Arsenal accused of making ‘very low offer’ for long-term Leno replacement

Arsenal have made a ‘very low offer’ for Onana

Speaking on the Transfer Window Podcast, journalist Duncan Castles claimed Arsenal have launched a ‘tiny offer’ for Ajax’s coveted goalkeeper Andre Onana.

The Cameroonian is reportedly available on a cut-price deal this summer due to a one-year ban which was imposed on him for doping violation.

Many reports have already suggested that if the 25-year-old’s ban sentence is reduced, Ajax will try to pocket around €7 million. But if his current sentence remains intact, Ajax will be forced to sell Onana at a price as low as €2 million.

Castles, in his podcast show, claimed that the Gunners have already launched their first bid for the Ajax man, but it is nowhere near what the Dutch side are looking for.

“I’m not sure they’re in the best position, and I’m not sure Ajax will let him go for a cheap deal, but Arsenal have made what is described to me by a friend at Ajax as a ‘very low offer’ for Andre Onana.

Castles who works for The Times then went onto state that the London club are (logically) trying to take advantage of the shot-stopper’s ban.

“They’re trying to take advantage of that drug ban, which is due to run until February, but Onana is challenging that in court and is hoping that he will be cleared to play again next season,” Castles said.

He continued, “Either way, you can understand why Arsenal are trying to get him.”

The Gunners should be careful of not fooling around for too long. A player who Is still considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world will definitely have vultures trying to get hold of him this summer, despite his drug ban.

Playing lowball is only right if you are confident of beating your competitors for your target.

Hanging around for too long might not end up benefitting the North London outfit. Thus, they must act proactively rather than reactively.

Yash Bisht

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  1. @castles.Enemies of arsenal if are wise shud them go for who is not going to play in almost a year and so.meanwhile,I even prefer juve fc styles offer.Wait on free transfer…so u can hang urself.When arsenal loose Ramsey u doesn’t crucify juve rather…them label arsenalfc useless and lack conjunction.All this jobless pundits with no profiles

  2. For backup keeper, we can sign Romero from Manutd, if he is fit, for free.
    I saw him few times and he was good keeper but in form De Gea took the better of his career.

  3. IDK
    I’m not keen on players suspended for doping. I’m not saying he will do it again but not worth a risk

    I’m sure there are other backup GKs out there who can compete

    1. hes no backup he’s better than Leno his stats are the level of Neuer Ter Steven Alisson and Elderson. His distribution is like Elderson and his reflexes and saves per game are Elite level he is no 1 among all champions league gk in saves. if he comes he is coming as a no1 not backup

    2. Stephanie, apparently he made a mistake with prescription medicine, a bit different to Mark Bosnich ruining a great career through cocaine.
      Andre Onana is a class keeper and will more than compete with Leno. If Arsenal want him, make a serious bid and make sure he comes to the Club. He will be a bargain.

      1. Sue thoughts on Buendia joining Villa ? I watched the conjuring last night, I wasn’t impressed the other 2 much better 👌

        1. Not happy at all, Kev. All around us are strengthening while we just dither and scrimp!! We really should be used to it by now though ☹
          Was it scary? Scarier than watching us play out from the back?! 😂

          1. It’s so disheartening Sue, we have United fans laughing at us online too, how is Aston villa a more attractive move than Arsenal football club… I’m bewildered honestly! And how can a club who was 2 seasons ago in the championship have more money than us ? If we didn’t bid for him fair enough, or he chose Villa then his ambitions aren’t very high because Aston villa will never be a regular European chasing team. Once they lose Grealish they will be fighting relegation. Haha not really Sue and our playing out from the back makes the conjuring look like Casper 😂😂

          2. If you have Android box or device like that you can download filmplus.apk the conjuring is on there full HD no crappy copy like others

          3. Does this mean it was Odegaard all along then, Kev?
            Not just the Mancs, Kev – everyone, we’re the butt of all jokes!
            Casper 😂😂

          4. No please not Odegaard Sue, I’ve seen enough of him to realise he will just be another expensive mistake he was playing against Luxembourg the other night hardly did anything and Luxembourg are hardly world beaters lol. Haha yeah that’s true what next lose bissouma to Brentford 😂 imagine Kroenke Jr saying we don’t need the money..of course not because daddy doesn’t spend anything 😂

          5. Wouldn’t surprise me – watch this space, hey?! I’ve not watched any other matches – that England game drained me 🤣
            I’ve been scanning for free agents/over the hill players (Caballero 😜) wondering how many of them we’ll end up with!!
            Cheers, Kev, although I’ve not got Android box… could rent it on Sky or Prime?

          6. We all do it Sue 😜 gearing up for Mayweather Vs some YouTuber tonight and there’s people who pay for that ? 😂

          7. Logan Paul – never heard of him!!
            And we’ll lose out on Onana and end up with Caballero! 🤣

          8. Haha I even hate the term YouTubers and influencer Sue i have never heard of him before this fight being announced 😂 haha I’m not even sure he would be interested in moving to us, we might even struggle getting this young Belgian deal done.. we will probably offer 4 million plus free subscription to Kroenke’s hunting channel 😂

          9. Well I give up, Kev! Bloody windows are as stressful as the football!!
            4m?? Are we flushed?! 🤣

          10. Our windows are Sue, Man city’s won’t though, their owners have promised to splash the cash while we shop around for bargain buys the Poundland signings who don’t even wanna come in the first place! Fans need to put more pressure on Kroenke from day one next season because now we can’t even complete with Villa it’s disgusting Sue 🙄

          11. How was the fight, Kev?
            It is disgusting, you’re right! I shall be glued to every site I look on for news – god help me! Arsenal will be the death of me you know 😄

        2. Kev82 and Sue, I was never ovefboard on Emi Buendia, because I believe Arsenal continues to overlook “in house” players like Joe Willock, ESR, Saka, Pepe and even Guendouzi who can play a similar role.
          However, should Arsenal not go strongly after and buy Yve Bissouma, a type of player Arsenal lacks, I will be very pissed off.

          1. True, Ozzie. Have to admit, I was wowed by his numbers.. it’s unheard-of for one of our midfielders to bang that many in!!
            Oh well, have to watch Villa (& weep!) Haha!!
            Yes, Bissouma is the one.. let’s pray we don’t mess that one up!!

  4. Let’s be patient Kev and Sue. The window is not even open and we are in meltdown because Villa bought a Championship player.

    Arsenal is way above a team needing a Championship player to save us. Let’s not listen to anyone and focus on what management will do.

    1. Phenom, ordinarily I would agree overall and don’t disagree in the case of Emi Buendia (see above). I too will wait until the end of the transfer window; however past experience has shown that the Arsenal management team have difficulty in organising a root in a brothel with a handfull of £50 notes!

    2. Focus on what management will do – that’s what worries me, Phenom 🤣
      There’s nowt wrong with buying a championship player and check out his numbers from last season!! Can you imagine one of our midfielders banging in 15 goals and assisting 16? No, neither can I!!
      Oh well, not gonna happen now anyway. Let’s hope we find another gem.. somewhere.. anywhere.. Edu.. hello!! Please get to work 😄

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