Arsenal agree fee and personal terms for prolific striker

Well it looks there could be some good Arsenal transfer rumours this morning with the news that the young Nigerian striker Henry Onyekuru is in France and has managed to obtain a UK working visa and can now begin in earnest his discussions with Arsenal and other Premier League sides. The 20 year-old scored 24 goals in 41 appearances for Eupen last season despite playing on the wing and is considered to be a rising star in Belgium.

A source has informed SCORENigeria: “Henry has been in Paris, he is there with his agents.

“He has been granted his visa to UK and he is now studying all the offers and possibilities with his handlers.

“His first choice is a Premier League club.”

The report also states Arsenal remain “a serious option” according to the player’s agent after they agreed a transfer fee with Eupen as well as personal terms with Onyekuru.

Although Arsenal have agreed a £6.8million transfer fee and the youngster has agreed terms, he is still yet to sign a contract, and is believed to also aim to discuss terms with other teams like West Ham, Swansea and Newcastle United. Henry has made it clear that he likes Arsenal, but he previously also set out some of his terms. ‘I’m still young and I still have a long career to pursue but now I need to play.” he said.

‘My agents are in talks with top clubs in the Premier League, Bundesliga, French league and others. If they accept our terms, then I’ll make a decision.

‘It’s not just about going to a big club and sitting on the bench. It’s not good for me, or being loaned to a club where I won’t play or where I will struggle to play.

‘The money can come later but for now, I just want to play to improve, not just to play for a big club.’

There is also a big possibility of Arsenal signing him, and then loan him out to a club where he will be promised that he can play every week. This is probably the best option for Wenger, as he can then see how the youngster is progressing while having the option of bringing him back next season. Or do you think he may be able to go straight into the Arsenal first team?



  1. Another one for the future, a season long loan to another team in the epl to cut his teeth and gain some experience in the league might help. Might be an option as a starter in the early stages in the Europa league to give him some games and prove himself. Not sure he is what we need to push for the league title.

    1. The title stating the word ‘prolific’ I thought of Lacazette or Auba, but it’s the other prolific one, Onyekuru. I see where we are coming from and where we are heading, rumors and everything is about gr8 classy players, what we really come to buy is Onyekuru types of players, and we think we can compete with all the teams above us including Man U? Or in the UCL? with Alexis leaving we are like Liverpool but without Klopp

      1. But what is wrong with Onyekuru? He doesn’t cost 50M? We cannot buy every player 50M and above sooner or later we will have to get smart deals like this one. Personally I would love for him to join …his stats are decent and in 2,3 years might be a force like Lukaku..he definitely doesn’t look like a Sanogo.

        1. I agree with you.
          I watched Henry play once. They actually lost that match…but you’ll notice from the start, that Henry is a star. I hope we sign him…the guy’sa star, trust me.

      2. So would you have said MBappe wouldn’t have done well for us if Wenger got him 12 months ago?

        Cheap players can’t be good squad players? Go please tell Holding that.

        As for Lacazette, from reports we have made a bid and Lyon has accepted it, talks to take place next week over the transfer.

        You do not see where ‘we’ are coming from, stop talking trash, you see to the end of your nose and that is it. If you could see the bigger pic then you wouldn’t belittle a cheap signing just cause they are cheap.

        1. How far have cheap signings gotten us? we started buying cheap players when we “were paying the stadium”, what did we win then? Those were cheap players, you think you can see beyond your curvy nose as well? Think twice. We should buy finished products like how our rivals are doing, if we only buy Onyekuru guy and Wenger says Mert and Wilshere are like new signings, you’ll see which part of mid of the table we’ll finish next season

          Sometimes when it comes to Wenger, comedy becomes our status coz instead of thinking of club’s progress, him and his followers including you think of saving some money, buying cheap and selling our best players, that has been normal at Arsenal. Start thinking with your little brain please, licking Wenger’s a** made you so blind to see the truth

          1. “How far have cheap signings gotten us?”

            Holding was pretty cheap and he didn’t dissapoint. In fact he exceeded our expectations.

        2. Mbappe wouldn’t have seen any playing time and we don’t know what Wenger offered him, whether it was a place in the academy, or a first team position. We bought Cohen Bramall just this January, and he’s older and only makes academy appearances. Things turned out for the best regarding Mbappe, there’s no guarantees coming to Arsenal last season would’ve been the right move for anyone.

      3. How are Man U above us? Didn’t we finish higher than them last season? Didn’t we draw one of our games agaisnst them (1-1)and beat them in the other(2-0)?

        1. Said team that finished above us, then include Man U in that list as they won’t spare us next season if we keep signing Onyekuru guys though we have cash now

  2. I have seen his YouTube videos and I think he will not start ahead of Arsenal’s attackers currently. It’s good to have another cheap hot prospect and I hope he will not fail to impress like Wellington Silva and Carlos Vela.

    Arsenal should get more hot prospects, but they also have to give chances to talented youngsters like Alex Iwobi. I think Iwobi has great skills to be great playmaker, if he is given the chance to play more often.

    1. Iwobi frustrates me, he has the potential no doubt but his mentality… Since he got a payrise I felt he has slacked off and taken things too easy, same old Wenger pay fault here 🙁 Kids get paid too much too soon and I hope AFC look to sort this out over the next few years, we have some great kids but they need to keep the fighting spirit to push into the 1st team and then push to be a starter.

      Saying that, still exciting to see AFC looking at the future and investing in the future still, I do not know if this kid will turn into a NB52 or the next MBappe… At least it isn’t a £50 million gamble.

      1. he just turned 21. You can’t expect someone that young to be consistent the entire season, and there are only rare exceptions. I hope he’s ready to compete though, because he won’t get the special treatment other players still get.

  3. Lets just hope this is buying young players for development and not a signal of our level of ambition.
    You can never tell with Arsenal and Wenger….

  4. The last time I looked ?? Wenger actually stated that Arsenal haven’t made any contact regarding this player and that he would rather wait and see how he progresses elsewhere before doing so.

    Further proof of there being no contact made from Arsenal was the way this player and his agent started blabbing about the West Ham interest while dissing Arsenal, a few weeks ago. ? ? Onye-bike-Kuru ??

    1. That’s 220 million there
      Your dreaming

  5. There is no need of bringing in prayers if u know that u r not going 2 use them immediately. 4get about that instead n
    stay without

    1. Nah mate, we need all prayers ?? praying simultaneously right now!

      Please God, keep the delusional one on the straight and narrow path of this transfer window and turn that sinner into a winner. Amen

    1. I agree. If we made no attempts at all to get Aubameyang, that would be pretty foolish. Looks like we’re settling for Lacazette, which I’m still thrilled about. Finally a striker that can just finish chances will be coming. Arsenal badly needs a player like that.

    2. They would both be good in an Arsenal squad. Both are fast prolific strikers. Lacecette is a more realistic option. I’d be happy with either.

  6. My problem is, I didn’t see anything in the article that suggests we have agreed terms with this player…

    Many forwards are linked to us right now and this Onyekuru won’t get what he wants at Arsenal for now(playing time) for obvious reasons…

  7. haven’t we had enough of and still got enough of these promising young players from all continents that don’t turn amount to much bar the odd few. We’re top heavy with young boys that haven’t got what it takes to hit the ground running in the here and now. Lets worry about the future in the future, now is where it’s at

  8. I’m always hoping one of our young players turn out to be a player worthy of playing for our 1st team like Bellerin and Coquelin

    Holding was a fantastic bargain. For £2 million, young and playing very well is just a really good signing. He was actually Bolton Wanderer’s player of the season when we bought him. Really excited about him

    I think Henry is a better prospect than Sanogo was lol

  9. Obviously, Youtube videos only show the best plays and players in the best light, but I was really impressed with how direct he plays. The second he gets the balls he runs at the opponent and has the dribbling skills to get by players and the pace to do it too. Finishing seems decent as well.

    Either loan him out another year, even back at the same team because he is progressing great there (and he is becoming their main man), or keep him as a squad player.

    Why is Sonogo even mentioned anymore?? We bought him; he didn’t work out. He actually played quite well against Bayern Munich and Liverpool, I believe, and his salary reflected that he was just a punt, so who cares how it turned out.

  10. Seriously, I wish the Arsenal officials are seeing out comments.
    This Henry of a guy. I think he is a great and promising player. Lets get him to the sqxuad or beta still give him out on loan to competitive clubs like West harm, Newcastle and other teams in Epl.

  11. We can’t buy every promising youngster. We have a ‘world class’ academy, we should concentrate on our own like Ajax does.

  12. Interesting about this Onyekuru boy. More goals and assists at his age in the same league than Lukaku or Batsuayi but less rated or acknowledged. Is it because he has a £7million release clause and not a £50m one? Or because the media just follow the hype or the likes of Martial, Dembele, Mbappe etc who are equally good and prove that if you’re good enough, you’re old enough. A £7 million punt on a talent like this can only be right. Can’t see a downside to this deal going through.

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