Arsenal 2-2 Spurs Review – To be dominated by Tottenham at home is shocking

Another shocking performance by Konstantin Mitov
Honestly, we didn’t deserve to win this game lovely Arsenal people. I must say the manager made critical mistakes. Eddie was absolutely shocking. We were unlucky with Trossard but we missed Jesus through the middle.
There’s no need to comment on Jorginho. He has all the space and time and he gifts them the goal. He shouldn’t be on the pitch at all, but look, were we any good throughout the game? We scored a deflection and a penalty.
I must say at 1:0 Jesus had a chance where we should’ve really scored and it could’ve been a different game. We’ve been struggling to score goals in the league. The only game where we’ve won by more than 1 goal was United and we were not great that day, saved by VAR.
In my opinion there’s a desperate need for a striker who can finish. We missed Trossard. The injury to Rice didn’t help, with Partey out, but I’m not having that excuse, to be dominated by Tottenham at home is shocking.
I was looking at the bench and there’s nobody really there. Havertz came on, blew a shot way off target, did a few lackluster passes and epitomised our performance. I’m trying to take account of everything with him, but there was a chance to make a run where he just fell to the ground and I was vexed. Chances can be missed, but not giving an effort is criminal. Not that Vieira was particularly great either.
I’m worried and I told you that poor performances will catch up with the results. Before their equaliser Raya made an unbelievable save, and what do we do at the end of the half? Saka didn’t try enough on their goal, it was too easy, it shouldn’t be.
The subs were horrendous. We let Saka play with an injury for like 15-20 minutes, because we don’t trust the bench. Reiss was poor when he came on, Smith-Rowe came late on, but I never felt like we had the cutting edge to win the game by creating something. We were like Sean Dyche’s Burnley hoping on corners, it’s pathetic, we’re at home.
We’re giving away a lot of chances, creating little and making a lot of individual mistakes. The signs are not good. I’m glad we got a draw against Tottenham, that’s sad. It looks like we’ve gone backwards rather than closer to City. And we could easily be playing them without Partey and Rice. Good luck with that.
False positivity is just as dangerous as negativity. In all honesty if the Spurs manager was a little more brave they could’ve won the game. They had the mental edge. To beat City, you have to be an absolute monster. Liverpool were bad last year, but the moment they smelled blood, they let it rip. They beat United 7:0. When did we last humiliate a team in the PL? Even when we went to Anfield last year and we’re 2:0 up, they felt a weakness and rose up, while we crumbled.
To compete with Man City you have to be a monster. Today there was a weakness to our mentality that’s really worrying. I hope I am wrong, but when City come to the Emirates our title challenge could well be over in October.


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  1. Definitely was not dominated ,game of 2 halves maybe ,with spuds probably just shading it and going by the after games stats that backs it up .
    So far we do not look as good as last year IMO. After spending 200 million and that is a worry especially as we have had quite an easy start with our opponents.

  2. I do not think it was that shocking when you consider the fact we’re in midst of an injury crisis that worsened pre-game, in-game, and at end of the game with Saka, having played midweek also, whilst a resurgent, new look Spurs had the week off.

    A shocking performance would have been a Spurs win, and being dominated, whereas it was actually a very even game overall. A draw was a fair result.
    We both looked poor, but our lack of cohesion was more due to the fact that so many key players are missing for us.

    Again though, the reaction from our fans is so over the top, as it has been since game one. So a little reminder is needed:

    Played 8 games in total
    Won 6
    Drawn 2
    Lost 0

    Undefeated in all comps so far
    Wins over ManU and ManC
    The Spurs result means that’s 2 wins and a draw against top 6 clubs
    Outstanding performance on our CL return
    Community Shield Trophy

    This has all been achieved during an injury crisis, integration of new signings, yet to play our best XI, and yet to hit anywhere near top gear.

    I understand the concerns over the performances, but as I have just pointed out, there’s more than enough mitigating circumstances. So I look at our start from more a positive angle. If we’re getting the results during these tough time, just imagine how good we’ll be when at full strength.

    The only big concern for now is Rice’s injury, as that leaves us really short on quality and quantity in central midfield. It may be one injury too many.

    1. Good points Jen.
      However, the doom-mongers and self titled “realists” will surely get after you for trying to provide a fair assessment and some perspective.

    2. Arsenal ran out of steam at the end of second half as it appeared to be consequence of UECL mid-week game against PSV. Arsene Wenger gave advice to Arteta about the impact of UECL games on EPL campaign, but he did not listen.
      Vieira and Nketia were very poor and I still think they are not good enough to play for Arsenal first team. Arteta decision to keep them at Emirates has been wrong.
      Mistake of Jorginho was result of not playing for long time.
      ESR looks heavy, Nelson does not make any impact. I still think Pepe is better than Neslon and Nketia, why Arteta wanted to release him for free.
      With injuries of Timber, Partey, Rice, Trossard, Martinelli, and Saka, Arsenal wil face uphil battle in the next few weeks.
      Situation will be worse next 2-3 weeks.

  3. We started the game strong and finished it strong but perhaps you could say they dominated the middle part of the game, that’s all. As usual, if we had taken our early chances we would have gone into the break a couple of goals up but I have to admit that all we had to show in the end was an own goal, an iffy penalty and finishing with 11 players on the pitch when Nketiah could easily have seen red.

  4. When tall Havertz is the one crossing the ball for short Nketiah to head home, I wonder what our manager was thinking.

    Smith Rowe on for only 2 minutes? Yet he showed more energy than Havertz did. Very shocking

    Nketiah shouldn’t be starting these games, let alone play 90 minutes

    Ødegaard kept giving away the ball while Vieira was non-existent

    And for those calling for Partey to be sold, I hope we can see his importance in our midfield. And I don’t think I’m keen to see him return from injury because he will still be playing RB anyway

    I wrote a piece on this site last season detailing why we shouldn’t be buying rejects from Chelsea. They will NEVER EVER sell us a good player. NEVER

    £600m spent and this is where we are?

    The coach should take a look at himself in a mirror

  5. Konstantin, I cant fathom your co.mment that Ange Postecoglou could have been braver, when he had to take off his two best players (other than Bissouma) in Maddison (injured knee) and Son (run out of gas).
    People have to realize how much stronger Arsenal’s midfield is with Odegaard, Rice and Partey. Spurs midfield of Maddison, Bissouma and Sarr are no lightweights and the absence of Partey was very evident.

    1. It’s funny you mention Partey in our midfield. In case you’ve not been following Arsenal this season, Partey is officially no longer a midfielder but a Right-back.

      And where did you get that midfield of Ødegaard, Rice and Partey from being “much stronger”? Has it ever been used? Clearly not. And that’s because our manager is hell bent on fixing in a Chelsea reject even ahead of better and more in-form players.

      For whatever reason, what we all see and is obvious to many , our manager does not. Partey should relax where he is cos we don’t have issues with RB for now.

      1. Partey is still on the as a midfielder which we all know he is. The experiment with him at right back clearly didn’t work and we won’t see him there again.

        1. Whatever was written on that website doesn’t matter at all. What matters is where he actually plays on the pitch which we all know is RB. And who says the experiment has finished? You or Arteta?

  6. This writer is a true Arsenal fan who tell the facts, Some Arsenal fans are still living in their fantasy. We can’t finish second and top 4 is a trophy to us this season.

    For all the 6 completed matches, our courners and crosses are useless because we can’t score goals from it. If you watched Athletic Madrid vs Real Madrid, their 3 goals are headers. Ozil at his peak has better crosses and corners than all the current players.

    Our players have been running around the opponents’ goal post looking for openings to create chances and goals. They are laboured to score and they failed. If this trend continues, it is very worrying and frustrating to watch our games.

    We have spent 600 millions but the team doesn’t look right. It seems that the manager lacks of any ideas.

  7. Nketiah, Vieira and Odegaard got robbed too often in the first half of the game

    If the game didn’t make Arteta realize the importance of a strong CF with hold-up play in the final-third, I don’t know what will

    We could’ve won the game, but Jorginho’s decision was shocking

    1. Gai, lots of fans have said on this platform Viera is a dimunitive player lacking physicality for Epl. I even suggest he should be adviced to go to gym. That been said GJesus was never a high scoring CF that was why he was never the main Striker in MCity PEPG had to buy Halaand.
      It’s simple we can’t challenge City with Jesus&Nketia.. it’s up to Arteta to do the needful in January.
      As per been dominated by Spuds, Arteta needs to play Jorginho and ESR more else they will be unfit and rusty. Usually Jorginho don’t make such mistake he did against Spuds he is a top midfielder. Arsenal players have also been sluggish in some games for a while.

      1. I thought Vieira had managed to improve his physicality, but I was wrong. He is still more suitable for the second half of the games, when the opponents are tired

      1. I mean the new CF doesn’t have to be as good as Lewandowski at scoring, but he should be able to keep the ball longer than our diminutive CFs

        1. Gai, scoring goals isn’t a bad idea at all it’s an added advantage we can’t 24/7 depend on our wingers. CF with goals and holdup abilities better o.

  8. It’s in the past now. 2 cases of very bad defending and similarly wasting the few chances, cost us.

    January we need a new midfielder. I really like Khephren Thuram of Nice. Jorginho is not to be trusted and Elneny is, well just Elneny.

    Havertz, well less said about him the better. This is one of those rare cases where millions of fans knew better than the manager. Maddison, Ward-Prowse.. All much better options with better record at Premier League got overlooked for a German passenger 4 seasons and running.

  9. Konstantin
    It only takes one less than satisfactory outcome for you to start moaning about how awful everything is
    I was unable to watch the game live but watched it all later bar the last 5 minutes when the recording stopped.
    I don’t recognise all the complaints but I do recognise the lack of first team quality due to key injuries.
    Im not sure what Arteta could have done under the circumstances apart from buying an out and out striker who knows what the back of the net looks like. Nketiah isn’t that man.
    I actually feel the loss of Xhaka’s influence right now and couldn’t understand why ESR was only afforded a few minutes.
    Vieira has improved but looked lightweight and was always on the floor. The Spurs midfield were bigger and stronger and I give credit to AP for the speed at which he has expunged the memory of Conte Despite this, we were definitely not dominated I just didn’t see that at all. Neither did I think that Raya put in a poor performance. I am NOT trying to be an Arteta apologist but the injuries sustained cannot be overstated. There are certain players that are pivotal and losing their services can’t easily be replicated
    I only hope Rice and Saka are not long term injuries

    1. Sue P I need to remind you that our manager was so keen to dismantle our midfield I.e Xhaka and Partey.Its not by coincidence that he played Partey out of midfield in the opening two matches.If by now you realise we are missing Xhaka then you are only being honest coz it’s a fact.
      Further more the regression we are seeing is not only in the Tottenham match,we have been lacking cohesion in all this matches save for the PSV one.
      Something has to change orelse if we continue this way we are headed in a wrong direction.

      1. I must have missed something then, Cliff
        Xhaka wanted to move on from what I understood. Finish his career in Germany and at 30 was ripe for a change.
        My only gripe with Partey is his inability to stay fit for long
        I’m afraid that there are too many people who have ridiculous expectations after just a handful of games. Who’s be a Chelsea supporter right now?

        1. Yes, you are right. the driving factor for Xhaka to because he want to seek new challenge. Cliff is wrong about MA regarding Xhaka.

          ” During an interview with Keystone-SDA, via SRF, the 30-year-old said: “There was speculation everywhere that my wife was no longer happy in England. That is not at all true. The fact is that as a person I am always interested in new challenges.

          “After seven years, the time has come for something completely new. The league is not new, but the club is. During the talks with Simon Rolfes (Leverkusen sporting director) and Xabi Alonso, I felt that the long-term project at Leverkusen was worthwhile and that it was 100% in line with me.”

          When asked what convinced him to join Leverkusen specifically, Xhaka added: “This club has a big name in Germany and Europe. I’m convinced by the idea, I’m convinced by how the club is run. Good players have always played here. I like peace and order.”


  10. Dare I say Ramsdale always energizes our whole team with his fearsome attitude ans it spread forward to the whole team from the back to the front? and dare I say it always gives us extra energy when our players legs are all but gone??

    Dare I say claiming crosses dont automatically cancel out fearsome leadership qualities in Rambo on a team sorely lacking Xhaka’s imperial leadership
    and these all added to wins no matter how many goals we concede?

    Dare I hope someone else sees the obvious other than me?

  11. Part of the problem is Arsenal fans seem to think they are ahead of the rest of the league and it’s just about catching City. Look at the league table. After yesterday Liverpool and Brighton have moved ahead of Arsenal and Spurs. Newcastle are still playing catch up, but they won 8-0 so they are hitting form. It’s still about catching City but there are a whole bunch of clubs in the chase. If anything I’d make Liverpool as likely to be the closest challengers to City this season. Maybe the real problem at Arsenal is Arteta’s rebuild is taking longer than it should. Contrast that with what Postecoglu has done in a few months.

  12. Lols, some Fantasy Boys sure to Attack Konstantin as usual.😄
    We have been Lucky so far.
    Arteta is on the Way of KILLING our Season by Attempting to TRASH Thomas Partey
    who has shown he is by Far the BEST player of this Team.😕
    Integrating Havertz and Declan Rice By Force, will Destroy this team.
    Arteta has NOT learned as a Coach and is Overrated.
    Letting Silly sentiments get the Better of Him Everytime!. 😒

  13. 600 million spent and no one to sub in as plan B. Our attacking options are all similar qualities, not a single hold up or aerial threat among them.

    Nketiah was abysmal, and back to his typical self. A couple games and goals to flatter, then invisible, wasteful, and making little if any impact.

    I don’t even blame Nketiah anymore, I blame Arteta for fielding a championship player and expecting something more.

    We have regressed since last year in 6 games, who can deny this? Last season we were electric, dominating, and controlling games. Compare that to our 6 games now.

    Injuries are not an excuse, sorry my friends. 600 million spent, we have depth. If Nelson, ESR, Vieira are not ready it’s the fault of Arteta and staff, over playing some while others spend months on the bench.

    We are 1 defensive injury away from another self inflicted crisis. After we lost Timber for the year he sold Holding and loaned Tierney.

    Are you confident Zinchenko and Tomiyasu will stay injury free all season?
    Man management has always been Arteta’s Achilles heel, this year so fais very telling.

  14. Konstantin oncre agin shows his immaturity and goes WAY OVER THETOP AS USUAL, in his articles No attempt at balance or context and the constasnt lackof both those key matters in an article shows him as a most immature writer.
    By no rational and sensible vie can we be said to have either”dominated or shocking”(though ,in fairness those wordds were in the headline alone). However, the general tone of his piece made that headline a fair one, given Konstantins rant.

    I told myself more than once before that I WOULD NO LONGER READ ANY PIECE BY KONSTANTIN.. Fool that I am, I broke that pledge, but will NOT do so next time he writes his usual childlike rant!

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