Arsenal agree terms for 1st signing of big transfer summer

Even though Arsene Wenger’s position as manager of Arsenal Football Club is not under threat from the top brass at the club, it has become increasingly clear that the patience of the fans is running out. So even though the Frenchman has declared this week that he will be in charge for at least the final year of his contract, he is aware that it will be an uncomfortable year unless he gets the Gunners challenging for the Premier League title again.

In fact I think that the fans would not he half as angry now if the team was doing the same but the boss had actually spent some decent money on transfers in the summer and winter transfer window. The players might not have settled well or we knowing our lucky they could have gone straight onto the Arsenal injury list but at least Wenger would have tried.

Surely he must realise that he cannot be so inactive again this summer and according to a Metro report that is case, as the Gunners have reportedly already agreed the personal terms with Granit Xhaka over his summer move to London from the Bundesliga and Borussia Monchengladbach.

The 23-year old midfielder is a highly rated player and will not come cheap so is this the first of a big summer of signings for Arsenal and Wenger?

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  1. Spot on about frustration over Wenger not boosting the squad. I honestly believe if we had at least two more world class players, we would be top. We have just lacked that extra bit of quality and I just cannot understand how Wenger can keep faith in certain players when it’s obvious they just do not have what it takes to take us to the next level.

    Ozil, Sanchez and Cech must have been quite difficult to acquire, and they have all been instrumental for us, I cannot imagine where we would be sitting in the league without them. Wenger needs to realize just how important they are, and bring in at least another two world class players to build around them, not only to strengthen the squad and challenge properly for titles next season, but also ensure their continued loyalty to Arsenal.

    1. i adjust my expectation for summer transfers lower every year but somehow wenger manages to still disappoint me. his behavior is so far from normal that now nothing is beyond imagining. i can see him thinking “well i have reached my top4 objective – so logically i dont need to buy”. probably kroenke and him will decide to throw a bone to the fans to make them think wenger is still interested in something beyond top4.

      1. I can’t believe people say ‘what we need is …… Player and that …… Player to succeed..

        How about the concept that it is not the players that are the problem but the man responsible for signing them, training them, positioning them, motivating them, selecting them or selling them?

        Just a thought..

        1. I think arsovertit has hit the nail on the head…forget about new players….get a new manager

      2. Wenger will probably appease the fans by buying 1 world class player in a position we don’t need and not sign the striker we need!

  2. Wenger has to go he’s a specialist in failure as Alan Smith said he can’t take us forward in a way to improve Arsenal!

  3. Love the introductory bit trying to convince yourself and the world Arsebe is here to say.

    He said he honours his contract. Of course he does its worth 8 mil a year. Stan and co might not though if we play to an empty stadium and spurs win the league.

    Wenger must go. Time for change.

    1. please keep up the boycott and banners.
      nothing else gets to wenger.
      he has become a despot.

  4. Xhaka is impressive, and would be a good signing, but I’d be a little disappointed if we don’t go in for N’golo Kante from Leicester. Couldn’t see us getting both of them. Nonetheless, no complaints if we get Xhaka.

  5. Kante would be top class but Leicester plays a lot of counter attacking football which is perfect for his style of play. Not sure he ll fit into our ”tiki taka” but he’s so versatile he possibly could. All we need is either xhaka or Kante, a goalscorer and maybe a CB as luxury

  6. Please Please Please don’t get me On another Level of Anger this Morning

    Like the previous transfer rumour of Torture isn’t enough!

  7. Wenger may or may not bring the whole world to Arsenal

    BUT he in himself is Lacking the fight, the bite, th desire, the motivation and the neccessary tactics to take us to any level higher than we already are…

    Earning 8mil per yr, it’s unbelievable, He wants this Job for Life…..Who wouldn’t want that at such a price?

  8. Apart from some bloke at the metro saying we have signed him where is the evidence that this is the case?

    Oh, right it’s the usual BS.

    1. And another position i think we have been lacking for a while now is RW, we’ve had so many players in and out of that position the past couple of seasons, Ozil, Remsey, Campbell, Walcott, Ox and now Owobi who yes can grow into the position but i would rather we bring in someone who can make the position his own just like Sanchez has done with LW

  9. We started with a great signing last summer with Cech and then we got no outfielder

    Xhaka would be a good start but still far from what we need

  10. Would like to See Xhaka CM with Elneny-DM play together

    Would be a solid defence with good passing to kick start counters

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