Arsenal agree top-class signing ahead of rivals Chelsea

Arsenal are believed to have agreed a deal to sign Schalke’s Sead Kolasinac this summer. The 23 year-old is out of contract at the end of the season, and has been allowed to discuss terms with pòtential clubs ahead of a move at the end of his current deal, and we have supposedly persuaded him to join.

Kolasinac looks destined to quit his current club, despite being a regular in the first-team currently, and has been monitored by Chelsea and Arsenal amongst others.

The defender has scored three goals in his 21 league outings this term, and his attacking talents could complement the Premier League’s style of play.

Arsenal had been believed to be leading the race to sign him ahead of their rivals, and is said to be likely to replace Kieran Gibbs in the playing squad, who is available for the right price in the coming window.

Kolasinac is a versatile defender who is mostly utilised at left-back, but is more than competent as a central defender or in midfield. We will be awaiting confirmation from the official channels as to the authenticity of the contract, and would confuse those who are closely following the latest on manager Arsene Wenger.

The French boss is expected to announce whether he will be staying on as Gunners manager next season, with his current contract set to expire this summer.

News that he has signed a new player for next season will likely anger the #WengerOut fans who have been protesting against the manager staying on, and thoughts that he is preparing the team for the new campaign will lead to thoughts that he will most certainly be staying.

Would the signing add further evidence that Wenger was staying put? Would Kolasinac go straight in as first-choice left-back?

Pat J


  1. The troll formerly known as robin vanpayslip says:

    He’s free. Wenger is cheap. Match made in heaven

    1. gmv8 says:

      Even Wenger’s cheapness makes no sense – he laughs at paying AS7 300k a week, but if you look at the difference between that and his current wage that’s 160k – Wenger spends more than that on players, who don’t and are never likely to touch the football pitch all season – for someone who he has to fight every time to keep off the pitch, that is infinitely more value. I agree it’s a disgusting amount, but at least you’re getting something for your money, instead of absolutely nothing.

  2. John0711 says:

    So we still have 200m to spend lmfao

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I like this signing. Strength speed aggression and height added to our back-line. I love that we’ve apparently beaten Chelsea and Juventus to the player, you often hear it being the other way round. We have acted fast which is a nice change. This one reminds me a little of Manolas when we were too slow out of the blocks. And despite what others might say, I think it’s good when you can get one on a free so long as he’s highly rated. We’ve lost some of ours that way, and with the amount of positions we need filled, I think it’s a good start how we nabbed a PL suited player on a free. The midfield and forward areas are gonna cost allot of money, now that we’ve saved 20+ mil on our defesive expenditures, we can add whatever our current fullbacks are worth to our overall outlay.

    1. Guneal says:

      Keep those words until confirms it. This is Arsenal!

    2. bran99 says:

      We always act fast for free transfers

  4. Red Dawn says:

    And so it begins – in April
    Arsenal will be linked with every player, especially now that they have had a terrible season.
    I used history as the marker – Wenger did nothing much before and, assuming he will be at the club in the summer will do very little this time.
    Poor form, the rapid decline of the club and fan unrest will be water of a duck’s back to him, especially when he knows that everyone who could oppose him at Arsenal is just a spineless lackey…

  5. Durand says:

    Kroenke doesn’t run franchises, he just cashes dividend checks.
    Wenger be like, “Stan I ain’t leaving”
    Kronke: it’s Mr Kroenke
    Wenger: sure thing stan whatever you say. Just keep quiet, don’t rock the boat, and just count the money I bring in. I’m a football god don’t you know? Without me managing, the entire sport of football would collapse.

    Sir Chips: he’s right Mr. Kroenke, Rembert what I said? We go along with Wenger’s plan, and if he doesn’t have one we just sit down and shut up.

    Kroenke: I own this club!
    Sir chips: Do you?
    Wenger: indeed Stan, do you.

    Kroenke: ok fine, whatever. Where’s my money? I need to build a new stadium for my new LA Rams team since we moved. Now that my basketball team won’t be in playoffs again I have more money.

    Kroenke: oh, no 200 million for you, that’s money for Rams stadium also. Just get some players on free and hype them up like you always do, the fans will lap it up

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It sounds as if he will be replacing Monreal instead,because Wenger has already stated that he wants to renew all our British cores contracts, including Gibbs… Which by the way, was a hint and a half that Wenger will be staying.?
    Yaya Toure will also be available for free ?? it looks as if that £200 million will be mainly spent on contract renewals and all the freebie transfers wages ?? Fork me,the season hasn’t even finished yet and I’m already dreading next seasons campaign ?

  7. khangunners says:

    No comment!

  8. Presh the Gooner says:

    The team would still be the same with the new additions if its gon be managed by Wenger. We need a change..

  9. Anthony says:

    Just goes to show the player has no ambition to win silverware if he’s joining arsenal

  10. Gunner 4 Life says:

    A really good signing.. no doubt! but.. what about the tactics Sir? U can’t buy them.. Even now.. we have a good squad better than Liverpool or Tottenham on paper.. but why are they above Us n more importantly in the top 4….?

  11. Arsenal_Girl says:

    He makes a lot of bad decisions whether player is cheap or not

    Chambers was £16 million which is turning out to be expensive
    Holding was a good deal for £5 million. I think he will turn out better than Chambers
    Mustafi was a good signing as well

    Jury is still out on Xhaka who cost around £35 million but we desparately needed and still do need a Top DM. Instead we got Eleney for around £5 million. Coquelin had a really bad season

    Welbeck and Lucas were about £16 million each. Not great decisions as we need another Top forward. We have ALEXIS, Giroud, Welbeck, Lucas, Campbell, Akpom, Sanogo, Iwobi, Ox, Walcott. Alexis is the only Top forward or 20+ goal scorer we have. Giroud and Theo are good but not good enough

    1. bran99 says:

      Good analysis.. most of players need to be shifted out, most are very very average, they need to go play in teams like Balckburn co. not a top club like Arsenal

  12. Sam 111 says:

    So I just looked and there are actually loads of reports from various sources (including guardian and sky sports italia) that we have signed Kolasinac. So it seems legit done deal. He is also very highly rated – as a tank of a full back, just what we need. To be fair it seems like he could be a quality signing.
    Can’t help getting the feeling that Wenger’s only done this to appease the fans before he signs his new contract though.

  13. Marty53 says:

    I won’t believe we have signed him until it becomes official that we have. Remember we must have signed Higuain every week a few seasons back and countless other players who the press reported exclusively we had signed but never did.

  14. RSH says:

    Strange trend of getting players that simply aren’t top class. Why are we adding them to the squad then? Why are we doing any transfers at all at this moment????

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