Arsenal agrees to lower fee for wantaway star so he can complete transfer

Arsenal and Olympique Marseille are close to reaching an agreement over the transfer of Matteo Guendouzi this summer.

The French hot-head has been made available for transfer after he fell out with Mikel Arteta last year.

He spent last season on loan at Hertha Berlin and had an indifferent spell with the German club.

However, Marseille saw enough to tempt them into considering a move for him.

They have been in talks with Arsenal over his transfer this summer, but the talks had stalled over Arsenal’s insistence on their demanded transfer fee.

Le10 Sport is reporting that there is a breakthrough in the talks now because Arsenal has agreed to lower their asking price for his signature.

The Gunners need money to sign some new players and they have decided that there is no place in their squad for Guendouzi.

His current deal expires next summer, but they hold the option of another year.

The report didn’t say how much Marseille will pay to sign him but it maintained that the talks are expected to make progress in the coming days.

The midfielder has made 82 appearances for the Gunners since he joined them from Lorient in 2018.

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  1. What a waste. Who remembers Ravel Morrison, who showed all the talent as a youngster at Man. Utd., but couldn’t keep his shite together, and ruined a promising career. At 28, he is now a free agent after having his contract terminated by ADO Den Haag. I hope Matteo manages to sort things out and have a decent career.

    1. Siamois, except Walmart buys cheap to sell cheap. If Arsenal was a retailer, it would quickly go bunkrupt.
      If Arsenal doesn’t recoup what they paid for a French U21 captain in Matteo Guendouzi it smacks of incompetence. A sell on clause is essential, if the price is lower.

  2. So relieved that this unpleasant young “man/child” is soon to be on his way! Sooner the better.

  3. Not half as good as he believes he is. Will never be a top footballer for a simple reason. He just is not good. But we look to have mugged of a team for £17m so what’s not to like about losing a player who it would be proven to never be good enough.

  4. Good riddance to a poor player.
    Petulant slow sideways passing no goals.
    Walking yellow card.

  5. When Unai Emery left, this player was rated close to 40M. And now he’s going for peanuts. It’s amazing to see how just one bad appointment can have such a telling impact on the fortunes of a big club, player values included.

    1. Of course, RFrancis, the flipside of your observation would be the increase in value of the likes of Saka, ESR, Martinelli, Tierney, Balogun for example.
      It is only the actions of the player himself that has seen his demise, wouldn’t you say?

      1. Not the player alone Ken1945, but the partnership between the player coach and of course the entire organization in support.

        1. Take your point, but did MA really have the time to babysit this player when he arrived at the club?
          These overpaid athletes should know how to behave while representing the club and I don’t go in for this BS about being young etc etc.
          Can’t you imagine Saka acting like he did?

          Just my personal opinion of course.

          1. That’s the job of the manager, Ken1945. The great ones will find the time and techniques to manage, motivate and develop the entire squad. This is real leadership.

    2. RFrancis, I doubt you have noticed, nor even wanted to notice, the huge part that Covid has played in reducing ALL transfer fees world wide.

      Its called context. Suggest you look up its meaning!

      To be clear, I cannot wait to see that overrated creep leave, but to blame it onthe club alone is not an intelligent remark.

  6. Ive got it on good authority that Arsenal/Arteta are trying to sell Gouendouzi, Mavropanos, Saliba, Willock, AMN and for the right price ESR. VERY WORRYING because more and more it seems Arteta is behind this all. DO THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING? Who at the club has the experience to build a squad and actually coach it?

    1. The only worrying thing from that list would be SALIBA and ESR in my opinion.

      Lets face it, Reggie, MA will live or die as our manager,, based on his decisions and results this transfer window and upcoming season… I’m not worried in the least – more intrigued and expectant, especially as there is nothing I can do about it anyway!!!!

      1. When fans are allowed to games, we call can sing out Mikel’s name, raise some encouraging and motivational placards,etc in show of respect and appreciation for the manager. Remember some fans rightly did the same to Wenger before his exit to vent their frustrations and disbelief in him.
        Club first, every player has a price, for 100M any club can enquire about ESR if he wishes to leave, or else he can always honor his contract and the club will honor their part of the contract by paying his full wages irrespective where on this planet earth he would be.
        Proud that our club honors contracts and acts with class, would have been nice some of the players did so on the pitch with their skill rather than hop, skip and jump and manytimes limp.

    2. A real worry regarding ESR, Willock and Saliba. Unfortunately you worry about their assessment of what makes a good footballer. Would they know one if they tripped over one?
      Maybe Brendan Rogers will put in a cheeky bid to get Saliba to play along side his St Ettienne team mate Fofana?
      Why can Steve Bruce get Joe Willock to score freely and under the pressure of relegation, almost single handedly resurrect Newcastle United’s season, yet Mikel Arteta may want to sell him?

      1. Exactly Ozzie, im not looking forward to the future at this club at the moment. Letting our talented young guns depart and bringing in cut priced non connected nobodies to replace. Seems like Arteta doesn’t want players he signed, whatever their talent might be. Even Pepe suffered under Arteta over Willians inclusion and Esr also only put in through injury. Saliba and Willock not being given a fair crack and Mavropanos chucked on scrapheap already for Arsenal.

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