Arsenal 4-0 Newcastle United – Pepe , Auba, Ozil and Laca put the Geordies to bed

An improved second-half performance sees Arsenal run out 4-0 winners

Newcastle United definitely started off the more brightly helped by some characteristic mistakes from the usual suspects, however, they were unable to take advantage.

Arsenal started to get more into the game as the half went on marshalled by the impressive Mesut Ozil and ably assisted by Dani Ceballos.

Nicolas Pepe looked dangerous down the right flank but too often lacked that final killer ball, Bukayo Saka looked a shell of what we have seen in recent games and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang had brief moments but was not brought into the game nearly enough.

Granit Xhaka picked up his usual yellow card, Shkodran Mustafi made his customary error and at the same time nearly scored at the other end.

Bernd Leno made a couple of decent stops but was not really tested, Bellerin had his hands full with Allan Saint-Maximin.

There was a lack of invention from Arsenal and to some extent that is because of a lack of confidence, which is surprising really when you consider they have not lost this year.

Steve Bruce’s men looked very dangerous on the break and certainly have the pace to cause Arsenal some serious issues.

What summed up this half for me was a clear lack of quality in the final third from both teams.

The bottom line is that Arsenal made Newcastle United look good, overall, it was not just good enough from the home side and much more is expected from them in the second half.

Arsenal started the second half the better and within five minutes Eddie Nketiah came close with his shot clipping the top of the bar.

Dani Ceballos was becoming a thorn in the side of Newcastle and was instrumental in the bright start to the second period enjoyed by the Gunners.

Aubameyang made the breakthrough on the 54th minute with a brilliant header to the keepers left. The cross was supplied by Nicolas Pepe and the record Arsenal signing was not finished.

Young Saka did fantastic out on left to leave two Newcastle defenders floundering and his pinpoint pass to Pepe was duly converted to put Arsenal two up.

Confidence was now sky high and at this stage, more goals were fully expected.

Newcastle did come close to getting themselves back into the game but Ciaran Clark missed an absolute sitter, that was embarrassing.

Aubameyang came close with a delightful chip that skipped off the crossbar and Arsenal were very much in control of the game.

Newcastle then came close again with a shot off the post from the highly impressive Saint-Maximin.

Arsenal’s third goal came courtesy of Mesut Ozil capping off a fine game from the German. That goal will come as a great relief to the 31-year-old who was then immediately substituted to a standing ovation from the home crowd.

But Arsenal was not finished, Lacazette found himself on the scoresheet and the way the players celebrated showed how much it meant to the whole team. The look on Laca’s face said it all.

That final goal capped off a very good afternoon for the team and if the lads can continue like this then who knows where they will end the season.

Brilliant day.


  1. – Nketiah: Almost disappeared throughout the game. Understandable, because he has never had such huge responsibility in EPL before

    – Ozil: Made some good passes and scored, but overall did not have big impact as usual. If he can’t make more threatening movement or passes at home, let alone at away games

    – Aubameyang: He was lucky to be unchallenged when scoring, but it was a good header. Still not a good LW though

    – Pepe: Apart from his assists and goal, he did not offer much offensively. No cutting inside nor could he get to the byline, luckily he wore his left scoring boot

    – Ceballos: Excellent as a deep-lying playmaker, despite not as combative as Torreira and Guendouzi. He split Newcastle’s defense at Saint James Park previously as no 10 and he should play in that position again next time

    – Xhaka, Mustafi and Luiz: Defended well

    – Saka and Bellerin: Seemed to play with brakes. Fortunately Saka decided to get past the defenders, after some overly cautious movements

    1. Yes I expected you to say something like that about Ozil who was probably the only good player in the first half.
      You never see anything good in him

        1. Funny enough Ozil has nothing to prove to you of any of us in particular..
          The only person he needs to impress is the coach, and even the coach already admitted he’s impressed.
          I want him out also but then I don’t go about kicking down every single player as most of you do.
          Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi, Luiz will never play good as long aa you guys watch them.
          Even if they all end up scoring loads and defending very well, to most of you they’ll never get the credit they deserve.
          Really you should do something about your obsession with Ozil

          1. I have praised Xhaka and Mustafi since they play well under Arteta

            But Ozil really needs to improve his impact, otherwise we will have another passenger in tough away games

          2. I am with you on this one Eddie even in victory you will still find people being over critical. Blows my mind

          3. Well spoken @Eddie. I have to admit, there are times when their game is off. But for sure, today, Özil, Mustafi and Xhaka played a good game. With all the criticism that’s been coming their way lately, they’ve really improved.

          4. People like u will never impress in their place of work…
            I have always stood by arsenal as a team, stop singling our Ozil for ur rubbish comments

            Do have some positive in you…
            Ozil is not like kante, he is not kelvin D.B
            He is not Henry, nor is he Alex Song…
            He is not even my favorite player Jay Jay Okocha…
            But he is ozil.. If u are Arsenal fan, just support the whole team

            I wish u all the best….

            Up gunners

      1. He wasn’t the best player in the first half. He even started that half very poorly. It was Saka who was constantly looking dangerous.
        Ozil did good today but even when he delivers good performances it would be called great or hyped because he hardly has good performances

      2. You just said my mind. I was expecting Gotanidea to give Ozil a low rating. Anyway. It was a very good performance from the team. Arteta has brought massive improvement. Saka is a fantastic player. 3 points is all that matters. We should take advantage of this Man City ban to make top 5. Hopefully, we can finish the season on a high. We can do it. I am hopeful.

    2. Wow you must really hate ozil, can’t belief after all this impressive performance the only thing you can pick out is the negative part…the match could have been in another direction if not for Leno brilliant safe of ceballos deflection, sport on to ozil and pepe. Busayo saka needs to start more

      1. I hate his bad performances. I can’t say this performance is impressive, but easy home game like this is where Ozil should thrive

    3. “Apart from the assists and the goal, (2 and 1 respectively) he did not offer much offensively”….. I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂 what more does offensive play entail?! 😂
      And I wasn’t surprised about your Özil comment though 😀

      1. – First assist: Aubameyang was lucky to convert it into a goal, because he was totally unchallenged

        – The goal: This is why Arsenal need a left-footed attacker, but Saka made it easy for Pepe

        – Second assist: Newcastle players have already given up

        Watch him again at the next away game in EPL and I hope he can maintain his form there

        1. Gotanidea:

          Did you not see Pepe create a sitter for Nketiah with his RIGHT foot, which you claim he doesn’t ever use or can’t??

          I think you didn’t even watch the highlights.

          If Nketiah scores from that sitter, Pepe gets 3 assists and a goal. But yeah, not good offensively. LOL

      2. The negative started from the admin, he pointed out more negatives than positives in a game we won 4-0. As far as I am concerned today game is one of our best game, cleansheet, we scored four goals that we haven’t scored for so long. Laza /Ozil finally scored, and we won, that’s three points. meanwhile, Lava celebration is my best moment of the game. Well. As for me no negative. Well done boys.

        1. No, I reported the game as I saw it, the first half was not good and the second half was brilliant. I do not think anyone else on here would disagree with that. I suggest you read the whole article before making false allegations

        2. Ade . Martins article was correct, and fair. Your view is biased. No wise fan thinks we played well in first half and esp not in the first half hour when we were ponderous and slow. If you will not admit what your eyes MUST have seen then you are an excitable and non wise fan. MARTINS ARTICLE WAS SPOT ON AND ALMOST ALL ON HERE ACCEPT THAT TRUTH! It was a classic “game of two halves”!

    4. “Apart from his assists and goal he did not
      offer much offensively”

      I’ve honestly read it all on this site

    5. No offense but You are football watching disabled bro. If what you wrote is all you can see. + you can’t seem to feel good about winning either. You really should try to observe as much as you try to voice your opinions.

    6. Sorry @gotanidea from your analysis you would think the team played poorly. I would agree and say first 30 mins was not at standard but after that they returned to their better form.

      – Nketiah: done well and got into a few good spots. Not always found by his team mates but good game for a basically 1st premier league start

      – Ozil: good decent game found the forward runs. I noticed having a CM like ceballos to find him allowed him to do his thing a bit more

      – Aubameyang: great header. Yes in challenged but to generate the power and beat the keeper very good effort.

      – Pepe: put in several crosses got and assist, a goal and also was vital in the build up play for lacca goal. Starting to settle in I think and players will start to u understand him

      – Ceballos: Excellent as a deep-lying playmaker, despite not as combative as Torreira and Guendouzi. (agreed although I think he should stay cm)

      – Xhaka, Mustafi and Luiz: Defended well

      – Saka and Bellerin: Saka got countless crosses and overlapped countless time. Also nutmeged the newcastle lb and beat another player to provide an assist.

      All about perspective and how the story is told guys. It was a solid decent game. We did not play like liverpool or city but had a good game overall

    7. Wrong about Ozil, he played great today, don’t know what more you were expecting from him. I have never been his fan because of what he offers us when we are not in possession of the ball but he did close down his opponents well today and won back a couple of balls.
      About Pepe, maybe you expected him to go flying by players whenever he has the ball because of his prize tag. Common Newcastle defended deep with five defenders and for midfielders. In my opinion he guided and used the ball wisely. Also made some nice combination of passes with Ozil and Cebalos. I’m glad he’s back because he fits quite nicely to Mikel’s style. Hope he maintains same level against better oppositions. Though all the team in the epl are so much better now compared to yesteryears, no more pushovers. So credit to the boys and Mikel for the performance no one should take this forgranted because it’s Newcastle. Check their performances against other top teams. This is Arsenal I know we have come to expect more especially from the era when I started supporting (2001 to date) but I see us building that back with Mikel more so the urgency to get the ball back which is what I’ve been craving for for years. Hope the owners back their manager.

    8. Yeah, apart from those 4 goals we would draw that game. If we had scored an own goal we would have lost the game.
      Pathetic to see people like you still calling themselves fans.

      I hate ozil as much as you do and may be even more. But he was good for 70% of the time he played.

      And about those other observations you posted. If you remove all the positives from the players’ then there will only be negatives to talk about.

      Gor once in your life see the positive side of the game and celebrate the win and enjoy your day.

    9. Damn! Even with an impressive scoreline, it is all about the negative for you. Give yourself a break.

      We all know the team did performed below par in the first half but downplaying the positives is something else.

      Auba was lucky to unchallenged, really? What about his positioning was great and it was a good cross from pepe?

      And people has no cutting edge, yet he has 2 assists and a goal. Ozil, no cutting edge, young saka just decided to pass 2 decided.

      I have read some craps from you, this one probably ranks highest.

      Anyways, the sign of progress is clearly there. I hope we get to perform and blow teams away for most of the duration of matches and not in patches. But I gladly take this kind of performance over we have seen in the last few months.

    10. No.

      -Nketiah works hard through out the and was unlucky not to score. If the bar had not intervened, Nketiah would have been celebrated

      -Ozil showed enough to justify playing time. Agree with Arteta
      Pepe – except for winning us the game he did not show much…well…then…

      -Ceballos is not an upgrade on Özil

      Real story today is: Result better than performance, but important step in the right direction toward mastering Arteta style

    11. – Ceballos can do better paired with Torreira instead of Xhaka. Xhaka was passing to him for every small forward pass, while taking long pass chances himself.
      – Ozil is aging bad. he has his qualities but his deficiencies look apart these days.
      – Not all teams use forwards in defense, even modern game requires them to defend back. I liked Pepe’s involvement overall, and Auba’s runs on the wings with small 1-2s
      – If we want to sell Laca, keep Auba or not, we have to build Nketiah up to be a quality backup

  2. Impressive second half

    Clean sheet
    No draw today
    Saka man of the match, second Pepe for me..

    Laca with an assist and a goal from the bench. The players really wanted him to score…..

    I am delighted we got the win. Hopefully, this is a start to a brewing story

  3. Best Ozil performance in ages. Same with a lot of players. Turning point? We can hope, but that will require consistency. For now, just happy we finally picked up a win! Saka is quite a player, and when he can play LW, defenders should be afraid.

    1. 👍👍 Mesut and Dani were superb!
      As was Saka…. some wonderful performances today… really was a joy to watch (MOTD2? You bet!!)
      Please play like that again next week as I’m going!!
      Very happy!! Well done boys! Oooh to be……

      1. Just superb sue what a win I guess Dubai did these group real good. Everyone has stepped up! I wonder what will happen when Tierney is back and saka on that Left wing. Will be interesting to watch

      2. Yes sue and am a very happy supporter today. Ozil made me proud. The game went well eventually and the is all that matters. As for Gotanidea’s Ozil obsession, that is not going away anytime soon. I miss you sue.

        1. Aww I miss you too….. same time again on Thursday?! Europa league is back!!
          Take it easy, Pat… I’m still waiting patiently your news 😊😘

    2. It’s quite wonderful watching Ozil’s touches at times. I think he was good though but not great. Its not really a turning a point kind of game. Newcastle gave us acres of soace to operate with abd hes effective in those kind of games. He started very poorly but grew into it. However still doesn’t impose himself on the game as he should. He drifts in and out as usual.
      Saka was truly the MOTM by a mile today

      1. This is the exact kind of game we’ve been drawing the past month though, so getting a 4-0 win finally gives this squad even a little bit of confidence. It COULD be a potential turning point, but I agree that we will have to keep doing better for it to be. Also, disagree about Ozil, thought he did very well advancing the play into the final third which is what we havent been doing well lately and instead opted for backpasses and killing plays.

        1. Sorry I thought you were referring to Ozil when you meant turning a point. He did good just not great.
          It should be said even though this is a great victory we also beat Newcastle away though

          1. I’m censoring myself and will only say good things about Ozil for 24 hours lol. He played well today and scored and will leave it at that 😂.

  4. Somebody like Dani ceballos underneath Mesut unlocks him, like when Santi was on the field. Only thing we lacked was not playing with Laca at the tip of the spear from the beginning. With his hold up/link up play, we don’t always have to look to cross and finish, we can combine more through the middle and be more dynamic.

  5. We are plus 2 on goal difference. If we can get a result against Everton we have winnable games in our next few which could mean a haul of 12 points by end of March. That would place us in contention for top 6 or more. A 4-0 flattered us but have to hope it’s a way forward given we haven’t lost a game yet in 2020 just far to many draws

  6. Overall great performance from everyone.
    Hopefully the flood gates are opened from here henceforth.
    Ozil played really good all through and I think a big part of that is down to Ceballos.
    He made transitioning more easy for Ozil who also worked hard.
    First half was pretty poor but then everything was under control.
    The team he selected repaid him back.
    Every single player played good.
    Let’s hope they pick it up from here.

    1. At least we have a CM in Ceballos who won’t fall over like hundred times when tackled. Arteta must start him from now on. He is technically better than his competitors

      1. Yes I think Ceballos has a lot to contribute but then who sits?
        This is the type of headache every coach needs.
        Xhaka has been a very good player under Arteta, he’s the reason Saka is free to go be a winger, and he helps with his short passes too.
        So, he’s important to Arteta’s plan, do you see him sitting?

        Torreira has also been Amazing under Arteta, providing the perfect cover, do you see him sitting?
        I doubt he’ll be sitting out games.

        I think it’s either one of Ozil or Ceballos on the pitch.
        Though I’d like to see another Ozil- Ceballos midfield pairing.
        It was a 4-3-3.
        If they all keep playing good, then it’ll be tough for Arteta

        1. Ceballos must start because as has been proven we lack proper transition from defense to attack. Ceballos will help us with that and will also relieve the pressure on Mesut Ozil to create. If we take him out for any other pairing we are going back to square one. No matter the midfield pairing used this team is still weak defensively. A player like Ceballos is very important to how Arteta wants to play. It would be better for us to take the risk with him than to go safe. I don’t know how Arteta is going to do it but a player like him should be nowhere near the bench especially if he keeps on playing like this.

    2. Cebalous is important bcos he helps the attack, it is clear recently that our attack is becoming poorer, Ozil can’t do it all alone. Maybe when we have to defend Tortiera can come on. Above all, let’s watch ceballous in another game and see if he can be consistent

  7. Ozil’s performance even without the goal was awesome. Ceballos certainly was the backbone of our display today

  8. pepe MOTM for me

    he has the most assists before the game and adds another 2 today…

    you cannot defend him one-on-one and when you put more guys on him, he finds the his teammates

  9. I am happy to admit that Ozil performed well today. Hope he continues it

    4-0 is better than I expected

    So happy for Pepe and lacazette in particular for scoring

    Happy day

  10. Pepe really stepped up today, defensively & offensively. He’s really working hard now and seems to be bonding more with the squad and smiling more as well. Saka is becoming a key player in this squad, he should be signed up to a 7 year contract pronto, the elite clubs are watching. And Ozil 🙂 ah what a lovely game from him, made our offense look so smooth with his touches and movement, and ceballos definitely compliments him and unlocks him. I’m a very happy gooner today 😊

  11. I wonder what we fans consider a good performance! We’ve won 4-0 to very organized defensive team. All our front four scored today. Hey come on let me enjoy this win, well done boys👍👍👏👏🔥

    1. Hopefully this is the dawn of a new day and Arsenal can keep accumulating wins and move up the table.

  12. Hooray, first half forgotten, second half better! A big shout out to Saka again, brilliant performance and the pair of Ceballos and Pepe helped massively in this win. Still a bit pedestrian at times and too slow build up and it was only Newcastle but hopefully the start of a run. I have to say though i thought Bellerin was absolutely woeful and was the best player for Newcastle. Great win, now push on

    1. Can i just say, dont knock Nketiah, he never stopped working and probably should have scored but he dropped deep to help gain possession quite a few times. I though it was a promising first league start.

  13. The usual moaners will continue to moan. In the previous article they came short of saying Arteta is not the right coach.

    I hope everyone is happy now – I like it when everybody is happy. And don’t say the 1st hf was poor, no it wasn’t, just that the opposition upped their game made it difficult for us.

    The icing on the cake is that both Ozil and Lacazette entered the score sheet.
    I remember somebody here once said that the day Laca finds his scoring boots, it will be one hell of scoring extravaganza. It looked like it, but I am now greedy, and still look forward to the real scoring extravaganza.

    Long may the winning streak last!


    1. Newcastle were poor in the first half and gave up in the second. They hardly made it difficult for us as we were totally soporific

  14. Good one for the gunners. We really needed the win to boast morale. To me, Bukayo remains the most impressive: ripping the Newcastle defence like hot knife through butter. Pepe still suffers from poir decision in the final third and often lacks the speed to make things happen. Auba played a captain’s game and capped it off with a good goal. Mustafi despite his errors has improved significantly. Luis is still his usual self : off and on. Bellerin has started showing flashes of his old self. Xhaka better watches his field antics and cards.
    Generally, a good performance. An improvement over the drab dish we have been fed since this season. Good night all.

  15. Are some of you on here actually serious??

    Give the club, players and management some credit. We won 4-0, what a confidence boost and all 4 of our main attacking stars in Pepe, Laca, Mesut and Auba all scored and the 1st 2 assisted in 3 goals.

    Saka had another good game, dont forget his age and was threw in the deep end. Cabellos looked good as did Xhaka. All the kinks will be worked out in time. Have patience gooners.

    Lovely to get a win now it’s time to build on this and we will. Arteta doing a great job getting the club stable again and getting the majority of the fans back again supporting the rebuild under him.

    Europa league is there to be won, we wont finish top4 but we will get as high as we can up the table for the pride of the club. Still FA cup too.

    Well done to the boys today.

    1. we can still get 5th which will likely be champions league spot, 6pts off spurs who don’t look that strong plus are missing kane.

  16. Poor first half. Slow, no intensity, no vision or creativity.
    Great second half. Played like a team that had a plan.
    Seems to me we still haven’t got the energy to play with the intensity that Arteta demands for the full 90 minutes.
    Even though the first half was poor the result speaks for how happy I am.
    We need to give at least 70 minutes of that intensity in the Europa league. European clubs just aren’t used to it and won’t be able to handle it.

  17. I am still not sold. I think we played against a poor opposition today. I will be happy to be proven wrong next game but I doubt it will happen. I have written this season off. Mikel should use this opportunity to build his team they way he wants it and hopefully challenge next season.

    Lacazette should continue to be benched.

    1. Your here and your keeping up with arsenal games so clearly you haven’t written off this season lol

      1. That is not necessarily true. Writing a season off does not mean losing interest in what happens. I too have long ago written off this season but still care and hope. I just do NOT expect. THOSE ARE COMPATIBLE POSITIONS , DESPITE YOUR “LOL”

    2. Most times, when we win we say the opposition is weak. When we don’t then our players are just not good. Newcastle is a decent team that has given team above us tough time this season. I am sure we have dropped points against weaker oppositions this season.

      We are far from a good and consistent team we want, the team did well today not because Newcastle is a poor team.

      1. 👍 look at Saint-Maximin.. he caused problems. They’ve got some decent players (not Rose or Bentaleb 😂) and we were level with them on points.

        1. haha, agree. Newcastle has been our level this season, so the win matters, and we can hardly complain about the opposition when we only had 6 wins in EPL before that, and we were over halfway through the season.

    3. Maybe you should go back and look at what Newcastle has done since January 1st. Beat Chelsea and drew with Wolves and Everton. Weak opposition, maybe, but they’ve been in decent form.

  18. On a more serious note ceballos in that role today made it easy for ozil to just float in between instead of coming deep to receive the ball and even giving him time to run into the box which tells me ceballos or Maitland Niles shud start there more often, players who could move the ball faster nd progressively, Pepe is beginning to shw real deals which I relli wud say am impressed my man of the match is Pepe but with ceballos Coming at a very close second

  19. Awesome performance! I really hope arsenal fans will be patient with lacazette. That’s a solid striker we have on our hands.

  20. Pat…. I hope you’re happy with that!! Mesut didn’t disappoint… actually I don’t think anyone did! Happy days!!

  21. In the first half, Cebalos was isolated, probably because the coach didn’t want his to join attack too much, he got lots of balls but could only pass sideways and get back to defensive mode, but got involved in 2nd half, opened more space. Good game guys

  22. Great game to the lads and a massive win for the team now looking forward to the headache Arteta is going to have concerning Kolasinac Tierney saka martinelli ceballos torreira
    weare sooo going to get better

  23. We have set a new record,

    the move leading to the 3rd involved 35 passes. That’s 10 more than any other goal in the Premier League this season AND it involved every single player in the side, including Bernd Leno, at least once.

    The ARTeta effect


  24. We defend without panic under Arteta. Composure, patience and intensity. Good game from the lads. Saka, my MOTM followed by Pepe.

  25. First half was poor indeed. The Gaffer must have given them the hairdryer treatment at half-time, because they were unrecognisable in the second half. Much better running off the ball and into space, more forward than sideways and backward passes.
    Saka outstanding, Ceballos and Özil combo surprisingly good ( or maybe unsurprisingly), Pepe improved. Xhaka understands his role covering for Saka so well, and he’s tall so can assist in role as DM with aerial attacks.
    Altogether well done, guys. Keep it up!

  26. I love arteta’s discipline. We are becoming a very difficult team to beat. Only Liverpool have lost less games. I just love arsenal more

  27. It’s time to gain points, after effective winter break. well done guys !! That’s what team about, struggle together, defend together and celebrate together !! and the most important is entertaining football.

  28. ADMIN Martin, A very fair summation I thought. Not sure I would have awarded Saka MotM though, aa I thought Ozil had his best Arsenal game in ages and over the whole 90 mins was our best player wirh Ceballos, Saka and Pepe all doing well in second half . I was pleased to see two proper creative players playing centrally IN THE SAME TEAM FOR THE FIRST IN A LONG TIME but still do not get what MA sees in XHAKA. To me he is a big lump and we might as well sign a Rugby League front row if we are seeking immobile, hot headed. ponderous big lumps. Sorry MA, I LUV YA TO BITS BUT YOU HAVE LOST ME ON WHATEVER IT IS YOU SEE IN XHAKA! PACE AND MOBILITY IS EVERYTHING IN MODERN FOOTBALL AND XHAKA HAS NEITHER. And he has neither in spades too!

    1. Agree jon but i think xhaka will be gone to Hertha Berlin if we get that Gauye or whatever they call him from France. Hertha is still in the frame for xhaka in the summer.

    2. I am sure it was a typo my friend but it is Pepe and not Saka I had as man of the match, a goal and two assists swung it over Ozil.

      1. jon, you need to keep up with the development of Rugby League; slow, immobile ponderous big lumps in the front row are a thing of the past. Prop forwards these days are big and fast and as for hookers most have to be as quick off the mark and accelerate as well as half backs and five eighths! 🦘🦘🦘

  29. OK, Take it easy on Gotanidea, he is entitled to his opinion, I disagree with it but will not attack him for his viewpoint. It really would be a crappy world if everyone always agreed. Please try and disagree with Gotanidea constructively otherwise refrain from commenting if all you have to offer is an attack.

    Thank you – Admin Martin

  30. Our undefeated run is getting stronger, fellow gunners never mind the haters!!!!
    When was the last time we bagged 4 goals to nothing?

    Lets celebrate the victory.

  31. Ceballos was the Only thing Ozil needed around him always.
    Ceballos made the Midfield Sweet.
    Ceballos is a Baller.
    He should start more games.

    Laca should come forth with today’s scoring boot in next game..
    I was So thrilled with his goal and Celebration. .

  32. awful first 40 mins followed by a decent performance and some real signs of team beginning to gel with ceballos providing what weve been missing so far and necessary complement to ozil … pepe is definitely work in progress and lacas goal an important confidence booster but i understand why the argentine at leeds didnt see much in nketiah he wont make it in epl … xhaka added nothing as per usual and cant for life of me see why arteta starts him over torreira while bellerin has hit his limits … i do hope cedric marin and tierney are available soon coz newcastle have one of worst scoring records in epl and against any other attack we are going to concede goals with current back four

  33. The match clearly highlights how much we are in need of a good CM. When we play two DMs in combination of Xhaka, torreria n Guendozi we struggle to create because there are too many back ward and side way passed. As I said before as well inorder for Ozil to put in a good performance he needs a good CM to link up with him and take pressure of him. Ozil on his own is not a play dectating midfielder. More then a defender we need to spend money on a good CM in summer. …great second half n I hope all the Laca hatters can see what he brings to the team even when he is not scoring goals as we played most of the match with out a striker bec Nkeitiah could not hold the ball n provided virtually nothing up front. I am not bashing Nkeitiah but I think he has a lot to learn in terms of linking up with midfield n holding the ball. He is natural at popping in right position at right moment. Disappointed not to see Martenlli though …really like that kid.

  34. Pepe the MOTM for me. Next would be Saka. Great to see Ozil and Laca on the scoresheet specially Laca. Man he needed the goal. Glimpses of the future? Ceballos was great and takes half the load of Ozil. Everyone performed great. If we beat Everton we are really in for a shout for the CL qualification, given the Man City ban. What a happy day. Up the Gunners!

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