍♂️
        The 442/4411 we swapped into when Xhaka was subbed was working quite nicely, better officiating and maybe things would have gone better but at no point did Palace dominate us, only 4 shots on target the whole game and we managed to keep Zaha and his trickery contained for most of the match – definite signs of promise imo.

      1. I know right – all these people moaning like nothing about the team changed for the better, and arguing like poor officiating and the worst VAR decision didn’t have any type of impact or rob us of the win … You really have to hear it to believe it don’t you? 😂🤣

        1. I get now. I can’t just help someone who goes by d name mad hatter to argue. All d comment will actually b mad. Good luck u and emery can continue u guys mad coaching tooo

          1. Consider me mad if you like but answer me this….. Where are the meltdowns because we sat back and took over 30 shots against us? Where is the meltdown because our defense was being pulled all over the shop making Palace look like prime Barca against us? We may still be moaning that there wasnt enough in the final third but as I originally said Auba and Laca were both out of sorts today which didn’t help, but there was still more going forward and a lot of promising moves were killed off by bad officiating.

            See, sometimes the mad see clearest of all 😉😂

  35. Emery is a complete failure incapable to put right team on pitch. What sense does this team makes?

    No balance because no DM to cover lousy CBs, and no one to feed 3 strikers.

    Then to sub Xhaka instead or Ceballos (used as DM out of position) for Saka means weaker un the back, more forwards but no one to feed 4 strikers, Ceballos obliged to défend more without Xhaka.

    He still will keep this same team on next game, Bellerin for Chambers, maybe Torreira for Ceballos or Gendouzi for same result.

    All that idiot needs to do is play Holding – Mustafi with Chambers as DM and Ozil as a 10 to feed 3 strikers.

    Players are not AT fault, but Emery in every possible ways…

    We lose against Sheffield, draw Home against Palace, next EPL, Wolves at home, then Brighton, Norwich, west ham and Leicester.

    Technicaly, we supposed to take all 3 points for all these games, maybe draw 2, at west ham and or Leceister at least. We drew and lost one since international break. Man U, Chelsea, Leicester, Reds, City all winning, Spurs lost to reds but not far behind us…

    Played 10 games, won 4 with a goal difference, lucky on two occasion to not lose as we are today and on all 4 draws so far, Lost 2.
    This is very bad, Man U drew last game against Reds, could have won it, did today. A game behind…

    We should have only lost 1 game and draw 2, so far, win 7 at least considering opponents, be at 23 points not 15. Means we will finish under 60 points.

    1. “All that idiot needs to do is play Holding – Mustafi with Chambers as DM and Ozil as a 10 to feed 3 strikers.”

      Wenger’s formation:

      —-Auba——Laca——Pepe— [aggressive wingers, taking long shot too]
      ————-Ozil————– [FREE to roam and create, intercept]
      ——-Torr———Guen——- [Defend first, cover the Central Defenders]
      Tierny-Chambo–Mustafi–Hector [Play the wing back role one at time.]
      ————–Leno————- [Clear the ball to the wings, into open space.]

      Free Ozil to do whatever he wants. Have Auba and Pape help press, along with Laca.
      Have Torriea and Guendozi protect the back two. Have the winger enabled to make a run, but one at a time. Have the C defender work to clear ball rather than piss-pass around on our half–reduce shots on goal.

  36. ■ The worse referee performance in an AFC game this season.

    Feels like a lost but I must highlight not only was the VAR wrong on our 3rd goal but also after booking Zaha for diving, then seeing it over turned by VAR and then a penalty, the ref from there on was pro palace with 85% of the decisions. We got 5% and 10% was let go. Lots of errors in decision-making and this affects the flow of football as well as allowing palace to get many more decisions, some for the same types of fouls we were not getting.

    ■ Xhaka being boo’d after substitution and showing his frustration with shirt dumping and running off down the touch line.

    Dont get it wrong, we were not better without Xhaka because he wasnt on the pitch, we were better because palace dropped to a defensive 4 5 1 and sat to defend our new 4 4 2. Though is Xhaka a hindrance to our potential? Could Torreria be better there? The manager wants Torreria pressing further up the pitch and Gendouzi appears to be the most influential midfielder currently with the ball and yet further up it all still feels like working progress – whatever progress is..
    It’s not even a matter of if its Xhaka or whoever’s in that position, it’s a matter of how they all combine as a centre 3. None have been effective collectively.
    Xhaka though, upset at being boo’d is right to feel disgruntled as he is giving his all. But the manager needs to decide, if the man made captain by his colleagues is helping the team or just taking up a position for someone better. Xhaka is not totally useless, let’s not be blind to his positive attributes to the team. Though I am not a fan of him as a 1st team player I dont agree with 50,000 booing him – surely you cant expect this to help him better us with future performances? Or even fill our players with confidences that if they dont performance they get boo’d. Does fans not realise this??????????????? Hugely disappointing and this attitude is making us look like spoilt brats.

    ■ static positional play is affecting our potential.
    We have players like Laca, Auba, Pepe, Saka who can make runs. They have built or are building careers from it. But everything I have seen from arsenal this season is static. When Gendouzi on the 88th minute got in behind the defence and cut it for Laca who pivoted and laid it to Luiz we saw the equivalent of ‘the cat amongst the pigeons’. But most of our play this season has been static. Our middle is sitting too often being our strikeforce and this allows our opponents to have 2 banks of defensive lines and they dont need to worry about runners – making it harder to do anything. So, having Willock show glimpses is good, but his young age is also showing inconsistencies (last 2 games is an indication), cellabos is still trying to get into a new league and with new team mates. Torriera just isn’t fitting in (I really think it’s hard now as the players voted Xhaka as their captain and torriera is better in his position) and Gendouzi is showing the most but is still developing. He should be learning from the likes of Ozil about killer passes.. but it’s not all about killer passes (otherwise ozil will be none dropable) but about midfield runners.
    How we saw such benefit from ramsay last season. Look at this season, even this weekend, Pulisic at Chelsea. Henderson today, McTominay today, Gündogan at City. It’s not just the goals these guys are scoring from midfield but it’s the positions they find themselves in. Our midfield is not learning this point. I dont think the manager tells them not to make the runs because we see it when we are trying to force the play, they need to do it when we want to dominate. One goes the other doesnt so they give support for Xhaka in case of a break.
    The best central midfield in the league is Cities. Silva and De Buyrne are constantly in and around the box and making and taking shots. Willock and Gendouzi have the potential. But this is a growth year for not just the youth but also for the fans and club.

    ■ Ozil Mustafi Xhaka are much dividing fans and I suspect the dressing room.
    Transitional arsenal over the last 2 years has seen players sold and some lingering players being frozen out or barely used. But I feel any top club wouldn’t allow this to happen. We tried to sell Ozil and Mustafi, it didnt happen, the players need to be still helping the club if they are not playing.

    This is all causing an issue. Just another part of several issues still remaining from the Wenger to Unai transition.

    Open to discussion on my points or to clarify any of them for you.

    1. “We have players like Laca, Auba, Pepe, Saka who can make runs. They have built or are building careers from it. But everything I have seen from arsenal this season is static.”

      Why run when there is no through pass coming? (Ever played football? When there is a passer behind you telling you to run to open space you run, and suddenly the ball is in front of you…)

      That is why Ozil is the best in the business. You know as a FWD that there is a pass coming, so you run! Ozil now can have three, not one, but three, attacking players as good as Alexis. Imagine what can happen with Ozil behind the trident.

      Without Ozil what happened to Alexis?

      Connectivity/link play. There is none of that when playing too much from the back, as then the middle is clogged by the other side.

      It is elementary. Emery is piss poor. He can only do well against sides that are worse than us by quite a stretch. Being bullied at home is telling, as Emery is allowing average teams to run at us or intercept passes by running at us.

      1. How do you make through passes when you have 2 banks of 4 sitting?
        Previously The intricate passing in and around the box that we use to do towards the end of Wengers era was less potent then the midpoint of his tender. (The early years we played with pace and power). The problem was when this broke down we got hit with waves of counter attacking football and over exposed defence and then fans chanting wenger out.
        Only Man City currently do this most effectively (because they have added hunting down the lost ball afterwards – something ozil doesnt want to do like how Alexis did).

        So I go back to my point, who are the effective runners from midfield to change the shape of our opponents? You can put all your eggs in one basket and buy/have a player who might be able to unlock a structured defence but offer nothing else and risk being exposed on the counter but who is going to change the shape of your opponents and create pockets of space for your forward?

        Gendouzi ran at villa the other week and got a penalty. Like I say, him and Willock have this potential but we are not seeing it enough.

        Look at the best midfielders in the game past and present and you will see the point of having midfielders who make the runs. We need this more then we need Ozil.

        1. “How do you make through passes when you have 2 banks of 4 sitting?”

          Good coaching will forces those defensive players out of position.

          For most average to top class players that might seem difficult or impossible. However, that is why an Ozil is needed. When the forwards know there is possibility of a pass, they run more.

          Wingbacks takes the entire width of the pitch thus opening space between the 4-4-2. That is drawing a compact defense of two 4 line wider. The space that is created is where an Ozil will exploit.

          The problem for Arsenal is now also at goals for level, because Emery is undermining the supply with his desire to play from the back. So even less threat to come from Arsenal’s front three, not only do they not have Ozil, but even less of the ball upfront. (Reduce time of possession by subtracting time passing the ball in their own half… or back wards.)

          So, not only is the goals against stat now a bigger problem even at home, as this team is now allowing shots against Arsenal at a record pace.

          All in all, this is a total failure of strategy. Of not fitting the tactics to suit the players on hand.

          Emery not a coach according to Ozil. Ozil is right. Looks like the Spaniards now at Arsenal have it for the German…

  37. Madhatter. I you talking abou Arsenal vs Leicester last season?

    If you said u can see improvements in this team. Then u are far more clueless than Emery

    1. Thanks, gives me such a warm fuzzy feeling when people engage in such a well reasoned debate without just throwing out random insults 😂

      But I would have thought that us moving away from sitting deep being afraid to go forward towards more attacking football would be a thing to be happy about? Admittedly it wasn’t perfect, but it was definitely a start 🤷‍♂️

  38. Fans asked for Tierney and they got it. Fans asked for Ceballos and they got it. Yet the poor run of form continues. What’s the solution?

  39. The loudest chant all game was for Ozïl……..
    Anyway, I really don’t understand all the complaints about the ref, what did he do wrong?
    It was VAR that made him change the decisions he gave to us.
    Emery Out.
    Xhaka Out.
    VAR Out.

  40. More from Unai Emery speaking to BBC Match of the Day on Crystal Palace’s VAR-awarded penalty: “I didn’t understand the referee and VAR reaction. Last week they didn’t check VAR for a penalty for us but we respect that. Two weeks ago there is one penalty for Pepe against Bournemouth, they didn’t check, okay. I don’t understand.

    “For me there is no confusion – it is not a good decision. We deserved to win, we had a good reaction after they equalised, we scored but then they didn’t count it.

    “We didn’t concede many chances apart from the penalty to score. Our reaction was very good, also the supporters help us in the last minutes to score the third goal and win the match but this doesn’t happen.”

    on Granit Xhaka’s reaction:

    “He’s wrong but we are going to speak inside about that situation.

    “I want to be calm but, really, he was wrong in this action.”

  41. The team that was pcked for this ga.e was actually not bad at all – but seriously, the weak point is David Luiz. He has become the liability. Replace him with Holding and this team will do well. Even Xhaka played quite well and with a bit of luck we could have scored 2 or 3 more.

  42. A lot of negatives can be said of the game today (and the season to date); however, the xhaka incident should be the only story right now. Our captain, who isn’t even good enough to be in the reserves shows complete disrespect to the club and the fans. What xhaka just did was ten times worse than any Ozil wrongdoing. If he’s not frozen out by this clueless manager, I am done watching this bs. Emery and xhaka should GTFO out of this club immediately. Enough is enough, stop supporting this garbage football until action is taken!!

  43. I might be critical of players at times but booing off a player is not good at all. You can not blame the player for an inept manager.

    1. He was booed because he was being a knob end of .
      Telling your fans to fck off as a club captain IMO should be his final game at this club .
      But I’m sure the coach will defend him and probably blame Ozil somehow .

  44. We are now 4 points behind 4th place with all teams above us firing on all cylinders. And we are 4 points from 12th place.

    Let’s not give this manager till Christmas by which time it will likely be too late.

      1. Hi Sue – I can’t either but I am pretty sure we will be force-fed some more misery before this chapter ends. What choice do we have? Believe me, if I could, I would stop following us. The curse of a fan…

        The further we travel down the table and the deeper we get into the season the more managers look like good candidates.

        1. Hey Truth 🙂 too right, like being dumped out of the cup, then battered by Leicester & Wolves for starters!! Ooh it’s tough right now… and has been for a while. Surely we’re due a break!! 😬

    1. UE fans will say oh we are just 4 place behind 4th, there is no reason to sack him…lol! Issue is with our mentality we have fallen so far that now even 4th place finish n no trophy is fine for us. To be champions its not only de club but fans have to have that champion mentality that aura about them….we should not accept anything but title every season if we win it fine if not then we need to do something about it but look like we are now satisfied with mediocrity. If u aim for 4th I’ll probably finish 6th. We all need to raise our standard n force the club to raise their so they know Arsenal fans are not gonna take this bullsh*t.

  45. I usually do not like to rush decisions regarding manager but Emery has to go, he really got to my nerves.
    Onebif the worst Arsenal versions, I have seen especially with the quality of yge players we have.

  46. Today i cant blame emery…his plan worked well. We had our two early goals untill the ref decided to award a free kick to every palace player who goes dwn and to ignore fouls committed by palace players..we fought back but VAR cheats had other ideas….

    Can it be possible that there is serious match fixing in england or these VAR clowns take bets b4 matches.,the way they award man u and Liverpool soft penalties and somehow the foul on pepe (vs Bournemouth) was never close to a penalty ..

    1. Set pieces.

      The forwards need supply. There is little supply as the link play is under siege forcing Emery ball to go sideways…

      The job of the forwards cannot be done without the ball.

  47. Not the result we should have got today, partly our fault and partly refereeing. Last week we didn’t get a scooby for two really good looking penalties, this week they turn over a zaha dive (i think the ref originally got it right) and take a goal off us for a foul, that was the other way round, a penalty for us but the goal should have stood. But ultimately Emery will get the blame, that is what he is there for.

    1. Reggie, Emery should be winning by large margins with this level of talent. In other words when coaches complain about officiating it is because the team has been put in a vulnerable situation by that coach.

      Time to look at Arteta as coach.

      1. JJ this isn’t fantasy football, this is the premier league, we should be looking to win these games, agree but we didn’t and thats football, whoever or whatever we want to blame for reasons not. I dont buy the line, this and that team is easy or not, its disrespectful to the other team and not real life. If it was football would be boring. Its a game we should have won but we didn’t. We were robbed but i also accept we were partly to blame ourselves also. Xhaka and Luiz were awful for the second goal and both shouldn’t be in the next game in my view but thats my view.

        1. No it is not fantasy football… where the coach does not matter much.

          A good coach can get better results against teams like United, not just Palace. When your coach is known to give up shots on goal as a career, then the wrong person is in charge.

          Emery should go.

  48. Our performances against Sheffield,Vitoria and Palace have been abject and if this trend continues against Liverpool, Wolves and high flying Leicester we are likely to be faced with a severe crisis of confidence which will heap pressure on the Board to make changes at Managerial level.Unless Emery can improve our defensive fragility in the short term he could well be shown the door and I for one would have little sympathy for him .Three consecutive defeats would be a bridge too far I think, but this is I’m afraid a distinct possbility.

  49. Despite some promising signings and good youngsters the team has gone backwards under Emery, such an average Manage,be brave Arsenal and replace him now with Allegri!!

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