Arsenal 4-0 PSV Review – The perfect performance ahead of the big Tottenham clash

Dominant return to champions league by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, it’s been 6 long years since we last played a Champions League game, and although it was kinda wierd watching it at midday (in the USA), it was so special.

You could see what it meant for everyone – players, fans, the manager. We were finally back to our scintillating best going forward. How good was our front 4? Trossard was so good, I didn’t miss Martinelli – and Gabby is my favourite Arsenal player.

Gabriel Jesus is just another level. Some of the touches like the control for the goal, the way he sorted his feet to got a shot off in a crowded box. I mean it’s just presence Eddie doesn’t have and I’m in no way dissing him, Jesus is just on another level.

It was just written for Saka to open the score. The guy has carried us for years on his back and PSV didn’t double on him like in the PL and they paid for it.

I know PSV aren’t a real barometer, but fair play to them for trying to play some actual football, instead of low blocks. It allowed our front players to express themselves, and heck even Havertz looked decent. But Martin Odegaard was the orchestrator of it all. Absolutely sensational today.

If there is one thing that worried me today, it was how easily they created chances on the wings. I think defensively Ben White and Zinny were a little sus, but PSV just lacked quality to punish us, because Raya barely had a decent save to make.

Speaking of the elephant in the room, I think David had an excellent game. Arteta may try to sugarcoat it by saying he may want to sub his goalkeeper, but I think he sees Raya as our new number 1. I heard every opinion under the sun on the GK conundrum at Arsenal, but I’m ever more leaning towards the following idea.

Beating City is about fine margins. If Raya offers 5% on what Ramsdale does, it may be what takes us over the line. I think the Spaniard commanded his box really well. His kicking was good, but most importantly I think our CBs felt comfortable with him.

I liked his catching of crosses and even though he didn’t have too much to do, he played 2 games with high emotional value – Everton, where we hadn’t won for like 5 years, and the CL which we’ve been out for 6, and he has 2 clean sheets.

Ramsdale hasn’t made Onana like blunders, but sometimes I worry with him. I think he tries to be involved in the game more than is necessary. That goal against Fulham although not entirely his fault sticks to my mind and overall I just felt at ease with Raya and I expect him to start on Sunday.

Speaking of the NLD, did you hear Son saying we wouldn’t want to play Tottenham? Those guys never learn. Even when they were “title contenders”, “winners of the transfer window”, “best start in their history”, “power shifts” and whatever, I’ve seen us beat them at the Emirates no matter what.

My plane lands back on Sunday lunch time and I want to cook Tottenham for desert. I actually think that playing midweek benefits us, because this performance was a confidence-boost. We’ve won games so far, but performances were dodgy. Today we flexed both our quality and squad depth.

Even a stubborn manager like Arteta started making changes before the 60th minute with Sunday in mind. Tottenham have been a little better this season, I’ll give them that, but they aren’t that special and I want their faces dragged through the mud. If we beat them, we would actually be 1 point better off than we were this time last year and I think we will.

I can’t wait honestly, but before I leave you, I think giving teams a good spanking from time to time is something we’ve missed. I enjoyed the 1:0 win at Everton just as much, but I think we reminded a few people that if we turn the gears up, we can absolutely smash teams.

Long may it last!



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  1. Zinchenko was also instrumental at playmaking. His abilities in tight spaces made us able to control the game

    Havertz was very good at defending as well. He won three aerial duels and four tackles, which made him one of the best defensive players in the game

    1. Yea Gai, I was most happy for Havertz in the game. Though I am sentimental 24/7 about BSaka being my country man (Nigeria) and particularly from my state😁
      I sincerely wish Havertz performance against PSV mark the beginning of better display to come from him he did so well in the game. He shifted from left to right midfield with a good defensive and holdup play.
      A good performance from the Boys to prepare for Spuds.
      I bet new Spuds manager won’t understand Arsenal style too well. I predict a win for us.

      1. Saka worked very well with Odegaard. When two PSV defenders marked him, he passed the ball to Odegaard who was free in the half-space

        I’m glad Saka was subbed before the 70th minute of the game. We will need him fit to play in NLD

  2. Be weary of fouling play by dirty tactics Tottenham this weekend. I hope the ref is not tolerant to fouling and produces cards early in the game to the dirty tactic spuds.

  3. Ragsdale is good, but Raya is better, he gives the defenders more assurance by his reading and timing of those arial duels.
    Also, she showed better composure on the ball and that is going to improve the chemistry in the defensive line.
    Overall it was a nice game, roll on totnumb😊

  4. Massive performance by everyone. Skipper was sensational, a true leader. I’m a bit concerned about his physic. There is almost no fat at all in his face. He looked like a skeleton face. And he did 90mins again. Hope he is well rested for NLD. Our capitan!

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