Arsenal agree immediate transfer of Under-17 World Cup winner

Arsenal are set to be welcomed by the immediate arrival of the Nigerian Samuel Chukwueze, after the president of his former academy confirmed the move.

The 16 year-old has been linked with a move to the Emirates for some time, and was expected to be confirmed around the same time as recent signing Kelechi Nwakali, but the player’s academy was not keen on the deal.

The wonderkid pushed to join Arsenal however, and is expected to join up with his new team to train in the coming weeks, snubbing a move to Austria.

Ifeanyi Igwenjoku who owns the Great 11 Soccer Agency told Complete Sports Nigeria: “I wish Chukwueze the best, he is a Nigerian but the big question is: ‘Would he develop faster at Arsenal than at SV Salzburg?’

“There was an agreement to take him to Austria. The family were very excited but surprisingly my European partners who worked so hard at ensuring he went to SV Salzburg told me that they had been informed of Arsenal’s interest in the boy and that he wasn’t going to Salzburg anymore.

“Nigerian players must realise that there is more to money and big name clubs.

“As much as Arsenal is a big European club, he may not play as many games as can there. Surely, he would have had more playing time at Salzburg. His development is equally important.”

Chukwueze is claimed to have agreed a four-year pre-contract with our club, following on from having completed his medical back in February.

The pair will have been inspired by the meteoric rise of fellow countryman Alex Iwobi, who has hit the ground running in the Gunners first-team this term, and recently earned his first competitive cap for his country also.

The winger was brought a little down to earth this weekend having been indirectly blamed for a lack of defensive work in the 3-3 draw with West Ham, but also managed to create two goals for his side, warranting his place in the side.

Iwobi will also provide an aspiring story for the young English stars in the Arsenal youth sides, having represented England at youth levels before opting to change allegiances to his country of birth.

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  1. I honestly do not care much right now for players we MAY get the chance to see playing in our colors in 3-4 years. We’ve seen too many ” wonderkids” appear out of thin air and vanish into the unknown just as fast. We need players who can have an impact now and for the next 3-4 years at least.
    OT: It was amazing to see Simeone encouraging his players and the crowd last night. We need such passion at the Emirates.. Hopefully in two seasons!

  2. One for the future, that what we used to say … Ok, but when that future will come ? when we will win the EPL again? this building of Wenger seems endless with no fruits whatsoever …

    1. True. We have been saying Theo, Ox, Jack, Gibbs, etc is one for the future for how long now? 10 years for Theo now.

      We focus so much on the future minus looking at the present. Our future success depends on what we do today, another 11 years without a major trophy and even these wonder kids wont want to join us.

  3. Players like Saul,Koke are practically a level above Arsenal talents. These guys are just awesome to watch. F.luis was given limited chances in Chelsea squad due to form of Chelsea of last year but yesterday he was a massive players with defensive shrewdness. Arsenal’s season is in tatters again, Players like Iwobi must do defensive duties along with others. I think Wenger teachings to youngsters maybe a wrong philosophy inculcated in them when Iwobi misplaced a simple pass wherein he could have passed it to koscielny instead he gave a cross to Elneny which was intercepted for the first goal. Wenger definitely needs to buy adults rather than youngsters of the future.

    1. I was agreeing with you all the way down, but I think we should be focusing on youngsters just as much. That’s not Wengers job, we have many coaches and ex players looking after that. One benefit from bringing through youngsters is the sort of loyalty you get with some. Spu have a better chance of keeping there players now because they brought them through. Also, if we are ever to get one of the best three to five CBs in the world, the only way we’ll ever achieve this is if he comes through the system like T Adams came through. Striker, we could probably get just before he becomes great, but it still would be nice to see one come through.

      1. Wrong!! Do you knw how long we have been waiting for the future? The youngsters are never living to their standards and you could see how when they leave Arsenal they go win trophies, that can’t be done at Arsenal coz they take it is a place to grow, mature, then move on to go win trophies somewhere else. We the fans are the ones in full pain here, even Wenger is happy making players good, he gets praised, he gets his 8m per year, no trophies no worries. We shouldn’t cheer when we buy kids, this means trophy less period is pushed even further, we should demand already proven quality for now

  4. it took us two centuries to complete the transfer of Nwakali…. One more century to complete the signing of Chukwueze….. Both Teenagers

    and it all started last window:..That explains our sluggishness and unseriousness in the market but they are all ones for the future

    These are signings that could have been done with ease (work permit or no work permit)

    imagine how many more years it’d take to sign a present superstars and established players like say “Griezmann” et al ….. Oh forget it!

    Almost didn’t remember i’m talking bout Stan’s/Wenger’s Arsenal

    1. We are naive with the transfer market, for sure, but I must say I’m happier now that we’re targeting foreign youngsters who are not cheap compared to other foreign youngsters. The British core didn’t quite pan out how it was built up to be.

      Nigeria and other African nations are a good place to look, it’s were France find many gems. Now I think we need to improve our south American spying. Joel, Wellington etc, there are much better types than these over that side of world, so some readjusting needs to be done with our scouts over there. Zelalem might have been a good spot, But our youth teams should be packed with south American strikers, and defenders in my opinion.

      I know work visa can be an issue, but money changing hands usually sorts these things out. Fergie was brilliant at bringing through groups of young players, the benefits from doing this is still a great model. We need to be equally good at molding young players than we have to be at targeting top stars.

  5. Chukwueze would have
    more chance in Austria.
    At Salzburg they have
    almost all white payers.
    He would stand out there with his different athletic skills.
    But here at Arsenal 90% of the academy are African descent players.
    So he will just be another black player among dozens
    who are all pacy tricky and like to get forward.
    In fact English football in general is awash with pacy creative black players.
    When ever there is a sub 90% of the time they bring on a black player.

    1. Careful davidnz.

      You have a point somewhat but each time someone gives a view and targets or mentions one race in particular is like walking on hot coal, you might or might not get burnt.

      I’m just saying mate, but you probably know this already.

      1. Too late for that, I remember pointing out to Davidnz a couple of seasons back how the entire human population is African descent.

  6. I don’t give a rat’s behind even if we sign a fertile sperm from the Islands of Mako. All I care is for this Manager and Board to leave, and let us rebuild our club. Because I fear the worst for Arsenal at the moment. I see the horizon of doom and if we keep steady the way we are, I’m afraid the reality will scar us like a sprinkle of Sodium.

    Ozil and Sanchez won’t hang around losers like Walcott, Ramsey, etc for long. I can see them moving out the moment they see that Wenger signs some minion from a lollipop league and keeps hold of guys like Wilshere, Ox, Arteta, Flamini paying them a par salary. We have already become a laughing stock in the football market which is clear enough. Blowing God knows how many chances to innumerable titles!

    The fans need to voice their distrust on the entire management. And before someone tells me be careful what you wish for, I say, be careful whom you stick with.

  7. Your man does make a fair point, but I don’t know if Salzburg is the type of club for his point to be true. They are hardly an Ajax, Anderlecht or Basel. I could be doing them a misjustice, but not many times have I heard the name Salzburg come up.

  8. Interesting how selective people are with their comments, like the waiting for ox and Walcott
    (I shall leave Jack out, because he IS class, injuries are beyond anyone’s control)

    Yet fail to mention Hector or Iwobi, or Cesc or Anelka….

    They tend to be same ppl that berate us not buying the young Renaldo, Toure ect

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