Arsenal accounts will show a new £3m payment to Stan Kroenke

Arsenal are expected to publish their yearly accounts today and (other than the 200m cash reserves) they are expected to show another £3m payment to Kroenke Sports and Entertainment (KSE), the company that owns Kroenke’s sporting interests, purportedly for ‘advisory services’, the same terms used for the £3m payment to the same company last year.

Some people may say this is just Kroenke’s way of getting around not taking a dividend off the club, but others may say that he is surely entitled to take a little bonus for his services every year. At last years annual general meeting the club chairman Sir Chips Keswick defended the extraordinary payment to KSE, by saying: “This fee was proposed by myself and Lord Harris [another director] for the wide range of services provided,”

“KSE is one of the most respected and successful sports organisations in the United States, operating in the most sophisticated sports business market in the world.

“They have an extensive and long experience in modern sports management. It is of the utmost importance that, as a club, we use it to our best advantage to ensure we keep progressing. There was no competitive tender for these services as they are directly available to us. We are entirely satisfied the fee was appropriate.”

So Mr Chips and Lord Harris proposed it did they? I don’t suppose they were under instructions from their boss by any chance?


  1. I guess 3 mill aint much
    for Stan considering
    he is the owner.
    After all Loopy Lord Harry said
    we had 200 mill to spend.
    CEO Gazidiz said we could buy
    any player in the world except
    Messi and Ronaldo although winning is not important.
    The board say “when things are good we say nothing
    and when things are bad we still say nothing”.
    It’s all psycho babble to confuse the masses.
    The Gaffer (on 8 mill salary) said the club is broke.
    He also said there are no players available to buy.
    Would not surprise me in the least if in January the Gaffer spends
    money we don’t have on players who are not available 🙂

    1. I remember Wenger missing out on a CB a couple years ago, Wenger did say that Arsenal had tried but failed…

      Then we had that defending crises where Monreal played at CB while Chambers (a CB) played at RB even though we had Bellerin ready to step up.

      It makes me wonder if this is Wengers tactic to get the board to spend?

  2. we should have swapped
    cazorla for vidal
    ozil for gotze
    walcott and gibbs for sterling
    chamberlain for draxler
    ramsey for rakitic
    When we had the chance

  3. @davidnz

    Nothing to add to your comment.
    You are spot on.
    Arsenal fans have been taken for a ride for years.

    Oh yes, can someone tell that Robbie from Arsenal TV to be less obvious… Sometimes he is embarrassing…!!

    And yes, McDean is a spurs fan, we all know that and he did confirm it.

    1. I stopped watching Arsenal fan TV purely because of that Robbie guy.
      If he isn’t interrupting people mid way through a sentence he is answering his own questions before he even lets people speak. He is obviously loving being an unofficial Arsenal speaker, which is why everything that comes out of his mouth is a load of rubbish
      As far as I am concerned he is no more of an Arsenal fan than Alex Ferguson

  4. This is nothing new, it’s how rich people stay rich and wealthy. Politicians and businessmen do this type of stuff all the time. I don’t even know if it is supposed to be acceptable or frowned upon as he is the owner, you tell me.

    1. He is the main share holder, and if they want to find a reason to give him money they will. It just is what it is.

    2. Frown upon it.
      Do you think it is acceptable for him to take that money out of the club and into a private individuals bank account?

      Is it fair that we allow that as a society?
      When majority don’t care then how can change happen?

      Care about your fellow human being enough to at least see that society is rewarding the wrong type of behaviour, the type of behaviuor which keeps others down.

      Silent Stan doesn’t need that £3mil, if he does then how on earth did he build up a fortune in the 1st place? Instead of going “well it’s acceptable so meh”, question why our society just sits back and doesn’t care ^.^ Shouldn’t our government at least look to tackle this by legislation, the gap between the richest and poorest is growing so as a society we could stand up to those mega rich and just say no!

  5. Sorry I meant “Mike Dean” is a Spurs fan.

    Wenger has the easiest job in world football.
    No pressure from the fans and the board for results and gracefully over paid.

    He will sign an extension again because it makes financial sense.

    Some fans are even calling the club Arsene football club… How deluded are they??

  6. i will say it once again that arsene and the board are using arsenal and fans for business stuff. they did not care about the fans, they want profit not glory. so why did these brain_washed arsenal fans want to kill thereself on things that did not care about there desire.
    these fans can stop dis shit by putting fullstop (not comma) on going to emirate to watch match because i don`t see sensible things in putting or wasting your money on things that did not care for you but use your money to upgrade its on business.

    1. This point is valid. I have told you guys, the sooner you make peace with the fact that Kroenke is getting his money there’s absolutely no reason to sack Wenger. But I want to also highlight something: Kroenke will look to find a similar manager as for him winning trophies will not generate revenue. It is the laws of the averages where a 4th place delivers as much profit as 1st place from various sources. Put this through your head: the next manager will be similar to Wenger only this time he will be under pressure to deliver the UCL place. Wenger is used with that and he knows this is how the board is judging him.
      As for these 3 mils how is this news? What can Kroenke buy with 3 mils compared with his worth? A coffee?

      1. Sorry @Budd, there are all kinds of numbers out there from the last ten years that show that winning is much more lucrative than coming in at 4th place.

        We were the 3rd most valuable club in the world in 2007 now we are the 7th. We were worth about $900M and Madrid about $1B -now we are worth $1.3B and madrid $3.3B.
        Madrid,Barca,Manu,City,Chelsea,Bayern are all worth more than us. 7-8 years ago it was only Manu and Madrid.

        Lack of investment in the squad, and lack of trophies has stunted our growth.

        1. I am not so sure it is. You see City, PSG etc don’t turn any profit as they have a botomless pit. Chelsea look to put a stop on the spending and the result is pretty obvious. However, I expect Abramovic to cough much more in the coming months.
          My point is that they do not really produce the money they spend. They are just given, lent by the owners. Is like having an endless inheritance. Barcelona and Madrid have the same schema, lending but from the banks. These powerhouses don’t really care abut the money or about making profit, Maybe Bayern has a genuine interest in running a perfectly oiled financial machine. In 2007 we did not counted the amount spend on the stadium because if we did it would have been lower than 3rd place.
          And I do not argue with the fact that winning is more lucrative as long as you can throw resources at it. You are right there. However, our owner does not have or does not want investing or lending that amount of money. Personally I find it ridiculous to pay that much but if that’s the times we are living then maybe there’s a point to it.
          And let’s be clear to it lack of investment is the source of failing to land the trophies. It is not the lack of trophies which holds the growth. Invest -> Win -> Grow.

      2. I’ve got to disagree with the 4th place being worth the same as 1st place, 1st place helps in pushing the Arsenal brand and increases fan base due to glory hunters, they may not be true fans but they spend a lot of money combined.

        You also say that the £3mil isn’t a lot compared to what he already has, £3mil is a lot fullstop! I wonder if Silent Stan would give up £3mil so easy in tax… or does he pay to find the loopholes?

        Look what Wal-Mart has done;
        “Overseas operations have helped the company cut more than $3.5 billion off its income tax bills in the past six years, its annual reports show.”

        Lets look at what Silent Stan tried to do with Arsenal for a “few exrta million”;

        He might not mess around with sports teams though? He couldn’t of planned to rent out our stadium during the season right?
        “The natural grass fields are available for rent to the public from April – November, weather permitting. The synthetic turf fields are available for rent to the public year-round.”

        It seems Silent Stan has made a fool out of your statement, he does care about the few millions as those add up!

        To back a multi-billionair is something I would have difficulty doing, they all have the funds to help remove poverty from this world and those selfish barstools get defended with statments like “it’s only a few million, why would he care?”

        THEY ARE GREEDY! That is why they care!

      3. I think, I think, and correct me if I am wrong, that winning the UCL for example would translate into a lot more money for Kroenke et al.

        Just go see how many fans worldwide Barza gained after the last 4 ucl trophies.Or Real with their Decima.

        Hell just for the signing of a star! Ask Real ho many fans they gained (and paid for the 10 mil dollar trip to Asia) when Beckham was signed.

        I understand Stan, but he would definitely make more money woth more star players and a UCL trophy

  7. Now that Lockay has confirmed that Dean is a Spuds supporter, it gives us reason to demolish them on Wednesdays encounter. Hope all goes well in that game for Arsenal seeing that I’m fed up seeing us lose. Thatll be our revenge on him if Arsenal can pull it through. Come on Arsenal. Show us your class/potential cause Wenger clearly sees something that we don’t. Up and away!!

    1. board and Wenger…
      Why include Wenger?

      Did Wenger tie Silent Stan down and pur petrol round his ankles, threaten to throw a match on unless he takes out £3mil?

      Before you stupidly include Wenger, why not do some research and investigate?

      Wenger and Dein broke our own transfer record and was only £4mil short of the English transfer record AFTER A CONVERSATION, Henry spoke to Wenger on a flight and it was that convo that got Wenger to ask Dein for him and Dein got him… Didn’t mess around with £XX mil and £1 bids, he just got the player!

      That doesn’t sound like Arsenals transfers now does it? The changing factor? Wenger has been a consistant, this was shown when Wenger broke our own transfer record again to sign Arshavin… We needed him and Wenger got him. Wenger also paid over the odds for Nasri at the same time, you do know that Nasri signed a contract with his previous club so Arsenal would have to pay more to get him?

      I can not imagine that happening now with Gazidis and Silent Stan in charge!

      But lets blame Wenger because he is the manager, lets all forget that Wenger has a boss and has targets to hit to keep his job!

  8. the rate at which this club makes millions…….one would have expected it to be world beaters with major trophies by the day…….. But we are not even close…….but nah!…the reverse has always been the case……

      1. 3mill might get him a trophy wife…..epl built on a mountain of debt….and yes arsenal is not one of the biggest offenders here …but the result appears to be mediocre teams compared with rival leagues and a mediocre national team..overpaid players, support staff and owners seem happy with the model…but will it last?

    1. poor read.
      Full of ignorance, I can’t believe an Arsenal fan would forward that link!

      Painting Wenger as one of the criminals…

      Wenger doesn’t really like to spend massive, Dein was the guy who made transfers happen and the price was not Wengers concern, thus we had some big buys. Well I say big buys, Henry wasn’t a household name BUT he only cost £4 mil less than the then current English transfer record paid, in price terms I would say he was a BIG buy.

      Lets forget history though and write Wengers history from when Gazidis came to Arsenal, lets forget the era prior to Gazidis (and then Silent Stan)!

    1. Thomas Tuchel the new coach from BVB is having 5 out of 5 so far. Wonder how long it will take for you to hail him as the new coach.

    2. Why call for Wenger out? Why not call for Dein to come back and work with Wenger again, Dein is leading Red and White holdings for Usmanov… Dein was the man who broke our own transfer record because Wenger asked him to buy a player he use to manage.
      Dein was the man who got Vieira in the start to make the Wenger transfer happen.

      Why not research the club you supposingly support and find the truth out for yourself instead of taking the daily star for it’s word?

      1. I’m really surprised that Wenger / Arsenal team members don’t buy shares. Not only are they a really good investment as the wigged leech knows, but it keeps power out of his sucking hands. It’s very easy to hide ownership, so they needn’t worry about comebacks from the leech.

  9. How much more evidence do fans need?

    The wigged wonder (feel free to substitute the ‘o’ and ‘d’ as you see fit) has no love for Arsenal, and the blood sucking leech is taking money from Arsenal rather than using it to spend on players like the DM and striker which we desperately need.

    Surely stealing £3m from Arsenal funds, is worse than the £8m Wenger takes? At least he does something? This cannot even be considered a dividend as he has in no way improved Arsenal’s performance in the EPL since he bought a majority share holding in the club.

    He is the real enemy of the club, not Wenger, as inspite of everything I believe that Wenger does love the club.

    1. Members of the board are clearly embarrassed as they never explain exactly WHAT this money is for. What a joke they all are, acting in the best interests of the wigged wonder, rather than Arsenal football club.

    2. Well said!
      Thank you for also seeing the real issue, I started to think I might be the only one o.O

      Couple facts to back you up dude;
      Wenger and David Dein broke our own transfer record on a winger after a conversation on a plane flight, that is how Henry told Wenger that he would like to play for him again… Dein made it happen.
      Pires was wanted by Real Madrid at the same time we wanted him, we got him while now Real will trump Arsenal 99% of the time in transfers.

      After Dein left and I think 2 months prior to Gazidis joining Arsenal, Wenger broke Arsenals transfer record again to buy Arshavin, Wenger also signed Nasri after he had signed a contract to get his old club more money from Arsenal. Wenger paid it tho.

      Gazidis comes to Arsenal and we do not break our own transfer record until our debts are paid off AND then it comes after a transfer asga which has never happened to Wenger before, £40mil and £1 bid… Not for Grmpus or Monaco.. only after Gazidis joins the team does a bid that silly happen… Luckily we had Wenger though as Ozil has said that Wenger was the reason he joined after the transfer saga involving Suraez.

  10. Wenger and the board are the reason so many arsenal fans are unhappy. They care less about the glory but crave on the loyal and addicted arsenal lovers

    1. Wenger and the board…

      I guess Wenger must of tied Silent Stan up and poured petrol around his ankles demanding him to take £3mil out of the club?

      Why don’t you GROW UP!
      Look at how Wenger has managed us during the different eras? The era where Dein was on the board, the period between Dein leaving and Gazidis arriving and then after Silent Stan takes control.

  11. It is a joke, this is the actions of our owner and I find it gobsmacking that people will turn round and say Wenger is the tight fisted person!

    Just look at how Arsenal have acted since Silent Stan has been involved in the club.

    Are some people not curious to how the transfers happen? It must be Wenger not bidding enough as we all know Wenger has final say on EVERYTHING…. So Wenger must of told Silent Stan to take £3mil out right?

    Silent Stan is greedy, he has invested ZERO over our debt riddled years, he has a history of being profit driven! Look at how he rents his other teams stadiums out DURING THE SEASON for concerts so he can pocket a bit more cash! Walmart has a glowing reputation doesn’t it LOL!

    This is why I get frustrated at the AOB, they are too stupid to see how managment set the targets and it is up to the bosses employees to hit those targets or lose their job. I am greatful that we have Wenger, he frustrates me at times but what other manager could have kept us up there with the illusion of competing?

  12. I have always argue that people who make opinions and write articles must base their opinions or articles on facts. This article and comments thereafter reflects people taking pride in ignorance. Arsenal published their accounts last week on the official website and those accounts were a subject of a number of articles by leading media houses in the UK. If you go to the club’s official website and click “club news” you will find the report on financials that was published on 18 September 2015 at 12 noon.

    I had the privilege to read the accounts last, and there is no mention of any payment having been made to Stan Kronke for any job done or as dividend. Essentially what this means is that this article is as baseless as they can be. Worse still is the fact that 10-15 fans found it logical to make wild accusations against the club and come up with all sorts of conspiracy theories without making an attempt to verify facts for themselves.

    It is thus not surprising that the media at large will always want to come up with a narrative that projects Arsenal as the villain in every article involving Arsenal. They have realized that they have an audience that is anti-Arsenal in the form of rival teams supporters and Arsenal supporters themselves. So news articles are always aimed at stirring hostilities towards the club. It matters not that the facts do not support the narrative or have to be stretched to support the narrative. You just have to read post Chelsea match articles in the Daily Mail, Guardian, and Sky Sports to get what I am saying.

  13. I don’t understand your comment. £3m was clearly paid to the bloodsucker last year, the board even tried to defend it in an Arsenal AGM, but would give no details as to what the payment was for. Look at

    Are you saying this never happened? The board has admitted it

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