Arsenal 3-0 Fiorentina Review and Highlights – Nketiah stars again

Arsenal’s 2-goal hero
So the games are coming thick and fast and it was all change yet again to the Arsenal starting XI, as the senior side is still recovering from the game against Bayern Munich and preparing to take on Real Madrid on Tuesday.

So here was the starting line-up…..

So lots of experience at the back and a sleuth of youngsters up front. And they did very well again, with Nketiah adding two more after scoring the winner against Munich the other day. Reiss Nelson pitched in with the third to give us another respectable per-season win.

They did even better when you consider the conditions as well. As Emi Martinez said: “It was quite hard at the beginning so we thought we needed to be on the ball, move it quickly and I think it was like 37 degrees with 90 per cent humidity,”

“We were not prepared for this. We knew it was going to be hot but in the warm-up we thought, ‘Wow, this is hot’. But the boys did really well, we kept the ball well.”

Our new second choice keeper did very well again, and looks set for many games this season. “The more games I play, the more confidence I get,” he told

“I managed to keep a clean sheet and me and Bernd played 45 minutes each, both keeping a clean sheet in the win. I’m delighted with that.

“I personally feel great. The team is looking sharp, we’re moving the ball really quickly, we’re nice and solid at the back, so bring on Real Madrid.”

They certainly looked solid, and so far we look on track for a good start to the season. It will be very interesting to see a slightly fitter first team take on the might of Real Madrid in our next game. Keep it up lads!

Enjoy the highlights beow….


  1. Real Madrid on Wednesday then.. should be a belter! They lost 3-1 to Bayern (& no Hazard didn’t score, but Gnabry did!)
    So impressed with the youngsters.. Eddie & his goals have been superb! Martinelli looks really good & if only that had gone in!!
    What else I like is.. when the players are subbed, who’s there to shake their hand or pat them on the back? Freddie… he isn’t just sat there chewing gum!! Freddie coming in is brilliant imo ?
    Keep it going against RM lads ?

    1. Freddie is class Sue. Right about Bould too, sitting firmly in the dugout with his jaw working away on that gum..

      Looks good for the youngsters in attack but I am panicking a bit about our defense still. Mustafi got mentioned for all the wrong reasons again. I dont think he’s able to improve no matter who’s with him?!

      1. Another season of Mustafi… urgh it fills me with dread!!
        We can only hope (as UE has said he wants to bring in 4 players) that one is a replacement for him, either that or Holding will be ready! ??

  2. Defence was a joke agin ..Emery needs to sort it and sort it quick ..
    Player who stands out for me is Joe Willock ,really impressive.

  3. “I am not one to chicken out. I have had it all over the years, being told I’m not good enough.

    “So whenever the chance comes I always try and prove I should be starting. But it’s going to be difficult if Zaha comes. He will add more stress.

    “Obviously my joy is to play football and not just sit out.

    “If it comes to that I would have no choice but to leave. But I would always put up a fight to play – that is what I’ve done all my life.” – Alex Iwobi?

  4. Look, in as much as our cbs ain’t that impressive, Emery’s tactics with the hIghline is killing us.
    Gosh, can’t he refrain from this, and make us a more defensive unit at the back. How long are we going to expect our keepers to be saving our a***s all the time.
    Sam Allardyce will even make us better defensively though I ain’t saying we should go for him. U see the level of frustration with our team defensively.
    Plz guys pipe down. This is just preseason. When the real competition starts, we’ll truly know the level of these players(youngsters I mean)

  5. No, Nketiah should be kept. Lacazette or Aubamyang will get injured at some point and Eddie is a perfect choice to replace one. He can get games in other competions too.
    Martinez is a good goalkeeper. Chambers looked good, he has learnt to be combatative at Fulham, but we do need some height in the defence. We need a big CB. Mustafi, poor geezer, is just spatially unaware, just not good enough. We cannot afford to play him.
    We need a winger…crucial. Preferably Zaha as he is in his prime and has a good 5 peak years ahead of him.
    I’ve never seen an Arsenal team with no star central creative midfield player. Pleeze we need creativity. We were dull in midfield. (quiet whisper.. Nabil Fekir is cheap as chips for his talent). We need 4 players….it’s bloody obvious. As long as Arsenal buy good players our illness is curable…quite quickly. If Kroenke plays games with the money, though, we are in for a long disappointing season.

  6. Defence aside, our main weakness is the non-creative midfield we have. And I’ll continue reminding you as I told you earlier, Martinez is better than Leno. Mavropanos is our best centerback; has height, can tackle and man-mark aggressively and above all is comfortable with the ball at his feet.

  7. Who are these expensive signings Emery talks about? And for God’s sake Admin where is kev? I miss that rumour monger.

  8. Mind you there have always been 3 players from our academy destined for greatness; i.e. Martinez, Nketiah and Nelson. The rest will not get anywhere no matter how much they are hyped i.e. Maitland Niles, Willock etc.

    1. Very funny.
      looks like you are the “Kev” of our academy.
      to bad you guys are always wrong.
      I respect your opinion though.

    2. Nonsense. Willock has been superb in midfield every time he’s played. He too will be a very important player for arsenal sooner than later.

  9. Wow, I’d love Lacazette to play as a 10 all season, in front of Ceballos and Torriera. Aubumayang can be flanked by Everton and any other new winger, if non then Martinelli.

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