Arsenal 5-0 Forest – Great performance from Arsenal as they thump Forest

This was a very different Arsenal to what we have seen recently, it was exciting, refreshing and entertaining, they dominated the first half with 14 shots on goal culminating in a wonderful goal from Gabriel Martinelli.

Kieran Tierney looked very good and while it is a Championship side that was the opposition it was still a great first half for the former Celtic left-back.

Calum Chambers, who provided the assist for Martinelli with a beautifully placed volley, was a constant threat down the right and for the first time in a very long time the flanks belonged to Arsenal.

There may have been just the one goal in the first 45 minutes but the performance was almost flawless, it was fluent and confident and the only downer was Emile Smith-Rowe being stretchered off.

The second half went much the same way, though Forest did venture forward a little bit but were well contained by the likes of Mustafi, who was having another fine game and Holding who had a good return to action.

It should have been 2-0 on the 66th minute but Willock missed a brilliant chance heading the ball wide of the goal when all he needed to do was get it on target.

Three minutes later Martinelli came agonisingly close after the ball was whipped across the penalty area and it really was just a matter of time before the second goal was scored and just one minute later none other than Rob Holding headed the ball into the back of the net.

The absolute joy on Holding’s face told you everything you needed to know about how the young man felt, it was pure relief.

It just got better from there on, it started with Mustafi passing the ball to the returning Bellerin who fed the ball beautifully for Willock to tap it in and it was 3-0 after 78 minutes.

The fourth goal came in the 84th minute with Chambers assisting Nelson with a pass from the left side of the penalty area, it was a well-taken goal that involved Ceballos and Saka in the build-up as well.

The fifth goal came courtesy of a deflected shot from Martinelli to cap off a great night for the youngster.

Overall it was a great performance, the defence were brilliant and that includes Mustafi.


  1. Very entertaining match and this second team played exceptionally well without any burden. Our midfield was so much better with highly skilled Gunners in the field

    Nelson played better without the EPL pressure. Our left wing was great with Tierney and him

    Martinelli was fantastic as a CF and the wings were more alive. Some of these players must play in Old Trafford, because I’m not convinced with several first team players’ confidence

      1. If Emery doesn’t replace Xhaka with Willock or Torreira at Old Trafford, he might be afraid of Man United midfielders’ physicalities

        We need the young Gunners’ confidence at away matches

    1. He’s got to have a decent salary with us so i doubt he’s on the make. Is he a Ronaldo in the making? Lets not get ahead of ourselves

  2. This is the first game Arsenal has played. Chambers is sublime, saka is going to lit it up. Matinelli is a machine. Holding will be the answer. Nelson is good when the team is dominating. We need Torreira to start games. Tierney is not yet fit. First time am happy

    1. If Tierney is not fit yet,he”s gonna be really good,he has the speed and and his crosses are pretty good!chambers has definitely earned the right to start against man utd!

      1. I’ve watched KT since his debut at Celtic…. the lad has barely gotten started bud, so much more to come from him

        1. I never saw him play while in Scotland so if you’re right we”ve got ourselves a very good player for 25M, can’t wait to see more of him!👍

    1. Well summed up Sue- “Full of Positives”

      Even keeping everything in context, that was outstanding – really enjoyed that !

      Could go through the positives alluded to, but enough to say excellent – well done lads.

      Also mention for Unai – spot on !

      We now look to Monday night.

    2. lol Just read this from someone

      The trouble with the Carabao cup is the minor teams getting above their station, but luckily Colchester put them in their place.

    3. Chambers, three starts 3 clean sheets, Mustafi the daddy two starts two clean sheets. This tells alot. I criticize poor performance and praise the good one. So far in all games both Mustafi and Ozil have played so far at least ‘so far’ in this season , they should be considered for a place start . They can will bring new ideas and maybe solve the defense and creativity we’ve been missing /*(respectively)*/

    4. All I can complain about is how much the tears of joy these young guns have made me shade today what a game just absolute beuty. 🙂🙂🙂👏👏👏👏

  3. This is what a team should look like. Not playing some bunch of lazy assed boys or rather men. For those saying its wrong to boo an under performer, if they play like these lads, nobody will boo them. They need the boos.. I think the boos promted emery to sit Mustafi on the bench Now I think he’s stepping up.

    We will keep the boos coming and louder on under performers.


        1. Can’t= “unable to”, not “unable to can”, which doesn’t exist in the English language.
          “I just can’t” is a fairly common expression (although admittedly slightly yankey) meaning I can’t understand you/I can’t be bothered to argue with you.

          1. You need to go back and read my comment well and tell me where I said I was responsible for the performance of anyone.

            The fact remains that Emery is somewhat blind or rather stubborn he doesn’t know when his favorites are under performing Xhaka should have be on the bench warming it up a long time ago and maybe, just maybe his eyes will be open to the fact that he’s not contributing anything to the team. Torrier knows how to do the job better than Xhaka.

            Note, in football, you dont win anything jogging on the pitch of action.

          2. “I think the boos promted emery to sit Mustafi on the bench Now I think he’s stepping up.”

            If that’s not claiming that the boos lead to an improved performance from Mustafi I don’t know what is.

      1. He stepped up his game knowing thats the only way he can get into the team and end the boos. If you play week in week out, you begin to feel like a boss like Xhaka he doesn’t even care the performance he is putting into the team. He committed a foul against Tottenham that lead to a penalty and he felt too big to apologize instead he says the attackers didnt score much goals.

        How then do you want an end to the boos?

        1. Its great to hear that you know Xhaka and Mustafi personally so know exactly how motivated they are and their states of mind. This idea that he doesn’t try is ridiculous. You may not like his style of play, or think that he makes too many mistakes, but I don’t think we can question his commitment. If you think you are responsible for Mustafi’s performance tonight i digest you look up the definition of the word narcissist.

  4. I dont trust Emery. He will definitely bottled it against man utd. Cos it’s going to be a gwen and Xhaka midfield again. Slow, no pace, no vision.

    I still want to know why Ozil osnt playing for this team. His creativity is all we need. We dont need him to make but create.
    And I think martinelli needs a run in EPL. The boy is far more courageous than all other young guns.

    Cant wait to see Bellerin and Tierney play together

    1. We need Guendouzi in midfield to fight Pogba, but Xhaka has to be replaced with Willock

      Ozil played too safe against Forest and I’m worried he would be overly cautious again in Old Trafford. We need Cazorla-like technically gifted midfielder to link the midfield/ front and Ceballos possesses the skills

      Agree with Martinelli’s bravery though. I doubted his ability as an LW, but he played very well as a CF

  5. That was the best arsenal have played this year and it came from the kids.
    Holding goal
    Bellerin assist
    Martinelli goals
    Willock goal
    Nelson goal
    Clean sheet
    More good news for arsenal.

    Spurs loss with big names on pitch! Stark contrast

  6. That’s the first time I have enjoyed an Arsenal game in quite awhile..
    Tierney reminds me of a young Bale which is a bloody good thing , his first game and hes already retired Kola ..
    Martinelli looks so good as well ,so lively he could turn out to be quite special ..
    Ozil looked really good also ,makes the game look easy ,not sure why he was subbed yet again .
    They for me were the relly positive aspects but there was quite a few but they stood out for me .
    I would say 3-4 of tonights team should be starting against Man utd , but we all know that wont happen , All in all a enjoyable night of Arsenal.

    1. Agree on that, Dan. Feels like it has been ages since I enjoyed an Arsenal game so much. Seeing the new boys like Gab & Tierney do well, along with the long term injured players having such an impact was very bittersweet.

        1. Pdan, maybe Emery is more aware of Ozil’s physical fitness than we are and is trying to build up game time gradually to minimise injury. Ozil, himself has stated that his performances last season were affected by injury. What would be said if Ozil was left on at 2-0 and suffered injury?

      1. I know it was only a championship side but Tierney really does look the part ,the way he breezes past people is a sight .
        just hope he stays fit now and gets to that lvl in the premier league .

        1. Totally agree, he was brilliant…going to be spot on with him & Hector in the side. I think Chambers has surely earned himself a spot in the team now, 3 assists!! I wasn’t overly keen, but after Sunday & tonight, he’s proven me wrong!

    2. Ozil always comes off around that time, i guess the sports scientists don’t think he can perform for 90 minutes (unlike some of us 😂). I have to admit (and bear in mind I’ve always been “team özil”) that i was a little frustrated with him tonight, he seemed too make the wrong decision on quite a few occasions, but that’s just being overly critical, hopefully he’s just lacking match practice.

      1. Start Ozil from the beginning, wear out the opponents who were chasing his shadow, sub him, then mop up with another four goals against a knackered midfield and defence, they were completely out of it by time UE had his little dig yet again.

        Moral of the story? Play your best players and not your favourite ones!!!!!

        Thank god the crowd appreciated his performance…standing ovation.

        1. Compare his subbing off to Xhakas at the weekend should tell you all you need to know how highly hes thought of .
          You think just because we scored 4 after he went off he played badly Sagooner ?
          I would imagine you didn’t even watch the game else you wouldn’t come out with utter tosh .

          1. Ozil is highly thought of? Could have fooled me with the comments I read on here last year ( and before the end of this transfer window)

          2. Nitsram, therein lies the problem…as great as this site undoubtedly is, compared to the number of fans who go to the matches and vocally support Ozil (as was seen tonight), the difference is in the tens of thousands and, believe me, as a s/t holder Ozil is most definately appreciated.

  7. No one under performed.
    This Arsenal, though against championship team.
    The future is great.
    Why are people talking about the one that was let go to PSV? The young Brazilian is there as well as Saka.

  8. Hopefully some of these players earned some consideration for serious game time. Saw some defending, movement, direct attacking, and hunger.

    A championship side, but good confidence builder for the youngsters.

    Please open the team up to competition for game starts and time, and let chips fall where they may.

    Can’t wait to see PAL with Tierney and Bellerin making lung busting runs.

    Please play to our strengths and let opponents fear our attacking prowess.

    Over to you now Emery

  9. Martinez

    Sokratis Holding Luis

    Bellerin Torrierra Gwen Tierney


    Pepe Aunumayang

    What is your prediction against Man utd with this team?

  10. I know we played a championship side, but did anyone notice how organized our midfield was with Torreira at the base? I hope for more of this in the league games.

  11. Tiiieeeeerrrrrnnnnny! that bot is a baller.
    It’s clear that selection is Emery’s problem.
    Tierny…..Holding……Mustafi…..Chambers against Man. U.
    Make Luiz a DM if you have to play him.
    Torreira….Guendouzi……Ozil/Ceballos in the midfield
    Saka……Auba……Pepe up front.

  12. How good is energy in midfield and quick ball movement.
    Torreira and Willock bring that! They are much better than Xhaka

  13. Chambers had an almost flawless game. He should start against next. Torreira, doing the dirty job so well, it’s easy to miss his impact on the field. Mustafi has 2 fine games now. Holding back and assured as ever. Nelson was really good today. Every youngster had a great game today in fact. Saka was threatening. Willock ever present in the midfield as well as on the attacking front, to link up and press.

    But, on the flip-side, Emery’s problems with Ozil continues. I wish Ozil leaves for his own good, as much as I don’t want him to. Emery really dislikes him. Also, as much as I would want see many from the today’s lot to feature against united next match, I know Emery is gonna go with the usual favorites of his. I just wish, he starts with Chambers next again at the very least. He’s getting really good.

    Overall a very encouraging game for the Arsenal.

    1. why will he leave 300k salary because the coach doesn’t like him?… he is a retired world cup winner ,he has nothing to prove to anybody..for the next two years,just collect his check and play when called

      1. Well, he does look disappointed whenever he gets subbed. And the players of his caliber and level don’t usually have such weak mentality of passively collecting their salaries while not playing a game. You don’t get to such high level as Ozil did by cultivating such a mentality. You see his salary and ponder such interpretations but try to look from his point of view, as player who has mastered his craft. You can’t reach such level with just love of money. He would love to play every match.

  14. Well that was a hell of a performance.

    Martinelli is just as magic as I thought he was, Chambers and Holding need to be our CBs, Tierney and Bellerin are both looking sharp even though they still don’t seem 100% to me, and literally everyone played a decent game.

    Hope this performance gets the Emery out brigade to bite their tongues for a bit longer, there is a style in there and from the looks of things it will be formidable just needs a bit of time and support…. Spurs and Stoke out too, what a day to be a Gunner 🔥🔴⚪

  15. If Saka keeps playing like this he’s going to be worth 70miion soon, I hope Kolasinac watched the Match and see how a full back should cross the ball, Nelson had a good game but is he scared of going past players like Saka keeps doing, he’s always passing the ball, I love the way Martinez screamed at the defenders when they allowed a shot, Ozil was good, all in all a good performance.

    1. Because unlike you sir, have been watching Ozil for a long time and the way he played today was good but he played it too simple to my liking, he was supposed to be our playmaker but he hardly gave any final pass and am not saying this as a dig to him, Ozil was my favorite player but not anymore in my own opinion hes finished.

      1. I have watched Ozil through his best of years and I agree those are in the past, but the kind of linking Ozil provides, if the players around him are able to catch and react to, nobody in the current Arsenal team comes even close to how disorienting he can make the life of opposition defenders and markers. Not even Ceballos has that, he’ a great midfielder, but no Ozil, sorry.

        1. True. A good example is when he passed a ball to saka and opened up in the box for a through pass that could give him a one on one with the GK but Saka opted to pass the ball back and you could see Ozil was frustrated. He just lacks players who understand how to link up with him

          1. That was just one such scenario. Ozil’s game understanding is immense and usually he lacks players around him who resonate in the same wavelength as his.

      2. What’s with the “unlike you sir”? Do you even know how old I am? Been following the game from when I was 10. Ozil is a special player and some of the moves he makes, only he can. The youngsters need time with him on the pitch to pick his passes and vice versa.

  16. Who thinks Spuds will have a damaged road e of misery? We were in the UCL final too but had a downward spiral after.
    They never see, dem go here ear hwen

  17. Great performance by everyone out there tonight.

    So pleased for Ozil, he had a great night and was so obviously disappointed to be substituted YET AGAIN around the seventieth minute, but at least Cabellero was his replacement…one playmaker for another!!!

    It was music to my ears when the crowd gave Ozil a standing ovation as he came off, real Arsenal fans for a real Arsenal player.

    Tierney had a great game and the bond between him and Bellerin was there for all to see.
    Holding played as if he hadn’t been away for months and Chambers again proved what another mistake UE made dropping him after the first game.
    Mustafi and Torerria earnt their wages with solid performances and Willock, Nelson and Saka just purred along- so sorry for Smith-Rowe, but the club are initially saying it was a precaution, lets hope so.
    Martinez had nothing to do really, but didn’t mess around in the six yard box!!!
    Star of the show has to be Martinelli for me, simply because he showed no fear, was full of running and oozed class.

    Now we wait and see what UE does for the OT game, of course there will probably be a couple of changes, but will he try and humiliate certain players again?

    To complete the evenings entertainment, spuds lose on penalties as do stoke city…
    Oh and before anyone says it was only forest, that applies to the whole team, so let’s not undermine a good evenings work with any negativity.

      1. Sorry Lenohappy, my humble apologies. so let’s celebrate a good night then and we can at least agree on something…compromise brings harmony…or as they say Victoria Concordia Crescit.

    1. I never understand when players get mad because of being substituted. Do they think there some players meant to be substituted and others aren’t? What do they think the guy who sits on the bench the whole game and heads straight to change into his jeans and T shirt while others jump into the showers to wash off their sweat, feel? Absolutely ridiculous, Ozil’s entitlement and bratty attitude.

      1. See I’m the opposite, as long as they aren’t throwing a diva fit I want all our players to be upset at being substituted….. especially if they are playing well at the time like Ozil was today…. at least it shows some passion 🤷‍♂️

      2. Oh dear QD, i suppose he should have come off doing cartwheels, running up and down the pitch and waving to the crowd all at the same time, just to show he has “attitude”.
        He was having a very good game and his natural disappointment at being subbed again was spontaneous, unless of course, UE didn’t spot he was ill and tired until the 70th minute again and he was cross for not being subbed in the fourth minute?

        Now, it seems, he’s getting blamed for the subs feeling pi**ed off because they didn’t play…what a shame you haven’t shown this same type of consideration for Ozil when he sat on the bench, while we watched Watford (second half) and villa (first half) crucify us on the park.

        I’m now going to watch with interest to see what other players do when they are substituted and if I see one Arsenal player not showing his delight in being called off, I will question his entitlement and bratty attitude with as much sincerity as I can muster in my little wag it at him for being a naughty boy and not cartwheeling off the pitch.
        You can say that again…absolutely ridiculous.

  18. Great feeling tonight almost ruined by Spuds nearly causing an upset by taking Colchester to penalties !

    What a night !

  19. Well that was the first time in a long while that I have had no nerves watching Arsenal play! It was an absolutely commanding performance. Chambers needs to have staked his claim at RB, with two assists and a solid performance. Martinelli look like he’ll be a real asset. So glad to see Holding and Bellerin back with Tierny also looking sharp. I’ll even say that Mustafi looked nice and sharp, maybe being benched has reignited the spark for him.

  20. If u mark you opponents from their own box & aim winning balls before they even get to your Center-Midfield all your defenders will look

    The Young Guns have solved the huge & major problem of the first team

    Chambers is presently our most in form defender – has to be slotted into 1st team.

    Martinelli can compete for a place in the 1st team

    Nelson really kicked gear in the last 20 mins, let’s make him & Saka compete for that left-side

    Unai, just get the first team marking & winning balls this same way & we’ll beat a lot of teams 5-0 in the premier league

  21. Good to see Teirney getting down the wing and putting over good crosses and then……..being able to get back and defend. Belerin is a breath of fresh air along with Holden.

  22. Team that Emery will start at Old Trafford:

    Chambers(If AMN isn’t available) Sokratis Luiz Kolasinac
    Guendouzi Xhaka
    Pepe Ceballos Nelson

    Torreira on Bench. Ozil not even on the bench.

      1. Declan, hasn’t the thought crossed your mind as well?

        It will be really interesting to see how right Daulat is…I think he might be on the right track, bearing in mind UE’s previous selections.

      2. If he places a bet on that, I think he’ll win. Emery seems to really have it out for Ozil in particular. Chambers too but less so. Dunno what went on with him an Torreira after last season but Xhaka, Sokratis and Luiz will definitely be starting

  23. I was at the game and the cheers for the returning Bellerin was heart warming and the cheers for Tierney were exciting. You can only play the team in front of you but Tierney done al the basics right, there were times he was outnumbered and all he done was slow the opposition down which was perfect. It allowed the team to reorganise.

    Very measured game and we controlled it pretty much from the start. 13 shots vs Forest 1 in the first half showed how controlled the game was.

    Tottenham going out was the icing on the cake.

    1. Yes, noticed that about Tierney as well. Didn’t just run until he lost the ball like Kolasinac does. Looks for teammates a lot.

  24. Spurs out against a team that I have never seen played before, if that was arsenal we will not hear the end of it from the media.

    1. it’s very clear Freddie is highly respected, espescially amongst the youngsters who must be so honored to work with a club legend. I cannot believe we didn’t do a better job of keeping more of them. I love seeing Pires randomly show up in training pics. I think that’s great.

  25. Good to see all my gooners happy here, can’t name you all but ready each or you.

    Yep, and whoa, when you look at those kids, Professor Wenger us all smiled as we are to see his seed and investment pay off.

    When you look at team, each of these kids actually played in first on cup games and pre Season, went on Loan but it was right.

    Look at them! Chambers is sublime and ready to be that DM in front of defense as much his last Loan had him blossom as.

    But Indeed as Holding he brought in, very often, it does take a bit more time for a CB as it takes experience to put Vermalen, Kos or Luiz today on bench…

    But Indeed Chambers benches them all today.

    Nelson is not a hype or hit Wonder, Germany is a great League, he needs to play as Willock or Saka and Martinelli every week.

    Didnt known Tierny was back, Bellerin and Holding with U23 was no surprise bapeside seing Tierny play, great to see Holding bossing and Bellerin right back where he left it and does best. Martinez makes it a no brainer when team attacks. He should be going on loan in a League team in Europe, show that he can be our number one before we loose him or sale him for peanuts.

    Bellerin Holding Chambers Tierny
    Nelson Willock Gendouzi Ceballos

    With that crazy cheap board Wenger develloped and built this team so right or we would be in a very Bad shape today. He knew it will take time to make that youth transition to first team and’got them involve really early.

    Reality is Arsenal is Mr Wenger work and foundation all the way, it was hard for him to do with no money and keep us UP there as for 20 years steady…

    Emery must start the above team as Wenger would not hesitate to bench Sagna when Bellerin was ready to fly, they all are and should be played. Martinelli should be used each game as sub or start…

    But Emery will obviously play Luiz, Ozil, Xhaka, Torreira or Gendouzi, Pepe. I like what’s going on with this youth generation… No fear beside one Emery has, picking wrong team.

    If he keeps it UP, we must urgently sack this coach !

  26. Never say never.Mustaffi is proving someone can change,i think this is what Xhaka needs,sit on the bench for some games,then He will redeem himself after all He has claimed He’s been playing with some pain.At the momemt the other modfielders are worthy to play instead of Him

    1. Exactly my point. Mustafi seems to have come around and it’s good to have some time to introspect. Xhaka needs a holiday.

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