Arsenal agree fee for Steven N’Zonzi? Just what Arsenal need right now?

There were some Arsenal rumours a couple of weeks ago that the Sevilla midfielder Steven N’Zonzi had flown to London to have talks with the Gunners after falling out with the Sevilla chief coach during the 3-3 draw with Liverpool in the Champions League.

This was denied of course, but N’Zonzi admitted that he had played his last game for Sevilla, and now (surprise, surprise) it seems the French international is on the way to Arsenal after the two clubs agreed a transfer fee of £35m. The Spanish publication El Gol is being very specific when they say that Arsenal will pay £32.7million to Sevilla with £2.6m coming on bonuses (37 million euros, plus 3 million), which would indicate that they are very certain that this deal is going through.

Recently the Sevilla president Jose Castro said that N’Zonzi would be allowed to leave and he revealed the midfielders release clause. “The coaches do not count on him and we have to respect their work,” he said. “The games are won with and without N’Zonzi.

“They also said that it was not an irreversible situation. Let’s hope so.

“Sell Steven N’Zonzi? He has two and a half years of contract and a clause of €40m.

“His clause is one of the highest in the club and we will not fight him.”

N’Zonzi is a tough tackling hard defensive midfielder and considering that Granit Xhaka has not really settled into the role for Arsenal, it would not be a surprise that Wenger is looking for an alternative for the New Year. I am quite willing to believe that this is true and in fact I hope it is! He will settle in quickly and go straight into the first team.

Welcome to Arsenal, Steven!



  1. AndersS says:

    A player, who has done a little above average one season in the PL, then gone to Sevilla and had a fall out with the manager, is exactly, what we need??

    1. gotanidea says:

      Another troublemaker with 28 years old of age and 30 million plus tag price? I hope this guy is as mobile, as hardworking and as skillful as Fernandinho or Kante. Otherwise there are younger and better ball winners out there.

      1. McLovin says:

        He actually turns 29 on Friday…

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Cheers, I read about five of these stories and none told me his age.

  2. shark says:

    This means goodbye forever to Rabiot? Or we were never in for him?

  3. Break-on-through says:

    Nzonzi alone is not enough, would Bayern PSG Real quake at the sight of Nzonzi. Or PL clubs city Manu Che, sure Spu would not fret at the thought of Nzonzi. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want him. If he were one of a number of new guys to choose from then yes he could be a very decent weapon. Himself Goretzka and a Santi Cazorla type would give us the options we need, and then Ramsey would really have to work his socks off as himself and Jack would have a fight on. This is how your position is solidified at a big club, you need to prove your wage and then the loser looks for a move to somewhere where he’ll walk right in. Forgot about Xhaka there when I proof read it, Xhaka needs to reinvent himself and who knows maybe with some competition we would see Xabi Alonso feat Pirlo.

  4. Sue says:

    Someone younger would do

  5. jon fox says:

    Personally , I don’t know much about N’zonzi, except that he is very tall and supposely a good tackler. But surely he MUST be an upgrade on the appalling dud, Xhaka, who has been a total disaster and terrible buy. Whether or not he arrives, or someone else, or even no one at all, Xhaka must be sold for whatever reduced fee we can con out of any prospective buyer.

  6. Mitch Connor says:

    I’m not saying he won’t improve us. He will be better than what we have BUT we keep on making the same mistake. We hardly ever sign a top wc player because our team is usually full of players from below average to average to slightly above average. We hardly sell players because Wenger is loyal to them. If we get NZonzi we will still have Eleny, Ramsey, Wilshere, Coquilin, Xhaka, but won’t have someone like Viera or Cazorla

    Just saying if we get him, you kiss goodbye to any hope of getting Goretzka or Seri or someone of that caliber

  7. Sue says:

    No Mustafi tomorrow then ?

  8. Nothing changed says:

    To be honest, I don’t remember the player in too many games, so it hard to have a passionate opinion. Having said that it is equally hard to believe after having read some scouting reports and opinions on him that he would be less effective as Xhaka.

    So even if he might not be the best player we could get he might very well be an improvement. I would hate to spend that amount of cash though and would love to see a swap deal with Xhaka going the other way.

  9. arie82 says:

    I hope this rumour is true, we need badly pure dm to replace xhaka.
    He strong, tall, good defending and tackler and have decent speed.
    Age doesnt matter, fernandinho is about 32 y and one of the best dm in premiership.

  10. Incarnate says:

    Tall and strong like Kante, right?

  11. Josh says:

    What the hell is wrong with arsenal? Yes I’m gettin used to arsenal transfer sh*t buh nzonzi? Naaaaaahhhhh, no no no, not dt kinda player again, we’ve got enough of incompetent dudes already…
    Why can’t arsenal just stomp up dt cash for someone better in all standards (Leon Goretzka), also younger!!! Aaaarrrgggghhhh,, when will our squad ever be world class???

    Goretzka pleAAassseeee!!!!

  12. ody says:

    he is very good defensive player > i hope they sign seri also

  13. mario says:

    If I see him with arsenal Jersey then I will believe
    I think this is normal arsenal rumours every year, if he comes then we will have a Very good substitute
    Ramsey, xhaka, Nzonzi, wilshear, iwobi, coqulin, ozil, I think is making good sense

  14. jay says:

    Am a true Gunner

  15. jay says:

    aw bad z nzonzi? z bakayoko better than him??? I wonder how u guys watch football… u r screaming for gorezka..a player wanted by almost all the big club…u think we stand a chance of signing him…wad z ur own definition of world class player???nzonzi z a gud player…z drink water better than him or z it becos he was at Blackburn??

  16. Gooner Craig says:

    I can’t see Wenger pay that for a player like Nzonzi, especially not in January lol his age, position and market value I doubt Wenger would pay more than 20-25m for him, but stranger things have happened.

    Earlier on the season Nzonzi was one of the best players in La Liga. Good passing and tackling etc. Not sure he’s the man to save our midfield but probably an upgrade on what we currently possess

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