Arsenal 4-0 Standard Liege – Comfortable win for dominant Arsenal

Arsenal power to a comfortable Europa League win over Standard Liege

A very impressive night for the second consecutive Europa League match for Arsenal following an easy 4-0 win over Belgium outfit Standard Liege.

The game was done and dusted in the first half following a quality brace from Gabriel Martinelli and a nicely taken goal from Joe Willock. This was all done within the first 22 minutes.

Martinelli’s opener was a beautyy, it came about following a stinging cross from Kieran Tierney which the young Brazilian caught beautifully with his head to open the scoring.

The teenager followed up just three minutes later with another cracker of a goal, and then just six minutes later Willock popped his name onto the scoresheet.

The 3-0 half time lead was fully deserved.

The second half continued in much the same manner in terms of Arsenal dominance and the fourth goal, which was always coming, was nipped in by Dani Ceballos in the 57th minute, after some more brilliant play by young Martinelli.

From that time onwards it was always Arsenal, this was a dominant performance with every player doing their bit. In fact, the biggest surprise of the night is that more goals were not scored, it could have been seven or more.

Kieran Tierney made a huge difference down the left flank and has hit the ground running, he must surely be due for a first-team start in the Premier League now.

Martinelli showed he has a massive future at Arsenal, whereas loanee Ceballos also had a great game.

The win was fully deserved and a lot of these players will be knocking on Unai Emery’s door wanting Premier League football.

Great night!


    1. Yeah, we saw his genius at Old Trafford! Let’s just hope he learns something from this game about what kind of assets he has been ignoring.

      1. I have a prop to “promote” Emery to Arsenal’s U23 side cos his doing really good job with promoting youngsters and leave him to play Europa League until semis…
        and for the 1st team find somebody like Alegri or even Viera who can be good with Freddie on the bench.

    2. Lips-I see you wasn’t able to answer some questions I put to you on an earlier thread. Funny that. Got a gob as big as a football but unable to offer straightforward replies to back yourself up when questioned.Pretty embarrassing that PAL

    3. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼!if people criticise Emery when he gets it wrong,those same people should be big enough to praise him and recognise it when he gets it right if they don’t it only shows how biased and unfair they are to him! even by using the same old arguements, inferior teams…. blah blah blah,if you look at the others getting beaten by smaller teams or just managing to win, pundits, medias always found them excuses like spurs, Chelsea being congratulated for playing young players when we all know it’s because of the ban, Neville on sky saying that man utd needed 4/5 more vtrabsfers windows and few hundreds millions more despite the 900M spent since Ferguson and few managers spurs eliminated from cups by Rochdale….,buying new players, getting hammered 7_2 by Bayern, losing a 2 goals advantage before that but we are the team in real crisis, fans wanting Emery to get the sack when we’re 4 th and have got for the first time nearly a complete, fully fit,geled team, complete nonsense at this time of the season!

  1. Excellent result
    Very happy
    Excellent play all round
    Defence midfield and attack
    Especially by Ceballos, Martinelli and Wilock

    Now if Xhaka starts and Ceballos/Wilock don’t start against Bournemouth, I will be p***** off

    1. I suspect you will indeed be peed off on Sunday, but lets hope we get another good performance and 3 points

  2. Great performance against terrible opposition. Loved seeing Bellerin and KT sticking up for Martinelli at the end. Bring on Bournemouth!

    1. @Nitsram
      Thats what happens when you impose your style of play on a team and don’t allow them to impose theirs on you. That is exactly how we look when other teams impose their style of play on us… Doesn’t necessarily mean we’re poor opposition…

      1. I get what you’re saying, but if you’re implying that that standard team is anywhere near the quality of United or even Watford i strongly disagree.

  3. Another clean sheet and an outstanding game with all the mustafi hate he was really comfortable today should we bring him back to epl 11?

    1. I agree Mustafi looked very comfortable and even the rare poor pass he gave he recovered well and put himself in good positions. He clearly is comfortable with holding and they communicate well. Granted this has been poor competition

      1. …but still he made one big error – a “pass” to oposition attack, and got lucky cos Stadard was really poor tonight and didnt take that chance.

    1. Exactly, with a very exceptions, this should be the team that plays in the EPL. Let the old buggers play in midweek. The youngsters have shown how the game should be played. So much energy and enjoyment. Brilliant stuff!

    2. Saka, Martinelli, and Willock are making me so proud. Love when the young players take their chances like this. Hope Reiss comes good, and ESR can get back to full fitness as soon as possible and join in on the fun. Any good CB’s in our academy or am I just being greedy?

  4. Absolutely loving Tierney and Martinelli…superb!!
    Why bring Auba on though?? Sheesh I still can’t work out what goes on in that head of Unai’s

        1. I’m still confident he’s going to get there. He had moments again in this game of looking to pull off something and/or score he just needs to get some confidence rolling. Let’s hope at least…. I haven’t given up on him.

    1. It’s for the rhythm . You can’t put everything the manager does under a microscope . but if I were him , I’d bring Auba on just to keep his rhythm going .Just like bringing on pepe was more of a confidence booster for him .

    2. With those substitutes, the coach was trying to look at the first team after integrating the epl team and the midweek team. To me, this is how the team would play in the future and the players that finished the match would be fulcrum of the team in a 3 weeks time when tianey, bellerin and holding would be fully fit.

      1. Good observations, if the lads had of scored after coming on it would have made the atmosphere in dressing room all the more lively, then like you say they’d be integrating on and off the pitch better.

    3. 👍 winning. 4:0 and you bring on a striker is just strange.And 💪 kola should have been brought on instead to give auba maximum rest.In any case why should one person be rested after 71mins and another who has played in every single game be brought on while winning 4;0?

  5. I think we should give martinelli a run at LW . his audacious flicks tricks and turns is what we are missing. He looks like a real talent though , I’d say some academy graduates are in trouble.
    This is the best Ceballos display I think I’ve watched , great vision and decisiveness from him . Kieran Tierney … need I say more?

    1. His positioning inside the box isn’t bad at all either, even that flick that came off his head in second half- The positioning on that move I really liked because he looked ready to beat those defenders before the ball was played, I reckon the GK got lucky as he just happened to be standing closer to that side whereas GK’s would usually be slightly further the other side with the ball originally coming from out that way. The goals of course showed good positioning and that delightful dink over the keeper for Ceballos, he looks to have a real sense about him when he’s on the ball and off it. We had no wingers last season except the Iwobi, now we have this lad, Saka, Nelson ..and he too had a good game, our 70m man, and we have to fit in Auba and Laca. The more games they all get the better they’ll be, I just hope that the fans don’t put too much pressure on Saka and Marti, also Nelson, these could be the future of Arsenal, the ones who help to bring us back from the brink, Nketiah is also off to a flier I hear …Ya! Gunners Ya!!!

  6. Great game from Arsenal. Such a contrast to our EPL performances. The energy in midfield is so much better, the ball is moved so much quicker. Torreira in his natural position looks much more comfortable too. I’m in the mood for some ratings I suppose.

    Martinez 7.5- not much to do, but solid and confident
    Bellerin 6- Still working back up to his best obviously, but saw some decent stuff from him
    Mustafi/Holding 7- Not much to do but handled everything well
    Tierney 9- Amazing crossing ability, grabbed an assist, and linked up well with Nelson and Ceballos. Defensively nothing major got by him

    Torreira 7.5- Tidy on the ball, kept it moving and a very professional performance from him.
    Ceballos 8.5- Excellent game from him. Worked hard and showed his creativity, finding our wingers and fullbacks on a regular basis. Took his goal well too
    Willock 8- Love his forward runs and energy. Somewhat Ramsey-esque. Great finish

    Nelson 8- Performances getting much better. Caused a lot of problems and got behind fullbacks often. Hope he can translate confidence to EPL games
    Martinelli 10- I mean, every time this kid got on the ball it looked like he was about to score/assist/dribble/create. One hell of a talent and so close several times to grabbing a deserved hattrick. Whoever scouted him deserves a raise!
    AMN 6- Will be happy he’s not at RB. Still want more urgency from him, but solid game.

    Subs- Pepe 5- Still looks like something is about to happen when he is on the ball but then it just doesn’t at all. Still not giving up on him, but would like to see him just run instead of initially just looking to dribble by the whole defense.
    Guend- didn’t need to impact game much, and just got some good game time. Same with Auba, put in a great cross towards end though.

    Emery 9- Put out another young lineup, played people in the right positions, and it was very positive football. Why it is not always like this, you can say level of opposition, but there is also never an attempt to replicate this either. This is a very talented squad and he does not need to be so careful. I think when we play so carefully we are more prone to errors. Let the players be confident and show their talents.

    1. Pepe just naturally is a dribbler . I’m actually willing to wait till his confidence and touch returns . what we’ve missed at arsenal is that dribbler who isn’t just trying to run away from the opposition but faces his players and beats one by one

      1. Im fine with the dribbling too, but it always seems to be the first thing on his mind. When he has space to run forward he should take it instead of immediately trying to dribble past a few players. It has slowed down our play at times.

        1. I see your point RSH , but watch videos of Pepe from Lille . you’ll realize he’ll be a whole more dangerous if what he’s doing continues . Running into space is easy . defenders actually want you to do it . Dribbling though , no defender likes trickery

      2. Agree with you Joe. As soon as it clicks he’s going to be a talent we don’t have. I could truly see some solid rotation happening in EPL with the young guns plus PAL and they all bring their own talents.

      3. Any time pepe gets the ball thats the end of the flow, what you see, is run , dribble , falling down and finally waste the ball, his performance so far is nothing but zero.

    2. Flipping heck. Pepe has one of the weakest shot in our team. He looks lightweight on top of that.
      But with more gym time and getting accustomed to the EPL I can see a really dangerous player in there.
      I will give him time until next season.

  7. Kieran Tierney was excellent today. Ceballos was the prime puppeteer pulling the strings. Nelson was amazing today and martinelli… Genius. We have the heir to ronaldo’s throne with us. Jeez. He’s an instinctive finisher. Pepe had a good run out but still looks low on confidence.


    Now unto the next one Bournemouth. A must win, draw or lose won’t be acceptable.


    Martinelli, Guendouzi, Saka..

    Xhaka, Torreira..

    Kolasinac, Luiz, Sokratis, Chambers..


    This won’t be a bad experimental formation

  9. Apart from Martinelli and Tierney, Ceballos was massive today. He was everywhere, and Torreira being sturdy at the back, really helped Willock and Ceballos to show what they are capable of offensively. This is the midfield we wanted at Old Trafford.

  10. Lovely week so far
    Gnabry scores 4 against Spuds
    Win tonight by 4 goals and clean sheet

    Now we need to beat Bournemouth

  11. Lovely result, see what happens when playing to our strength and setting up to attack?

    Same back 4, Martinez deserve a start also in PL.

    Please keep Torreria at DM, with Willock/Guendouzi and Ceballos is very good midfield.

    Can’t wait to see Bellerin and TIERNEY sending in crosses to PAL.

    Does Martinelli deserve to be the first attacker brought on as a sub? Can’t see who offers more or is more consistently dangerous.

    Tierney and Martinelli for combined transfer of £34 million. It is a criminal offense we got them so cheaply. Wow, brilliant business by management.

    If Pepe starts firing now, just watch us go. Emery please don’t tinker with something not broken. Sometimes a manager has to back off a bit and take off the handbrake.

    1. I just pray Pepe start firing soon we need him to pick form, and I also believe Martinez deserves a chance at the premier league, he’s so commanding and calm and he knows when to pass the ball or roof it high.

    2. I notice Martinez distributes ball better than Leno, Leno causes a lot of confusion with his ball distribution, and many goals have been conceded as a result

  12. Aubameyang..

    Martinelli, Willock , Saka..

    Ceballos, Torreira..

    Torreira, Luiz, Holding, Bellerin ..

    Leno. final score arsenal 5-0 Bournemouth

    1. It’s building nicely at The Emirates. Though I still have my doubts about Emery, I think we will see close to the team most of us are screaming out for after the international break. Tierney and Bellerin are the keys.

  13. Bellerin is not match fit yet where Teirney is good to go. I think there is still work to be done we are no where near the finished item yet.

  14. What a player that Ceballos is, a shame is just a loan, Martinelli brilliant, am falling in love more and more with Martinez he’s so commanding in the box, Nelson had a good game, TIERNY, I knew there must be something about him when the club didn’t want to let him go cheap he’s a wonderful player and to think Man united paid 50million for bisaka, Tierny can run can pass can defend and most importantly can actually cross the ball something Kolasinac find difficult to do. Thank you Unai for trusting in the youth, when the lineup was released some negative fans already start bashing the coach, the coach is bad but we’ve only lost once and our unbeaten run continues.

  15. But but the shirt seller. Awww, he is being treated so badly and unfairly.
    I wish I was defrauding my company out of £350,000 a week for doing absolutely nothing apart from spending most of my time on instagram and twitter running my person brand and propaganda.

    I say, Get rid of all these frauds and give our hungry youth a chance. They have had enough chances for season after season but still refuse to adjust or improve.

    Let’s play our young players. Get rid of the likes of Xhaka, The Shirt seller, Mustafi (even if he seems like a genuine person that is working hard in order to get back in the good books of the manager and fans) etc.

  16. Martinez 6— shaky start but did ok
    Mustafi 7 — aside from two wrong passes, intercept well
    Holding 6—– no real treat, kept things cool
    Bellerin 5.5— definitely not ready. Not 100% yet
    Tierney 7 — definitely ready
    Ceballos 7 — did very well, tracked back well
    Willock 7.5 —- did very well too
    Torriera 7—- did very well,
    Martinelli 8.5 —- brilliant
    Nelson 7 —– impressive game I must say, should work on scoring
    AMN 5— wont blame him. Played in wrong position. He should go out on a loan next season

  17. Fantastic performance by the team!

    So we go back to watching Xhaka, Sokratis, Kolasinac frustrate us on Sunday since our coach is a mad man!

  18. We were not tested tonight but these young kids have got me all excited again since the Cesc Era.
    I now want to see them tested against EPL teams then my scepticism will subside.
    But wow, Martinelli, Tierney, Ceballos, Martinez 😇🤩🐐

  19. wanna know why Emery plays xhaka and guendozi?
    aerial duels in the midfield needs to be won.
    aerial duels during corner.
    aerial duels plus strength.

    ceballos, willock, torriera ain’t that tall.

    Socratis et luiz ain’t that tall neither

  20. How good is a Cellabos, Willock, Torreira midfield.
    It’s the perfect balance.

    To bad emery is blind and goes 3DM

  21. For Bournemouth


    Bench: Martinez, Chambers, Sok, Kolsanic, Torreira, Nelson, Saka

    1. Almost perfect team in my opinion, only things I would consider changing would be Chambers for Luiz and Martinelli for Saka but happy with the team.

      Will never see emery choose this team tho, he will go 3 DM

      1. @Roshan…..Agree Chambers for Luiz but I`d be inclined to leave Pepe on the bench and play Saka along with Martinelli. The kids are on fire so lets keep their adrenaline running.

        1. I doubt that anyone who started tonight will start again on Sunday, 2 days recovery time isn’t much these days and clubs avoid it when they can. I get what you mean about him being young and full of adrenaline, but his body’s still developing and overplaying him now could lead to injury problems in the future. Saka, auba and pepe will most likely start, with Nelson and/or Martinelli probably coming of the bench. Based on tonight’s lineup our most likely team is:
          Could ozil be the missing man? Did Whitlock come off because he’s starting on Sunday? Could the AMN experiment continue with him playing in the centre?
          What a time to be a gooner!

    2. Good team. Matinelli can switch positions with Auba. However, I would replace Willock with Torreira

  22. Saka 2 goals
    Martinelli 4 goals
    Willock 3 goals
    Nelson 1 goal
    Holding 1 goal
    Let’s not start on the assists
    Add young names like Tierney Bellerin Pepe (same age as bellerin and holding), M. Nile’s Chambers Gendouzi Toerrira and the next generatiOn looks very good for a premier league champions squad. This is what our new manager is walking into. So I understand it’s not all about this season.

    If these boys can get game experience in Europe and the EPL then this bonds well for our seasons ahead. We are not just about 2019/20

    On tonight and the previous games from these lads, it’s been 10/10. 11 goals and 0 concede.

    Bringing on Auba to play awhile with Pepe was good for Pepe to put training play into match play.

    Ceballos and Torriera playing together looked decent

    Martinelli needs a special mention right? Do we really have our own lil Brazilian wonder kid ?!?

  23. Enjoyed every minute, great result BUT! There`s always a `but` that`s the only way to improve without destroying the confidence. Work in progress….the short passing game needs attention….too much football in the danger zone….reaction time when in possession a little slow. On the plus side the match belonged to the young blokes, they`re still a bit green and they slow the game down, maybe that`s just a matter of experience, but on the whole I think we can rest easy with what`s in the pipe line.

  24. Just another proof that we need a creative player in the midfield. I don’t care whether he is Qzil or Ceballos or whoever we will get in January, just make sure there is one in the team and USE him!

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