Arsenal agree deal for Sami Khedira?

Everyone and his dog knows that Arsene Wenger should have bought a strong defensive midfielder in the summer, and the latest Arsenal transfer rumour suggests that he intends to remedy that in January.

In today’s Metro they are saying that Arsenal have already secured a deal for the wantaway midfielder. Here is an excerpt from the Metro report: “According to reports that came out this week, Arsenal have agreed a deal to sign Sami Khedira from Real Madrid.

“The German midfielder was heavily linked with Arsenal over the summer and according to the most recent reports, the Gunners have struck a pre-contract agreement with him that will see him arrive in January.”

Khedira’s contract runs out at Madrid next summer, so the January window will be the only time that the Spanish giants can earn some money out of a sale instead of letting him go for for free in June, so you can see the sense of a sale to Arsenal, but knowing Wenger I am sure he would prefer to wait until the end of the season to get the German international for nothing!

Carlo Ancelotti obviously has a problem with Sami as he has only played 37 minutes in two subs appearances for Madrid this season, even Abou Diaby has played more than that, and that’s saying something!

But IF Wenger really has done a deal with Madrid then at least Khedira won’t be cup-tied for the Champions League…

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    1. Sami would make our BEST XI a formidable team… but we all know that team is rarely on the team sheet anyways. Another CB along with him would settle any nerves.

  1. Lol! Admin, this site is far much more reliable than Metro, please stop taking shitty stuff from them and posting here.

  2. Were not going to sign him, wenger would rather try and convert rabiot into a DM. Im sure that will be our DM signing.

    1. Rabiot statistically has been better than khedira the last 18months it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we end up with him

      Wenger also wants laporte this centre back is 20 and nearly as good as varane. He also plays left back on occasions making him the perfect vermaelen replacement. (All the best up and comming full backs u21 are mostly French ; varane,laporte,zouma ) the only turn of is Bilbao will want a hefty fee , we could give them bellerin on loan next season 😉

      An advantage of getting khedira is Madrid May go for Vidal to replace him blocking his move to united.

  3. Can we get a rest from transfer news. It just makes me sick. Try very hard to do a research on Wenger’s Alarm clock or to do- list, am very sure its 11:59 31/01/2015. So don’t bother us with these transfer news. THANK YOU

  4. Wenger wanted Sebastian Preze last year, the Colombian DM who had a trail.

    We didn’t get him because he couldn’t procure work permit. And Wenger had said he will keep close tabs. I think we will get him this January or this summer.

  5. Am I the only one that thinks Diaby and Walcot is key to our season? we down and out(injuries, losing to Chelsea again wenger, blaaah blaaaah), but hold on for a second, lets think positive, ozil is injured its sad and terrible, but with santi in CAM , theo and alexis on both wings our attack will be more fluid, remember santi in his 1st season?beast!!! without a mobile forward. I think hayden will have to step up a notch and chambers will have to be used sparingly.

    I think we’ll whoop livafool n united’s ass cause im confident we’ll have a strong winning streak behind us(CL included)
    a few key members will b back, then revenge against Chelsea and city will b awesome.
    That’s my opinion hate it or luv it.

  6. With all our injuries, providing Walcott and Gnabry are in the sqaud for the Hull game, lineup and bench v Hull should look like this:

    Bellerin Mert Kos(if fit) Gibbs
    Flamini Wilshere
    Sanchez Cazorla Chamberlain

    Subs: Ospina, Monreal, Hayden, Coquelin, Rosicky, Ganbry/Poldi, Walcott

    Although somehow I don’t think Gnabry or Walcott will be in the squad, this is all just pathetic, injury after injury after injury, training methods need to be re-considered, medical staff need to either shape up or get out and the players need to toughen up and stop being nonces and getting injured all the time, we lead the injury list since 2001 with almost 900 injuries since then would be believe that?!

      1. Diaby? who’s that???
        As for Khedira, is he a CDM or a box 2 box midfielder???
        If Wenger doesnt get a CB + CDM in the jan transfer window, #WENGEROUT… but for now i’ve barely got his back!

  7. OT: “Roy Keane has branded Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho ‘a disgrace’ for the manner in which he conducts himself on the touchline”.

    You’ve got to love the British media, Keane is on the raw huh, 1st thing his said that has amused me, together with Fergie’s jabs ofcourse.

    As for Khedira, is he coming to play or to join Diaby in the medical room. Top player but his injuries might be a big issue considering he wants to join a club like ours were injuries are as certain as the sun coming up. Besides a 2 months injury at Madrid is a 9 months injury at Arsenal!!!

  8. Can anyone please tell me what’s so special about Khedira, because I fail to see it? I watch a lot of La Liga games, mainly Barca and RM, and I have never rated him very highly. Not only he is injury prone (perhaps the reason we want him?), but he also makes rash decisions at times, and goes forward a bit too much for my liking. We need a younger, better, hungrier version of Flamini right now, not a downgrade from Ramsey, which Khedira really is.

    1. He is very overatted but is a good player nun the less. He has never had a pass accuracy over 81%. He also averages less than 3 tackles a game. Are we in for him at all?

      Wenger even said we have Ramsey wilshire diaby in the box to box I doubt any will be deed in January. He also states he wants top top quality. vidal would be class if we wanted an all energy dm/cm he would make teams think twice about countering us as he has an immense engine only thing is his price tag .

      Ideally schnederlin is our man prem proven and good going both ways he is also one of the best tacklers in the leauge 20-25m would do the trick. We could even loan them Campbell or gnabry to knock a couple mili of the price.

  9. All I want for Christmas is to … see Diaby play at least one more time in an Arsenal shirt. HA! You all probably thought I was gonna say a CDM, and CB. No, that’s third on my wish list, after the aforementioned Diaby, and an octagon fight between Wenger and JoMo.

  10. What a load of crap lol he’s not coming to arsenal and reasons are this LP is treated like shit by AW MO hates life in London and we can’t win our own epl let alone CL. We won’t finish top 4 this season unless he he goes 442 and that is not AW

  11. khedira is not what we need.. arsenal need a guy who is ready sit back and protect the back four..
    khedira is too offensive… tiote or wayama or cavallho could do a better job.. we have too many offensive players…

  12. Khedira is the best we will get
    Wenger does not like pure DMs. We all know how stubborn he is. He is set in his ways. He won’t change his philosophy.

    Anyway, I would be thrilled if we actually get Khedira. He is box to box but he is a proven quality player. He is a leader and we need a strong physical and mental presence out there.

    As long as ee ALSO get a quality defender, I will be happy. Cazorla and Rosicky can cover for Ozil.

    The only extra I would be happy with would be Reus as he can cover for CAM AND Winger, however highly unlikely.

  13. Forget this Khedira thing and look closer home, SOTON’s Victor Mugubi Wanyama: they call the kid Big Vic, he’s young, strong and a bully and God knows we need a midfield bully!

  14. i still do not know why alex song was sold. he is a strong man and very hardworking.Mr knowitall sold him to barca. QUESTION:if he is not a great player barca will neva knock on arsenal door asking for Song.

  15. Khedira is trash just being overrated + we have a lot of his like. Wenger is stubborn so I don’t expect him to go for natural DM solution ( Tiote, Wanyama, Morgan or cavalho). The chances are: diaby will comeback and play 2-3 games untill transfer is closed, then we’ll be stock with Arteta n Flamin again, or Wenger will look for an unknown, unproven midfielder on free transfer, if no luck, he’ll then go for and old, treatment room player for loan (Kalstrom type).

  16. if wenger buys khedira, then i will know for sure that he is mad. This guy spends most of his time on the sidelines with injuries for madrid and it will only get worse at arsenal, and he is not really a dm anyways but more of a box to box player.

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