Arsenal agree €22m transfer and five year contract (plus video)

well this summer just keeps getting better and better for Arsenal fans, as not only are we hearing that the midfield terrier Lucas Torreira is expected to have a medical over in Russia imminently, but we have also agreed to sign the German keeper Bernd Leno on a five year deal.

The Guardian reported this morning…..

Arsenal have agreed a deal to sign Bernd Leno for an initial €22m (£19.2m) from Bayer Leverkusen.

The 26-year-old, who was part of the Germany squad which won the Confederations Cup last year but was not selected for the World Cup, is expected to sign a five-year deal at the Emirates after he was identified as the long-term successor to Petr Cech. Leno was an integral part of the Leverkusen side which finished fifth in the Bundesliga last season, having begun his career at Stuttgart and it is understood that Arsenal could pay up to another £3m in bonuses as part of the deal.

This deal should not be delayed as the Bayer Leverkusen Number One is not with the German national side at the World Cup because Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich) has come back into the side and they also have Marc-Andre ter Stegen (Barcelona) and Kevin Trapp (PSG) in the squad. But that doesn’t mean that Leno is not a good keeper as the other three have probably the best defenders in the world in front of them!

So let us have a look at how good he actually is by looking at this compilation of some of his excellent saves and reflex’s from the Bundesliga….



  1. Taku says:

    It’s the beginning of new things at the emirate. No doubt! Bernd Leno is a good goal keeper.

  2. gunnersrocks says:

    Bienvenue Bernd leno..we are beginning a new era….lichsteiner,Leno , Torreira and its just getting better….

  3. Simon Williams says:

    Excited for next season

  4. Essex Taffy says:

    Look’s a great Shot Stopper – just need to see what he’s like on crosses and in distribution. But as stated its a new era … so … trust in the recruitment; We certainly do need a new keeper going forward.

  5. Uzi Ozil says:

    I urge fans to support the team and not follow the media bandwagon. Let’s criticise a player properly when he is having a bad form but also acknowledge the player when he is doing well.

    The media knows how to lash on arsenal. Some are already calling Leno the new karius. I laugh at them. Even De Gea made a costly mistake In the World Cup. Mistakes will happen but it shouldn’t be a keeper identity.

    Emery and Leno haven’t officially partake in a game yet and some fans won’t even give them a chance.

    Welcome Leno….. Torrierra is next.

    1. Dan says:

      Bad signing no better then what we already have makes many errors and will cost us a lot of points. Oh dear 1st a 34 year old defender and now a butter fingers in goal what a laughing stock we are!!

      1. Unai Emery says:

        26 is the young age for a Goalkeeper , and Leno has lots of potential and promise…. He is definitely not someone who doesn’t know how to play ( Karius) , and let us fans cheer him on to become one of the world’s best

      2. De-Ra says:

        If we are a laughing stock then kindly go support a taiwanese club!!! Geez fans like these get on me nerves

        1. Boluwatife says:

          What is wrong with us, Arsenal fans? Even mid table clubs are now signing reputable players and we are bringing in players who are not really an upgrade on what we have. It’s not about supporting the club regardless of what they do, it’s about being ambitious. With all these signings, we are no where near the top five. With liverpool’s quality, they are out there spending on top players and we are here rooting for GK that is error prone, a 34 years old defender. Tell me which premier league defender is good at that age? even JT was mostly on the bench at that age. If Juventus could feel is not that useful and we are here seeing him as a coup then I just wonder what kind of ambition we have. call us whatever you want, but we want to be among the elites. Enough of average signings

          1. LL COOL GUNNER says:

            The 34 year old defender is free, and hasn’t even touched the ball as an arsenal player and we are already criticising him, Leno is not the best keeper in the world no doubt, but he isn’t the worst out there and in my opinion an upgrade to what we have, the 34 year old defender was class up until his last game for juve, a team that is 10 times better than arsenal..

          2. Mike says:

            Word! Lichtsteiner is a classy player and had his term at Juventus. A great signing with a little cost

          3. big g says:

            The 34 year old defender has won everything going and can help to steady our leaking defence.

          4. Dan says:

            Not if he getting cramp after 70 mins every game!!??

          5. dee23 says:

            Boluwatife If you was supporting the club you wold give the new signings a chance before slating them and predicting our failure.

            I for one think that the signings being brought in will improve our team. What you fail to consider is that Arsenal were finishing in the top 4 for 17 years or so consecutively whilst players were being played out of position and Wenger was void of tactics. Now you have players coming in to play in their proper positions and a manager that will adjust the tactics for each opponent. Its a good time to be an Arsenal fan. We can only improve.

            You talk about fans having ambition like the fans decide the signings. Lol. Its for the board to show ambition. The responsibility of the fans are to get behind the club, motivate the players by cheering like the Iceland fans motivate the team they love.

            The team is moving in the right direction with the people that have been brought in to specialize in areas like signings and medical staff etc.

      3. Mobella says:

        If people are laughing at you because you an arsenal fan and you take offence in that then you and those people don’t have much going in your life. Football is their to provide entertainment nothing more nothing less either your team is losing or winning. And picking on people that don’t know you exist buy calling them name is an indication of jealousy. That 34year old and a butter hand are rich enough to buy for launch and pay your annual salary with their weekly wages. Finally, if arsenal makes your life miserable so much that you don’t see any good in the club and what the club is doing can you please check yourself out.

      4. Enfield Gunner says:

        Second best defensive record in the Bundesliga 2017-18 season (36 goals conceded) after Bayern (28 goals conceded) says to me that this GK and the defendrs did their work well. Give the guy a chance.

        1. Ozziegunner says:


      5. Bastoz says:

        See who is talking gibberish, who even want you as an arsenal fan, better you support a team from China who spend big in the transfer market

      6. Bry says:

        Ur a cock give these players haven’t even kicked a ball for arsenal yet and ur already writing them off u must be a tool

      7. ClassyGunner says:

        We are not a laughing stock but you certainly are with your 14 year old comments

      8. Dan come on mannn !!!!
        what is wrong with you????

  6. skies says:

    This guy has amazing reflexes . Let’s support the new man. #WelcomeLeno

    1. big g says:

      Agreed 🙂 can’t wait to see him in an Arsenal shirt, unless it’s pink.

  7. McLovin says:

    Leno might have concentration problems, but he’s got good reflexes. I hope he can improve here.

    Leno’s past mistakes are nothing compared to what we got used to with Cech last season.

    1. Boluwatife says:

      So it is now impossible for arsenal to get a GK that is very focus? Why not go for Fabianski instead? I really don’t understand those at Arsenal. Very few GKs will perform better than him in EPL but arsenal fans just want someone for the sake of it. Cech make mistakes every time but if we can’t get a complete upgrade on him why spend at all?

      1. McLovin says:

        Leno can improve, Cech cannot. That’s the difference.

        Fabianski isn’t all that, nor is Pickford, or Butland. When you play for a team with weak defense, every goalkeeper at top level can make themselves look like class keepers. The quantity of shots is often parallel with saves made By these keepers.

  8. Uchman says:

    spending over 20m pounds on a player that is not better than ospina is absolutely rubbish, r we going forward or backward? Socratis, lichstinier and Leno r never better than what we have in their positions, the only signing that is even making sense is toriera bcoz he’s a differnt kind of player from what we have though am still having having doubts over his size in a very physically demanding epl, how we r getting excited over this kind of signings is beyond me, what a waste!

    1. De-Ra8 says:

      Man if you dont know what to say then kindly keep quiet. So you are trying to say that Leno ( with his mistakes even) is not an improvement on Cech and Ospina?? Lich not an improvement on bellarin? Have not really watched socratis but he cant be worse than freaking Mustafi… torreira…My God..its still fans like you that complained why Wenger did not get kante!! And i am a Wenger Critic! Pls check stats before saying things you are not sure of my guy. Lucas was one of the best Dms in an Italian league that is known for its physicality! But no in England he would suffer because of his size when history has already shown that size is f**k all if you aint gat da brain. Kante Mascherano, Makele ( personally call him the Warden as my guy takes prisoners in that midfield battle). Now we have ours and you still complain??? Lucas is even way more technical than the dms i mentioned earlier…..sometimes some people amaze me. We are actually taking care of our problem positions, be it that the players aint worldclass, but we are actually trying! Not like a so called manager that felt its either his way or no way. So Uchman pls do some research or rather watch football with open eyes. COYG!!!!

    2. True GOON says:

      What about kante or carzola hazard david silva sterling are they all too small too ?

    3. Rudy Garcia fan says:

      — Socratis might be okay, but possibly too slow.

      — Lichtsteiner is actually an ideal back-up for Bellerin based on our budget. Those long Forrest-Gump legs can still run like a young man’s pair.

      — Torreira is an actual DM, and that’s a positive no matter which way you look at it.

      — Leno is talented, but not convinced yet due to some of his high-profile errors (OT: just watched Szcesny against Senegal by the way. LMFAO. The future of Juventus my ass LOL)

      The only major disappointment is Xhaka’s extension. Unless he tries harder 99 percent of the time and suddenly becomes much faster and also more intelligent we’ve just got foisted with a major donkey there).

    4. Uchman go and support man city or someone else if you don’t like the new players or just put up and shut up
      It’s good to be a gunner

  9. Malch95 says:

    Sokratis, Lichtsteiner, Leno & Torreira = 70m

    Good business imo, need to ship out some deadwood to make one more CB signing (Soyuncu), if he really is 35m, spend 50m n get koulibaly & Martin’s on a free

    20m-mustafi, 5m-ospina, 10m Perez, Jenkinson+akpom+holding=15m

    Bellerin koulibaly sokratis Monreal/kolsinac
    Mhki Ramsey torreira Martin’s

    Bench: Xhaka, Welbeck, AMN, kolsinac/monreal, Cech, Elneny, lacazette, chambers, lichtsteiner, Nelson

    Assuming everyone settles well, that looks like a Europa league trophy and a 4th place finish! Next season is exciting af!

    1. Dalinho says:

      Koulibaly would never sign for Arsenal in our current state and £50mil is more like £70mil also

      Torreira £12mil up front with 2x 12 over 2 yrs
      Sokratis £17.5mil not sure how much up front
      Lichtsteiner free
      Leno £19mil
      Martins Gelson has to be signed on a free

      So that’s about £50mil spent and we still need to replace wilshere, Alexis and the Ox and I read that we tried signing fabion Ruiz for £32mil euros in instalments but he chose Napoli so I hope we have more money to spend bcoz I want

      Golovin £20mil replace wilshere
      Lozano £35mil replace Alexis
      Soyuncu £35mil replace Mustafi


      Gonna have sell a lot of players to get that but it would be amazing coz apparently we were gonna sign Lozano in jan to replace Alexis

      1. Break-on-through says:

        I was thinking about that midfield, we really don’t have enough firepower for injuries nor subbing to change a game, or to keep them on their toes. Then I got to thinking about Niles, Nwakali, Sheaf, Gilmour, Bielik, Dragomir, we don’t do enough to prepare our youngsters. Yes Niles got a good break, but we rarely have room for more than one or two. I reckon if Swansea, Newcastle or Palace had of had our u23s, I reckon allot of them would be playing prem football compared to our results. These guys were picked because they were ahead of allot of other players at same age, so what goes wrong. The clubs we choose to loan them too, that has to change. They go to a lowly side which is in a lowly tabled country. They need to face a stern test, that is what will get them firing or fighting above their weight. Not some team that is used to lapses in concentration and are happy just not getting relegated. One of the first things the needs to change is where we send our brightest graduates. We shouldn’t keep them at the club either if it’s filling a squad quota and they are lucky to get 3 games or a cup run, they should go straight after that cup run. The ones closest to first team, whether it be by age or skill, should be playing every week against better opposition. The clubs that we send them to should also get a small slice of any future sell on fee so long as it breaks a certain pricing.

  10. Unai Emery says:

    And if you guys thought Ozil was walking on the pitch, you should see Forsberg, the guy was literally standing still….. I told myself – uff thank God we have Ozil

    1. okiror says:

      hahaha Unai Emery you mkae me laugh my ass off on eof these days am enjoying the way yoy respond to some fans here

  11. barryglik says:

    He looks like he has talent
    but lacks a little concentration.
    Hopefully he will become more
    consistent and reliable in time.
    We probably should have moved for a new keeper
    two seasons ago but better late than never.

    1. Boluwatife says:

      Really??? Buy a 26 years old GK to become your first choice and we are still hoping he’ll improve on obvious flops? come on what happens to ready made GKs? are we not entitle to keepers like DDG? Oh sorry I forgot we have the likes of WestHam to compete with

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Read an article on what to expect from Leno.
        Said he’s noticeably quick, really good reflexes, very good at springing attacks from his area ..I presume it’s his throw out. His height is good for a keeper.

        It said he has one. It’s his concentration, keeping focused for a full 90 minutes he finds tough. Said there were some avoidable goals due to a lack of concentration at times. Also said it’s something he can work on, but he had improved a bit already compared to how he was in the beginning. Cech, they reckon it’s something that Cech can really help the lad get better with.

  12. Arsene Wenger. says:

    Leno ain’t a bad keeper as compared to what we have already.He is far much better than some of the Epl keeper.

  13. Phil says:

    Cech proved last season his best days are long gone.Ospina has never been convincing.But what about Martinez?He looked good when he played then was sent out on loan.Is Leno better than him?I just haven’t seen him so can only assume he is a better bet than what we have.BUT he wasn’t recognised as good enough for the German World Cup Squad so is he up to the job?

    1. stubill says:

      Have you seen Germanys keepers, Neuer, ter Stegen and Trapp. none of the England keepers would get in the German squad.

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  14. Arsene Wenger. says:

    We need to appreciate what we are getting in our team.Arsenal is a team in building since Wenger was not making any progress in our team

  15. Lucia says:

    By some of you People’s comment sane is not a good player then because he was left out of German squad. Same with lacazzette..can we give it a break already. When de gea came to england we all know how that went.why not give him a chance. You so are slaying him without even kicking a ball. Don’t be surprised with different approach and mentality he will come good. Curtouis was clean sheet master when he was at athletico tell me how many clean sheet he kept during his time so far in Chelsea. U just need to have a good defence and a good goalie to bail u out occassionaly. And some of u are slating leichestner please don’t make me laugh. He is still at same wage when he was at juve and tell me in that arsenal team who had won more medal in their career than him.fickle fans no wonder it’s easy for the media to attack arsenal because they know we are fickle your team ffs

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  16. Neil says:

    Those of you that criticise the change fail to recall the laboured and uninspiring transfer windows we were subjected to in the past. The new management are active in the market and that is a positive. That some of you are able to judge players before they have played in our team means you’re wasted being fat couch wallers and should be managing EPL teams rather than the people who have track records.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  17. Alldwayfromafika says:

    I honestly don’t know how good he is …but given the fact that some other teams(better teams) wanted him too and also the fact that he can’t be worst than what we have I will welcome him and give him a chance to make an impression…but that’s just me since have of you are akrwsy criticising..

    1. Ackshay says:

      Don’t believe these negative fans who if we bought messi would still whine about his height and work rate. Leno is a good gk and very good at his best, he had an average season with some mistakes so those who didn’t see him play say he is bad. Yes he has some lapse of concentration but he also had top class reflexes which cech has lost with age so he is an upgrade on our current gk position.

      They seem to forget that the de gea who they worship was dropping clangers and was useless on crosses in his 1st two seasons. Had he played at arsenal those whining fans would have destroyed his confidence and instead of being in the top 2 gk in the world he would be playing in some small club somewhere.

      Some fans think they are playing fifa 18 here and top class keepers like oblak, alisson would be queuing up to join arsenal. Those same fan would have been whining if we bought salah last season calling him walcott 2.0, waste of money etc. When you are on top you buy world class players, when you are on 5/6 place you buy good players with the potential to be world class plus experienced head to stabilise the squad. Torreira and leno for potential WC and lichtsteiner and sokratis for experience.

      1. Alkali says:

        Thank you, why would Alisson , oblak or someone of that mould join arsenal at the moment? We have reached rock bottom. Someone was even saying why not fabianski? Smh

        1. Mobella says:

          Who knows Alisson 2 years ago. If Roma and Roma fans has not kept faith and the fans be patient with him some of our fans won’t be drooling over him today. All we do is whining and destroying our players confidence.

          1. Break-on-through says:

            Even Oblack, first I heard of him really was throughout last season. I don’t remember his name coming up and people being so sure of him before recently. Two years ago, no-one said get us Oblack, not that I know of. He has great physique, makes the goal look smaller, quick for such a big lad, reminds me of Aussie rules. That’s all I know about him along with his price tag and having the most doggest set of players in front of him that you’ll find anywhere.

  18. Aricha says:

    we cant say leno aint a quality keeper just because he is not in the german world cup squad its the coach’s decision on who to pick (as if lacazette isn’t good enough yet he aint in france squad) Emery hasn’t complained lets support arsenalfc fully…

  19. Trebor says:

    I do worry that we may still be lagging behind in the transfer market, Liverpool and am the others around us are buying top quality players, but we need to remember we already have a quality side. Plus they will have a new manager working with them with fresh ideas, so we should get behind the team no matter who we sign. We needed defenders we’re getting defenders, we needed a keeper were getting a keeper, we need a unique we’re getting that. We want to get rid of the dead wood, that looks like it’s going to happen and were probably spend the money on a second chance and a singer what more do you want,? Remember the biggest signing we’ve made is Emery and that’s what everyone wanted. It’s seems we get what we want, then moan moan moan, give the new manager and players a real chance to prove themselves. All players play better with great supporters singing there names, (Fact).part of arsenal going down hill was due the the scrappy support they were getting change has come, now it’s time for us to change with the club we love and really get behind the new changes. Come on you miserable lot. Come on Arsenal

    1. Ackshay says:

      Liverpool and tottenham are in the 3rd year of reconstruction under klopp, we are at the start of the 1st year. Remember all the average players theybought in their 1st two season under klopp and poch, right now we are at that stage. They were looking for future top players in groups of good players and found mane, can, eriksen, dele and coutinho but there are also plenty players who didn’t progress as expected. I personally like leno and torreira from past few matches i have seen. Can they stall and not progress as expected ? yes but that the risk we have to take.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        3rd year yet no silver lining ..harhahaha! hehehehehee! omg! lol, have to stop laughing my stomach hurts! ..ahahaha!.

        Spurs, the umpteenth manager might do, oh wait! ….maybe next one ill do the trick so. Ahahaha tiny totts!!!

  20. Dan says:

    Such negative attitudes. The new regime are focusing on all the areas for years we have failed to address seriously. Even if next season Is only challenging for top 4 place finish as long as progress on the pitch can be seen and we get back to a fluid quick tempo pressing game and are competitive that will do me for the start of a new era.

    The signings look like a good mix of experience, winners and potential, only time will tell if it works. Everyone is an arm chair expert basing opinion on nothing yet, get behind the team let’s get the stadium full and for god sake let’s get vocal and make the place a difficult venue for away teams to play. I could hear conversations taking place from 5 rows back last season lol

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  21. Prince Bill Gavin says:

    Am very excited

  22. Break-on-through says:

    We still need to get Ramsey signed and then get that big CM player. We need to sign Aaron first because then he will have little choice but to fight for CM dominance. And we know he’s rather good when there is something on the line for him top play for. Cazorla still needs to be replaced, I see Torriera taking Wilshere’s spot numbers wise. An injury to both Ramsey and Torriera could leave us looking decisively weak. Competition, we have some good competition in a few places but CM is an area that you really need to go the extra distance.

    GK highlights, I don’t really watch them because I imagine they all look pretty similar no matter which player you’re checking out.

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