Arsenal Adventure too much for Man Utd and van Gaal?

Arsenal philosophy as much as tactics won it! by Sam P

Arsene Wenger and many Arsenal fans will have felt that the Gunners should have been ahead at the break against Manchester United on Monday night. We had been fairly adventurous and had looked the more dangerous of the two sides, despite United actually shading it on the possession stats.

But having seen one of our typical switch offs in defence allow Rooney to cancel out Monreal’s opener after a couple of minutes, it would perhaps have been understandable for Wenger to blink first and try to make the Gunners more solid defensively.

But it was Louis van Gaal who thought his team needed a tweak, replacing Herrera and Shaw with Carrick and Jones at halftime. As we know, it did not help and almost handed the initiative to Arsenal. The pressure on their defenders told and they struggled to break us down again after Welbeck scored.

It has been hailed as a tactical triumph for Wenger over his rival and it was, but it was also a triumph of Wenger’s philosophy with Arsenal to play attacking football and try to win games rather than hold out and nick a goal.

What is making us harder to beat is the belief in the players, the emergence of Coquelin and the fact that the players are really starting to play for each other and operate as a team. Does that suggest that Arsenal could finally challenge for the title next season?

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  1. “Arsenal philosophy as much as tactics won it! by Sam P” –
    Id say well done to AW and picking correct squad but the thing that made us win the most was that every player SHOWED UP..
    and the energy that OX provided to the game was awesome.

    1. Wenger said before the game that we are going to old trash ford to attack and that is what we exactly did,we pressed really hard in the first half,which was nice to see.if we keep pressing and attacking the way we did we can beat any team.

    1. @ArseOverTit
      Very rare that luck like that comes our way – anyway atleast Welbeck took the goal well.(No pun intended).

      1. He did wellbeck!

        Was good indeed to get the rub of the green at such an important time.

        Long may it continue.

        1. Plus, quickly I have to say, it was the best refereeing performance I have ever seen, we was suppose to be man of the match but our players took all the whole chance they had to steal or win not just the game but MOMT at all areas of the Pitch…… Well done Players, AW and is technical Asst and most of em all, we the FANS it was a well deserve game for us all over the WORLD… COYG***

    2. I think something like this should be in Man U-Dive. Head Line News. IN YOUR FACE he’s SHOUT….. Oh that Guy Welbz***

    3. I don’t call it luck. Valcencia looked up and saw Sanchez. Everyone knows he hounds you down…hence the pass back. Under passed maybe, but credit to our pressing

      1. Also ManUre lead stats in back passes to GK! Which was (probably) why AW picked Danny instead of Olivier. If you watch the goal, De Gea (who saved them from 3-1 or 4-1) almost beat Danny to the ball.
        Good luck to the lad, maybe this will lead to more goals for him

  2. we did show up on monday night, i was one of the #WengerOuts but after seeing how well we beat Man-u Dive, and Man City Wenger knows best than we fans! COYG.. WE will challenge for the title nxt season.. Buy a DMF, a Left Winger, and we are done…

    1. I don’t think we need a left winger actually, When you have Alexis, Ox, Welbeck, Gnabry, Ozil and even cazorla playing there, you hardly need any more body, DM? Yes. CF? Yes. Ready? Yes.

    1. Am damn glad he celebrated, cause RVPussy didn’t care after all… in think pay back feels good when Served Cold or ICEY lol… Coyg***

  3. They were just desperate to make a “WELBECK” pun even if it didn’t make sense. Lol lol Coyg***

  4. Real Madrid should buy a keeper…. Doughnut should leave ManU,,,, and from then on ……. U know what I mean Gunners…. We will slap them every time we meet… He was the difference in that match…..

  5. Until now av not got my voice back I celebrated that win as a mad man. Now given manures have tested a defeat from Arsenal after a long time waiting, they will play with alot of fear next time we meet them and we will punish them again.

  6. Didn’t see the game but from indications the lads came to the party with their dancing shoe and did had a good dance with welbeck dancing salsa around de gea well done guy our sniper are shooting sharpshooter say so

  7. I love the way the Coquelin factor is making us a incredibly hard to beat compared to last season away from the Emirates…the way he outjumped that tall skinny umbrella from manchester every time they went for an aerial ball was amazing to watch.the guy is full of energy…just to add that sanchez did everything a good foward does to try to score but de gea was the difference…finally we gunned them in their own backyard…to the shadows they go!!!

    1. You gotta love Francis C who is playing out of his skin every game.
      He makes tackles, he intercepts, he lays off to Santi and Mesut, and like our Gooner from Nairobi he wins heading duels with the Belgian beanpole!!
      His other great skill is blocking the pass to the midfield pivot – he did it against David Silva, and on Monday against Fellaini. It slowed ManUres play down, and stopped the midfielder running at our back 4.
      If he carries on playing like this he is a serious rival to Alexis for our Player of the Season

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