Arsenal advised to sack Emery and bring in replacement quick

Arsenal advised to sack Unai Emery and replace him with Massimiliano Allegri

Arsenal have been urged to give Unai Emery the boot and replace him with serial Serie A winner, Max Allegri.
Emery has come under renewed pressure after his side lost 1-0 at Sheffield United on Monday. That defeat was the Spaniard’s 17th in his last 70 games as the Arsenal manager and most of the fans seem to have had enough.

It was not just the defeat in itself that has been frustrating so far but the level of performance.

Arsenal remains with one of the worst records on the road by a top-six side and former Tottenham striker Darren Bent believes they should go all out to get Allegri.

Allegri is currently on a year-long sabbatical and has been linked with moves to Manchester United and Tottenham so far.

Bent believes Arsenal should be doing all they can to beat the Red Devils and Spurs to his signature.

“It’s a tough one because you’d say a lot of Arsenal fans now. With Allegri waiting there, most Arsenal fans would say ‘strike now’ because they’ve missed out on managers previously when Wenger was there,” Bent told talkSPORT.

It is debatable whether Arsenal has improved under Emery as they continue to struggle for cohesion in key games. Which has left the fans fearing that they might still fail to finish inside the top four this season.

Fair opinion but not sure that changing Emery now is the right thing to do.


  1. If we can get Allegri then I’m all for it. I was strongly calling for him to be hired when Wenger “left”. I was actually disappointed at the time when we signed Emery as I believed there were better proven options

    But it’s more likely Allegri will go to United

    1. I’m with you 100% I hoped for Allegri when AW left. One thing for sure he would have sorted out our defence by now. Patrice Evra said that he was the best tactition he had played under.

      His record with Juve says it all – a serial winner and available now. No more tinkering get a proven manager to sort out the mess we are in.

  2. If Emery does not change his back 4 for the Palace game to include Bellerin, Holding and Tierney, he should be fired immediately! No matter who plays on Thursday in the EL, these 3 MUST form the backbone of the defence. There are no more excuses. I don’t care who he picks in the rest of the side, he must sort out the back and build from there. Chambers as DM would be a bonus.

    And by the way, I’m not sure that Allegri would be a good choice. What is his ECL record? Just because he has won the Italian league for a few years running does not necessarily give hm the pedigree required for a “top” team in the EPL. Juventus have been buying themselves the Italian league.

    1. Those 3 can’t fix the problems only Emery can. We fan will just be disappointed if those 3 players play and the outcome still the same. Our problem is methodological rather than personnel. The players are playing to the coach instructions if not how do we explain our fbs passing back from inside or refused to opponent box compare to what other team like man city does

      1. I pointed out that emery won zero away matches in his last season for sevilla, i was worried of his away record, but now all my fears are coming true. We are among the worse on the road. @ mobella please check this out (“”)

  3. I was hoping we will sign Allegri after Wenger, but after I learnt Emery and Arteta we’re the options the club is looking at, I preferred Emery, a little over a year later, I feel my preference was wrong. Anyways, I don’t think Allegri would be a bad option, because prior to his time at Juventus, he won the league at Milan too, if I’m not mistaken. Other options I feel the club should consider are Erik Ten Haag; this man makes me wish it was Arsenal playing whenever I’m watching Ajax, Brendan Rodgers, Nagelsmann, even Pochettino, if he’s available 😀; I think he knows how to get the best out of his team. Things aren’t really going well for him this season, but with our squad, I believe he could achieve a lot.

    1. AY75, great choice of coaches you listed there, I however do not fancy Allegri. I don’t think he would deliver with our current squad and his record with Milan isn’t so stellar for my liking.

      1. Allegri would almost certainly prefer to wait for the United job. He’s gotten used to his club buying top players and with United’s money he could buy around 3 per year if they listen to his wishes whereas at Arsenal it’s around 1 per year (maybe 2 if we qualify for CL).

        I think us and Tottenham would be his 2nd and 3rd choice and it doesn’t feel he’s in a hurry to take any job. He would be better than Emery, but again — he doesn’t have a footballing identity which didn’t matter when he had by far and I mean BY FAR the best squad in the league. Not sure what kind of football he would bring to the Arsenal.

        We need a gamble on a young and hungry coach who has some kind of philosophy except squeezing a 2-1 win (which Allegri and Conte were both famous for at Juve).

        BTW, what are your thoughts on Sarri? Juventus fans all prefer him to Allegri now they at last play better football, but he was only 1 or 2 points better than Emery last year. If Allegri is worse than Sarri as noted by Juve fans, would you want a manager worse than Sarri?

    1. Speaking about young managers, at this point I would even give Arteta a chance (although he would not be my first choice). He is not far behind in maturity to Lampard and Solskjaer and has had the benefit of learning from the best as well as knowing the Arsenal inside out.

  4. EMERY must be sacked. He is taking Arsenal backward.
    I was surprised watching the team. There is no fear factor from lower teams when playing against Arsenal.

  5. I’m all for Allegri but would take a number of others as well. Wait till January whilst sinking further down the table and out of 3rd and 4th would be a massive mistake.

  6. There is no excuse to Emery. Because he did not used the skill of Ozil and other players.
    I was very happy under wenger. There was attacking foot ball. But now it seems more defensive . we will not give up. Please take another solution.

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