Confirmed – Arsenal agree to sign Leno replacement but with a twist

Everyone, including myself, was convinced that Arsenal was intending to sign the New England Revolution and USA keeper Matt Turner so that they could then offload Bernd Leno to Newcastle in a big money deal, but that must now be in doubt as it seems that the American will not be coming to the Emirates until the summer.

Turner was in goal last night as the USA beat El Salvador 1-0 in a World Cup Qualifier last night, just after his deal with Arsenal was confirmed by an ESPN reporter.

After keeping another clean sheet for the USA last night, he was seen signing an Arsenal shirt for a fan, and in answer to his question, he said that he “didn’t know number he would be” at Arsenal.

The deal was also confirmed by Fabrizio Romano, who also revealed the fee involved….

It is strange that the 6ft 3in penalty specialist will not be moving to England until the summer considering the Leno situation.

Surely Arteta won’t let the German move to Newcastle this week if we only have Okonkwo as our reserve keeper, with Karl Hein having already joined Reading on loan?

I would have thought the Toon would want an immediate move for Leno as they struggle to avoid relegation, so is that deal now in doubt?

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  1. “Surely Arteta won’t let the German move to Newcastle this week if we only have Okonkwo as our reserve keeper, with Karl Hein having already joined Reading on loan”

    The above quote has been said a lot in the last 2 weeks, but it keeps happening

    1. Agree – what’s been happening with transfers in and out at our club, can only be described as bizarre and mind boggling with just four days to go!!!!

      1. So far there has been nothing unusual about our transfer business. AMN, Chambers, Mari and Kolasinac were all invisable for many seasons. There is a long time to go in the window as most business takes place inside the last 72 hours. So just be patient. I sense some significant moves will be made and we will all be pleased with the deals we make.

  2. Great to have a regular international goalkeeper in our ranks, welcome aboard Turner, best of luck to you with the Arsenal. Interesting to see what happens with the Lenno situation.

  3. There will be a sensible answer.
    1. Leno stays.
    2. An as yet unnamed quality number two is arriving to replace Leno.
    3. An as yet unnamed quality number two is arriving to be back up to Leno until Leno goes in the summer.
    4. Turner actually does arrive.
    5. David Seaman will deputise till the summer

  4. If what we get is a backup goalkeeper during this window the mind boggles. I am sure every supporter must be shocked at this window. 4th place, in the FA cup and League Cup, “Everything in the garden looked rosy”. But we forgot the self harmers Edu and Arteta. So we should have had players in due to AFCON, injuries and so forth early……what have we got….out of the FA cup, out of the League cup and the worst performance ever against Burnley. Negligent, ambitionless Arsenal self-harm. We have thrown any chance of 4th place away. Meek, whimpish surrender. Just factual. A years play thrown away in a couple of weeks through no foresight or planning.

  5. very smart move by Mikel
    first we get a national GK and push Leno out / third choice and Ramsdale on his toes
    ensure Newcastle are relegated
    continue to be ruthless and sign only top top quality

    1. Loose Cannon, so is Arteta freezing out Gundozie for Albert Lagongo one of the smart moves you preach about?
      Just curious, dear

      1. Like a number of speculative views on player movement it can be seen by different fans in different ways, particularly during the dreaded January window

        I’m not saying this is the case but maybe it could be:

        Guendouzi effectively replaced by Partey
        AMN effectively replaced by Sambi
        Chambers effectively replaced by Cedric and/or White
        Bellerin effectively replaced by Tomi
        Mari effectively replaced by White and/or Saliba coming back next season, small risk but we have Holding
        Kola effectively replaced by Tavares
        If Leno goes it could be argued that he has already been replaced by Ramsdale but it now looks like we have another one coming in and so maybe Leno won’t go until the summer if what we are reading about Turner is correct

        So maybe we established some replacements before some players actually went, which if true kind of makes sense

        AMN could still come back into the squad next season, Saliba probably will and there may be others coming back from loans but I’m sure we will buy in the summer in any event

        Up front is the more concerning thing, Balogun didn’t really show enough to stay as an active part of the squad but could come back for next season a better player and we will have to see what happens with Eddie, Laca and Auba but of all the speculative rumours this month I would think and hope there was credence to the Vlohovic one, if we aren’t getting him I wouldn’t want the Club to buy someone else now for the sake of it but a loan maybe

        But that is obviously an area we might come unstuck on

      2. No Guendz has been sent out on loan to hone his skills which is going perfectly as per Mikel’s plan and he comes back stronger in skill and attitude. Sambi was a back up option while Guendz was a first team starter but had a few niggles to be sorted out before he becomes a proper rounded player. Master stroke!Holding onto Leno is a schrewed thinking, club first, player next is the mantra of Mikel. As long as one is an Arsenal player, the club comes first. Shape in ship out!

        1. Matteo has a permanent deal in place with Marseille after they must obligate their part of the deal and sign him for £12m after his, now very successful, loan deal.

          I did read Marsellie are getting a transfer ban is that right? If so then Matteo has to come back which I think would suit everyone at the club, maybe not Mikel but he needs yo learn how to handle these young guns.

      3. Scarlet, Yes extremely smart to get trouble makers like Guendouzi and idle playboys like Auba out as soon as possible.

        I applaud wised uop managers like MA and scorn those who cannot see what is right under their own nose, such as you!

  6. Great move from Newcastle if they can get hold of Leno ,hopefully he gets back to his fantastic form before the matabore got hold of him and pretty much throw him on the scrap heap .
    Hopefully he keeps Newcastle up ,be a shame seeing a proper big club go down with real honest supporters .

  7. I am confused by this deal.according to many American readers of the Athletic,he is a good GK but his weakness is..playing with his feet.🤔

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