Arsenal 2-2 Tottenham – great comeback for Arsenal but Spurs cling on

The first half was basically two teams battling it out to prove who had the worse defence and Arsenal took that crown but only just.

Tottenham was so vulnerable down the flanks that it was mystifying why Arsenal did not take advantage, Sanchez is clearly not fit for purpose as a right-back and Danny Rose was so bad that he would not even get in the Arsenal team and yet, our wide players just did not get into those areas to cause any damage.

A poor save from Leno allowed Eriksen to open for Spurs though Sokratis attempt at heading the ball out further up the field was what? Because I don’t know either.

Obviously Xhaka was going to mess up and he sent a clear message to Luiz that he is the true king of giving away penalties and of course Kane stepped up and buried the ball.

But even at 2-0 down, I had a feeling that Arsenal was not done, not with that horrendous Tottenham defence and so it proved as Lacazette pulled one back just before the half time whistle. It was a good finish but it came about because Spurs just could not clear the ball.

The second half started in predictable fashion with Arsenal dominating and Tottenham looking to counter at every opportunity.

The breakthrough for Arsenal came in the 70th minute through Aubameyang who was fed a sublime pass that cut through the Spurs defence.

From that point onwards there was always going to be one winner and it was going to be Arsenal, or so you would have thought.

VAR obviously came to Tottenham’s rescue in the 80th minute but in all fairness, it was a correct call.

Tottenham dug in and Arsenal just could not find that final killer ball and it seemed that they ran out of ideas as the game came to a close.

2-2 was unjust on Arsenal in my opinion but when you consider they were 2-0 down to end the game with a draw I suppose is something.


  1. Emery tried to play very safe again by fielding three DMs. Luckily some Gunners still got the balls and work ethics to force a draw:

    – Lacazette: Always willing to fight the opponents and worked very hard to help the midfielders. His great goal was the icing on the cake of his excellent performance

    – Aubameyang: Mostly anonymous on the left side. But he proved that he is a great poacher again, after switched to the center

    – Pepe: Couldn’t dribble past Rose, was too obsessed in cutting inside and his shots were inaccurate. He needs to train more with his new teammates, otherwise he could be our biggest flop

    – Guendouzi: He was everywhere, produced excellent through balls, showed very good skills and great movements. The only central midfielder that deserved to start today

    – Xhaka: Played like a lamp post. Both Sokratis and him couldn’t even beat Kane in the air

    – Torreira: Couldn’t keep up with Tottenham’s midfielders. Needs more time to be fitter and should’ve played in DM position

    – Sokratis: Why did we buy this idi0t???

    – Luiz: Couldn’t expect much from an old CB

    – Kolasinac and Maitland-Niles: Played okay

    – Leno: Two terrible saves and two excellent ones. He was having a bad day

        1. Im confused as to who spearheaded the signing of Sokratis.That person needs to take a good look at himself considering Arsenal tried to sign Diallo last window, a player we decided not to sign anymore in last two windows in favour of Sokratis.
          The David Luiz signing baffles me.Looks like we prefer numbers over quality.I was silently hoping that his move broke down and from what I read he’s on a very decent salary too

          1. Arsenal should try to sign an English CB instead

            They are usually pricey and some of them are error-prone, but at least they can adapt faster than CBs from different league

          2. I heard Saliba is no better too. Read an article about him and they described him as about the same quality as Gabriel Paulista. Verdict was that Arsenal will regret signing him. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Personally I’ve never watched him play.

    1. We blew it! We were the better team, but our mistakes made it easy for Spuds.

      Leno: Should have done better for the first goal.

      Sokra: Culprit for the first goal.

      Xhaka: Crazy to give away that penalty. Otherwise, did well with some offensive passes.

      Torreira: Poor game. Shockingly low work rate. Contributed very little defensively or offensively.

      Pepe: Needs to pass and shoot better. Playing a bit like Gervinho at the moment.

      Auba: Really doesn’t cut it as a winger. PAL won’t work. Good goal when moved to the middle.

      Laca: Good game. Great goal. Hope he’s not injured.

      Ceballos: Nice touches but created little. Tends to take too long on the ball.

      1. @lol if you believe Xhaka did well OMG!!
        GRANIT XHAKA WAS AWFUL, IS AWFUL. How can he walk in to the dressing room with his held held high. Foul, foul, foul, giving the ball away how many times. Jumps for headers and misses how many times. Gives a needless penalty away….. Again…….. gets booked again.
        But GRANIT Xhaka did well………. gets a 1 out of 10 for me for a couple of cross field passes that were ok’ish

        1. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.

          As I said, the penalty was reckless. The rest of his play was decent. Passed well.

          Penalty aside, he was more effective than Torreira today

    2. I don’t know. I watched Sokratis at Dortmund for years and he was pretty solid–not that he never made mistakes. I think it’s just a symptom of being at Arsenal–you know, the defense is shite no matter who plays because no one coaches. He may have been at fault for that first goal but–and I think that Graeme Le Soux mentioned this–the CBs were too far forward because there were no Arsenal players in midfield; they were all out on the wings

  2. Arsenal need another winger next season.Even Emery knew he needed a proper winger for dynamism so substituted he Lacazette for Mkhitaryan.Looking at how poor Davinson Sanchez was we would have destroyed Spurs down that side had we had a very good winger.I do not rate any of our current wingers and I believe stat is saving some players from their average performances as usual. We should also call upon some of our academy wingers too when the need be because we lack another dribbler on the left side.
    Apart from our priorities of signing Upamecano in January or summer window a solution to our LW problem should also be a priority.

      1. Why should our quest for a new winger depend on them being sold?It is a must next season if we want to be where we desire to be.
        Look how average Davinson Sanchez was today.We would have torn them apart

      2. Arsenal plays in 4 competitions plus there are injuries.

        We NEED 2 top strikers.

        Signing a LW should not depend on them leaving. After the Iwobi sale, we can surely affors a decent LW at around 40 M.

      3. Left wing problem could have been easily addressed if Monreal stayed put. Not today, but Tierney could easily slot into left wing, who knows, a certain spuds monkey took that route.

    1. Mkhitaryan substitution was forced,not tactical.Lacazette signaled to the bench to be substituted at about the point when Cebalos was coming on for Torreira.

      1. so we have nothing to lose trying out Martinelli. We konw Emery will pick Nelson over him every time though for no real reason.

        1. Wrong!Emery would rather Aubameyang over any of our youngsters and people will also crucify him if he dares pick any of our youngsters over Aubameyang or Laca at the wings for a consistent run of games because they believe even if one is average all game at the wings they will still find his way to score.Problem with that is it is a short sighted way of looking at things.
          I for one do not rate any of Auba or Laca at the wings and any good fullback should be happy playing them.Davinson Sanchez is one lucky man today

        2. Martinelli really excites me, considering our lack of LW, Emery should and must use martinelli a lot more.

  3. win or lose or draw.. It still amazes me how you people don’t see the glitch in Emery’s tactics and selections, how you guys don’t see clearly we’re yet to improve on the field of play.
    Fair play to the boys, they deserved a win.
    Maaaan at this point I’d rather have Ozil on the pitch than Mhki

    1. When we give away silly goals like that, it becomes about taking risks and chasing the game. Tactics and shape are out of the window

    1. GUENDOUZEEEEEEE……. Yep, played like his pants were on fire. That kid deserves the captains armband, drop xhaka to BFGs doorstep, let him learn what not to do inside the box

      I’m running out of fingers counting pens conceeded by xhaka.

  4. Not good enough. Guendouzi and Lacazette are the only players putting in the extra effort. Miki has suddenly lost his first touch because?? And Pepe wants to make the highlight reel instead of trying to score. CB’s were a huge letdown today. Xhaka, i’ll let everybody else say it because i’m sure you guys have more creative criticisms than I can think of. Emery just like Wenger shoots us in the foot before the game even starts. He’s not making us better. I am not convinced the club should keep him beyond this year. This team isn’t progressing.

    1. Oh really? I thought y’all were against me when I pointed it out last season?
      Well a lot of you are seeing the real truth behind the manager now.
      I’m still waiting for those who keep spitting he needs ten three to four seasons to make his mark

      1. He deserved a somewhat of a pass last season and I stick to that. It was a team he inherited and had little investment. After this summer he has no more excuses though and has to start performing. We’re in a different place than we were last season. And at least I said that his first year he should get some leniency. We’re past that now and he has to deliver the results and he’s not. And along with that, not convincing performances in general.

        1. RSH well I hope others see what the real truth is.
          The whole giving him leniency last season was normal but unlike some people I didn’t choose to be blind over it because I’m really tired of the same thing from Arsenal every year and I won’t be making excuses for any manager..
          Whoever comes after Emery moves on, if he performs well and rightly I’ll always speak the truth and credit him, If he performs poorly and stuff, I won’t create excuses for him also either.
          No manager will I create excuses for.
          I know what Emery’s really capable of and what I expected from Emery, and I know what we got last season and what we’re getting right now, that’s why I’m disappointed.
          He’s not doing it and I have no reason to create excuses.
          After his contract, I’d like to see Ljunberg get the job.. I enjoyed most of the games I watched last season while he coached the U23

          1. The big issue is why hasn’t Arsenal addressed the deficiencies in the CB position, in previous seasons let alone
            once Holding was injured?
            I would rather see David Luis playing instead of Xhaka in the midfield and Chambers at CB.
            This Club once famous for defense, seems to have had a blind spot for 10 years in signing good defenders.
            I just hope Arsenal is still in touch when Holding and Tierney become available for selection.

          2. What you said is true…for me this manager does not deserve for arsenal ….trust me we will again struggle to get 4th position…his team selection is really crazy and he is sometimes clueless for me…i hate to see his stressful face when we are losing ..klopp was the best for us if that old goat wenger left early…I’m super mad. We should have won today! For me brin in Allegri

  5. win or lose or draw.. It still amazes me how you people don’t see the glitch in Emery’s tactics and selections, how you guys don’t see clearly we’re yet to improve on the field of play.
    Fair play to the boys, they deserved a win.
    Maaaan at this point I’d rather have Ozil on the pitch than Mhki

    1. Last week his diamond made us concede from a corner and made Luiz gave away a silly penalty.

      This week his 4-3-3 without Ceballos made Sokra defend badly for the first goal and made Xhaka gave away another silly penalty.

      With the right formation and player selection, our defense would be watertight. Let’s just put everything on Emery ok?

      1. Emery said his diamond formation wasn’t reason for losing; despite former title winning players, pundits, and others saying it was.

        4-3-3 with 3 DM’s in the midfield. Xhaka playing further up then Torreira and Guendouzi? Why, b/c Xhaka better AM than Ozil or Ceballos?

        Emery doesn’t put players in best positions for team to win. I should be shocked Emery went 3 DM’s at home, but I’m not.

        Emery is not coach for us, enough of his poor setups, he’s not the tactical genius he believes he is.
        Rather see Freddie lead us.

        1. Former title winning players and pundits are great at managing?

          Xhaka was not further up.

          Freddie will stop the us giving away penalties and make us defend better?

      2. Right formation? Whose job is that? Player selection? Again whose job is that? The man has been tinkering too much it’s costing us big time. Xhaka? The less said the better.

        1. If you can’t defend a simple long ball, give away a reckless penalty, there’s only so much formation and player selection can do

    1. Emery not fit for arsenal. I’ll rather have Arsene with this present squad any day. At least we’ll enjoy our beautiful football.

    1. Perhaps Bukayo Saka as LW and Nelson as RW

      But Nelson wouldn’t get any chance to play on the right as long as Pepe is healthy

  6. Snatching the jaws from …I said Derby’s have no rules and that we would see the best and worst from both sides. I committed to the win so have to accept I was wrong. But as we are just one point off top 4 + now have a very soft run I continue to totally support Emery. We are on track and will be top 3 by Christmas.

  7. I am sure Chaka has some sort of incriminating evidence against Emery? Why else would you play that muppet week after week? You just know he will cost you more goals than he will earn!

    And, the brain dead decision of Sokratis to challenge for a header he was never going to win only to lose the ball and jog back to defend?

    The amateur mistakes and desitions continue..

    1. I think he has special relationship with Kroenke, because Wenger and Emery always put Xhaka in the starting line-up

      I’m afraid the next Arsenal manager would also start Xhaka

  8. Not good enough. Unai should get his first team right. The midfield is key. Stick to a system. A plan A and be very effective with it. Midfield 3 of Ozil, Ceballos and Torrera. Add Guendouzi and Willock to the mix. As for xhaka, I just don’t understand him. How he thought he could get away with that senseless challenge baffles me. Same way he cost us the game against Brighton last season.And he is the Club captain. smh

  9. Sanchez was the worst player today but who do we have at left wing NON

    Hope u guys have seen your pal and you torriera Gush with all the ranting to drop guenduozi he was our best midfield player today

    1. PAL needs to be left winger A/L P.

      Torreira doesn’t seem like the player he used to be. He’s been on a decline since the second half of last season

      1. Emery has killed the confidence in him by not having the trust in him to be fielded regularly. Today, because of his sickening love for Xhaka, LT was forced to play unconventionally on the right side of midfield. He is losing the dressing room gradually.

        1. Was expecting a terrier-like performance from him, but was disappointed by his lack of chase and physicality today.

          Hope he regains his intensity soon

    1. At least Gervinho has beaten four outfield players and one GK to score one world class solo-run goal:

      Has Pepe ever done that in his career? I don’t think so

      1. Gervinho’s dribbling was world class on his day.The thing is he lacked proper decision making.Last season in the Serie A he was breeding past lots of players.Did same against the world class Juve defense too

    2. FFS stfu!!!
      Pepe had a great game except his final ball..
      He’s a clinical finisher we all know that.
      When he settles down in England, he’ll come good.
      So y’all can keep singing excuses for Emery, and will write a thousand reasons as to why he shouldn’t be judged, but will judge Pepe and compare him after his second start?

      1. Here here Eddie?? I too thought he had a very good game! He’s only getting settled in and doesn’t speak the language yet. He got an assist and looked lively again. The same fans crying we sign Pepe for over a year is now sanogo number 2? Glad I don’t come on here much anymore!

          1. Haha, you think?! Before the game, i listened to his interview… enough said. He was on Soccer AM yesterday.. i put the subtitles on… even that couldn’t keep up ???

          2. The thing is he’s a Basque Spaniard and they have a deep Spanish tongue so he’ll never master English the way Guardiola or a Benitez who both come from English speaking Spanish cities Madrid and Barcelona ?. Couldn’t believe his lineup today Sue he played the from 3 ☑️ but plays the wrong midfielders ✖️ he just can’t seem to get the best 11 out there ? I’m thinking I would start Martinelli I’ve seen enough of him to think he’s better than what we have and he looks top class with a great work ethic ?

          3. I’m so pi**ed off, Kev… i know we’re only 4 games in, but ffs to gift not 1, but 2 goals to your fiercest rivals is ?
            When it showed the teams lined up, just before they came out.. Xhaka came on screen.. i said oh there’s the donkey.. and he didn’t disappoint did he?? Ffs!!!
            2 huge points dropped….
            Who knows what goes on in Unai’s head, Kev. Xhaka should be dropped for the Watford game, but oh no, he’ll be the first name on the team sheet ?
            Did you watch the old firm?
            And Everton/Wolves?

          4. Yeah I know Sue he’s an Emery favourite like he was a Wenger favourite and for the life of me I don’t see what they see I think he’s a decent player not as crap as people make out I just think he’s out of his depth in the PL like Emery.. it’s gonna be a long road back to the top again Sue I’m just keeping my mouth shut and hoping for the best this season and definitely not expecting anything positive ? no no I didn’t see any other game Sue but saw later Tierney posting Celtics victory online ? I think an Arsenal delegate needs to speak to that kid and tell him to stop posting Celtic related material online given how he’s an Arsenal employee.. you don’t see Lacazette retweeting a Lyon victory or Aubameyang anything about Dortmund.. I think he’s trying to keep onside with Celtic supporters which is just plain ridiculous all he did was move to better his career with a better team in a superior league and be financially secure for the rest of his life ?

          5. I don’t know Kev, maybe I’m being too harsh. Jeez everywhere i look, most people are happy that we got a point.. maybe when I’ve calmed down, i might see it differently ?
            Yes i bet he’ll go and play a blinder for Switzerland next week ?
            Yes Celtic won 2-0.. I was surprised.. i wonder if he’ll keep posting after he’s started actually playing for us??
            Yeah it seems that way, most are probably ok with him moving on, but you’re always going to get a few that aren’t! That’s life, hey?!
            Oh and btw what did you think of the EL?

          6. No a point is disappointing, Emery’s selection was off once again.. too midfield defence minded and how many pens has Harry forehead Kane belted in against us I’m pretty sure most of his 10 goals in NLD games are pens but at least 5 or 6 ? also it seems we have another keeper who can save a pen to save his life go and get Donnarumma from Milan that kid is a giant and a great presence between the sticks ? haha yeah Sue probably he’s kinda acting like a fan rather than a professional footballer ? so what they beat rangers I could get a team off the street to beat rangers ? we should qualify quite easily from that group, short trips and Frankfurt are average at best who sold their two best players, Liege are rubbish I think we beat them in a Champions League qualifier a few seasons ago and Vitoria beat an awful steaua Bucharest 1-0 on agg so we should smash them too ?

          7. We should smash them? Unless Xhaka has other ideas ?
            I bet Kane will get a knighthood for all those penalties!
            I was so pi**ed (once again ?) when Leno parried that ball ? couldn’t bring myself to watch MOTD2, Kev…
            Will we reach the final again, i wonder?? Urgh….

          8. I like Leno I think he’s a very good keeper on his day but he doesn’t have that presence, donnammura has that I think he’s about 6″7 ? haha maybe Xhaka should go to Italy where the game is slower he’d probably fit right in there and probably speaks Italian too as most Swiss do ? we’ll win the EL if Emery takes it seriously, I see enough of man u to actually laugh at the bookies making them favourites? Don’t see where they think that man u team are nailed on to win that competition ? so I was watching the real life Henry Hill interview on YouTube (Ray Liotta plays him in goodfellas) and it was really good I could have sat listening to that man all night his life was so messed up it was ironically interesting unique character and ironically dies of natural causes rather than being whacked lol

          9. Omg Kev there’s talk of Roma coming in for Mkhi!!
            The only reason i can think of is because they won it not that long ago. Us, on the other hand, got there, but were stupidly awful ?
            For a minute i thought you said Harry Hill ? ooh i didn’t like goodfellas, Kev ? ain’t that usually the way though?!

          10. I’d let him go he’s been bloody awful for us ? looks like Mustafi is staying though ☹️ yeah and the quality was truly awful the best team utd played was celta Vigo and if Wass was half decent utd would have been dumped out and they were taken to Extra time by Anderlecht and beat an u11 Ajax team in the final ? haha no I’m not that sad yet ? haha yeah it usually is Sue ?

          11. I would too & throw Xhaka in for good measure!
            Just goes to show some teams get all the luck, Kev… and we’re certainly not one of them!!
            Are you sure you’re not? You don’t wear the big collared shirts or the black suit & big shoes?! ?
            Well a couple of weeks off, Kev.. I’m not watching England & Kane diving… ?
            Hope there’ll be some darts on ?

          12. After today i don’t think they would take him Sue ? he’s tall physical he’s got everything you need in the premier League he’s just not cut out for it ? haha now now Sue I’ve left the Mafia behind me ? oh god me either no chance am I Watching kane winks Trent Jordan Henderson and Marcus Rashford and Mr waistcoat himself ? must be on ?

          13. Looking like a loan deal with Mkhi. Reckon it’ll be worth keeping an eye on the transfers tomorrow!
            Haha Mr Mafia ?
            There was some darts on earlier, but it was the BDO.. so no Price.. haha!!

          14. I read Emery is proud of Xhaka’s performance enough said ? no more loans they want him pay for him and Roma is a rival in Europa League ? haha so you didn’t watch it ? Haha well I can never be made I’m not 100% Italian or Italian at any percentage ?

          15. He has to say that i guess..
            Actually I watched the women, which was pretty good ?
            Well surely he wouldn’t come back to haunt us??!!
            Haha no mafia then ?

          16. Kev82 and Sue, it is reasonable to criticise Emery for his team selections and aparent strategy it is not reasonable to attack his English language skills. The man speaks Spanish, Basque and French and attempts to communicate in English without an interpreter; something Ponchettino didn’t attempt until some years into his coaching career in England.
            I would be interested to know how many languages Emery’s critics speak as “fluently” as Emery speaks English, a difficult language for a non native speaker to learn?

          17. Sue it’s us of course he would we’re actually famous for it ? bale scored twice tonight and was sent off lol Spanish football is on ITV4 now they must have bought the rights from eleven sports. Haha only in my imagination ? Netflix?

          18. Looks like Bale will be staying then! Did you see Juventus’s score last night? Must have been some game!
            Well, Kev.. it’s that time (I’m bracing myself for the nightmares!!) Sleep well, i would say hopefully we’ll feel better when we wake up, but I’m not so sure ?
            Goodnight Kevin ????

          19. Ozziegunner admittedly I’m not fluent in any other language other than English I only know a few phrases in German and Spanish but if I was in another country I would make it my business to learn the language, I understand it’s not easy to master a new language and I actually applaud him for his effort in insisting to speak English ? as I’ve said earlier as a Basque Spaniard it will be much harder for him to master English the way a Guardiola or Benitez has as they’re both from major cities in Spain where English is quite popular

          20. Yes Sue what was Koulibaly doing ??? ? De Ligt was awful ? haha at least we didn’t lose but must beat Watford in 2 weeks ? Madrid are plain awful these days they make our defending look water tight hahaha. Haha ok Goodnight Sue watch those nightmares ? chat later ????

      2. He had a game like what Iwobi used to have. Nice touches and lively dribbles but poor final ball.

        I really hope he settles soon and come good.

        Both Emery and Pepe needs to buck up and buck up soon

    3. This is a stupid comment. After one game lol. Impatient plastic fans. He’s still adjusting to the league.

      1. I’m sure those fans who called him Gervinho haven’t written him off yet and definitely still hope he comes good

  10. I don’t know what pictures Xhaka has of Emery to make him pick him every week…. but they must be worse than Epstein ones.

    FFS how many crucial penalties does this guy have to give away before anyone thinks of dropping him? Lest we forget, without his moronic penalty giveaway to Brighton we would have finished above the Vermin & have champions league football this season (not to mention the myriad other result altering giveaways he facilitated last season). It beggars belief.

    1. He & his very costly lunges are an absolute joke… happens time after time after time, yet his name is always the first on the team sheet.. unbloodybelievable

  11. would ozil have made any difference to us today i am wondering ?. i think we would have lost if he had been on the, he has picked up a months wages, regardless of the amount, which is not important, for doing shag all . he has not kicked a ball for us this season, but yet some few people on here want him to play . i do not understand the logic in that . well done to the boys today anyways. loved the wonderful dive from kane right at the end, so typical, and why was he not booked ?.

    1. This is the dumbest comment I’ve read this week.
      so what does his wage has to do with this?
      What did Mhki do to warrant not being on the same blacklist Ozil’s name is on?

      1. Nobody rates Miki higher than Ozil. We all agree he stinks and it doesn’t even need to be stated that he is on that blacklist as well. It’s common sense.

      2. Emery could’ve shifted Ceballos LW and put Ozil in middle, but Ceballos was already doing too well to change his position. Really, we have no good LW options and thats why we saw Miki. Either him or Nelson were going to be there.

      3. Özil was on the bench and stayed there because Emery didn’t put him on the pitch and what do you expect him to do? Belly dance? What a lame comment about his wages too! Unbelievable.

        1. Belly dancing is far too energetic a dance for Ozil. He is more of a slow head nodder.

          Think it’s quite a valid point to mention that he has picked up £350,000 the last month for doing some training. Why do people get so upset about it?

          It’s a ridiculous sum to get anyway considering what some people earn for a lot harder work than kicking a pig skin around. Even if he gave it his all, was ready for selection and had a big impact on big games it would be a huge sum. The fact he doesn’t makes it all the more obvious how he is living a fortunate life;)

  12. I don’t know what it will take for Emery to see that Xhaka is a a huge liability. Pepe should learn to drive instead of turning back and front. I hated both Xhaka and Pepe today but I hated Xhaka more.

    1. I now hate Xhaka more than any Spurs player; more than Roy Keane; more than John Terry.
      He is like Drogba – guaranteed to create points against Arsenal.

      1. Yes Xhaka caused the penalty but he won’t have had to if the useless Niles did his job very well and some are even saying rubbish things about Pepe but no one is saying anything about Niles, the boy can’t pass can’t defend can’t even cross again, how I wish we have own Robertson and Arnold instead of the useless Kolasinac and Niles.

        1. i wont blame another player for Xhaka’s recklessness. That’s his own fault. We should all be tired of making excuses for him. He has no brain up there and there was no need to attempt that tackle and not even look like he was aiming for the ball.

      2. Or Wayne Rooney, Joe Cole, Diego Costa and other speedy attackers that Arsenal couldn’t handle

        Under Emery, we are less prone to counter-attacks. But I’m baffled by his decisions on Xhaka

  13. I’m
    Done with emery the man doesn’t have a clue
    Xhaka ?
    And don’t give me his other managers they have either been sacked or manage average teams

  14. MOTM-Guendouzi,by far.Luiz-slow as a snail,Kola-chaotic,AMN-invisible,Xacha-lamp post,Torreira-slipping all the time,Ceballos-too slow.Game was crying for high energy midfielders-Wiilock instrad of Xhaka and Torreira as DM.Luiz out,play Holding.Need Tierney and Bellerin ASAP.

    1. Fullbacks actually did decent today though. CB’s were the problem this time along with defense. It’s always something though, isn’t it? And disagree on Ceballos. Was excellent when he came on and we took over the game w/ him.

    2. Only add one comment due to total surprise. Thought Cabellos changed the game when he came on.

      MoM for me – Matteo G.

      O.K. one other comment.

      Sticks out like the proverbial sore thumb- we are playing at least 3 players light week in week out.

  15. Pepe the new gervinho after starting his second match? Jesus Christ cant believe am reading this, what else do you want the guy to do in that match, I agree his shooting today is average but at least trying it from distance, the way some are saying it on here you will think the guy played bad, and to all those who always say the coach should drop guendouzi for torrera today match is your answer.

    1. Trust them plastic fans Leno happy they’ll always have one stupid thing to say about our players. Today that guendouzi was on pirlo juice they’ll find some other victim.. Pepe the new gervinho is a very stupid assessment. It took Henry about 14 games to score and he went on to do wonders for us. Pepe will be an amazing signing and if he isn’t I’ll still back him. But that guy will terrorize people. Think about it Danny rose likes to overlap but he couldn’t today cos his only job was to limit pepe

      1. Am not one to call people’s name but some people are just so foolish, how can you even say Pepe is the new gervinho, maybe I watched a different match the boy terrorized Rose that he can’t even do all those overlapping hes known for, some people are just too negative

  16. With the team that Emery put on the pitch, we were lucky that we played comically only in the first half. Apart from the first 5 mins, our boys were all over the place. The second half was better but till Ceballos came on there was no one to provide the creative spark, and absolutely no one to make that defence splitting, goal creating pass. Like I said earlier, it won’t be an easy game and we drew a match we should have won, but nearly gave it away on a platter.
    Emery needs to get his first XI, the bench, the system and tactics in place. This kind of performance just won’t do and he seems to be on an ego trip to prove that he is better than public opinion.

    Before the match:
    1. The midfield chosen was quite lame. Xhaka didn’t belong there and Torreira seemed to go down more than run. It’s a shocker not to start with Ceballos.
    2. Sokratis-Luiz pairing is a potential disaster in every game, so either of them should play with a calmer defender, so till Holding comes it should have been Chambers.
    3. To have a potent front three and not have anyone to provide them service/supply defines logic.

    First Half:
    1. Laca’s goal gave us some belief, otherwise it was comical defending at times.
    2. Leno’s keeping wasn’t up there and it was a costly miss. He isn’t organising his defence well enough too, as he seems to be a quieter person.
    3. Sokratis & Luiz don’t have pace, so for Sok to leave Luiz exposed was bad defending, for the first goal.
    4. What was Xhaka even thinking? He doesn’t have pace across the pitch, but came bustling in to give away an easy penalty.

    Second half:
    1. Ceballos should have come in earlier when one could see Laca was holding his leg. He came on and made a difference, but he is a player that needs minutes on the pitch.
    2. God knows what has come over Mkhi…he could have scored a goal today.
    3. Pepe-Laca-Auba need more playing time to develop the vibes and understanding.
    4. Guendozi played well, but to expect a DM to provide the creativity is pretty naive. He and Torreira are busy DM’s so the faster Emery understands that, the better for us.
    5. We missed Özil’s creativity today..there were times that were tailor made for him today and like last year we could have won 4-2.

    I regret that Arsenal way of playing is not in evidence anymore and when Özil goes, we can kiss that way of playing goodbye. Emery’s legacy, if any, will be playing all over the place, scurrying around, scrappy and ugly football.

    1. so viju, you are a self confessed ozil loverboy, oh wow. be so proud of yourself dear.he is by now the very worst player at our club. he is sat on the bench festering away for the past month. but does he care ?. what do you think viju ?.

      1. He isn’t the manager picking the playing XI, so I think your argument is lame. What’s with this “loverboy” nonsense? Firstly they are two different words, in case you didn’t know. Secondly we are all fans of Arsenal, and yes may have our favourites, but no one is bigger than the club.
        Who do you think played #10 today? Ceballos played for a bit, but he was #8 majorly, so please talk about what happened on the pitch.

        1. who needs a number ten if they are going to turn out like bug eyes lazy ozil.if a player is world class , then surely he is able to play in any position, dont you think kid ?.

          1. I probably have kids your age son. If you know your football from back then you’ll not diss the utility of #10.

          2. Viju, I look forward to your application for the coach’s position, should Emery not be offered an extension at the end of this season.

  17. Maybe Pepe would still come good but we bought Olivier Giroud as the highest goal scorer in the French League that – ended up being just a lil above average

    Pepe might just be same, shooting is woeful – against Liverpool then today also

    Used to hate Auba cos he’s not good with ball movement, therefore not good from the wings

    But boy!!! he’s such a wonderful poacher, why wasting him on the wing

    Lacazette is good with the ball, we can easily convert him to an Inside-Forward like Sadio Mane

    1. Auba was excellent today, he played when on the wings and when he was moved centrally he scored a good striker goal, for Christ sake what else do you want.

    2. Giroud was as good for us as expected. No one ever thought he would be a top 5 CF in the world due to his lack of pace.

      Pepe will come good because he has almost everything except for confidence.

      What worries me is it seems Emery is not a good man manager. Too many players — Pepe and Mkhi especially — play like they lost of all their confidence after starting to play for Emery. Something in his approach is clearly not right.

      Top class managers can do both – be tough as well as build a player’s confidence – Ferguson was like that, Mourinho a decade ago when he was younger, Klopp and Guardiola now…

      1. He has helped Lacazette find his. Mikhy was crap in man utd, pepe has just completed his 2nd 90minutes in the premier league. Be patient

  18. School boy defending…How on earth you can give away a goal like the first one at this level …..going forward we’r as good as anyone but at the back Djourou and Senderos were better…

  19. Emery is doing a great job.
    He is the right man for the next 5 years at least.
    He had a decade of 4th place mentality and a slew of
    overpaid under performers some of whom still won’t go.
    A point off 4th after 4 games having played both CL finalists
    Ozil and Bellein are yet to return and Tierney is yet to play.
    Big ups to Unai for keeping faith in his team.
    Big ups to the lads for fighting back.
    So much to look forward to this season.
    We’ re gong to be third by October and be
    pushing for 2nd by Xmas.

    1. “Emery is doing a great job.
      He is the right man for the next 5 years at least.”

      I hope this crap up there is more of a joke and trolling.
      Really? the next 5 years?
      What has he done to warrant that statement?
      How many people on here actually footballing braking TBH?

  20. Kane has scored 10 goals in 10 matches in the North London Derby

    However, 5 out of those goals have been penalties.

    Thanks to players like Xhaka and Mustafi, they don’t just learn every year.

    Guendozi was massive today, hard to believe he is just 20, his confidence on the ball today was great and he will be immense for us in the future.

    Putting in Mhkitayan was a waste of time as always, poor as always, wasted many chances that came his way.
    Martinelli would have given us a better threat

    We move, we need 3 points from our next match!

    1. Gwen Dozy is a phenomenon. He really is, since the moment he turned up early for training and missed international football to do so.

      He puts a lot of footballers at Arsenal to shame. He will go to the very top!

  21. Among all the gloom I see many sparkling lights in the team. Most improved player is Guendouzi , and as I said after he had played just three or four games last season, he is a real diamond in the making. I have rarely been so sure. A steal at £7 mill and at his tender age. APART FROM OUR POROUS DEFENCE WE HAVE A FINETEAM NOW AND WILL HAVE MANY FINE WINS THIS SEASON. HOWEVER, that defencde has been a joke for many years going back and is still appalling . Thee seems to be no improvement at all since Wenger. The main reason for that lack pof improvement is because we STILL hav ea bunch of clowns almost all through throutfield defence. We have NO top CB’s at all. Not one! We haveno fullbacks who can defend. Not one. We have a joke in Xhaka who simply must leave us ASAP. I do like LENO, THOUGH HE WAS ERRATIC TODAY AND IS NOT AMONG THE TOP FOUR KEEPERS IN THE PREM. Perhaps 6th or 7th I’d say. Forget managers and systems for a moment – I realise both matter, of course- BUT do not overlook the fact that great defences are made up of great players. Until we properly fund a whole new outfield defence we cannot hope to improve the defence enough to win big honours. That has been the case ever since Sol Campbell left too. Bad defenders make bad defences, no matter who manages or what system is used. FACT!

    1. I discount Tierney as we have still to see him wear our shirt in the Prem. I am hopeful of course but he is just ONE player.

    2. Agree Jon. And we had a whole summer to search for a CB and ended up with David Luiz. Another clown. It’s unacceptable that we haven’t addressed our defensive issues in over a decade. Every signing should be a defensive signing next summer. And a Xhaka replacement.

    3. Am with you on Leno not been in the top4 keeper in the league, I mean the rate in which he drops the ball is getting too much, i think he should have done better for the first goal and anytime an opposition have any corners or free kicks am always worried for him, the only thing am so confident of about him is that’s he’s a very good at stopping shots from distance.

    4. Afternoon jon..
      I beleive a lot of people actually agree with a lot of your comment.
      Xhaka is a total liability ..agreed. needs to be benched or sold
      We have an upgrade on ozil even for 1 season

      Back four is liable to go walk abouts far to often. Leno is ok but not behind this leaky defence but we are stuck with him
      Kolašinac is weak on the left and offer nothing for our defence. All legs and lungs going forward but last man to get back to help out in his duties, so cant wait for KT to get fit and take his rightful place
      It’s been a long time since I felt after being 0-2 down that I actually felt we could get something out the game if not win it.

  22. It wansnt the result we wanted but I feel we played well. Some fans baffle me. Xhaka had a mixed game. He did the dirty job, passed well, had a brain fart for the penalty but he an guendouzi bossed that midfield. Guendouzi gave me this pirlo vibe today and that pass to auba was top class. Pal did okay today for their first time playing together but I felt pepe was shy. Laca is world class. I hope his injury isn’t serious. I guess that’s why he didn’t start against pool. Auba is a genius, I can’t wait for teirney, bellerin and holding to be back that’ll give our defence that calmness and desire. All in all I love the fight in our boys but we need a consistent lineup, and for emery to take a course on the art of defense from Diego simeone. We’ll get better

    1. I do see what you mentioned about Xhaka.

      Unfortunately, lots of fans are by now so set on their negative perceptions about him that unbiased assessments of his performance are virtually impossible

    2. Ronche, Xhaka did not play well, as you mysteriously say he did, though in part only. Apart from his plain stupidity and lack of brain he always passes far too slowly and telegraphs it, thus negating any surprise with his mostly accurate long passes. A top midfielder ALWAYS needs mobility AND pace. He needs to be able to change the direction of play and he needs to be aware, at all time, of what is going on around him. On ALL these fundamentals Xhaka regularly fails. All he offers is power, height and slow but sometimes accurate passing. That said he often gives the ball away, mostly through being unaware of what goes on around him. That is a dreadful fault and even on its own, without all his other faults, would disqualify him from being in an Arsenal team. That is a dismally woeful list of faults that make him simply unfit to play at the level we need and demand. Those faults are there each and every game he plays. He must be sold ASAP. He seems to have zero supporters on here. Correctly so too!

  23. Going into this match against Spurs today at the Ems in the PL, Arsenal were over hype before the match was played by us Gooners which gave them a false sense of confidence making them to think they’ll beat Spurs. But the greater undoing that stopped Arsenal from beating Spurs today is the Gunners are not clinical in front of Tottenham goal as they missed to covert the numerous chances they created in the match with Pepe being the most guilty Gunner in this respect. Arsenal have now dropped 5 points from 12 after their today’s draw game with Tottenham. And if Emery fail to block the leakage in the Arsenal defence that will see them stop conceding goals to the opposition teams almost at will, I can not see how Arsenal will make a top-four place finish this season. And talking about Arsenal signing a world class left winger next summer window, was there anything us Gooners did say that Arsenal should sign a proper left winger in Everton Soares during the last summer transfer window. But they didn’t as they turned a deaf ear to us by not listened to us. Instead they went on to convert Aubameyang to a left winger. A role in the team that is not appropriate to him to undertake. And now Arsenal are paying the price for not addressing the world class left winger signing in the last summer transfer window. But I hope they’ll address it as their no 1 priority during the next January window but not wait till next summer before addressing it.

  24. It is down to Emery. He picked a lame starting midfield. Both against Liverpool and Spurs the mistakes started with the manager and his mindset and tactics.

    He is weak and should go. He will waste this season and is simply not good enough to make a difference.

    1. Really? Tactics and player selection are what we need to avoid defensive mistakes and silly penalties?

      Maybe we don’t need to have better defenders after all. It’s all down to tactics and playing the right midfield

  25. What a crap week.. 5 points dropped.. never thought I’d say this, but maybe it’s a good thing it’s the international break.. at least we’ll be closer to Hokding etc coming back.
    Next game away to Watford.. Deeney’s out, as i believe he’s had his cojones operated on ?

  26. From BBC:

    Since his Premier League debut in August 2016, no player has conceded more penalties in the competition than the five by Arsenal’s Granit Xhaka.

    Arsenal have recorded 13 errors leading to goals in the Premier League since the start of last season – the most of any club in the competition. Goalkeeper Bernd Leno is responsible for six of those errors.

  27. what clown of a manager signed xhaka anyways ?. who could be so dumb as to think he would come good some day . is that the same manager who said he left the arsenal, not sacked , mind, like we all know he was, but left to take us a managers position at a top club. i , for one, would love to know how that job is turning out for the old miser.not only did he turn into a terrible manager, but he could not help being economical with the truth either.

    1. calm down.

      and xhaka was given an extension by the new regime, and emery rates his highly.

      I agree, they’re all wrong, but clearly it can’t be all on wenger.

  28. I would like to apologize to everyone because as a Buddhist Master I confess that in a previous life I was the sperm of Granit Xhaka`s dads cock !……………….sincere apologies !

      1. Please forgive me, Sue, if only his dad had been as excitable as some of the posters on here I would have ended up covering Granits mums tits instead and there would be no Granit !

        1. Although I think that Emery can take some of the blame as he`s the one who now keeps picking him………………..when will he see sense ?

    1. Not funny mate.
      Don’t now how you don’t get moderated.
      If I posted such garbage I bet I would get moderated.

      1. I was apologizing seeing as you dont get humour, but I bow to your superior knowledge of whats humourous and whats not as you must be a world leading expert on the subject !

  29. I have reserved my opinion on the 1st 4 games partly because I have been away enjoying the last of the summer wine..
    But as an overall review of things, we seem to steadily be growing. Comfortably managed win against Newcastle, matchday ability to win again burnley without playing well, throw away any chance of a result against liverpool and today show character to come back from 2 nil down. Character which not long ago we lacked in vast amounts.

    I’m looking forward to seeing players understand each others games better. Ceballos Torriera Xhaka Gendouzi
    Auba Laca and Pepe
    Tierney Holding Bellerin (and obviously further down the line Saliba)…

    But for now, we need to believe that 3rd and not millions of miles of the top 2 is possible. As soon as we drop of levels (because we think we got our bare minimum of top 4) we loss everything.

    Comments on Spurs to come. Still reflecting…

  30. Credit the players for showing real fighting spirit in adversity.From the neutral point of view ,a great game to watch.As an Arsenal supporter, continued frustration in the three liabilities who seem to be guaranteed a place despite their obvious flaws.I refer of course to Messrs Luiz, Sokratis and last but not least,our esteemed Captain, Xhaka.To put it bluntly if Emery continues to pick these three player, he needs his head examined.Some very decent performances from a number of others most notably young Guendousi who I thought was immense .Excellent goals from Laca and Auba and real promise from Pepe.Despite dropping two points I am optimistic for the future as our front three is up there with the best in the League.I also thought our full backs did a decent job today.

  31. Bad draw, expected a win, but thankful for a point, here are my points

    – LACA my MOTM,i dont even have to say why
    – Emery still a puzzle picking 3 DM, no creativity, at home, GEEZ
    – Pepe still a work in progress, but getting there
    – Guendouzi had a good game with the ball
    – Midfield on a whole was too easy to penetrate
    – Sokratis or is it Mustafi, better than Chambers? REALLY!!!
    – LeeeeNNNNNNOOOOOO, Come on man you are a better keeper than that, i have seen you hold harder shots than that

    EMERY i am actually getting concern, looking at Mancity and Liverpool trying to copy their style of play is one thing, two many weak links in midfield, to achieve that.My concern is does Emery have an actual style of play which fits arsenal. Time for experiments have now past, we should be seeing a team now which will be unchanged for 30+ matches (barring injuries)

  32. Spot on TOM, this place is filled with negative people like gotanidea, Kev etc. they don’t see good in anything. “Emery is average, xhaka is bad Luiz is a clown” etc. i wonder how good these people are in their own professions.
    Spurs lost to Newcastle last week and i expected them to put up a fight to get a point, if they could draw at ethihad they are capable of doing the same at emirates. They brought back all their experienced players for this match and i knew they will not lose today. kudos to our boys for a job well don. We’ll get better as the season progresses. for now, we are on top of Spurs, Chelsea and Man U.

  33. I am not a coach but my instincts are always right…

    Have always said Martinez is better than Leno.. Like it or not!!!!

    Second, I am beginning to get worried about Pepe… My God this boy is SO WASTEFUL!!!

    Thirdly this “Mr. Bean” manager called Emery is taking us nowhere. He’s simply a gambler with no clear working plan. Brendan Rodgers was the perfect manager to make us great again and people laughed themselves silly.
    Now watch how Leicester is going to finish in top six. Why I thought he was right for us is b’se he instills that “fearlessness” in his players easily visible on the pitch like how they played against Chelsea.

    Fourthly, people don’t want to admit that Lacazette – Aubameyang combination will never work. Auba cannot play LW. Now all can see that decision to sell ALEX IWOBI was simply a shot-in-foot stuff.

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